muserine Wishing you a wonderful night or day or whatever :) With one of the most beautiful songs I know. <3

The Luckiest

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winger1212 Me like Cranberries in the morning...
marilovisky "Hi"? Were you still there, @godninja?!?! Go to bed now! You should be ok tmro to get my snow! :P I'm almost off. Too tired. Hi, @Lambchop! Welcome!
fbrahimi Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Salam :-)) clin d oeil a Roxanne stand @Entrepreneurs Mci pr prise son :-))) (reblip)
marilovisky Lunch time?! It's over! :/ Back to reality! Friiiiday, are you already coming?!
marilovisky 1234, patience, breath, marilovisky, just breath...


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christinamcc I see a red door and I want it painted black
sandraew Very superstitious...

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

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winger1212 Less fills sa fi fur? What's he saying? Nevermind--LET'S DANCE!
rhythm7a your face is a mess hot tramp I love you so
rhythm7a I like songs where babies break things (reblip)

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

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rhythm7a I wanted to play this as my wedding song.... no go though (reblip)
winger1212 Another mini winger request. Isn't it bedtime yet?
rhythm7a Hey look! It's a Foo Fighters song....
rhythm7a ....but she's not bitter
rhythm7a Let me play wit your poodle

Marcia Ball-Let Me Play With Your Poodle

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rhythm7a Sweet Queen of Soul......before the hat
rhythm7a Hey nineteen...she don't remember the Queen of Soul
muserine @rhythm7a Yesyesyes!! :DD

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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marilovisky { I can't find a lot of songs... what's happening here? } Thanks, @AbsinthEve! You're welcome! Have a great weekend! \o\\
disneybrat82 Peace out! I'm outta here.

01 - Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life

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AnnieLicious What an edge she has to her voice!!
rhythm7a This was the last song he performed on Letterman. Brought tears to my eyes.
De_Ann Thx...I'm a stones fan and love this song :-)@BillytheCat (reblip)
embrownny Surprised it was hared to find this one... I feel for you, I think I love you - Chaka Khan


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De_Ann : Working on it!!! :-)))@deidrehughey DeAnn: good luck on getting to your 1K listener @LeBlanc:another one from the 90's DeAnn (reblip)
sarahlane I live by the river. Seriously. In a van.
rhythm7a I'm not gonna get too sentimental
rhythm7a Burning question for @marilovisky or anyone else for that matter
rhythm7a Some things you can't explain away
QueenJaneApproximately @rhythm7a . . . recooping from an 8 hour work day and a 2.5 hour gym night. Yawn.
marilovisky |o| Cool |o|

Sex Pistols- I Fought The Law

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rhythm7a Meanwhile, back in this century. (Whew didn't know if I was gonna make it back)
De_Ann let's get this party started! :-))
merouda @ginayates fabulous song, I was just thinking of this! Thanks! (reblip)
jencvs First time I've seen them on the Blip public stream! (reblip)
rhythm7a @DeAnnHehe 14k dj's, your head must spin when you login
rhythm7a I used to be disgusted but now I try to be amused
rhythm7a Mixin up some Lysergic acid diethylamide
De_Ann UK is kewl! @Cabl Uncle Kracker's version of Drift Away -- Lovin' it. (reblip)
De_Ann oldie moment! :-))@ambit Classic~Nowhere Man (reblip)


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christinamcc two songs from @Anomaly that I listened to while getting ready this morning. (got it while it was HOT!) (reblip)
De_Ann via@patbone Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird (reblip)
muserine Good morning! Blowing the dust off my speakers and bringing my stuff in order... EODM concert tomorrow! Yay! :D
ladypn I'm sure this must be good, or I wouldn't have put on my playlist. Lets hear... (reblip)
Surferess I don't want to know the lover at my door is just another heartache on my list
marilovisky Oh, @AbsinthEve I'm envying you even more! *hahahaha* Cool, what a story! Boa noite, @Deley (ah, Mallu até se esforça, mas é fraquinha-inha!) :D
rhythm7a Thanks @an_bhean I haven't heard this for a long time. Great song! (reblip)
marilovisky keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel yeah, we're goin' to the roadhouse
glucas Was looking for the Tom Petty cover of this (from the She's the One soundtrack), but the original will do nicely.


