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De_Ann "I swim thru your veins like a fish in the sea..."@MyDogJoey (reblip)
threebears Blipping this bc I haven't blipped it for at least five minutes.
threebears Somewhere on the planet people are still blpping. Thank for your company blip friends. Have a good night/day/sunshine/moonshine - in any order ^_~

shivaree - goodnight moon

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GR8FL can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken? (meaningful lyrics)
CherryBlossom anxious for the release on Tuesday! (reblip)


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Lovecat ...of course my protagonist is won over by ... what? a mixed tape? heh heh ... i rule. ;-)
kopper My son absolutely loves this song... as did I when I was his age.
Awannabeangel rb >>@joeactor: "For Lisa... our favorite Mom of Four..." (reblip)

Petey Pablo Freak A Leek

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OrangeKrush What a shame there are not nearly enough around these days.

Spooky, Dusty Springfield

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mark_till 28 Days Later soundtrack The Tunnel

28 Days Later soundtrack The Tunnel

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mark_till The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger
asterion well need to do some stuff, so, bouncing back & forth... blip stream (aka you djs) are playing excellent tunes...
De_Ann ~Exile - I Wanna Kiss You All Over~ vi@kassikae (reblip)
softside The Turtles – Elenore & Surfer Dan (1968)
mark_till Thriving Ivory - Angels On the Moon (original version)


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CelesteCastello Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback (reblip)

If Today Was Your Last Day Lyrics by Nickelback

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'Blood' The Middle East

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DJTIMMY @S4W2E0D: "grazie :) how are you? @DJTIMMY: "Nice one:)""Very Good hope you are well:) (reblip)

Get Back- The Beatles

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ducks2007 rb @seamarge: "Desmond Dekker - The Israelites" (reblip)

rush moving pictures tom saywer

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motherslittlehelper absolutely, insta rb @LoriBee: "@melodyofyourlife: "#24Tues @theEBduo" [Feels like summertime here in Carolina today for sure!]" (reblip)


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Cooper_Designs RB @DJDrVic: "life is so strange. Could Lady Gaga be a time traveller??" (reblip)
birch262 Good first choice, I'm out of props so here's a reblip @DukeBooty: "I've decided to start a new thing where I blip one classic rock song every day" (reblip)
RafaelCortines [Max 404 - The Filth Of July]
ducks2007 rb @MikeattheMike: ""BlueJeanBaby did, from about 1964 till the mid 1970s. Read about it: Stephen Stills -- Love The One... (reblip)
GR8FL thanks & good luck too via@DJSelchie: "Moved to a new place, getting unpacked, trying to get around (and turn my life around too!). :) " (reblip)
vixxeninpink @bipolar_bear ouch, hey i dig up something new by a cool band i play it
str8jgirl Sammich! @Angie74: "Get down with your funky self! ;) @Djfunkysounds: "gonna get on down."" (reblip)
spinwithlynn rb @Jazzdad: "@vixenvoice: "@lukesharp: "have you seen her dressed in Blue.. see the sky in front of you...she's a rainbow..."" (reblip)

RollingStones She's a rainbow 0001

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♥Lifted up by Angels♥

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dANGELofLOVE HI! Haven't Seen You In A Long Time. Have Missed You! RB @SunsetMom: "RB@dANGELofLOVE: "Nice Song! RB @straywebsurfer: ♫ STARSHIP - SARA" (reblip)


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Robert Plant & Jimmy Page-Sea Of Love

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ankita_gaur lmao @DirtyUrine: "LMAO!! You are my clone!! @ankita_gaur: "its my fav :D~~~~~~~~~>Journey – Wheel In The Sky"" (reblip)
Leo_RJ_2009 @helenV: "I like it too. Seems familiar. @mthellfire: "Yeah okay sue me for lovin' this song...can't help it!"" (reblip)

Alter BridgeBlackbird

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The Beatles- Baby You're A Rich Man (HQ)

