ejflavors my pants were wet, they came off- but she didn't see the movie 'cause she hadn't read the book first.
ejflavors PPP took this Paul Simon cut and made into a killer track. just step off the back, Jack...
rottgutt ....damn "Frank" is really the shit. Send healing energies out to you lady.
rottgutt it's actually badu and stephen...pasionate track.

Erykah Badu and Ziggy Marley In Love With You

| play
rottgutt forget me nots.

mos def - Umi Says (Zero 7 Remix)

| play
rottgutt early winter morning.

Anita BakerAngel

| play
rottgutt a touch of heaven, then goodnight.
rottgutt the best jazz vocalist on the scene right now. mellow with b-boy swagger.
rottgutt ...time to start the day.
rottgutt ....but first there's coffee
rottgutt I want to go dancing.

KoopSummer Sun

| play
rottgutt sweet sweet memories of yin yang cafe.

DonnieDo You Know

| play
rottgutt bey doing drake...this is too amazing!
rottgutt boogie unplugged is so under-rated.
rottgutt lol...nice. back at you. peace
rottgutt one of my favorite bands! Thanks for posting this one @djmisscloud (reblip)
rottgutt pop/lock.backspin

Kraftwerk Numbers 1

| play
rottgutt @Goodgrooves...this was the "sho nuff" jam!!! LMAO (reblip)

136 The Smurf 1

| play
rottgutt putting down the "crack pipe" that is blip.


| play
LaKarune I play this one over and over again. Loved that it was featured in Slumdog Millionaire.

MIAPaper Planes

| play
rottgutt eyeliner...ahh the 80's.
rottgutt b. ferry and crew...too much swag.
rottgutt these cats are BEAST live!
rottgutt had to double up on devin...he's SICK! Good day blipsters!
rottgutt damn damn damn...this that sh@%&!
rottgutt can never have enough lonnie.
rottgutt where are my roller skates?
cabrochette pra ouvir antes de sair de casa. ogunhê, meu pai. :)
rottgutt woke up late and don't give a F&$*!!
rottgutt damn...sexy in audio and on screen. wanted to kick ethan hawkes ass in "sunrise/sunset"

Julie Delpy - A Waltz for a Night

| play
IxRxA SOJA will be back on oahu soon... all u maui peeps are luck dogs seeing how the havent left yet ;)

SOJARasta Courage

| play
IxRxA I've just been introduced to the FP... "CAN U BLIP IT!!!"
IxRxA Rifleman AKA Ellay Khule always kills it!
rottgutt the bass is like molasses.


| play
rottgutt love the crackle of a vinyl transfer.
rottgutt el pus!!! Easily one of most slept on tracks and videos in recent years...ATL MUTHAFU!!!

El PuSuburb Thuggin

| play
rottgutt way ahead of their time


| play
rottgutt for some reason this still gets folks on the dancefloor. Electro will never die!!...scary.
rottgutt ...always wanted a fro like sugarfoot.
rottgutt ...metaphor perhaps?...you nasty, grace.
rottgutt heavyweight posse!! baby my brain's been baked....

Volume 10Sunbeams

| play
rottgutt more heavyweights!!!...these cats are hip-hop angels.
rottgutt ..truly (reese, gimmie back my tapestry cd our Imma put a cap in dat ass!!)...goodnight blipsters.
rottgutt one of the greatest modern soul singers.


| play
rottgutt otis and aretha's versions are iconic, but this one is really special.
rottgutt can't go wrong with draco. (menudo 4-ever!! LMAO)
rottgutt guilty pleasures.

I Wonder If I Take You Home

| play
rottgutt signing off with this lovely one...good day blipsters.

Bic RungaSway

| play
rottgutt love janis, but the original is my fav.
rottgutt a true don. rest in peace mr. miles...goodnight world
rottgutt craig street is the greatest producer still breathing.

Me'Shell NdegBitter

| play
rottgutt this is ny favorite of the covers from "across the universe." Martin's a bad man!
rottgutt excuse me...feeling a little top 40 at the moment. Great pop song.
rottgutt wow...this song still empties my lungs. da lovely-...good day.
rottgutt like grape now o'laters.
rottgutt Lavette is still touring. If she comes to your town go peep her! (You'll need a good stiff drink afterwards)
rottgutt amazing breaks in this song. should be sampled more.
rottgutt jc IS hip-hop and the blues....scary.
rottgutt can't fade mavis!...godnite yall.
rottgutt where are my laced gloves?


| play
rottgutt dude was a mysogynist...but he was also a musical genius.
rottgutt let's try this sleep thing again...
rottgutt no one can phrase like nancy.

Nancy WilsonCall Me

| play
rottgutt It"s taken years for me to appreciate mr. mathis...black velvet.
rottgutt @Karuna...much thanks. Have a wonderful day.

Lizz WrightHey Mann

| play
rottgutt Not simply bue eyes soul, but one of the best singer songwriters of the 80's! hap to blip twice!
rottgutt just a slice...

Dangelo-Devils Pie

| play
LaKarune @rottgut - hysterical! (reblip)

Bessie Smith-Gimme A Pig Foot And A Bottle Of Beer

| play
rottgutt max does kate and I gotta drink some water...good nite world.
rottgutt so was this...summer of love late 80's style.
rottgutt i get down on my knees and pray.
rottgutt still one of the sickest vids ever.
rottgutt always saw them as the cheesy pop version of the slits...but the songs are infectious.
rottgutt like chic...so much more than a "dance band." Disco as art.
rottgutt hope this is the entire track..
rottgutt the first mash-up...for real.


| play
rottgutt call them "hipsters" or whatever...these kids are the real deal.
rottgutt they were the coolest band...maaaad swagger.
rottgutt ....just might blow up.

