Figgywithit @rkmonkey are you uploading yourself? Sounds great. Going to pick up the boy from playdate. Back in a blip. (reblip)
Figgywithit @rkmonkey The most honest love song since Flight of the Concordes "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room". (reblip)
tcristina Those men will break your bones, Don't know how to build stable homes.

TrickyBroken Homes

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rkmonkey ooooo ooooooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooooooooo
Figgywithit Not very popular? I hear at least once a day... (reblip)
rkmonkey Had I known we might be two kids without their jackets @figgywithit @Celo_o wow (reblip)
rkmonkey wow to all who blipped and reblipped @ladypn @PlasticRobot etc I think this was one of the first few (reblip)
tintinabulation this is my 2nd favorite song. "dual overhead cam", by SF59 is my fave, but blip don't got it (reblip)
rkmonkey who???????????????????????????????
rkmonkey In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey - LIVE


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rkmonkey holy cow totally forgot them. my unreadable brain!!!! @PlasticRobot Yay! Finally added this! (reblip)
PlasticRobot @Jenocidal reblipping just for you! I also just added "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus!" (reblip)
rkmonkey the monkey speaks his mind!!!!! @stustevens @luisraa the monkeyyyy YEAH THE MONKEY (reblip)
elfgirl not the walkmen, but still a great band...nice voice boy...
rkmonkey overpropped you alread. reblip for the king of the pugs @rkmonkey Cactoos is officially represented here now. :) (reblip)
rkmonkey gotta go out again. by for now friends

BeckDark Star

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rkmonkey But yesterday when i saw your eyes in a black haze
rkmonkey diggin and blippin land of talk
rkmonkey I have a hardened chain connected to my arms
PlasticRobot @curatEar This one gets me every time! F*cking gorgeous! I need to watch this again... @ladypn Check this out!
rkmonkey keep breathing @Figgywithit two of my favorite bands of 2008! Exiting for the evening. Deciding to stay married is exhausting (reblip)
OneLuvGurl 'Ello. I'm back and freezing my bum off. It's cold outside!
rkmonkey deserves another rb @Figgywithit @MaddyTheSongWhore All my favorite things rolled into one! (reblip)

Warren HaynesLucky

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rkmonkey my morning bell was a very load dog (Bruno) this morning
SlipperyDistortion @andhow This knocks me off my feet. Perhaps the best song I've heard all day. This moves me. (reblip)
rkmonkey wow - could listen to this all night @SlipperyDistortion@andhow This knocks me off my feet. Perhaps the best song I've heard all day. This moves me. (reblip)
rkmonkey ....touches down on bourbon street

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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rkmonkey just tuned in, can hardly stand that i missed your monkey blips - will listen now @GreenTara
rkmonkey second blip of Lily Allen - into her now!!
rkmonkey is this same band? this song chillz me bonz and hauntz me soul @punkrockdiedwhen
rkmonkey Well, you must tell me, baby How your head feels under somethin' like that
Figgywithit @rkmonkey picture the sky he saw that inspired this song and you will be able to calm the monkey mind. I'm taking mine off to the pillow. Night, bro.
rkmonkey more MORE - I've been away too long. Clouds above go sailing by I found my meaning in this life

RacoonLove You More

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rkmonkey gotta go for a bit - bye all - And i'd a danced like the king of the eyesores

The ShinsNew Slang

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rkmonkey voice gets me every time!!! - I'm so tired of playing, Playing with this bow and arrow,

PortisheadGlory Box

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rkmonkey if you be my boat I'll be your sea a depth of pure blue just to probe curiosity
rkmonkey Tender is the night Lying by your side - great version


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rkmonkey Happiness More or less... MORE

The VerveLucky Man

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rkmonkey all good things must.......
rkmonkey if this doesn't grift you up...i'll have to take a different approach @Figgywithit Yeah, when I was only 17, I could hear the angels whispering

Blitzen TrapperFurr

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SlipperyDistortion And that butt is smoking...ok. I should go to bed at this point. From @cdub. Great song. No surprise. (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @rkmonkey Call it Slippery Monkey Fig or With it, Distortion Monkey. (reblip)


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rkmonkey love him as he is now (even though ima LZ freak) i can understand why he doesn't want to tour with zep. we should all be allowed to evolve @Radiobread
rkmonkey I took your love for granted Thought it was the freedom that I wanted
rkmonkey Doo Dooodo Doo Doo Dooodo....Ah Ah Ah Come On...LOVE THIS!!
rkmonkey XO, took my heart and crossed it Set it down and lost it
rkmonkey Will I ever learn? (c'mon c'mon).... hello to @patricia_coelho


