ropefriend Industry All Star jam coming this summer show... featuring this tune and others
ladypn RB @labelladiva I LOVE this 70's song! LOVE it!! (reblip)

Guess WhoUndun

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HeathersJukebox Carly Simon, "Coming Around Again"

Carly Simon - Coming Around Again

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ropefriend Acoustic version, can't find the groovy full rhythm section version...still sweet
ropefriend And now part II (the better song IMHO)
ropefriend This ought to wake you west coasters up (w/that definitive Brian May tone)
ropefriend And some worldly flavor for your Saturday... try not to dance, go ahead
ropefriend Pseudo-scientific but therapeutic and extremely addictive
Rudra 2k blips celebration! I'm reblipping my (and your) best songs since blip #1001! =) (reblip)
ropefriend well it has scientific undertones anyway
ropefriend how would I know, that this could be my fate? @JdubfromDtown @
ropefriend Song Lyric of The Day; ' ride the air above the din'. Reminds me of big wall climbing, or parapente, or hang gliding.
GR8FL @daretoeatapeach I just wish RIAA could understand how effects promotion of music sales rather than advocate any kind of piracy...
ropefriend feeling the prog rock this AM wayback machine to 74
ropefriend and to round out my 'heaven to hell and back' theme for International Surfing Day, the Honking Antelope robot vid
ropefriend the theme song for my home this weekend...and all summer (we'll see about that...) after some disappointing grades came home yesterday
ropefriend awesome video accompaniment... the Has Been Lives again!

william shatner-common people

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ropefriend somehow feels like dad's day tune @MissDiggity: "@squidbrain I'm not straight up design - i'm seo/writing too. what kind of work you looking for? " (reblip)
ropefriend Jacko, artistry that transcends (his pretty crazy)life

Michael Jackson-P.Y.T

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Singersweetie Michael Jackson – Rock With You ~ My all time favorite MJ Song! (reblip)
bArafuNda @akuji: "@FRIEDCATFISH: "@Janie. I know you like this one. "never can say goodbye""" (reblip)
ropefriend 13 yr old daughter asked the name of this song... score! Jacko lives on.

William Shatner-Rocketman

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trinaunz RB @albertsdad thanks so much for listening! one of my faves from one of my all-time fave groups. (reblip)
prissy121 The Eagles – After The Thrill Is Gone
Flying_Roundhouse Sly & the Family Stone – Family Affair ~ RB @unfinishedperson1: Where have you been? This is U, yes? Everyone else, I'm off to a party, blipfamily ~ (reblip)
ShiaoMei The Goodbye Look >> D. Fagen>>> >>> welcome~@Vargasmic ..hi~@SpinninSarasmiles ;-) ~@patrickvalle...@DJMonaLisa...@whiteknight~ :)
Flying_Roundhouse Robert Palmer ~ Hey @vidabatine, "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" ;-) ~ PS: I listened to all Michael's demos, one by one ~ they are friggin amazing

Robert Palmer ~ I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

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LoopZilla Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (reblip)
briangreene @threebears here's mine Elza Soares – Mas Que Nada
ropefriend such lively keys... we'll have to get creative at the ASIJ fo sho.
ropefriend thx@mammara Husker Du on hot hot day, couldn't find ice cold ice but this popped up (random!)
Vargasmic @ropefriend My 16 yr old turned me on to this! great song!
ropefriend friend Probyn Gregory on this sweet sonic unfolding, singing with Brian Wilson. Gorgeous vocalese.
ladypn Top 10 hit from 1973. Wonder how many covers there've been of this classic? ;)
ladypn From 1972. Has Looking Glass ever done anything else but Brandy? Just don't know... ;)

Brandy You're A Fine Girl Looking Glass

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Lutes Uh oh. Talk about startin' somethin'. @MiaCarla: "Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground ♥ RB @Drewseph " (reblip)
ropefriend Under The Missouri Sky @rerkaizen: "thanks @Shellsie: "To help us all drift off a little easier..." .. lovely way to end for me .." (reblip)


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ropefriend Some ginormous musicians in the horn section I forgot about... Belushi monologuing too on this one

Blues BrothersAlmost

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De_Ann thx it!@Awannabeangel@BubblesToGo: Donovan – Mellow Yellow" (reblip)

DonovanMellow Yellow

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ChadThomas nice blip. i think i will roll a little cheap trick too!@70srocker
ropefriend Saw this live at the Verizon amphitheater last night HOT HOT HOT Gwen still has it

No DoubtHella Good

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lou_wee_sa hazy college years.


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De_Ann @YaRiLaRi: ""the superstars sucked into the supermassive. i thOught i wAs a fool for nO one but, oh baby, i'm a fool for you..♪" LOVE IT*" (reblip)
ShiaoMei ~~ rb ~~ love this..!!@RustyB "Steely Dan – Any World That I'm Welcome To" (reblip)
ropefriend This guy plays a mean fiddle and banjo, for a Jouillard grad...