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Mollykills rb@djFlaxx: "From Remain in Light ~ produced by Eno" (reblip)
ciao_calotta Ein Tag zum Schwimmen gehen.
AssKickyMcHotti @AssKickyMcHotti: "GREAT SONG.....Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress – The Hollies" (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse That is a GREAT song TY@TheTAZZone "Everybody Hurts" REM (reblip)

REM Everybody Hurts

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GioLovesYou For my pal Michelle who just had a birthday. :)

The Beatles- Michelle (2009 STEREO REMASTERS)

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patientZeroBand another musician anthem @Unaturalsoul: "@J___Spot: "Pink Floyd – Pigs (Three Different Ones) " (reblip)
BobOstwald R.I.P. Actor Peter Graves. Mission Impossible Theme

Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)

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cheesy80s Now that@Samanthai's gone @hasegava's got to find a way @JayDeeTheDJ needs to know life goes on Now that@RadiodeOro's gone

Mike and the mechanics. NOW THAT YOU'VE GONE CLIP

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Senseless_420 Put aside the everyday world and come with us Into the realm of imagination The middle ground between light and shadow
Discobaymamma "Do you believe in Heaven above? Do you believe in love?" Send Me An Angel
NewOrleansKat @Nell66: "Thank you J.R. Robertson for this unparelled piece. I've sung it more times than I can tell. The Weight" (reblip)

The Band- The Weight

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Alturn8tive {Bear Hands – What A Drag}
dANGELofLOVE Invisible Reality [HIGH TO THE SKY] Time 2 Take A Dinner Break! I will be back later. TY FOR RBS/PROPS/REPLIES! Always Have A Great Time Here! Bye4Now
QueenzQT This song is HAUTE! HAUTE! HAUTE! It reminds me of @Gen22 everytime I listen to it :)))

Everly Brothers- All I Have To Do Is Dream (with lyrics )

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4Sins "Spill my guts on the wheel. I wanna taste, uh-huh. I'm on fire...." #usnavy #militarymonday #usmc ~Kasabian – Fire~


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MikeattheMike @TaxiBob: "Here is a returning soldier's story:" (reblip)

War, What is it Good For?

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Alturn8tive {Cymbals Eat Guitars – Indiana}
DamnTheMan Everyone deserves a little of the sweet leaf ;) @AshliVicious: "ahhh rb!! #DamnTheMan: "A little Black Sabbath for you as well. @Lisa_Michele" (reblip)
PeterArceo This song was in my head....had to get it out. Def Leppard, Rock of Ages:
4Sins I'm good. Working the plan :) What are you up to?@DamnTheMan: "Hey Sins, haven't seen ya. How ya doin? @4Sins: "UncleTed! Love this cover #DamnTheMan (reblip)
DamnTheMan G'nite Lis @Lisa_Michele: "~~Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer~~ ♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥ .•*¨*•♫♪ Thank you for all the Blip luv, Blipsters. Goodnight. Peace." (reblip)
De_Ann this one's for 'da road' @lilbratsie: "Gary Wright – Dreamweaver" (reblip)

Forever Young Hot Legs (Live at Pre-Grammy Party) Rod Stewart Music Videos

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lilivonshtupp I'm totally loving Hyper Crush - [explicit]

hypercrush * Sex And Drugs

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spinwithlynn Hollies make it into the Music Hall of Fame today!
renothespinner @DeAnn: "~Love & Rockets - So Alive" OMG..20,001!!!! U R The Real Thing DeAnn!!! Thanx for the grt Blips!! (reblip)
ducks2007 rb @Dawnrazor: "rb @SabriESC: "@Surreality- oh, I didn't take it that way! : ) And thank you."" (reblip)
renothespinner The Pinker Tones - Working Bees Inspired by @GGLove (reblip)
4Sins Today's best musical inspiration 4 the Muse. Oh, she digs this song. Slow, driving, sexy. (reblip)
bluedreamz Haven't heard this in quite a while, thanks man! @roberlan: "rb @1980s - Studio 54 - If You Could Read My Mind" (reblip)

