revbeatman I'm not the only one doing an 80's block (reblip)

The JamStart!

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revbeatman Who DOES need love when there's Law and Order?
revbeatman @AlyG: "it has been a little while" I should be listening to more of these guys (reblip)
revbeatman @bradleyjond: "is smiling strange and looking happily deranged" Pete & Pete!!! (reblip)

PolarisHey Sandy

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revbeatman I've seen a lot of Metric in rotation lately

MetricCombat Baby

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revbeatman RB @DependableSkeleton: I may remove @ShesAllWrite so I can continue hearing AM Gold. (reblip)

Hot Chocolate ~ EMMA Emmaline (With Lyrics)

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revbeatman @killerswp - "how's the little guy feeling?" No ear infection this time- some kind of chest thing instead. He's pretty unhappy, poor dude.

Sneaker PimpsSick

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revbeatman I think they may have finally turned the heat on at my office. Yay!
revbeatman RB @rsmac: "Crooked Vultures - banda fraquinha: Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, John Paul Jones" I like this, but it just sounds like QOTSA to me. (reblip)

New Fang

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revbeatman Good morning, all. I hope everyone has the holiday off (unlike me)
revbeatman @Shukitty - It's not just the 13th; Mondays are inherently not good.

Helpless by Faith No More

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revbeatman On my to do list this morning, I wrote "Calendar." Unable to decipher this cryptic message, I later wrote "What does this mean?" I'm a mess today.
Unaturalsoul @Dexterious: "@squidbrain: "@DependableSkeleton @revbeatman: No one really knows, but a good guess is 'Ex, why you?'"" (reblip)

X.Y.U. by The Smashing Pumpkins *Album Version*

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AsFortheMixOff Linguistics 1. A song of total gibberish made to sound like English. I love hearing foreign perspectives on our language.


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LikeAnAngel reblip @xx_tutor: "#80s cool....Who's going to tell you when it's too late?" (reblip)

The CarsDrive

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sandyriverside His Dance Dance Revolution game must be off the charts rb@DJLOPZ: "sandyriverside Dude this shit is nuts. Pedals? Who does that?" (reblip)

Dub FX 18/04/2009 'Soothe Your Pain'

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squidbrain Part of my ongoing project to fool @HellenKellersIpod into thinking I have good taste in music.
squidbrain @revbeatman I know, I know, gentrifying R&B, whatever, but this is a good cover so get this on your swerve mix.


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PJ Harvey-We Float

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VeryEmerald I get to finish sorting Girl Scout cookies today. If you have a daughter NEVER volunteer to be "the cookie mom/dad", just say no.

I'd Rather Dance With You- Kings Of Convenience

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revbeatman @Holland_Oats "PBR! PBR! PBR!" There's no bars here that serve it:( I've found it at one gas station and a few grocery stores, though.

"Feather Fur and Fin" OFFICIAL VIDEO by Danny Michel

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DependableSkeleton Indeed. RB vi@Literati: "This one is better :)" (reblip)

The ZutonsValerie

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revbeatman Good morning all you beautiful bastards. It's fucking friday!
Penumbra2000 I love these guys. Don't remember where I ran into them, but they're great. @patduarte (reblip)
revbeatman @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice - have you heard these guys?

Porch Ghouls: Bluff city Ruckus

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joebug my coworker talks in circles...'my job is to be repetitive...repetitiveness is my job is to be repetitive...repetiveness is my job...blah
nastysurprise @revbeatman: "The Chubby Girl Scout" Damn, I would've just said upgrading to a leather wallet. You revealed a lot. (reblip)
JonPublic @revbeatman: Actually, it was this one. Had the bassline stuck in my head. (reblip)
razorfire and the studio version // FUKKEN LOVE THIS so much i'm rbing myself!! @axefield @revbeatman

Death in Vegas 'Dirt'.