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De_Ann I believe you, lol @potele @patita GIRLS! All I really want is GIRLS! In the morning, in the evening... ALL THE TIME, GIRLS!!! (reblip)
rhythm7a Watch out you might get what you're after
QueenJaneApproximately Okay, the last blip was hilarious. I like this, mmm.
Surferess This is a very special song. I hope you like it too. It makes me feel all happy inside. :)
marilovisky Do you remember this one? I used to love it! Yep, I'm in the 90s/00s tonight... :)

Lisa LoebStay

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marilovisky Dig dig digging [2]. Yep, I used to love it [2].
De_Ann there anybody in there?@Shade37777 I'm on my way.....I'm on my way ..confor..ta..bly....numbbbbbbbbbb! (reblip)
De_Ann that British accent at the beginning is just priceless :-)@KiddRock (reblip)
ladypn @bzzinglikeneon That must be some story behind that speeding ticket! LOL!!! (reblip)
muserine And a belated goood morning! I'm e-slow today.
QueenJaneApproximately I just look at that batman cake picture @ELORD. I need to find some of my old pictures because we look like twins
De_Ann sweeet tune :-) @jerrykidd Yes, but she's not there (reblip)
De_Ann What - a birthday? CONGRATS!!!@daydreamer Happy Birthday @andhow :-) Hope you have a good day. xxxx (reblip)

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

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De_Ann ahhh, the bluespanther :-)) .... @NeedBlues2Live @ZONE Hello @vidabatine, @DeAnn - some blue-waving tunes from the @Bluespanther himself. (reblip)
De_Ann ahhh, play list material ;-) @DAVESnotHERE says..." I had to "breakdown" with some Petty. I just had to be the st1 to do it! (reblip)
De_Ann ain't got time to take a fast train...
ladypn RB @antenaweb You blippers have SUCH great taste! Another incredible blip!!! Love this one! Almost too much wonderful music to bear! (reblip)
ladypn I'm out of props for you too, @taxibob! The days barely 1/2 over! & you're right, @robtraut, that limit hasn't changed in your absence! :( (reblip)

Secret Garden

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De_Ann awesome tune, don't you agree?!

Collective Soul - Shine (Remix Edit)

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QueenJaneApproximately My brother-in-law was talking about seeing Taj Mahal years ago, and I started to regret being so young. Haha
foodiemonster Only Rolling Stones song I actually can listen to without being bored to tears. (reblip)
ladypn All this evanescence made me think of this song... oh, and @SevenTenths too... ;)
Surferess If you're gone Maybe it's time to come home.
fbrahimi Joe Cocker - Unchain My Heart (reblip)

Joe Cocker - Unchain My Heart

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ladypn RB @Fluter I'm tired today too... ;) Love Al Green! (reblip)
fbrahimi Etta James – Take It To The Limit (reblip)
De_Ann @accdias Incubus - Wish You Were Here. It's true. (reblip)
De_Ann OMG!!! Cindy und Bert?????? Shit LOL! @Cashmiracle The Dog of Baskerville! (reblip)
ladypn I'd give up forever to touch you...
ladypn I only taste the saline when I kiss away your tears.U really had me going, wishing on a star, but the black holes that surround you are heavier by far
Surferess I keep forgettin' we're not in love anymore. I keep forgettin' things will never be the same again.

