ChristineLovesPhilly @CapitalClinic and's something that will make things "stay together"...a little 'love and happiness!'
ChristineLovesPhilly This brings me back to the second summer Sid and I were age is showing!
ChristineLovesPhilly Jimmy Cliff...had a roommate that LOVED him!! Allison was her name and weed was her game!
TreoBenny Doing the "I would die for you' gesture dance...
TreoBenny This song was my text message tone FOREVER...
medina Com esse sobre nome, tem que saber das coisas!
medina Samba Rock nova geração tambem hein! medina @momma @gabarocha @webdigão @Crismf @Milla @Cabola

donnie mcclurkin - stand

| play
pipercarter ok how many hot songs are called hollywood?
pipercarter if you are a friend of mine you know how much i love the beach. (reblip)
JerzoTheKing Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam produced by Full Force.

I Wonder If I Take You Home

| play
lildanzig @Mandangalo -- I had a roomate in college who would always try to sing like Barrington when he was in the shower and i could hear him from the kitchen (reblip)
pipercarter oh man you know i gotta represent for detroit! love anita baker man.
pipercarter that's it! El Gran Combo is handsdown my favorite salsa band.
pipercarter oh man this song is my ish! so fresh so clean! it's a great listen when browsin for fresh kicks.
medina Ótima banda nacional, que infelizmente se desmembrou. Estão na ativa mas como outra formação! @gabarocha @DJRodneyKing voces gostam?

Leoes de Israel - Filhos Rebeldes

| play
JerzoTheKing You gotta hear the whole song.
JerzoTheKing You have to get that "Stand Out" album.
medina Outro grande representante do Hammond...
medina Clássico do Heptones...
medina @gabarocha na medida que se pensa nas musicas e as "vagas" vão diminuindo, complica mais ainda! rs Faltam 6 e nem chegou no Bob, parei de verdade!
JerzoTheKing Pretty much what we(producers) are doing now. It's mostly electronic.
JerzoTheKing 80's Baby

ll cool j - rock the bells

| play
JerzoTheKing No lie, they were in a black suburban with a camera. I'm not even famous yet. No where near. "I'm just an average guy..."
JerzoTheKing Heard this before?

Excuse Me Miss (Chester French Remix)

| play
JerzoTheKing And the winner is...Jerz.

Jay-ZRoc Boys

| play
JerzoTheKing Still one of the best modern r&b songs. It was in my head.
JerzoTheKing Grown. Man. Status.

Urban Mystic-I Refuse

| play
pipercarter hmm mmm mmm. love me sum al green (reblip)
fbrahimi Three Little Birds – Sean Paul & Ziggy Marley (reblip)
fullmetallotus you're playin' a game. it's so plain: you want me to win. i'm willin' to play whatever you say if love is the end.
medina Essa musica é muito foda! E o nome dela resumi muito do que eu sinto agora!


| play
syktek Award Tour – A Tribe Called Quest
syktek bring it home! Old Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo

Old Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo

| play
syktek My President Is Black (Remix) – Jay-Z
fbrahimi La Patte (Feat. Will.I.Am / Black Eyed Peas) – Saian Supa Crew (reblip)
TreoBenny Weak like clock/radio speakers...classic line. Liquid Swords by The GZA
TreoBenny Don't want to meet your daddy...just want you in my caddy: Hey Ya by Outkast. Haven't heard this in FOREVER!

OutkastHey Ya

| play
medina Sou neto da madrugada e afilhado do sereno!
medina Cláaaaaassico do Bob Andy!
medina Essa musica é especial! Porque musica traz tanta lembrança? haha


| play
syktek Born To Roll – Masta Ace Inc.
JerzoTheKing Get that album. It bangs in the whip. She had way better songs than this whack song.


| play
fbrahimi Bonjour tuti, Salam, Hello, Hola :-))) You Know I'm No Good (Remix) – Amy Winehouse ft. Ghostface Killah (reblip)
fbrahimi African Queen(Remix) – 2Face Idibia (reblip)
fbrahimi Black Water Gold – African Music Machine (reblip)
medina Mais 50 anos de Motown...
toddkelley "Can't Let U Go" - @Fave showing how dope a writer he is, taking my track and making it his own.

