phoenix-fences +grizzly bear- two weeks remix fred falke/mash

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fabuleuxfab Feist - I Feel It All (Diplo Remix) d^_^b
retiredprodigy @leotard - it's all good ++ thanks to @mk_kn for this one. x
wordcore Another year I claim a total indifference
retiredprodigy reminds me of good old school dj shadow.. hello! @mattboy: "Love this tune." (reblip)

Depth Affect-Dorothea Land

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retiredprodigy @mattboy whoa dude, your dubstep is too dark fer me. i'm scarrrrd! i need a little more melody. so i can pretend i'm not all black on the inside ;)
ZOEBOE This video makes me want to go back to Amsterdam :)
chiron08 ✪ great.. ty @Hypnotica: "The Human League - Empire State Human (Hypnotica's Alpha Mix). My version... @leaferi @Nymph @Cosmix @Atomik @Heike @Nymph" (reblip)
retiredprodigy dnb act released housey sounding track.. and then subsequently remixes it as a dnb track. LOVE IT.

Hyperballad -audioswap-(T-T) : Bjork + Michel Gondry × Mount Cyanide × M

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retiredprodigy disco-ed out vers of a proggy trance track. i dig.
djilo :) @retiredprodigy@bduubz@kooi@SleepyTiger // The Loose Cannons - Superstars (Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange mix)

The loose Cannons _superstars (Dlugosch and lange mix)

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retiredprodigy pretty much! i'm over it. i'm a west coast girl at heart. rb@djilo: "Nice. Right in the middle of the action. : ) (reblip)

THE DOORS D1 Riders On The Storm 2000 (Ibizarre Mix)

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patchit can't believe that I forgot about the dining rooms... I'll be playing them a lot these next couple days - hello productivity!
retiredprodigy hello there :) @GERK: i dig this. good vocals, good beat.. good progression. get into my ear, why don't cha. (reblip)
fabuleuxfab Remix not featured on Dj Medhi's remix album 2B released soon but availble on the podcast
retiredprodigy sic dub step. And now the world is asleep will you ever wake her up when she is deep in her dreams, wishing... @SleepyTiger
retiredprodigy rb@bunq: nice..what city you in? and travel before 25. DO IT. i'm 26 and covered almost that number of cities alone this year :) (reblip)

VEGANo Reason

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retiredprodigy @bunq: after bali, maybe cambodia + laos :)dying to do sxsw in austin but no $ left! i <3 sydney and vancouver. super chill. i wana see south africa! (reblip)
retiredprodigy rb@absco thanks :) + @mattboy happy new year to you too, sir! (reblip)
retiredprodigy who what? aw yeah.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll (Passion Pit Remix)

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erlend oye + royksopp-poor leno(silicon soul mix)

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A Place In My Heart f. Erlend Oye (Jori Hulkkonen rmx)

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retiredprodigy yay! gona see him again next week rb@DJIrishboy: "jazzy little cover off the BBC Live Lounge" (reblip)
retiredprodigy for @bduubz @mattboy HOTTTT rb@Atomik: "thanks rb vi@oaktree rb@thelema2009 rb@sputnicker and vi@G_r_e_g: "Hello :D New Trentemoller - New Boratto rmx (reblip)
retiredprodigy rb@iconmogwai: "@sanaponic: "out for running – we've the perfect weather for it. wish you all a good day. bye! :)" so kind xx" (reblip)
retiredprodigy rb@beatmassa: "Shit almost forgot it's Friday - here's something to shim your way into the weekend...." (reblip)

Sally Shapiro_I Know You're My Love(Juan Maclean RMX)

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Groove armada black light Track 9. Shameless.

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retiredprodigy ok just one more.. haha goodnight buddy rb@djilo: "Carl Cox & Jon Rundell – Twisted Machine" (reblip)
djilo Klute – Now Always Forever
retiredprodigy rb@treakiepop: "Note to self; must stop nabbing from:@tannyt: -- nice one y'all :) (reblip)
retiredprodigy ok i lied. one more. never heard this tyty @maxbrag (reblip)
KayceeDee Sooo WOOOT!!! :) RB@musicalmind: "LOVE this remix. TY! rb @BeatJunkie: "rb vi@fabuleuxfab: "Seven ate nine" ... and this ate my brain!!!"" (reblip)
retiredprodigy hear hear rb@eightbitkoala: "reblip @PORTERla: Ah, my favorite band of all time. I've seen them three times. Changed my life." (reblip)
retiredprodigy any version of this song works for me... MAN i wanna dance now.
retiredprodigy Oooo i miss the ratatat sound. thanks mang, this is excellent. rb @nastysurprise72 (reblip)
buccaneerpenguin @retiredprodigy: "Oooo i miss the ratatat sound. thanks mang, this is excellent. rb @nastysurprise72" This is brilliant! (reblip)