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DJFrankie rb @revbeatman. If I'd known what this song was called, I probably would have been blipping it every day for the past year! : ) (reblip)
LocoStavos hello... am i in time?@MyCosmicRebellion Good morning

Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Twenty-One: Noah and Laura

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squidbrain @MuzanE I don't do anything for St. Patrick's Day, will probably head off to Garden City to do tabletop miniature wargaming with my nerd friends.
squidbrain I dunno Aesop, I think you're being maybe too specific about the conditions under which you would be willing to get down. (reblip)
LocoStavos YrPrettinessIsSeepingThrough OutFromTheDressITookFromU,SoPretty &MyEmptinessIsSwollenShut AlwaysAWretchIHaveBecomeSoEmpty @MyCosmicRebellion #dresses
CreepyGirl Just had my hair blown back in the car listenin to my shiny new ltd edition. More hellos @koekoeboeroe @revbeatman @dronnoisseur @DarkMusique @Echo_L
Doggonahogg I'm as fickle as a paper doll being kicked by the wind / When I touch down again I'll be in someone else's arms.

St. VincentMarry Me

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DependableSkeleton Now you just need two turntables and you'll be set. RB vi@orangekittypie (reblip)
revbeatman @Holland_Oats "Seriously; was your ass happy to be up then?" Nah, I'm not functional enough at that hour to have emotions.
emdeejay in that instant it started to pour
revbeatman I've had this song in my head for days, and I couldn't remember who did it.
Aprilee This song makes me smile & think about @JezebelTheGreat

OrangeCool Mexicans

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DependableSkeleton This blasphemy is delicious. Thanks! RB vi@randyhate: "as blasphemous as this may be, i like this better than the morrissey version." (reblip)
LocoStavos rb@pratinsky: "losT in TranslaTion?" // IPutMyPantsOnJustLikeTheRestOfU, 1 leg at a time. Except once my pants are on, I make gold records @revbeatman (reblip)
briangreene no beach balls just - malice In sunderland
Shukitty @revbeatman peeps, cadburry cream eggs, and chocolate covered marshmallow eggs =p oh and jelly bellies


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RunRunItsHim American early 90's shoegaze that everyone loves. Maybe.

Drop NineteensWinona

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JonPublic @NotAsPunkAsYou: We Electric Six blippers stick together. (reblip)

Atmosphere-Pour Me Another (Another Poor Me) W/ Lyrics

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revbeatman @squidbrain "Consider it done." If more people in my life took direction as well as you do, I'd have it easy as hell.

L.Via L.Viaquez- The Mars Volta

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MsBojangles vid was acting screwy for me... this is better... thx :) @ReverendRid: "Been trying to find this tune since Chappelle Show. MsBojangles" (reblip)
Zubenelgenubi RB for @miss_ropy because I'm out of props for her! (reblip)

The Decemberists "16 Military Wives"

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noiseAnnoys83 RB@RevolutionJ I feel like playing with my toys, my thing from Yo Gabba Gabba, a robot, and a sock monkey with a "mom" tattoo (reblip)
revbeatman @Holland_Oates "Need something to get me moving and brighten my momentarily dismal spirit." Try this. #dancepartyfriday
revbeatman hahahahahaaaa

Chat Roulette Song by Ben Folds Improv #2

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LikeAnAngel My daughter and I tye-dyed last night. Its official--She's a peace-sign wearin animal lovin tye-dyin hippie chick. i have stained hands to prove it.

hippychick Soho 1990 Club Classic!

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Franimal She is awesome, so at least you have decent taste @vyskol. (reblip)
LikeAnAngel ...and if he doesn't i'm going to have a sweet fur coat this winter. kidding, PETA.
sadluckserenade morning! I just bought a 6 cd/2 dvd box set of these guys, with 41 previously unreleased songs. Holy shit!