Can't Let U Go

| play
toddkelley "Amy Winehouse – The Way We Were" - This song made me fall in love with Amy Windhouse. So raw and real and beautifully unpolished.
DJReed If only pressure from deadlines felt this laid back...chillin to this trying to get some work done
DJReed Not sure I like this with Drake and Weezy...just Santogold was enough. Still the beat is nasty.
fbrahimi interprete de l'année Camille – Ta douleur bravo!
fbrahimi Shakira Ft. Carlos Santana – Illegal (Ali Dee Radio Remix) (reblip)
toddkelley D'Angelo – Me And Those Dreamy Eyes (J-Dilla Remix) - Another gem that alot of peeps missed. @bendrix @dj_kwame @lickasha @MFeldman @lub @kwame06
toddkelley "Amy Winehouse – In My Bed" I mixed this in with Nas "Make you Look" and nearly caused a riot! @bendrix @dj_kwame @lickasha @MFeldman @lub @kwame06
DJReed WE BACK...MF Doom, Talib Kweli. I've had this CD for so long on my computer. It's time to burn it so I can bump it in the car.

fugies - fugees - ready or not

| play
DJReed Maybe its the runnin Rebs maybe its the Knicks, maybe its a re-run of an old TV show like Hawaii 5-0 or karate flicks.
toddkelley Vivian Green – Fanatic (Dilla remix) - Totally changed the dynamic of this song. @bendrix @dj_kwame @lickasha @MFeldman @lub @1indienation @Jacidbaz
toddkelley "Nas – Made You Look" Nas took at old school beat and whupped it's a$$. (reblip)
fbrahimi Color Me Badd was doing their thing years before N'Sync or Backstreet Boys (reblip)
JerzoTheKing The Dream – Rockin That Sh....
fbrahimi Joss Stone – Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' On Me) (live) (reblip)
cosita @francisrivilla ultimamente no he podido cuidarle bien al negocio. :(
cosita @francisrivilla no puedo encontrar otro tema pero creo que con esto empatamos xDD
AND3S Method Man – Release Yo' Delf
leoreis Remix Dub with spice bossa!!
AND3S Nate Dogg – Oh No (Ft. Mos Def & Pharoahe Monch)
AND3S Jedi Mind Tricks – Animal Rap (Ft. Kool G. Rap)....Temazo.
AND3S Pete Rock – The PJ's (featuring Raekwon & Masta Killa)
AND3S Pete Rock – Strange Fruit (feat Tragedy Khadafi, Cappadonna, Sticky Fingaz)
cosita this is the version i like best
cosita a few more minutes... i'm almost out of here!
cosita okay, out the door! happy weekend everyone! :)

Father MC - I'll Do 4 You

| play
RonAnthony This is my joint!! There's a whole lot being
imsohungry Shetup yall...I know but I like her!!!
cosita for the longest time, this was my brother's favourite song. LMAO! (reblip)
DJReed and we're back!! another blip session.
DJReed I promised that new Wale it is Chillin feat. Lady Gaga


| play
AND3S Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction (Dirty)
AND3S The Game feat. 50 Cent – Hate It Or Love It
IntenseDesire216 This has such beautiful timing...OMG I love these two!
IntenseDesire216 LMAO man dudes used to have this bumpin from they jeeps when they was trynna holla lmaooo
fbrahimi Tortured Soul – Love Everlasting (reblip)
AND3S Sexual Democracia – Macondo


| play
IntenseDesire216 Get ya asses up and groove!

Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight

| play
IntenseDesire216 Grab someone and hold em close and dance!
IntenseDesire216 Loving you is easy because you're beautiful
IntenseDesire216 this is old skool push up on her music...fellas you see a bad chick and tell her you wanna get close to her lol
IntenseDesire216 If you got a good woman, let her no aint no woman like her!
IntenseDesire216 here's another pull em close and squeeze our booty song
DJReed ...tonight's teaser.
DJReed Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya think ya love me Maaaary Jane.
Limitless another sweet oldies hit


| play
ReZWaRRi0R Damian Marley – Damian Marley & Ziggy Marley - Brothers Keeper (reblip)
IntenseDesire216 Just wakin up in the morning gotta thank God cause today seems kinda odd
ReZWaRRi0R Damian Marley – Still Serachin
DJReed even on Good Friday I bet some will still come out...
browncolourddoll Friday night and im all aloneeeeeeeeeeee- 340 ml (reblip)

340 mlMidnight

| play
browncolourddoll I remember this song from Salsa night in 2006! It's amazing you found it, Rushay (reblip)
browncolourddoll An old tune, one of my faves from the "man" bascom x

boscom xlonely

| play
kiTHCen black diamonds and pearls
kiTHCen Ok, this shit got commercial, but its about weed, and fly chicks, nice.
kiTHCen i fell asleep beneath the flowers, for a couple of hours, what a beautiful day
browncolourddoll " My love... must be some kinda' blind love..."
browncolourddoll Raphael Saadiq – Just One Kiss (feat. Joss Stone)
browncolourddoll " What... kinda fuckery is this..... ?"
browncolourddoll "Everyday's.. a celebration"


| play
browncolourddoll "I know you're not my girlfriend... but... I Swear... that I love you..." -Ryan Leslie //Officially one of few on REPEAT in my car.
browncolourddoll sexxyyy baaled - Elephant Man & Chyna Whyne