Dzihan & Kamien : Smile

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retiredprodigy this is for @bduubz & @djilo! // rb@curtisnutune: "@retiredprodigy this goes out to all the electro poppers out there" (reblip)
marilovisky Soooo f****** cold! And I have no voice a-g-a-i-n. :/
djilo I'm all out of props for y'all. This was definitely fun! Buggin' out. Peace!! @suzesinc @bduubz @ScottJ @retiredprodigy @Nymph @BohemianChick
THX3 @retiredprodgy, this band captures the 80's perfectly
dsb listen to the music and

Room 5Make Luv

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djilo Yo, this is sweet! Yeah, I had a feeling there were going to be some great blips today. Thx! @Nymph @bduubz (reblip)
djilo Girl, U just had to bust out with the DnB @retiredprodigy

ICRNew Day

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ScottJ cant find mark knight mix @retiredprodigy @adamkristo @bduubz @djilo


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djilo @retiredprodigy Are we planning to do this all nite? ;-)

Adam FCircles

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retiredprodigy @ScottJ wait. just noticed that song. what are you trying to say :P haha.
djilo Ok, I guess I can't stay downtempo with you guys around. ;-) Thanks => @adamkristo @retiredprodigy @djilo @bduubz @ScottJ (reblip)
adamkristo The Disko Starz <<<<3

Maurizio in Copacabana

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retiredprodigy this was the song that got me into dance music. i've never looked back since.
minmae great one @Domarts 'just scientific analyzing' - the whooole world should function like this (reblip)
dubstarr Last blip of the week.....thanks to all for blippin',listenin' and generally making work bearable...... hope u all have a great weekend....
linrose I'm a Fool....and I like it!
dubstarr probably my fave Sonic Yoof song
retiredprodigy damn afternoon naps keeping me up till 4am.. and counting.
retiredprodigy i've heard so many versions of this song.. but nothing fits my current mood better than this remix. a little sexy, a little dark.
THX3 been blipping this quite a bit the last few days.... awesome tune (reblip)
retiredprodigy <3 silicone soul. <3 royksopp.. <3ing your selections! (reblip)

Plump DJs - In Stereo (Extended mix)

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chiron08 schöner song zum aufstehen.. @cremeweiss Anois am 19.07. im Schokoladen (reblip)

AnoisSew New World

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bduubz RB @jonnyrockunit // lovin' his album, tx! (reblip)

(CD Quality) Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi w/lyrics ( ft. MGMT and Ratatat)

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retiredprodigy rb@bunq - is it just me or does the guitar riff in this song this totally echo of BP's "little thoughts"? love it either way :) (reblip)
retiredprodigy @bduubz: nice one. a blip and run from saigon :) (reblip)


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Arti360 Gadjo – It's Alright

GadjoIt's Alright

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retiredprodigy @audiodrums: wow. haven't heard anything from these guys in a while! loving your blips. (reblip)
audiodrums Warm and lush melodies dripped over electronic beats is always sweet.
retiredprodigy @pajaritos thanks :) i have pretty ridiculous moods that bring me all over the music map. glad you fancy this one.
retiredprodigy this song doesn't go with my current mix.. but damn!
Sparklepony [Gliss – Morning Light] GET UP!

GlissMorning Light

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retiredprodigy @djilo good afternoon! (i'm on the east coast ;)) something wrong with blip for me. can't even tell if this track plays.
djilo Always liked original. Haven't heard this vibe. Nice! Thanks =) @ZOEBOE: "You like sweet eerie noises, trip hoppy beats and perty voices? ;) @djilo " (reblip)

Portishead - Nefisa (rare track)

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retiredprodigy there is always room for bjork.


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retiredprodigy @bduubz: "@retiredprodigy nice. enjoy the final leg! the twelves at santos in aug. will you be back in time?" - i'll check my dates! partytime. (reblip)
retiredprodigy this sounds nothing like the tiesto stuff i'm used to. wow.. things have changed over the decade eh?
retiredprodigy i saw him over a month ago at mercury lounge! rb@heartsick: "@retiredprodigy: Are you down with my new favorite artist?" (reblip)


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retiredprodigy don't you love how the remixes are out at the same time the album is released? work fast people, work fast.
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