twin peaks -julie cruise - Into The Night

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ladypn Truth is not kind, & you said neither am I? ;)

toad the wet sprocket - 1992 - all i want

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DeadCabbage Liz Phair – Fuck And Run
PrincessDiana161 This goes out to all the YouTubers meeting this weekend :)
De_Ann it's my first fave of him...what's yours?@tjonsek My second fav Marvin Gaye song..... (reblip)
DJam_Z WLCM & Thank you, love this song and Caitlin's style & voice! GRREAT song! @ hartleymanages ( from a 21 year old singer/songwriter). (reblip)
rhythm7a Definitely one of my favorites! Bobby Keys never got enough recognition for great sax playing. @geoffliving Best Rolling Stones Song EVAH! (reblip)
DJam_Z Thnx!! @ rhythm7a & @mystwitch, can't wait!! ;)..Lee Roy Parnell is another good one too!!
kazzart @rhythm7a "Chan Chan" is a classic cuban Son. Here is a good place to start. :)
De_Ann it's totally exorbitant@TrainWreckRadio Creed - Higher .RE-BLIPPIN...........because it's.........GOOD! (reblip)


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rhythm7a Cool, thanks @kazzart ! @rhythm7a "Chan Chan" is a classic cuban Son. Here is a good place to start. :) (reblip)
De_Ann no problem guys, I can do two trains! LOL @Shade37777 I Dig Um As Well!lmao .....I'll Quit Music Stalking You lol! (reblip)
sarahlane Call the police, there's a madman around. (released 25 years ago, can you believe that?!)
muserine @rhythm7a I actually do have a drink standing by :) How fitting...
fbrahimi .Israel Kamakawiwoʻole – Over the Rainbow/Wondeful World (reblip)
sarahlane Sorry for the F bombs, but it IS. I just had to tell you.
DJam_Z Sounds like it should, a-rockin'and a-swingin'.. (reblip)
Reavel you know is time that we grow old... and so me shit.
HawaiiRealty Love a good chant? This is amazing. Makes you feel like your in the Hawaiian rainforest on the Big Island. Still raining here.


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krystynchong It's 3am and I must be lonely...
muserine This must be where pies go when they die.
sarahlane Singing twins? They're so cute that I can ALMOST forgive Sara for spelling her name wrong. Happy Friday, ghosts!
Simchabe #MUSIC: I LUV #strobegirl Check out her blips. Just found her last night & she rocks! Here's my fav song so far: Daydreaming via @strobegirl (reblip)
Simchabe Another gr8 band I found last night (~3am) Take a listen & let me know what you think. (reblip)
Simchabe gimme gimme gimme i need some more...
christinamcc don't you think there's a place for you, in between the sheets?
christinamcc well abe said where you want this killin' done? god said out on highway 61
judi Evanescence – My Immortal (Acoustic Version) (reblip)
LeeHiller The Beach Boys – God Only Knows #music
Mangia @sellout: ""It's cool to know nothing." Accept no substitutes for this version - skip the "bonus track" remix." (reblip)
marilovisky # working like an ant # Tired, too tired³. Need some vacation, lots of fun and new furniture to start my super new life. Woo hoo.
Kaleem1966 Hey Yall, I love Annie Lenox with a passion, but doesn't she sound creepy/scary in this one?..makes you feel sorry for the lover who breaks her heart (reblip)
judi @Annimallover Do you meen Cooperstown in Phoenix? Been there and so was Alice.

Son House, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, & Mike Bloomfield

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Patti Smith / Helpless

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Simchabe Ditto! thanks to @SevenTenths I have my 1st cup B4 work " @philkirby: "Just what I need . . . coffee's good too." (reblip)
PrincessDiana161 someone dance with me now!! too sexy

michael buble-sway

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krystynchong my 2 fav artists on stage together: @ThisIsRobThomas & @JossStone Stop Dragging My Heart Around
rhythm7a Happy Father's Day! I wish I could talk to you again. I love you ! @DownLow (reblip)
muserine I was ignoring Metallica for a little too long I think. Love Marianne Faithful's voice in this one :)
MiaCarla Bebel Gilberto – Chica Chica Boom Chic ♥
pressurekid Phoenix + Animal Collective. We've all died and gone to Music Heaven.
MadS3as0n Freedom Rock is Back To Rock in Roll