Studio 54 - If You Could Read My Mind

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Awannabeangel rb >@xelavee: "Yaz!!! rb@newtonsako: "Yazoo – Situation (Original 7" Mix)"" (reblip)
Awannabeangel Must rb before I leave TY dear ! >@roberlan: "rb @sandiegogil: "time to funk" - Grand Funk Railroad - Bad Time (To Be In Love)" (reblip)
4Sins This guys cracks me up. Plus he's got more sexxxy in his little finger than Justin has in the whole fucking song. #Justsaying. @pixelmongress (reblip)


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DriDri it was a fucking scorcher today in LA. (reblip)
driftkop 9 Lazy 9 - Big Six

9 Lazy 9Big Six

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LVillain I first heard this song while racing down the Bay Bridge at night.
brianxfm Chairlift – Bruises --> [Contest - give me genre-decade] --> I will pick 1 that I like and award props for the winner - fun?? Maybe? :)


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nastysurprise @selau: "Damien Rice - When Doves Cry (Prince Cover)" Thanks. I was thinking about reposting this because it's so freaking good. (reblip)
DJTIMMY @DJTIMMY: "Reminds me of the old days:))" I dont believe I never saw this one???? (reblip)
djflavinha eu tinha um cd da jovem pan com essa música. #1995 feelings
ducks2007 rb @Totengrber: "these are the words of the dying... nite." (reblip)

Controlled Bleeding 1138

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ducks2007 rb @sir_edward_ross: "Itchycoo Park RB @luna1124: "@scotlandlover: "love this...rb ~~Me too... :)"" (reblip)
Awannabeangel rb >@iMickeyD: "Love your style girl;)(: @jencat9: "rb :) @BunnyHoney: "@klynnDemar@jimi_bullington I dont know what color ur eyes (reblip)
trinaunz new one i hadn't heard before from broken bells.

Broken Bells "Mongrel Heart" 3-D Laser Light Show Drive-In Downtown Los Angeles Rooftop 3.4.10

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ShiaoMei Waiting for A.D. to start....about right no:-) @TidyCat: "good, ty! and yours? @ShiaoMei: ":D:D How's ur evening so far?"" (reblip)

U2I will follow

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bloondie666 @TrainWreckRadio: "@Charmdeyes if you liked that last one from Tommy, you'll dig this one too, just don't try to sing along (no offense) :-)" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Oh, and it's the actual video! High quality sound on this one. Yay.
SoulSwirl has got to dig out his leather pants and go to Sprocket's

The WeathermenBang!

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mrcsh What are they doing in Heaven today? I wonder...

What Are They Doing In Heaven Today, Washington Phillips

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renothespinner Led Zepplin vs. Black Sabbath...It's a good green beer mash for all you late night leprachons(Sp?)
bytera a very special & timeless song for @ll of you ....
powerhealths ♫•* Look no further ♫•* Your Best Chance to Stop Excessive Sweating For Good! (reblip)

Look No FurtherDido

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brianxfm Roni Size / Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag - should've played this first lol .. tempo is not right since I had a bit of wine lol ~ B


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mark_till inspired by bizarre love triangle.. @pcsketch: "good one Mark! @ mark_till: "@pcsketch SOCIAL DISTORTION - STORY OF MY LIFE (VIDEO)"" (reblip)
mark_till Wicked Game by Stone Sour

Wicked Game by Stone Sour

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bytera can we see your vid? should be interersting =)@Tamzinite: "@bytera: .... I used this on a video piece I did and drove myself crazy.. flippy sound bit. (reblip)
peterhd Hotness is. Wonder how many people have apologised to her now that the truth has come out about child abuse in Ireland
quorum +5K songs :: 1583 songs left :: Witch! Witch! They'll burn ya! -- Hag, "Tomorrow is Yesterday", stardate unknown
renothespinner @carvefx: "Led Zeppelin- When The Levee Breaks" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- When The Levee Breaks (STUDIO VERSION)

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Awannabeangel Maxi Priest – That Girl

Maxi PriestThat Girl

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Awannabeangel rb >@elocio: "The Animals ~ Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood //@Aninuj" (reblip)
bloondie666 @rcjennings: "Stepped into a church passed along the way Well, I got down on my knees Got down on my knees And I pretend to pray I pretend to pray" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds One hand on the ground, one hand in space.

