DJHarteAttakk Awwwww yeah! A little flashback for you all. Keyboard funky...

Tintin Kiss Me 12inch extended remix

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DJHarteAttakk From Japan to China...This should have been the Olympics theme song. Heh.
DJHarteAttakk And then again, you can always be 'Big In Japan!'
DJHarteAttakk Frente does New this version!
conciertosbarcelona Juana Molina en Sidecar el martes 28 de Octubre en Sidecar (Barcelona) + info:
milko_rodriguez Ive been waiting so long To be where Im going
Hotrod I've lost count of the times I have done the robot to this at weddings. How embarassing!


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Crackerwax All I can see when I listen to this are glowing amber street lights shining down on the city streets.
milko_rodriguez It s cute in a way, till you cannot speak
jamtc Cool...

joan jett joan jett i love rock and roll

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MacDiva And now a little thing from Queen.
jamtc Justice for this music...
gigia @noodlebs o prior vc nao sabe menino: assisti a peça e foi barbaro! como conseguiram fazer algo TAO RUIM, e ainda convencer o elenco a filmar, nao se
Hotrod Floppy flick fringe and baggie pleated trousers, yes the fashion was bad, with a capitol 'B'.

JapanQuiet Life

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Hotrod Dancing with suit sleeves rolled up next to a girl with leg warmers on, cooollll!

YazMove out

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Hotrod Girls, I just know you danced around a hand bag to this one!
Hotrod Before he went doo lally! Great tune

Michael Jackson Beat It

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gigia @gunter77, eu e @megmagdah estamos Lisening to this freaky cover directly from Mongolia! (reblip)
Hotrod You really got me so I can't sleep at night.
Hotrod The master at his crazy best!
LakeBass OG!


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MacDiva Tonight's show goes out to all travelers, esp. those heading home for Thanksgiving. Here's one for @DannyDoughtery
Majere Tonada cadenciosa, me agrada (recuerden, 5 canciones por hoy, la proxima es la ultima entrega)
devobrain I've always dug the 4AD records, Throwing Muses was one of their early American signings along with the Pixies.
devobrain Senor Coconut having his way with Besame Mucho. You can imagine how this plays out :)
devobrain Yes...that Nico...Velvet Underground fame....doing a Bowie cover...Blip Fm...gotta love it...


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devobrain Stuart Price before he became known as Madonna's musical director for two of her world tours. Funky little song from the late 90s....
MrEstall Just what you need to wake you up in the morning!
you999 She Brings The Rain - Can
MacDiva Elvis Costello takes us out and gets us ready for the party. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)
Frauke Big Fish Little Fish - PJ Harvey
mmoroca y si se cruzan las miradas y sales del local con quien no debes, o si... Take Me Out (reblip)
xtranguy @evablue hehelovely. but thats just life. was worried bout loosinnu, ur quite good dj
mmoroca ale, a moverse a la Pulp Fiction... Misirlou

Dick DaleMisirlou

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mtlb @angrybob - millions dude. Okay, maybe not that many. But, it’s like lots. I think. ;-p
MeganLibrarian Most-listened-to song in my iTunes. Go figure.

Adrian Belew - Big Electric Cat

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( Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People

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DJBISPO Lloyd Cole & the Commotions-Forest Fire.Eu ouvi muito esse álbum em cassete.Hoje não poderia de blippar essa música.
DJBISPO Sparklehorse-Getting It Wrong.Para me despedir uma das bandas que mais amo.
DJBISPO acho que é o que mais quero hoje. (reblip)
MrEstall Wow, JD actually makes my memory work better! Unfortunately it also drags up kitsch nonsense like this.