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7

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ropefriend Hey it's Bruce, and Steve, and Tom Gramlich, and Cliff Wagner rocking the Cinema Bar! Shoulda been there...
prissy121 Canned Heat – Woodstock Boogie (Live at Woodstock 1969)
prissy121 Santana live at Woodstock 1969. great footage

Santana live at Woodstock 1969.

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TwistedMajic Game has changed!

The Crystal Method- Name of the Game

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miguesme U2 – Vertigo, buenos dias


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impossiblesoul thanks so much for introducing me to this @turpentine2009 ! always brings a smile to my face! <3

Ozone-numa numa english version with lyrics

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chuckadams [Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You]
ropefriend mega classic! thx@patita: "hello :D:D:D:D............ (RB@steveking: "nobody talking to me at the moment @MARZIPANCITY")" (reblip)

Hold Your Head Up-Argent-1972-(Long Version)

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ropefriend The girl rocketh the stage with this one... and I'm grinnin' like a fool
ropefriend It's a sunnier day outside my window...
TheFreshPrincess @TheFreshPrincess: " "I am hypnotized by this song......." This song f'ing kills me if you havent heard it...DO (reblip)

The RootsYou Got Me

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shortygal I'm off for a bit - see ya later blippers! :)
ropefriend video spectacular, ironically... not for the kids, y'all, except for the message.
GypsyOwl [Orbital – The Saint Theme]
ropefriend deep prog rock dip into 1977... the best of what Yes did live or in studio. Awaken Gentle Mass Touch.


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Jerms_993 @spottino " I like the eagles version better" (reblip)

Hotel California- Los Lobos (Unreleased Studio Session)

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KushiQ Lovely Cover....

Sly and Robbie "Inner City Blues" (Marvin Gaye cover)

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ropefriend funk from the trunk of the tree... I'll be good, I wish I could get this message over to you now
ropefriend Death Cab goagain... if the silence takes you then I hope it takes me too

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

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ropefriend @69er: "@backtoback - ahhh - you foxy woman - KC & The Sunshine Band Shake Your Booty - shake it now, back2" (reblip)

KC & The Sunshine Band Shake Your Booty

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tomheston this guy is incredible. A tie with Kenny Lattimer for the best version of this song.

while my ukelele gently weeps

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77ozzie r - o - I really like my scotch...some people ruin their drinks with ice..."" (reblip)
ropefriend @ambit: "Indeed.. and well worth the wait!! >>"@vanbytheriver: "Don Henley - Heart Of The Matter "42 years 2 write4 minutes to sing...sound familiar?" (reblip)

Peter GabrielBiko

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ropefriend Shorty Rogers hits it with this anime, gotta get hot to play real cool

Three little bops

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MusicIsMySoul3 I'd just erase the parts where I was stupid :) @dirtylittlesecret: "It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the middle of the ride." (reblip)
ropefriend Randy Weeks songwritin', good stuff
Flying_Roundhouse Jazzanova – Coffee Talk [ Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix ] ~ @Coffeenuts ~ how are ya, my blip pal?
ropefriend heard this just now on Adult Swim American Dad... I think. Awesome
ropefriend Irreverent but funny as HELL... think of it as the karmic backhand, if you will.

God Will Fuck You Up

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ropefriend sometimes the vid distracts from the music, dontcha think? This just posts the album art...

Led Zeppelin-The Rain Song

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ropefriend Apparently it's pronounced Ray Davis even though it's spelled Davies... damn brits!

The Kinks -- Father Christmas (better audio)

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ropefriend you will get a sentimental feeling when you hear voices singing let's be jolly, deck the halls with boughs of holly

Christmas Music "Rockin' Around / Christmas Tree" Brenda Lee

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Social Distortion- Ring of Fire

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impossiblesoul Filter - Take A Picture ~just a little nostalgic =)

filtertake a picture

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ropefriend one of my childhood favorites, with Nat King Cole on banjo and voice

"The Ballad Of Cat Ballou" Edit

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ropefriend oooooooooozing tone studio version Randy Weeks' 'Can't Let Go'
ropefriend I'll surely be more in love with 2010 than I was with 2009.
ambit A Classic from Leon Russell~Lady Blue!!!

Leon Russell lady blue

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ropefriend HNY all you Americans out there, and the rest of the world... we're really just a big united states of Earth, in the end.
ropefriend this song is one of the earliest memories of a music video that made me cry, but this isn't the vid. Powerful version tho
ropefriend man if this isn't El Chicano inspired, I dunno what is
Jenben lecturer played a montage of stunning photos with this song in the background, Moby is pretty funky.
ropefriend some fantastic imagery on this one... even tho it's not the song I was blipping for

Holding On To Yesterday

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ropefriend OMG this is utterly fantastic!