elephant man _ chyna whyne - sexy baal ed

| play
browncolourddoll Glen Lewis-Fall Again

16 - Glen Lewis - Fall Again

| play
kiTHCen Damn girl, where you learn to do all that
Mike_V Regulate - Warren G and Nate Dogg (reblip)
cosita my love is so magnificent babyyyyy... what a perky perky song.
Mike_V even though rick ross can't rap for shit this beat kills
lildanzig best ska song ever recorded. no arguments plz.
browncolourddoll Now darling... open your eyes... let me show you the light-Dwele
browncolourddoll Like a flower waiting to bloom, like a light bulb in a dark room, i'm just sitting here, waiting for you, to come on home & turn me on...
browncolourddoll is sure Anais heard this on repeat every morning driving to work, while she was in mommy's stomach, lol.
fbrahimi Joss Stone – Fell In Love With a Boy (reblip)


| play
browncolourddoll green like grass, brown like chocolate.. (reblip)
browncolourddoll thanks mcderson! I had to reblip! Jennifer Hudson ft Fantasia- I'm His Only Woman (reblip)
lub @powerofmotahari i adore this, thanks!!! lauryn is not only the soft spot of the marley's family..... she's my princess 2! (reblip)
lub hahahaha! yeah, me 2!!! but i guess there's 2 much alcohol flowing in his veins & things run slowly 4 him ;) @nuffced
Limitless quick tribute to the underground lovers and tupac ;)
fbrahimi "Like a moth to a flame burned by the fire...." (reblip)


| play

Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight

| play
lub am i arriving late 2 say happy b-day??? good times start 4 you @bendrix ;)
medina Agora ta rolando essa no LP! Isso que é domingo feliz, apesar da musica ser depre! rs
DJReed Best song on the Asher Roth album
AND3S Chico Trujillo – No Me Busques
AND3S Chico Trujillo – Viva La Media Naranja
AND3S Chico Trujillo – Dejame Decirte Algo
AND3S Chico Trujillo – Sin Excusas
cosita it's dark and rainy outside... which calls for some island music. :D happy wednesday!
broadwayg @crowjane you are off the chain again today. I'm here laughin my ass off at your blips. Do u have a comedy act somwhere?
SatinLegsSmith This song always rescues me.
Limitless LOL I was just educating a friend on the philosopher that is Prince >_< (reblip)
bjstrawter Leela James – A Change Is Gonna Come


| play
lub what a soulful trio!

3 Sides (Feat. Sy Smith, Raheem DeVaughn And W. Ellington Felton)

| play
lub today am feeling soulful...... can't help it ;)
AirTeknosport1 I'm feeling it!

Rockwell ft. Micheal Jackson - Somebodys Watching Me

| play
Ashakur Alright now if you've seen brown sugar than you heard this song!

01 Make You Feel That Way (Radio

| play
cosita @francisrivilla morning sweetie! (woot) creo que esto es demasiado rnb para mi pero sobrevivi 2 minutos! :D
SatinLegsSmith somebody get this brother to concentrate on puttin' out more music

roberta flack - lovin you

| play

Roberta Flack - The Closer I Get To You

| play
broadwayg Welcome @animat Thx for props@flyingscot_54 @DJCheffette@ladypn@CherryBlossom gimmie some more of th good mus@Nani1982 thx babe
medina Salve Lee Perry... essa deixou o Bob na cobiça, mas quem gravou foi o Max Romeo, disco clássico!
medina Esse disco ao vivo com o Ginger Baker é fino demais!
ReZWaRRi0R Stephen Marley – The Traffic Jam (Feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley).....he said are you smoking Marijuana and i say yes i am
MrBenafactor Unstoppable - Drake (ft. Lil Wayne and Santogold) (reblip)
broadwayg @crowjanes whasgood feelin mean?@chicklitgurrl hi@sistina hi lil lady@THECOASTDJMJ wassup @rjmarmol hows weather over there in phill?
broadwayg Gotta play this one. Love is a losing game Amy Winehouse. Awesome!!!
broadwayg @Flying_Roundhouse@Berrypunny it's stopped raining Good one gotta reblip@impossiblewmn to bad I'm not bilingual....
broadwayg Hi @ladypn how have u been babe. Figured I'd play your theme song. Good to hear from u....
broadwayg @Berrypunny. I can't say I'm a big a chris brown fan right now but this is for your little man.
broadwayg Minnie Riperton hit number 1 in the early 70's with this Stevie Wonder penned hit. The theme is amazing performances and this is one..
broadwayg World reknown gospel visionary Mahalia Jackson made only one secular song "Trouble of the World" feat in "Imitation of Life". Amazing performances
broadwayg Luther started out singing commercials. Here is his signature tune "A House Is Not A Home" Amazing Perfomances..