J'DaveyMr. Mister

| play
rottgutt i wanna try that pill that people take...

ResThey Say Vision

| play
rottgutt when you're in my hut, you know what's up. :-)
rottgutt don't bring me down.


| play
rottgutt "it's the white shannon"...(sorry, madge- that's what we all said when this song came out)


| play
rottgutt ahhh...eyeliner. Still a sexy ass vid.
rottgutt @Karuna...likewise for you this fine evening. This is my 8th favorite dance song ever (think I've already blipped the top 7)
rottgutt potato alligator souffle? Greatest teen mc ever!!

Special Ed - I Got It Made

| play
rottgutt signing off with big pimpin b. ferry. Gotta go get my boogie on! nite nite blipsters.
rottgutt At a dinner party. There is talk of board games. I have more importanat work.
rottgutt said you'd be coming back this way again...
rottgutt I swear I remember it that way...
rottgutt Aries...it's hard yall.

Al GreenI'm A Ram

| play
rottgutt this song always makes me smile.
rottgutt ...okay...don't tell ANYONE! LMAO


| play
rottgutt okay...after nsync I have to completely put my ass in the wind!
rogue_fm Ah, man! Gotta get away from the heartache. I'm gonna go watch a sad movie instead. Later blippers. Thanks for the company.
ejflavors lifting the blip.fm hiatus. Stevie Wonder? no, Blaze. one of my fave tunes from them. (reblip)
Radiobread @rottgutt .."this is my favorite of the covers from "across the universe." Martin's a bad man!" While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Martin Luther McCoy .. (reblip)
rottgutt where does your power lie?
rottgutt Make Me Feel Better :-)


| play
rottgutt My favorite prince creation (next to Vanity 6)
rottgutt ...and dance the night away.
rottgutt look real nice, wrapped up tight.


| play
rottgutt Bobby b. Pre-crack...luv it!
rottgutt I gets high off your love.
rottgutt Have a groovy nite blippers!
rottgutt alright eveybody...line up!

Fatback Band (Do the) Spanish hustle

| play
rottgutt someday quincy will get his "composer" props.
rottgutt don't leave me girl, with no reason!

Carl Carlton - I Can Feel It - Backbeat

| play
rottgutt One of the greatest teenage groups ever!!!
rottgutt Glad you dug it @DeAnn! Here's another slept on one from mike j"s arch nemesis.
rottgutt one of the greatest bands EVER!!
rottgutt love the stairsteps, much more gifted than people think (peep their later work)...have a lovely evening blippers.
voxefx You had to dig deep for this one LOL (reblip)
rottgutt paradise garage...before my time, but this track is still bangin!
rottgutt the song that started it all...all the playas...all the hustlas.
rottgutt @RonnieBebop...you wrong for the happy mondays, bruh...dats my shit!
CynDyn we NEVER missed her tv appearances when we were kids - thanks @rottgutt (reblip)

Nancy WilsonCall Me

| play
CynDyn will just continue to reblip @rottgutt ad nauseum...seriously, i think i luv you (reblip)
rottgutt @CynDyn.LMAO...thanks for diggin in the crates...had to return the favor. (reblip)
rottgutt she's really that next shit!
rottgutt from phonte's 80's tribute album...elevator music for crackheads LUV IT!! (the should tour with chromeo)
rottgutt madlib...stop making dope tracks!


| play
rottgutt signing off with beautiful bebel...nite nite.
rottgutt SHOUT OUTS!!...trippy mid day sonics. @RonnieBebop (reblip)
wurst I literally love flight of the conchords with 100% of my heartjuice. had to reblip. thx@paulzy 5:1 is a Brodeo. (reblip)
rottgutt sleep would be great right now...


| play
rottgutt kanye should take lessons.

Bon IverWoods

| play
rottgutt can listen to these cats all nite...

BeirutThe Penalty

| play
rottgutt a final distorted lullaby...and I'm gone...nite nite.
IxRxA @rottgut this has to be my favorite track of the griots!
rottgutt good morning...and have a lovely day!

Lonnie Liston Smith - A Garden of Peace

| play
rottgutt Open your eyes you can fly...too fly!
rottgutt Thanks for blipping s.e...reminds me of unspeakable things LOL !@Jacidbazz,@mtlb,@RonnieBebop
rottgutt motown really blew it with these guys..."25 years" should have made them superstars.
rottgutt ...might be my favorite song EVER...for real doe.
rottgutt ...and I'm gone...lovely night all!
rottgutt blippin on public transportation...danger.
rottgutt engine engine number 9.


| play
rottgutt a younger happier NYOIL.

UMCsBlue Cheese

| play
rottgutt g.p and edie b....pure love.
rottgutt The sound of the beast!@Karuna...LMAO..for real doe! (reblip)
rottgutt I wish I could give ya this feelin.
rottgutt Mister Pretty Tony, your B&$%h chose me.
2HandedJam *** Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming
rogue_fm @morganq Thought you might like...unless you are a purist, of course!
rottgutt thanks for blipping the p.g. version @rogue_fm never heard it before! one of my all time favorites.
rottgutt love it!...classic jam from one of the stairsteps @RonnieBebop (reblip)

Bobby Thurston - Check Out The Groove

| play
rottgutt Woman, Woman...dude is the shit!
rottgutt alright folk...leaving ot on bristol...peace @gracieriots @2HandedJam @Karuna @RonnieBebop @Jacidbazz

Johnny Bristol - Do It To My Mind

| play
suzan *** Muy buena!!! (reblip)