Atomik Well who the hell was it then?wish it was me.. :-)) rb@Cassie (reblip)
PerpetualKid LEEEEETTTT ME GOOOO AHHHHHHAAAWWWWWNNNNNNN - Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun:

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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PerpetualKid First song on in the office when I walked in this morning :) I might start doing this every day :) REM - Losing My Religion:
PerpetualKid Did the radio Gods decide to shine down on us today? House of Pain - Jump Around!
retroppo Just to kick off the weekend, to set the mood! love, love love!!!!!!!!!! x
PerpetualKid One of the best U2 Songs ever! (My personal fav!) U2 - One:


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PerpetualKid Happy Tuesday Afternoon! They Might Be Giants - Istanbul:
retroppo One of my all time 90's song!!!! tmbg rock!
GabiFranco The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode - My 3 favorite bands
retroppo the best song that needs to be re blipped everyday! thanks@The Office (reblip)
retroppo Great song, takes me back to my teens...the year 1980
GabiFranco A really, really sad song. Sinèad's voice is really, really beatiful althoug
GabiFranco One of the bests piano solos ever


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retroppo Forgot how good this song was till my 16 yr old son downloaded it this week...loving it all over again, even though it shows my age!
retroppo Packing for Holidays...listening to this song, reminds me of my girlfriend Noeleen who I'm visiting!

B52s - Roam

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retroppo I love this film clip it goes on & on & on.....
retroppo I used love spinning this one on the turntable...pump up the volume literally!
retroppo HELP>>>>>>I can't find the entire version of this awesome song?! Can anyone help?
retroppo Just walked the 1000 steps this morning(dandenong Ranges National Park)...feel like this song!
retroppo For you *my dear friend* Andrew Gibbs...think of you everyday! RIP(fond memories of seeing them at the pub!)
retroppo Was I the only one that loved this music too or what!
retroppo the progression from New Order...loved them heaps!
retroppo KLF ah huh ah huh ah huh...dancin it "Old Skool"
retroppo An old fave from the 90's!!!

SNAP!The Power

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Atomik I hated this song and the whole Beck fad, but then I realized by the next album and then the next he was actually quite good // vi@T_DeBarros (reblip)


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retroppo Just a snapshot of my fave Faith No more Songs!
retroppo Oh Yes...This band were so goooood!

FAITH NO MORE Stripsearch

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retroppo Faith no more day...I feel!
Atomik We knew all the answers and we shouted them like anthems
retroppo So many good songs...pity they were always spaced out when they played live!
retroppo This band made paisley their fashion statement!
retroppo My son thinks this is lame!!!!!!!!!!!! & prefers the 2008 mix...hahahaha
retroppo Love this film clip!

Where's your head at- Basement Jaxx

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retroppo Can't get enough of this band at the moment! This song is my fave at the moment!


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retroppo Cross between Queen & Led Zeppelin...don't you think? Take a listen!
retroppo Fun, catchy song, that I crank up & love to sing to!
retroppo A great song after so much time, why didn't they do more!!!!
retroppo Boppy song I love, for my friend Noz
retroppo it up loud!!!


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retroppo Rediscovered such an awesome song!!! RIP Michael Jackson
retroppo Being Human, I love Gilbert!!!! lol
retroppo Good night all! Have a great day or sweet dreams to those in the southern hemisphere like me!
randymatheson Yippee-ippee-ey-ey-ay-yey-yey
retroppo Thanks randymatheson! come on & tell me twice! (reblip)
retroppo What are ya...join the club
retroppo OK Computer has to be one of the best albums of all time in my books!
retroppo An inspiring song to start the day!!!!!!!!
retroppo On that note I'm getting some beauty sleep, catch your tweets in the morning!
retroppo Perfect song for a perfect day! classic, especially the paino solo!
santamistura Hello heloooooooooo Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me?? Is there anybody home? @alvaroquezada :)thanks (reblip)
retroppo This is how it feels this week!
retroppo Maybe because I'm at this point!
retroppo Can't stop groovin' to this at the moment!!!! & the film clip is awesome...very interesting

Tiga // Shoes

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retroppo Tribute to my dear friend Andrew Gibbs this week, blipping our fave songs/bands RIP 25/5/2002
retroppo Vintage Hoodoo Gurus! Man they were cool!!! Lost their way a little over the years, but Andrew & I still loved 'em!
retroppo RIP Andrew Gibbs 25/5/2002 'til we meet again on the Other Side! This one's for you!
retroppo Andrew Gibbs RIP...for you today!

THE SUNNYBOYS alone with you

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retroppo Evan Philip GLEN, RIP 1/6/94 our darling boy...a song we always we remember you by! Today & always!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love

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retroppo Awesome album...Nick Cave was at his prime then!!!!!!!
retroppo At least this blip has the whole song! Loved this album immensely, significant time of our lives...grief stricken!
retroppo Great song! love it to death at he moment!
lacuna707 The Church - Blood Money (Audio only)
retroppo Lazy layback Sunday song...hope everyone's enjoying the w/end!
retroppo Feel like listening to The Church today yay!

The Church-Reptile

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