Luther Vandross-A House Is Not a Home

| play
broadwayg Etta James is often imitated but never duplicated. Here she is with " At Last" on Amazing performances...


| play
fongalong I'm starting to feel old. HAHAH! By the way I'm new to this sorry if I'm slow on responding. Hi all.

Isley Brothers - In Between The Sheets

| play
3_2DA17TH ITS TIME TO BE DONE!!!! (reblip)

prince - do me baby

| play
broadwayg @Berrypunny, I'm up washing clothes so will be up a while longer. This site ios acting real wanky! (reblip)

0810 - Maxi Priest - Close To You

| play
3_2DA17TH @ShannonLeigh THIS ONE'S FOR U LADY!!!! WORD UP!!!! PEACE!!!!! (reblip)

CameoWord Up

| play
JerzoTheKing The-Dream – Rockin' That Thang (Rap Remix) feat. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross and Ludacris
broadwayg Thanx @Berrypunny my freind for this one.Goota get up 5 am. Thanx everyone. @Flying_Roundhouse so sweet to me . Luv you so much. Talk to u tommorow. (reblip)
damondnollan Ready for the World - Love You Down: My first slow dance at the local skating rink in Tacoma, Wa. Forever etched in my mind...I was so nervous.
JerzoTheKing J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Same Ol' Thang Ft. Rich Medina
damondnollan Jodeci - Ride & Slide: Loved listening to this song while driving in my 1984 Mazda 626 with the windows down and the wind blowing on my face.

Father MC - I'll Do 4 You

| play

Teddy Pendergrass- Turn Off the Lights

| play
DJ_JeffLacey Without this...we will never get anywhere.
AirTeknosport1 Turn it up! This is how I get down! Much love to my listeners. (reblip)
3_2DA17TH You got me meeeeelting like hot candle waax!!!! GO HEADD CHRIS TUCKER!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)


| play
DJ_JeffLacey Remember the Roller Rink days? When this came on everybody went crazy! and there was always the cool people who could skate
Ashakur Hopefully after today you fall in love with Dilla's music
Ashakur More Dilla off the Vintage LP

Jay DeeDreamy

| play
IntenseDesire216 Baby you my everything, you all I ever wanted....You the fuckin best!
damondnollan Ready for the World - Oh Sheila: Classic.


| play
DJ_JeffLacey Good Morning Twitterverse. Broadcasting Live from Sunny Southern California. Let's Go!!!

LinaWake Up

| play
broadwayg @Flying_Roundhouse where u been. I waited for you then fell asleep. you said 20 mins

Luther Vandross - Can I Take You Out Tonight

| play
DjKaze [Art Of Noise – Moments In Love] (reblip)
SatinLegsSmith If you know me and you know it's Sunday, you know what I'm blipping. ...looked out into empty space, all I saw was your sweet face...
SatinLegsSmith A fun cover. I told you to get up and move...& put a smile on it.
SatinLegsSmith A little something for #pianosunday #2. ...say it loud, say it clear for the whole round world to hear.
broadwayg broadwayg I love this cut babe. I was just playing silly songs because the game's on but I'll listen to this. Thanx so much @goldenlady1 (reblip)
broadwayg @goldenlady1 my man deAngelo. Why stop there, @ShiaoMei welcome and thx@kbuech thx props @Singersweetie thnx for all your props girl
broadwayg These used to be my girls. I was in love with Total......Might as well get the party started...
broadwayg @broadwayg Only today?? Come on, you gotta admit...I know my music ;)? I agree. I love your playlists. u da shiznit@goldenlady1 (reblip)
broadwayg Etta James - Awesome@crowjane yea @Flying_Roundhouse is right. FR u told me somthin about twit but I got confused last nite.. Sorry babe.. (reblip)
IntenseDesire216 He know he need to quit playin around....rry him too, I saw him in....borrowed from Jane Doe (reblip)
broadwayg Hello my @ladypn. Thank you for the props and mention. I'm playing this classic for you.... (reblip)
ReZWaRRi0R Damian Marley ~ Hey Girl - With this song you want to be good and high by 2 1/2 min through trust me its awesome ( my favorite song ) (reblip)
broadwayg I have no problem w/ that. I u and I weren't serious music lovers we would not be doing this.Love of music is what connects us all.. (reblip)
DJ_JeffLacey It's never too late. Hold your head up & Kiss The Sky!
DJ_JeffLacey "I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenail." And the crazy thing is, he's telling the truth! (reblip)
damondnollan John Legend Feat. Andre 3000 – Green Light: Another memorable song that I could listen to over and over again.
broadwayg broadwayg Doesn't surprise me! :) Gotta love D'angelo, gr8 cover of Cruisin'/I agree. We're like musical fraternal twins sometimes..@goldenlady1 (reblip)