Thrush Hermit- From the Back of the Film

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LocoStavos Go frolic! @revbeatman "I really, really just want to spend my day outside playing" // It's what i do @Dolittle "thanks for the laugh last night!"
kopper Hell yeah, @BloodSweatMurder... this is one of my favorite demented country faves! (reblip)

Eddie Noackpsycho

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LikeAnAngel oh ok here we go.

The Velvet Underground The Gift

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JonPublic @revbeatman I took off when they told us 'asbestos, no asbestos, asbestos!, no, no asbestos'. Not waiting for them to change their mind again. Hasta.
LikeAnAngel @DependableSkeleton thanks for continuing my theme in my blipabsence. My co-worker came in to show me her highlights and then just stayed and stayed.

Pogo Alice Alice in Wonderland

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Christina Courtin "Bundah"

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FunkShoi RB@anothercraze: "... 'splosions, lil kids smoking cigarettes, footage from outerspace and hula skirts." - #sofuckingepicandprettymuchawfullestever (reblip)

TC MaticOh la la

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LocoStavos Why should you care if I crash your affair? Why should you notice me? I really wanna see you shine.... Lipstick my name across your mirror
nastysurprise @MoFoDRE @mickeyRAT OK, I'll play along just this once. #coversthatdontsuck

Travis first ever performance of I kissed a girl (Live @ NRK Lydverket)

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revbeatman @Holland_Oates "Was this on the Clerks soundtrack?" I remember this and Soul Asylum in Clerks, but I don't remember any Faith No More. (reblip)
Halland_Oates @revbeatman Got my soundtracks confused. "Epic" reminded me of this tune from Grosse Point Blank.
LocoStavos Don't know this song, just wanted to say "Tell em Steve-Dave!" No FNM. SA- Cant Even Tell @revbeatman @Holland_Oates "this and Soul Asylum in Clerks"
thesearejams John Darnielle originally slated to score the 7th Halloween film, but quit when the studio picked the title "H20." #RealJohnDarnielleFacts
JonPublic Like this song too, haven't heard it in a bit.
zamfir Best cover of the Daniel Johnston song there is.

fIREHOSE Walking the Cow

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LocoStavos @revbeatman "company in NZ selling jetpacks for under $90K. Who wants in?" i'd have said yes but using SugarRay-Fly to announce it -25 confidence pts
nastysurprise This band needs a lot more recognition.
joebug shitty version but i could fly to this @revbeatman :)

Joel Plaskett Radio Fly

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Shukitty this just made me giggle. a lot. so i had to share it.
Shukitty @amberbrown he hung out at the merch booth signing stuff after the show, maybe he will for you too
LocoStavos listen to @CreepyGirl come on, look@ her.. just look@ her... yeah. So right!..mmhmm..yeah. Thats a fine dress. It'd look great on your floor. Add her.
andrewkessler Weezer- Velouria (Pixies Cover)

Weezer- Velouria (Pixies Cover)

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Halland_Oates @revbeatman "I haven't seen or heard another person in my office for an inordinate amount of time. Lame. Are you still working? You know it. :(" (reblip)
simplemindsfan Me, too. Got out of working tomorrow! :~)@revbeatman: "@simplemindsfan - I'm gooood. Trying to survive the last half hour of work. What about you?" (reblip)
chameleonpixie @revbeatman Yes, I too have been seeing those ads. I'm more in the mood for some left over cheesecake that is in my fridge. For breakfast. :/

Nellie McKayFood

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Steven Wilson "Harmony Korine" HD

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revbeatman I feel like ADD is catching today. RB @nastysurprise72: "@Shukitty You have ADD, too??? Wow, knocking on heaven's door... @revbeatman" (reblip)
TriggerHappyJax Love this version from AR <3 rb @HaloNReverse: "Bringing this back yet again <3 @TriggerHappyJack ;)" (reblip)
eliott_is_dead @andhow hey cute! Miss u too! promise you I'll send u an e-mail as soon as possible ;)
LocoStavos '.. i don't think?' That is a suspect statement. I rule it void as sock monkeys are a sign of trust @revbeatman "I don't think I have any teddy bears"
LocoStavos "I'm walking like the dead, come to life again, because i'm a lover" @revbeatman Had to go one more with the crossing references.
squidbrain OOOOOH. I knew Trent couldn't stay out of the studio for long. Here's his new band with his new hot wife. EP out this summer.
Aprilee It's this kind of day. xo

Tenacious DKickapoo

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RunRunItsHim Yes. This is The I Suck.