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rkmonkey You and you - and thats the only way... cool cover
rkmonkey wwwwwaaaiiit, i can explain. great horn on this.
rkmonkey looking 4 this since started blipping. stumbled on it. this ROCKS!!!!!! "I CAN NOT SAVE YOU.. I CAN'T EVEN SAVE MYSELF......" @Figgywithit @ALL
rkmonkey I love at the Top Right of the Blip web page (by the settings icon) it says: You are rkmonkey.. Thanks Blip....i get confused easily....
rkmonkey good man. How are you. they rocked this song last night @SlipperyDistortion
rkmonkey one of my fav muse@figgywithit hee hee hee figgywithit hee hee hee
rkmonkey Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear.... did you see??? i read about it and it stuck in my brain
rkmonkey I see you walkin’ after dark.... v.v. cool!!! great sound.....
rkmonkey Years ago I lost my guard. Ever since it's been hard.... i need direction....
hockeymandad A great song to drive to...
stumaan they don't make 'em like they used to


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rkmonkey RyAd - Wonderwall... today is gonna be the day
rkmonkey sweet acoustic.... TY gets me every time....


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rkmonkey new to me.. have you heard this? @ladypn @Figgywithit @patricia_coelho i really dig the sound, lyrics...........
rkmonkey must admit. hate the vid. slow death but these chicks are quite a riot @GR8FL (quite fitting for blip)

It's The End Of The World As We Know It, REM

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rkmonkey hmmm @ladypn your secret's safe with us

SibotMums the Word

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LXIX rb@DJJuxtaposedJunkie: "Current Fav Songs : Radiohead - "Lift"" (reblip)


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rkmonkey just flipped back from your page.... and here you are!! Big Hello @ladypn
rkmonkey so you think you found the 1?? hello @abarbosa Sparklehorse with Flaming Lips – Go
rkmonkey great today.thanks!!!.. hope Ur weekend has been glorious and grand!!! @scound The Secret Machines – I Never Thought To Ask (Acoustic)
rkmonkey hello @ladypn The Hold Steady – Stuck Between Stations
rkmonkey NOLA was cool. visiting friends. used to live there... @scound Eels – Novocaine For The Soul (before i sputter out)
rkmonkey yeah. i admit it.. going to see Coldplay tonight. hello @patita @Shukitty @NicoleVSanchez @ladypn @GR8FL @DeAnn @jennuyleepenny "for you I've waited"
rkmonkey a must rb since you brought it up @ladypn: "Sweet baby I need fresh blood! ;)" (reblip)

EelsFresh Blood

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santamistura @Jimmylad thanksssssssssssss (reblip)

My Iron Lung Acoustic

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rkmonkey I dreamt that I was dreaming, I was wired to a clock.. yes rb@storylet: @threebears: "clicketty click, clickety click ... in the devil's company (reblip)
rkmonkey i've got friends in all the right places (more a lie than a wish)
rkmonkey thanks. U-2. @whistlin_indie Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost (where'd my body go?) i dig this tune
rkmonkey a good low monkey... ("tonight the monkey dies.. tonight you will be mine...") which one???


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The Del Vikings-Come Go With Me

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rkmonkey Merry Christmas.. been saving this one.. @Unaturalsoul Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien (Early)
nastysurprise @rkmonkey If you like nice dreams you should go to sleep. I know... lame.
rkmonkey love this 2. also love that you say "holy moly" @djwttw: "@ rkmonkey. have always loved this tune (not the lyrics!), but holy moly, the song. : P" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Hey Hey What Can I Do *Alternate take*

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rkmonkey i see now @nemesisurchin v cool old video

Radiohead 6. Permanent Daylight live @ 1995 Lupo's

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rkmonkey now there was a time when you loved me so..... The Heavy – How You Like Me Now? see i've been a bad bad bad bad man
rkmonkey this takes my breath away @djwttw that voice....

RadioheadI Will

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rkmonkey You. another i will @djwttw the sun the moon the skies... could never run away
rkmonkey it's all right here.... The Xx – Islands - Live In Session i am yours now..... @ladypn @patita @GR8FL @djwttw @Figgywithit @orangekittypie
rkmonkey I've done wrong Full of holes Check for pulse rb @djwttw: " (my fave version)" @Figgywithit (reblip)
rkmonkey if you think you can simply press rewind you must be out of your mind, son... hello @ladypn The Magnetic Fields – You Must Be Out Of Your Mind
rkmonkey with you!!! @djwttw: "@ rkmonkey. such a cool Haynes tangent you have propelled me on, this evening. gracias. : )" (reblip)
rkmonkey feelin @djwttw "the price that you gotta pay"

Thom Yorke live @ Latitude 2009. Black Swan

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badtemperedzombie at least until we get that threatened snow later
rkmonkey another sweet take... coming to d in a couple of weeks i think @akadjwttw
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