Staind "It's Been A While"

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MiaCarla The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes ♥ RB @dailystendhal (reblip)
MiaCarla Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden ♥
De_Ann ~Santana feat. Michelle Branch - The Game Of Love~ rb@USpace (reblip)
SGMan ::Flamin' Groovies ~ High Flyin' Baby
ladypn Of course a 1 hit wonder of the 80s! Things are going great & thery're only getting better@AdamOfDallas @frspirit@alfonvaina@Magnifik @InnerWave@rsmac
ladypn Dinner time! Be back later!
rhythm7a Wore out several copies of this record
rhythm7a I'm sure this has been played a lot. Sad news this week.
rhythm7a Howzit brah @hawaiibuzz: "Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (feat. Sarah McLachlan)" (reblip)
rhythm7a One of the most hauntingly beautiful songs-His tribute to Lester Young
rhythm7a Whoever you are, I've got my light on
rhythm7a Just hearing her for the 1st time and I'm really liking her!
rhythm7a Thanks, haven't heard this for years. Forgot how much I liked it @DJSkeezix (reblip)
rhythm7a Didn't know that was SRV RB @LegendarySurfer: "@daytonacharger: "David Bowie--China Girl-FANTASTIC song with Stevie Ray Vaughan playing guitar on it! (reblip)
rhythm7a There should be a badge just for blipping this song once a week RB @QueenyKay: "Lou Reed ~ Take A Walk On The Wild Side ~" (reblip)
rhythm7a It's so.....big RB @pambo117 (reblip)

L7 -Shitlist-

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rhythm7a I like RB @DeAnn: "Say it right! - Nelly Furtado" (reblip)
rhythm7a Need to get back rb@jas13 (reblip)

Paul Simon- Graceland

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rhythm7a Goodbye Alex Chilton. Thanks for the great music.
rhythm7a The "sub 4 sub" of Blip? @ladypn: "LOL! I've done that@rocket1206. I just deleted every1 who has RB/Prop me Thc all OOOps" (reblip)


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rhythm7a I wonder if she still hangs w/Tom Waits @krystynchong: "Chuck E's In Love - Ricki Lee Jones *non-live version" (reblip)
rhythm7a Just askin to get stopped by the cops :) @ladypn (reblip)
MSBloom Seven Mary Three~ Cumbersome~ 'PlayListFaves' best copy was and is always from..@DirtyUrine@Angie74 (reblip)
rhythm7a I like this too @kisbabat (reblip)

South Side- Moby

| play
De_Ann STAIND & fred durst – outside
rhythm7a I still love this despite the commercial @PsychoRoadie (reblip)

Beatles- Here Comes the Sun (Beatles greatest hits album 67-70)

| play
Surferess Everclear ~ Santa Monica

JET Are you gonna be my girl

| play
rhythm7a Great bar song! @ladypn: "You look so fine & really wanna make you mine@mrrodd" (reblip)

JET Are you gonna be my girl

| play

打雀英雄傳 Mahjong Song (Cantonese Classic)

| play
Surferess Hi everybody! w00t! It's the weekend! RB @GGDANCE: RB @westham999 Third Eye Blind – Never Let You Go (reblip)
rhythm7a A particularly good song today <3 @MiaCarla: "Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Peace, Love & Understanding ♥ " (reblip)
QueenyKay The Staple Singers ~ I'll Take You There ~
De_Ann ~Jeff Beck Group - I Ain't Superstitious~ rb@Shaman777 (reblip)
rhythm7a Good one, it's been a while. @Surferess: "RB @AdamOfDallas: ""Eminence Front""" (reblip)
rhythm7a I used to be I try to be amused....oh wait, I'm still disgusted.
ladypn "in your eyes the light the heat. in your eyes I am complete" Love it! Thx & rb@Smooth2Edgy: " What do we see through the eyes of others?..." (reblip)
MiaCarla Everclear – Jesus Was A Democrat ♥
Foolish rb@DarlaDixon: "After a required waiting period of course." Haha, well said. (reblip)
De_Ann @Jalapeno: Nice blip darlin :) @BBWolfey @dawnie22 < "Doin OK, you?"> ~ "Because The Night... Patti Smith style..~ (reblip)
Surferess Garbage – #1 Crush "I would die for you"
Foolish Yes. rb@pattyb: "ive been away, miss ya" (reblip)