Hello Again (The Cars)

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Charmdeyes LOL TY@thomo12: "I'm Laughing Out Loud!"#ff #nowplaying xx (reblip)

I'm a Korean Lyrics

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dANGELofLOVE Schiller (Original Version) ~ (Music Video) [SOLITUDE].............. (reblip)
DamnTheMan I need your scent all over me, I need to taste your blasphemy. I need to know with certainty that the nectar was worth the squeeze....

Otep- Special Pets

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DamnTheMan A must reblip!!! Supreme blippage hon!! rb@krystalmystic (reblip)

KashmirLed Zeppelin

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4Sins Give it up, DJs. It's a sunny Saturday. Fuck work. :-) Thx!@mrrodd: "Congrats on the ☆ New Badge ☆ @4Sins ~~> Got To Give It Up 2 U!!" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Yes it's finally time to open up the windows. =) @elfgirl: "happy happy day" (reblip)
AMaZeiN Bout 2 head over to a party so here goes the last song of the night latez !!! Korn - Word up !

KornWord up

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renothespinner Inspired by The One and Famous Lyric,s MASTER@cheesy80s (reblip)

Cut Copy - Ghosts on Fire (RedLight Mashup)

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"Sweet Mix" by Robin Skouteris: Rihanna, Lagy Gaga, Eurythmics, Madonna, Pink, Yazoo, One Republic

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Awannabeangel rb >@Frauenpower: "SUPER !! RB @GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** DANCE CLASSICS ***"" (reblip)

the spinners working my way back to you full disco mix 1980

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magust Eruption - One Way Ticket
DamnTheMan That's a home vid of @Angie74's house. All her animals are horny as hell. It's weird. @bipolar_bear: "Somebody help a turtle OUT! lol rb@agogab (reblip)

Turtle Humps Shoe Hilarious sounds

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Schoork lol successful i hope!@DirtyUrine: "Fishin'! lmao! @Schoork: "Hey Bro, where have you been?@DirtyUrine: "Hey bro! love this vid! \m/ (reblip)
Schoork Guns N Roses – Knocking On Heaven's Door
ladypn It played fine 4 me, next time it happens refresh-works 4 me@TheSteadyDrifter: "@ladypn i couldn't get your song to play, either. fave guitarist? " (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE She Has Such An Amazing Voice....Schiller (Live) {Music Video} ~~~~~[SLEEPY STORM] Beautiful Song! Enjoy! (reblip)


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Danatron Talking leads to touching & touching leads to sex.....Baby, Im bad news....
MCDEIBEM :))@jas13: "Led Zeppelin – Earl's Court (1975) - "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp @MCDEIBEM: "Thanks:))@blues_b_us: "@Contains_Catechins:" (reblip)
MitziLawrence Thanks. @Totengrber: "rb@DJVioletSea" :: Depeche Mode Halo Dominatrix RMX (reblip)

Depeche Mode Halo Dominatrix RMX

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cate89 a song to make you feel good.. :) @Karuna: "I did not wake up today saying, "It's a Jimi day." And yet. RB@lausen > @Lambchop @deeprez @by_starla " (reblip)

Jimi Hendrix - My Friend

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pos_sp "Stare like a zombie while the mother holds her child": Tool – "Vicarious" (2006)


