angieroytgolz singing in the rain.. fred astaire

Singing in the Rain - Fred Astaire

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Diordan "Long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be."@i_Dea (reblip)

Pink FloydBreathe

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chuketti lottare e tenere duro Trieste! cazzo sta città è anche e soprattutto nostra!
golly_loli Retro Girl Pop Day: You tell 'em, sista!
belucha Ora portanto, suponho que seja eu né? :p já tinha tentado blipar esta já! @OnTheRocks: "Esta é para a minha Babe!! Wweeee!!! ;D eheh" (reblip)
zoeyrobinson say what you will, lyrical genius imo.

Lily AllenNot Fair

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duo @tilue completinha pra gente! aeeeee... ó/
Lady_Elisabetha Nice stuff to play on parties.
Adnarim Hoje só vão rolar músicas que combinem com o ar fúnebre do frio que faz aqui.
benetmc Wiley and the Qemists both play West Dance on Saturday along with...
duo good morning angels good morning charlie! huahuahauha.. =D
HiroshimaTricycle From their 1990 album "Heaven Or Las Vegas". I pick heaven...
monikavincent he never even made it to his 20s.ich bin in Stimmung: @bumble_b: "kate camouflage bush" (reblip)
triPod The show is about to start!

Fashionista-Jimmy James

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fabuleuxfab Part of my top from the 10 last 2 weeks

Gronlandic Edit by of Montreal

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rico The (original) Sidewinder

Lee Morgan-The Sidewinder

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metaglyph Morcheeba - Undress Me Now (it's getting time for bed)

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

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wynnwinberg Finally done with work - must crash. Goodnight @kbuech @NikkiPixel @marilovisky @pinkpolkadots @Edainsmom @Flying_Roundhouse Ciao!

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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DannyIcefire Alright I promise this is the last time I blip tonight.... well maybe not promise
beanieb Simple Minds......interesting to see this song done live.. great songs which was used in the movie The Breakfast club..
Zarabeth All your stupid've got your head in the clouds: you should see how it feels with your feet on the ground.

depeche modeuseless

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Tom Snare-Philosophy Original(Radio Edit)

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DopamineJunkie Full Moon looked a little pink tonight. No sleep I'm done. And I'm only in the middle.


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10 cc I'm not in love

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bitchnick Don't you know you're sleeping much too long.. Wake up little eyes!
holygee MADCON – Beggin put some spice in your life

MADCONBeggin 2008

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dis_grace rainy here too @shanti45 not liking it one bit
lub if i love a jay's face is absolutely this one ;)
katarinax バルカン RB @scrptmnky: "Folk night part 3: Max Pashm - Manea-k... sounds familiar :)" (reblip)
fitll Daar komen de wolkjes binnen rollen ;-)

Blues BrothersRawhide

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ROSIEOLIVEIRA @JDsRecordShop: "@QUEENRO Thought you'd like this tune and title, its the only way to go... LOL."/ YUM, I'M CRAVING CHOCOLATE .... THANKS (reblip)
katarinax cool! cheerful song. rb @Lewy: "best jazz song! @filippocioni @katarinax" (reblip)

Us3 ~ Cantaloop

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MRL Frankie Ford - You Talk Too Much (reblip)

Monkey Business ------- Piece of my life

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fitll Lekker vrolijk wordt ik van de regen.

Quimby Sehol se talállak

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Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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DivanDiva I know who I am sending this out to and if they could read, they would too! RB @santamistura: (reblip)
avivajazz Govi | Andalusian Night | Classical/Spanish guitar blended with contemporary 'pop' and 'world' sounds
Tamiri Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World
KassyKISSES You ever get in that sappy mood where you listen to musicals just to sing along?
coloured Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben! ich brauch nen kaffeeeee :)

Nightmares on waxDamn

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avivajazz George Ivanovich Gurdjieff / Thomas de Hartmann (Composers) | The Big Seven | Gurdjieff's Music for the Movements
GR8FL @croshane: "@croshane: "GR8FL lub this too @lub thanks.... This awesomely chill...." and so very sexy :) (reblip)

UrbsSo Weit

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rumore que se puede decir de elvis rb@peterpi: "funny Elvis" (reblip)

ElvisBossa Nova Baby

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ffluxx Siriusmo – Allthegirls - Yuksek Remix --- @Tranquil I'm doing great thankx! : ) How are things in Denmark?
ffluxx Thievery Corporation – Shaolin Satelite - rb@GR8FL: "nice one @Atomik and good morning... being off enables connections? " Very Nice. Thanks! (reblip)
smoothrock @amphore: ":))) thx rb@hajoni Angelique Kidjo - Le Monde Comme Un Bebe" (reblip)
avivajazz John Zorn – Larkspur | Alhambra Love Songs | RB .@sadovsergey (reblip)