Cliff Richard Jr sings Shooting Star

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ropefriend one of the classic lullabies of my youth (The Court Jester) 1955 who can name the actress he's singing to?
ShiaoMei Thank u..and hugz!!! <3@Flying_Roundhouse!!! "Bebel Gilberto–Aganju~Had to find the perfect song to send you @ShiaoMei~Happy Saturday~"" (reblip)

Bebel GilbertoAganju

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ropefriend best music video EVER, from 1966 (animated, looney tunes)

3 bops

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ambit Let's FLY @lillianwong Heyy UUUU! Joe Satriani – If I Could Fly!
ladypn Lie 2 me & tell me that u'll stay here tonight.Tell me that u'll never leave & I'll just try to make believe that everything you're telling me is true

Lie To Me- Jonny Lang,

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Flying_Roundhouse GOODNIGHT TONIGHT – Paul McCartney & Wings - 1979 ~ I absolutely cannot get enough of this song & video....Sharing with @Flying_Buttress
GR8FL thanks... glad it all worked out @Daeflyn: "thanks again for help GR8FL. Here is an audio version of this..." (reblip)
ShiaoMei ~ @BlipisHip: "Hi:)) tyvm@ShiaoMei: "(((:@BlipisHip: "vi@Gidyean:))))) ~Sting-bass guitar Andy Summers-guitar Stewart Copeland-drums""" (reblip)
ropefriend working this up... beautiful and dark
ladypn Thank you, @AnnieLicious! I'm looking forward to seeing all the family!
ladypn Aw, thanks darlin'! rb@xSDOx!!: "CLASSY just like>> @ladypn " (reblip)
ropefriend from Tom Schnabel's KCRW show today

TinariwenCler Achel

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ropefriend missed you all... back from unplugged vacation


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Skyblue101 @ScaryBaby: "☠ ahhhh... ALICE fixx ... everything is better with ALICE ..." (reblip)
ropefriend I'm going to get the All Star Industry Band to do this one next time... #ORShow
BLUESBOOGIE 02 Closer to Home - Best Of Grand Funk

02 Closer to Home - Best Of Grand Funk

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ropefriend Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there. Word.


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ropefriend rb @romanus: "Stone Temple Pilots :: Interstate Love Song " (reblip)
JeremySole The Roots & John Legend - "Hard Times" | yes, the Baby Huey classic!!
ropefriend thanks for the pastblast rb @jetcloud: "@hippiechick: "Humble Pie – 30 Days In The Hole"" (reblip)
GR8FL this is what happens when I leave blip... go off and find some other music to appreciate (but I am bringing it back here).
sufferin_jukebox prefer not to dance, but if i would be barefoot..@lovenut: "I Dance Barefoot..." (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Collective Soul – December ~ Whoops. Network died there for a sec. I leave you with this. Cheers All!
ladypn I've seen the good side of bad & the downside of up & everything between. I licked the silver spoon, drank from the golden cup...
Flying_Roundhouse Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Listen to Her Heart
De_Ann The Youngbloods - Get together rb@bluchyr51: "good idea" (reblip)
ropefriend @DeAnnGJ: "The Youngbloods - Get together rb@bluchyr51: "good idea"" (reblip)
ropefriend sometimes the kid has good music taste...
ropefriend @pacoblue: ""...these premonitions got me crying up a storm..." 'Rope' ~ Foo Fighters" (reblip)

Foo FightersRope

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ropefriend Sorry but this is what was in my head this AM... no 'splainin.

Cliff Richard Jr sings Shooting Star

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De_Ann U in Europe? :)@plummerm: "never too early! @GroovinAndJammin: "a bit early here, but...still a great classic tune >Eric Burdon & War – Spill The Wine (reblip)
Skyblue101 @JoanieBeachMusic: "Ciaoooooo Tor!:-)@torino: "@JLHensley: "Aerosmith, Lick And a Promise,"""" (reblip)
De_Ann hola chico@DirtyUrine: "Black Sabbath – Neon Knights !! ~ Ride out, protectors of the realm... #RIPDIO \m/" (reblip)
ropefriend it's a put on

Eminence Front The Who Studio

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mariovanderwart Rollins Band – Your number is one
DJBadBilly "Reggae/Funk style" @killerswp (reblip)

Wyclef Jean We Trying To Stay Alive

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ropefriend Savoy Brown... O.G!

She's got a ring in his nose and a ring on her hand.

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ropefriend @Spica7: "GM!!! ᖇᖲ @StellaBears: "jimi hendrix - Angel (rare home recording!)"" (reblip)
ropefriend positively fat groovy on a St. Patty's night @DJBadBilly: "Amy Winehouse..Stronger Than Me" (reblip)
Rocketron evoluir espiritualmente? @matoart: "#blues...maravilhoso..;)" (reblip)

Stiff Trigger "When Love Comes To Town" (Jonny Lang, Joss Stone, Herbie Hancock)

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TBFKA A full man reblips@ellendiane: "hi;)rb@ropefriend David Lindley&El Rayo-X Quarter of a Man-live reggae on the river" (reblip)
ropefriend nice sound quality

The ARC Angels "Send By Angels" at Auditorium Shores SXSW Music 2009

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silver_lake2 she got the mercedes benz she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends... @Unaturalsoul: What Happens Here...Stays Here...I Know...#Jenny... (reblip)
JazzYogi888 @Gidyean: "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature By The Guess Who" (reblip)

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature By The Guess Who (LYRICS)

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De_Ann ♫♪♪♫ Hi C. ty/rb@Globeeone: "Genesis – Dancing with the Moonlit Knight" (reblip)
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