New Bad ThingsI Suck

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nastysurprise @Lovecat @Dolittle and all my other cat-loving blipples. This is about the band name, not a man singing about being a woman to a man. I'm stupid :(
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I had it as well - then. Hi @CaryB: "rockin' live performance overcomes audio shortcomings. you can feel the crazy energy these guys had in their day" (reblip)
Halland_Oates @revbeatman You know you're my favorite zombie right? ;)
LocoStavos gets stuck in my head rb & tom hanks @thesearejams (reblip)
GaragePunk Podcast time! Sonic Nightmares #41 w/ Gringo Starr, Reverend Beat-Man, Brother Panti-Christ & El Tiki!

Sonic Nightmares #41

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by_starla [The Kills - Last Day Of Magic]
zamfir Charlotte Hatherley – White
joebug this is a stellar album, btw, consider this an official OneA will-not-be-disappointed-if-you-buy-this endorsement

K-OsThe Avenue

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Dolittle @Mollykills this album, it was briefly released but legal crap with EMI had it's release cancelled last year
stevthory Live baby falcon cam in d-town Columbus:

Queens of the Stone Age- The Blood is Love (Contradictator Remix)

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joebug sounds like hot hot heat's new music blows their old stuff out of the water :)
RunRunItsHim It's like early Polyphonic Spree covering PiL!

Tripping Daisy ~ "Rise" PiL cover version.

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LocoStavos My blip'ing will be sporadic and if following any pattern it will be subconscious
Shukitty @revbeatman @Holland_Oates insp. When i found cruel sea i kept trying to remember where i heard this, then i realized it was in empire records
DependableSkeleton So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me?

Earl Greyhound "S.O.S"

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LocoStavos covering the 360s/Inger Lorre song made more known by Jeff Buckley
LocoStavos Some JB for the ladies.. One of the nice rare Sin-é video clips @kellyjean @revbeatman @MyCosmicRebellion @Dolittle

Jeff Buckley live at Sin-é

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okmusic The association IS indeed sweet no matter what you say @SpicyPumpkin : ] Owed hellos and xos @MrDali @Mysterymix @Shukitty @pratinsky @revbeatman (reblip)
Shukitty this guy is so crazy awesome.

Kid Beyond-Wandering Star

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MichaelKaiser Punk Rock, synonymous with Rock 'n' Roll, baby! The Damned - "New Rose".

The DamnedNew Rose

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LocoStavos nice rb@ by_starla: "this album is really cool - "front porch jam session - covers of Radiohead, Massive Attack"" (reblip)
kopper '60s garage/psych from St. Louis... The Aardvarks – Subconscious Train of Thought
mammara the skinny girl is the daughter of sir Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, in art Sting.
Dakeek @revbeatman Maybe you should report it to Mulder And Scully LOL
smilecin howdy blip friend ;-) rB @GrassyKnoll: "Howdy Blippers... (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I've only heard cover versions, thx@rockmisterblues: "I found one 4 you @JUMPINJB - I think that PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice might know Betty Lou..." (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I've heard nothing of this controversy. The music's too loud. @BobOstwald: "Had it installed for awhile until growl controversy @FOGGIELOANER"
anothercraze @PunkBroc, you're the best. Well, second best now that @rojdoj is here
Dolittle rb @Vifke: "this in my favorite...@Dolittle" yes another great one #bowie (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Fantastic! Hello & rb@LolaLulu: "B☮NG Ag☯in @awoiska*rb: "after all Clayton was the original voice of Stones Gimme Shelter, so.. here she is. ✌---✿" (reblip)


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djmyskin Rollins Band – Liar

Rollins BandLiar

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PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Cute li'l ditty, isn't it?Hi rb@TheLateHowardPlace:"First heard this in France earlier this year. Big hit there. Don't think it troublede our charts." (reblip)
2liveis2fly i'm beginning to discount the point of this song.
LikeAnAngel so unplug the jukebox and do us all a favor.