Wait by The Beatles

| play
Surferess Annie Lennox ~ No More I Love You's
rhythm7a Another one I haven't heard for a long time rb @PsychoRoadie (reblip)
rhythm7a Geez forgot about this one @DeAnn: "@BlipisHip: "<> vi@ShiaoMei <> Still Got the Bluessss <> @BarbieRay:-))"" (reblip)
rhythm7a Probably my favorite off Axis Bold as Love @DeAnn: "@TheSouchuation: "Craziness is like heaven -Jimi"" (reblip)

Jimi Hendrix If 6 Was 9 Remix

| play
De_Ann what else could I say?~Nirvana - All Apologies~ rb@thamesgirl (reblip)
rhythm7a I hadn't seen it either @Surferess: "I have never seen this video, & I blip this song all the time. Thx! RB @vyskol ♫ Everclear – Santa Monica" (reblip)
Surferess RB @tricia1216: "I can see through you, see your true colors... Staind, Outside" (reblip)

the beatles hello goodbye

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rhythm7a Good song! @Surferess: "RB @tricia1216: "I can see through you, see your true colors... Staind, Outside"" (reblip)
rhythm7a I think Blip must be cleaning house. I had trouble blipping at all last night @hawaiibuzz (reblip)
rhythm7a I'm so tired

AL Green- I'm So Tired of Being Alone

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rhythm7a One of the great, Friday-night-gettin-ready-to-go-at-it songs.
Surferess I'm like a bird I'll only fly away.
rhythm7a Hello my Austin buddies. Some Delbert McClinton for you
FilippoVoltaggio You say you want a revolution You tell me that it's evolution But when you talk about destruction Don't you know that you can count me out

The Beatles- Revolution (Studio Recording)

| play
MiaCarla Sarah McLachlan – Blackbird ♥ RB @bytera (reblip)
tokool4u @Joleesa: "❢j's ❷-fer tuesday❢ The Cranberries ➲ Dreams ~thanks and goodnight~" (reblip)
MiaCarla Heartless Bastards – Sway ♥ (reblip)
ladypn It used to happen to me all the time when it had gotten too big.... then I had to delete all & start anew...@NicoleVSanchez: (reblip)
MiaCarla The Raconteurs – Steady As She Goes ♥
PrincessDiana161 My favorite version of this song! Blast it!!! Yayyyy
MiaCarla REM – End Of The World ♥
MiaCarla Chris Isaak – Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing ♥ RB @Coffeenuts (reblip)
rhythm7a Good morning...Spanish Harlem- Aretha Happy Birthday to the lovely @ladypn !!!

Spanish Harlem Aretha Franklin (1971) Provided by L. Sanders, Thanks B2 God!

| play
MiaCarla Aaron Neville - Louisiana 1927 ♥ (reblip)
QueenyKay Tupac ~ Changes ~ inspired by @musecrossing


| play
QueenyKay Bruce Hornsby ~ The Way It Is ~ rb@musecrossing: "Some things will never change. That`s just ..." (reblip)
MiaCarla Neko Case – People Got A Lotta Nerve ♥
Sheribaby_SPH Ditto & TY for listening, I happily returned the favor. @theREALme: "Thanks to you all "May you stay forever young"" (reblip)
ladypn Just beautiful! I love playing this on the piano too. Thx & rb@AmyisImaginary: "To the Lady, from the Princess @ladypn (This is so beautiful)" (reblip)
De_Ann rb@Feathers: "One good blip deserves another. Tnx, rb@cabrogli" (reblip)
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