John ZornLarkspur

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Rammstein—Pussy—HQ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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avivajazz Radio Tarifa // La Tarara

Radio Tarifa "La Tarara" (ciudad de TARIFA)

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avivajazz Radio Tarifa en vivo "La Pastora"

Radio Tarifa en Vivo "La Pastora"

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EFR56 Gotta reblip for my friends@WakeAppMusic@aacfilms "O0o0o0o0o and so smooth about it all... TYVM @Ben_Flogin_O_Mote: "delicious revival 70's"" (reblip)
EFR56 No matter, good is good & DCD be surely very good... @aacfilms: "i'm following no musical pattern or theme this evening" (reblip)
EFR56 yeah yeah...@matriax: " hello&thx yeah @sputnicker: "thx@monikavincent"" (reblip)

Marshmello- Sounds from the Ground

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EFR56 DEEEEEP! @Amanda2409 @Thaiangel @matriax @sangessweet @moonrevenge @lwsrc "Give ur props to @Dim_mer too. She hooked me up with it :)

Burial & Four TetMoth

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sadovsergey @EFR56: "Ear candy pop like it oughta be... infectious... @olgaduarte: "Mercy - Duff"" (reblip)
hajoni global Blip. An everydays support for peace
UKDad Listening to Leggy Blonde (feat. Rhys Darby) by Flight of the Conchords - subscribe to my high quality audio ONLY playlist (reblip)
paulastudio Underdog Theme -Hip Hip Hip! and away he goes!
cipytweet morning/afternoon/evening/etc-lol-AWESOME intro bassline-thx 4 the beat! @0_0: "@BakingMan@cipytweet " (reblip)
cipytweet don't forget abt Stanleyyyy! @0_0 @BakingMan @Bubbly3

Stanley Clarke "Justice's Groove"

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matthewmoloney mini viva - left my heart in tokyo

mini viva - left my heart in tokyo

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sheryonstone good morning 4 me, good afternoon 4 you @tubilino :D (reblip)

AirBrakes On

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sangawa Regina Spektor - Machine

Regina Spektor- Machine (Unofficial Music Video)

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avivajazz John Coltrane Quartet | Lonnie's Lament | Crescent (1964) | Thanks! RB @CelebratingLaurie + RB @EFR56 (reblip)
avivajazz Abdullah Ibrahim + Johnny Dyan | Namhanje | Today | SO much of Abdullah Ibrahim's South-African-tinged tracks are...irresistable! Thx, RB:>>> (reblip)
avivajazz Abdullah Ibrahim | Soweto
rock2monster ~Your *shivers* just made MY day!!~~>@str8jgirl: "Call anytime today - no appointments for me... *shivers with anticipation* (thank You)~ (reblip)

Jewel-Intuition Lyrics

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threebears rb@romanus: "Massive Attack – Teardrop" hi and thanks :) (reblip)
hajoni Tom Zé – Toc

Tom ZéToc

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GR8FL I thought that I heard you laughing

Losing My Religion (DJ Kue Private Remix) - gr8fl

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mark_till Fanfarlo - I'm A Pilot -

FanfarloI'm A Pilot -

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hajoni Tied & Tickled Trio – Freakmachine
avivajazz Gábor Szabó – Mizrab

Gábor SzabóMizrab

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estrogen another one... how good is she?
Jinxie_G @Zombologist Lookit what I found in my blip playlist. =) (reblip)
Lil_Wing Hmm not as powerful as fav version as she conveys a raw &sexy power that is to me.. more befitting :D @AlienThomas
EFR56 Dengue Fever – Seeing Hands - Venus on Earth - 2003
avivajazz Herbie Mann (flute) | Comin' Home Baby | Herbie Mann at the Village Gate (1961) | #jazz |
EFR56 Congo Norvell – Drift Away - Music To Remember Him By - 1994
THEORDEROFEARTH Thxs bro pray u r well! @rachidkas: "Eric Clapton ~♥~ Forever Man" (reblip)

Eric Clapton ~♥~ Forever Man

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avivajazz Hank Jones | Come to Me | Compassion | #jazz

Hank Jones 07 "Come to Me"

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asterion @djcruMbs gave me permission to raid @ will, & its been awhile, so, im here to collect!!!
Gen22 Florence and The Machine - You've Got the Love (XX Remix - Tuff Wheelz Refix) @GilherbsoW
BluJulius У некоторых людей нет чувства юмора
avivajazz New Budapest Cafe Orchestra – Sombre Dimanche
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