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ShiaoMei thnx!! :D @MottKorn: "Black Eyed Peas vs DJ Magrao –Don't Lie (House Mix) •○•○•○• @DJ_DanceMix •○•○•○• @ShiaoMei •○•○•○• @Schoork •○•○•○• @klynnDemar" (reblip)
walrusgumboot I'm Cleaning my apartment. so I can't blip any more but I expect to hear some awesome music. :D @renothespinner
mark_till gotta snag this one... thanks @Shaman777 Daft Punk – Aerodynamic II (Credits) HQ (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE This Song And Video Are Fabulous! TY For Your Thoughtfulness! ((^__^)) @DjRuca: @dANGELofLOVE. Breathing Silence. (reblip)
msgenevieve This song is so swank and go-go in a ghoulie sort of way... guess that would be a ghoul-ghoul, rather than go-go.
mark_till @tricia1216 You know 5hqm3 5h1t diiferent d@y Hole Skinny Little Bitch

Hole Skinny Little Bitch

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4Sins Blip kiss lullaby..... vi@iMickeyD & @DJC2 ~Eluvium – Weird Creatures~ (reblip)
ducks2007 rb @frazil: "ah here we go its not just atlas who shrugged fuck that ty @sparask: "Shrug x 3"" (reblip)
ankita_gaur thnx :D@DirtyUrine: "I scrolled back to see who played this one!! And guess who?? Ms. Awesome!! ==>@ankita_gaur: "Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead Or Alive"" (reblip)
somebody2love (((:@BakingMan: "Noooooo!!!!!@BlipisHip: "Vi@ShiaoMei ...Well, My time is almost up:(( :)) ~~~ S E A L ~~~""" (reblip)
Shaman777 Don't know who blipped this. Let me know for major props ;))
ThanksForTheMemories @ThanksForTheMemories: "Good thing I like 2 write (made a note last night) to look this song up~glad I did that!(LOL) Strut Sheena Easton" (reblip)

Sheena Easton Strut

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bitmip Props, Danger Mouse: The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love... Theres more to cover... getting late
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play ♪サディスティック・ミカ・バンド "ダシール・ハメット & ポップコーン" #nowplaying
phranxenstein A.R. Rahman feat. M.I.A. – O Saya | #slumdogmillionaire OOOOOOO sayaaa
NaturalDancer 1 of the most beautiful, disturbing, perfectly psychotic videos, in which not only is the music excellent, but content is 2!@bagufcknutz @ForlornHope (reblip)
renothespinner Grace Jones ~ Slave To Love


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renothespinner Blondie ~ Heart Of Glass (ErekMcQueen Radio Mix)
renothespinner Portishead and Massive Attack ~ Teardrop ..inspired by @traceyr (thought you might like this version) ^^^ XO
renothespinner The Hooters ~ All You Zombies

The Hooters-All You Zombies

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renothespinner The Flaming Lips ~ Do You Realize

the flaming lips do you realize

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renothespinner Motorcycle ~ As The Rush Comes (Tiesto Remix)
renothespinner Chaka Khan ~ Ain't Nobody

Chaka Khan (Ain't Nobody) rare 80's performance

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MusicByBella ✿⊱╮✤•••♔•••✤ ❤ ƝѺ ѺƦÐIƝẴƦƳ ԼƠƔЄ... ❤ ✤•••♔•••✤ ✿⊱╮

No Ordinary Love ...

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annie • tomorrow (lyrics)

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djpuggie "Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday" (reblip)
mark_till BIRDHOUSE IN YOUR SOUL--THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS ( Original Video / Higher Def)
SHERRYBABY65 :):):):):) The Spinners~~Working my way back to you..

The Spinners-Working my way back to you

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PCvibes Agnes – Release Me #Bbl, thanks!

AgnesRelease Me

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AmyIsImaginary Simon & Garfunkel – America
renothespinner Thnx 2~~~>@AmyIsImaginary: "Robert Plant – Big Log [Official Video] [HD Remaster]" (reblip)
renothespinner Peter Murphy ~ Cuts You Up
JerryZ Time to "Ramble On" for a bit.........................................

Ramble OnLed Zeppelin

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