Ok GoAnt Music

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Dakeek yeah indeed... Alhamdulillah :) rb@bluejeans: "@Dakeek hey! hope you have a good day then (:" (reblip)
joebug I hope I never live in:
noiseAnnoys83 @nastysurprise D.C.? I'll show to a blip-up, if you guys come to the Bible Belt, South, or possibly the Midwest (Chicago is NOT the Midwest, either)


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LikeAnAngel I wonder if i can get a headband like that at Claire's?
DJEyeliner Sorry, folks, no props. I can't affode it.
ragtimerebecca her voice and sense of time -golden! @SnailKid i am a real ragtime gal. started piano lessons at the tender age of 6.
LibbyLou Oh em gee, I had totally forgotten about this song until a FB friend posted it. LOL! Back in the day! :D
erinagin rb @ArchieDomains i'm not proud of any of my blips today. and thats all i have to say on the topic (reblip)
CreepyGirl Oh, hey @Echo_L @revbeatman @nastysurprise. Hope the sun shines on all ye this good day x


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DependableSkeleton But there are a few guns. Thank you, US Supreme Court.

Record Club ~ Guns In The Sky (INXS Cover)

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anothercraze This song has been approved by Ian MacKaye, @dronnoisseur, and myself. // Knock yourself out @bestblips. But don't really. (reblip)

The EvensGet Even

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RunRunItsHim New Arcade Fire is 3.99 at Amazon? That's like putting the bargain gun right to me head.
anothercraze Hey ho @radolo! a lil early for lettuce and toms eh?
anothercraze Keep it cool and keep those harmoniums polished, kids! Off to la musee. Until next time @radolo @Mysterymix + @greentrees @revbeatman
LocoStavos And even silence will disappear someday . so why wont you hear me now you understand about the end... no we've never been here

rebecca moore- speakerphone

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LocoStavos Jeff Buckley covering Elton John/Bernie Taupin "Cultivate the freshest flower .. This garden ever grew"


| play
Madigan it's probably not cool to like them but this is a from a start to finish great album, from the Enemy

We'll live and die in these towns

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Dolittle rb @Rocknrollga: "Radiohead – True Love Waits" (reblip)
erinagin thxs for props, hope its all good today @ladypn

Zero 7Likufanele

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GrassyKnoll RB@TomServo I was about to cry 95 tears from not seeing your shiny glass head in almost a week! (reblip)

primal scream 96 tears

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greentrees this one gets me chuckling @chelseagirl19 "This might be the funniest song ever written... @normal, you got a better one?"
LocoStavos Woah woah! Let's ease up on the Castle disparagement. @MyCosmicRebellion re:Starbucks, McDonald's, White Castle, Wendy's & Walmart
chelseagirl19 I never seen you blipping so good, my funky one... @greentrees (reblip)
by_starla Rb and hello @rkmonkey - so very very glad to see you! how are you? : "happy days to you my friend. long long time... by_starla" (reblip)
Shukitty @maurilao thanks, love this. // @revbeatman @anothercraze I'm doin alright, going to game like a geek tonight. I have a new mini painted up (reblip)

EelsFeeling Good

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LocoStavos i want to hear this whole soundtrack // We're both # 2's @revbeatman