Magazine - Don Quixote

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Let's Active - In Little Ways

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devobrain Spank Rock, Roots Manuva and Coldcut all rolled into one! This one deserves to be played loud.
elhombrecohete necesito un descanso, qué mejor que este temazo
coffeebreath I miss Washington state especially when it rains like today
Triz Más producto nacional, que se echa un poco de menos...
Triz Very great cover!Buenos blips @Pelli, gracias por los descubrimientos* (reblip)
enrique_ Cara Valente by Maria Rita
toobad that's where i wanna be pj...
christinamcc well I said it once before but it bears repeating now

Here I go again-Archie Bell & The Drells

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devobrain Man, I can't wait for the new Grizzly Bear album! From the songs they've been playing on their tour, 2009 should be a big year for them.
Huldine hooooooooohoo


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elfgirl pictures of us in hospitals make me laugh! esp when we were doing the lipton, hee hee @Anomaly
devobrain Psychic TV in their somewhat poppier mode. Still would love to see them live, but somehow fate works against me whenever they go on tour. Sigh...
gothzzzz like some new romantic looking for the tv sound ...
elhombrecohete se me acaba de ocurrir hacer unos personajillos con gorros de-evolucionadores

DevoThat's Good

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djec da trilha de curtindo a vida adoidado

YelloLost Again

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TheSun he was like the first one on the list...him and his clan...femi and all of them...

dEUS Theme from the turnpike

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Sergio Mendez - Mas Que Nada

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JJ FadSupersonic

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raiopositronico na onda discopunk, tao véia e tao atual...
maiya Inside me I feel alone and unreal And the way you kiss will always be A very special thing to me... (reblip)
maiya @Foucault, I think I may have blipped this one before but I dig it too! :) (reblip)
jccunningham Found it!! I've been scouring the internets for this amazing Elliott Smith cover I stumbled across a few weeks ago... enjoy
maiya Sweet cover! "Oh baby why you wait so long? Won't you come on?! come on!" (reblip)

MirwaisMiss You

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TheSun I like most every version of this song...including this one...
threebears a fly girl like me/needs @mediajorgenyc ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
Rainoverlima Esta canción me recuerda a Albertine Sarrazin en "El astrágalo". Una chica solitaria delinquiendo.
davidwatts1978 it it it take only what what you ne ne ne ne ne eeeeed.
purplesime A randomly-picked first ever Blip from a DJ I follow, this time it's @mattt and an upbeat little number it is too :) (reblip)


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ladybug @trepanado - essa é do Reginaldo Rossi, também - uma homenagem que fizeram pra ele :]
Dowieeeee this ish delicated to *shy*

BjörkCome To Me

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diyei_amilcar I will only blip one song this morning.... Lights and Music - Cut Copy. =)
MrRooster Jump On It – The Sugarhill Gang - Everybody now, you know you can sing it. UNGA...UNGA
purplesime Been waiting for this to appear on Blip. I rate this as one of the best cover songs of all time.
mehoeld underwater love...never tried ;-)
paeix hey @gabasanch, you weren't kidding, @tomtesk does have a nice little list going there... I added him too. (reblip)


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Vickingo @somewhatvoluble thanks easier to reblip you then looking for it :) (reblip)


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HaciendaSquish Disco was either never dead, or is now an army of unstoppable zombies descending upon the collective brains of pop culture.
katkimjac @JRex @lilwldchild - let's show him our Legs... :o)

ZZ TopLegs

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Fievel Sad and yet it makes me happy.
Moura ahhhhhhhhh essa fofa é pro @Moura e claroooo o megasuperDj@Diordan. Lindona @santamistura. Thanks! (reblip)
jojatk it's the new weapon of choice!
octopusprime u spend ol' my money

Run Dmc Mary Mary

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holaphil Had a dream once where I was fighting my way through a video game (i.e. Sega 'Streets of Rage') to this track. I was literally IN the video game.


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gigia na proxima vida quero nascer uma fruit machine, so pra entender esta musica.
nixe wow. this is all kinds of awesome in a very sweet way.
JimmyHook The Soul Drifters – Funky Soul Brother
TheSun can't be hard to be creative when you rarely leave that realm...
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