Automatic Soup / Shudder To Think with Robin Zander

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LocoStavos Though bells will ring . Church steeples were catching fire . If you promise spring .ThenI'llKnowYouAreALiar // Thanks 'fans' :) @Dolittle @revbeatman
revbeatman BLIP! We've almost made it to the weekend!
anothercraze DAMN, it's been too long since I've blipped this song (thx @Fangbaby) And I don't even really like PollyJHarvey that much but WOW.
aprildax @palisadehills: "Blind Faith – Can't Find My Way Home [Electric Version]" (reblip)
vanbytheriver Big Head Todd - Bittersweet (Live Acoustic) "She dances and I dream..." (reblip)

Bittersweet Live Acoustic

| play

The Creepshow "Zombies Ate Her Brain"

| play
nastysurprise @had_beans_for_lunch From the album "Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug". It's the best I can do. Now I need antibiotics and a shower...
zamfir Frank Black – Duke of Earl
RadioGhost RJD2 – The Girls From Art School
JimmyStagger @glorybx glad you enjoyed it! I do a 70s 80s punk/new wave/weirdo show every Tuesday night 10 pm-midnite (EST)
JimmyStagger @Cribs66 September is a good month indeed, very happy late birthday chief! (reblip)
Dakeek I move like a rat, talk like a cat, sting like a bee... Babe, I'm gonna be your man..@Vifke@sliddy@revbeatman @vallentina777@Kayo@TkBeeatch@vandaleyes

Placebo- 20th century boy

| play
JimmyStagger Man, these guys and the Cockney Rejects support West Ham, no wonder they're still famous for their skinhead following haha...
anothercraze Check this sh*t out @Perotin @noiseAnnoys83: "Enjoy this Dum Dum Girls tune I just found out about. My friend has the 7" white/black splatter color" (reblip)
zamfir Nerina Pallot – Geek Love
VeryEmerald Someone blipped Vetiver, so thanks for the idea, whoever you are.


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DependableSkeleton @LikeAnAngel Here's one for both us.

Wesley Willis -- "F$#% You"

| play
zamfir Patty Griffin – Every Little Bit

James Brown & Lyn Collins This Guy This Girl's In Love

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Lily Allen-Dont Get Me Wrong

| play
VeryEmerald Three hours of sleep, yay deadlines! Especially ones I'm not even getting paid for.
eliott_is_dead my friend's new band. or something.

LIH (Beyond Good And Evil)

| play
sarcasticoptimist Oddly, @anothercraze, @MissDiggity I think I'd rather see them in a cornfield. Makes more sense. I'll settle for Bowery Ballroom though.
MissDiggity rb@squidbrain@Shukitty this is amazing. assuming that's you shouting out 'squids!' (reblip)
RunRunItsHim Right after I finish building this city on rock and roll.
cookiegonebowling rb@Nirvana454: "RIP Jay Reatard: "I guess I'll never see you standing there again"" (reblip)

Jay ReatardWounded

| play
eliott_is_dead hahahaa.. awesome! RB@vandaleyes: "RB @chelseagirl19 THIS IS THE BEST!!" (reblip)

Glenn Danzig Grocery Shopping List

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revbeatman WTF. This is so fucking awesome rb@LocoStavos: "boys becoming men!, men becoming wolves!" (reblip)
Dolittle If you like Grizzly Bear etc. give this a listen

- Sacred Animals-Chosen Seed

| play
cuezaireekaa AHHHH MUST BLIP! | Guards – Swimming After Dark
revbeatman hahaha, I hope you kicked some ass! rb@muffinlab: "hey ladies @revbeatman@Shukitty - i'm operating on a serious mariokart hangover XD" (reblip)
revbeatman Helloooo! I've been in hiding (as I'm apt to do). How've you been? rb@greentrees: "greets!- long time no see" (reblip)

John BarryBeat Girl

| play
fastfood kim deal. gbv. gettin' all into it. drunk. cigs. so much fun that she almost forgot to push the record button.
mark_till Keane--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (lyrics)
Versh #new Joanna Gruesome from 'Weird Sister' released Sept. 10th (great band name) lovely noise pop fades from ease to frantic seamlessly
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