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1959 - Martin Denny - Quiet village

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threebears dawn broke again :( Thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/day/sunshine/moonshine in any order *_~
threebears I'm just passing by on the way through to dinner. Had to say hi! quoten'n'rblip (minus list of names without a break) @ladypn ^(^ thanks sweetie! (reblip)

Zero 7Passing By

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Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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momsGyver09 Love these TV themes . . . this one in the 5 /4 tempo . . . coolness Mission: Impossible theme composed by Lalo Schrifin
BRIGHIT summertime

MAHALIA JACKSON ~ Summertime/Motherless Child

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Peter Gabriel Mercy Street

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Surreality Visage – Fade to Grey rb @Koshka: C'mon admit it, you wanna get dressed up w/ big hair and go clubbing w/ Visage. :) i know I do! (reblip)

VisageFade to Grey

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Surreality Leonard Cohen – "First We Take Manhattan" I've never heard any Cohen music in fucking commericals. Just another reason to love him.
ChanceB This song has been done by many. But I like Sergio Mendes' version best. Enjoy. You'll feel alive.
blue_buddha just watched the movie, all i can say is wow! (reblip)

Motorcycle Diaries

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avivajazz Stephane Grappelli – Are You In The Mood? | RB.@taxibob (reblip)
avivajazz Hamza El Din – The Visitors | Tunisian Oud Music || RB.@Arizuma (reblip)
musecrossing Good morning,afternoon,evening all ! How's your bird?
avivajazz Sidney Bechet | Egyptian Fantasy | RB.@ForFlavour: "classic with a touch of kink" RB.@Qantic @rguimaslima (reblip)
avivajazz Fred Neil | Everybody's Talkin' // You've heard Nillson sing this. Now hear the guy who wrote this song! (reblip)
avivajazz Ravi Shankar + Philip Glass | Just let it slowly, lowly seep into the back of your head like threads of honey. RB.@Judas_Hannibal: " (reblip)
sanlee222 exotica ! take me time travelling to the islands

Playing For Change Band: A Change Is Gonna Come (live)

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avivajazz Cannonball Adderley + Miles Davis | Autumn Leaves | And yes, the leaves are already falling fast in Vermont. Trees around my house are flaming orange. (reblip)

Cannonball Adderley feat. Miles Davis " Autumn Leaves"

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GR8FL rb kick@threebears: "Hi blip friends & everyone blipping! Hope you're feeling better than ok - & that the world is moving to the song you hear :)" (reblip)
GR8FL Fleet Foxes ~ Mykonos

Fleet FoxesMykonos

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DesertLily I take my leave. Good night/ morning and all other good things.
art_news Lovely at times to be mellow.. Chanson Triste. (reblip)
art_news John Coltrane – Naima - recorded version. #ARTjazz Sleep well.

John ColtraneNaima

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moonspirit @NicoleVSanchez: "Jason Mraz – One Love"Hi my dear friend!!! 5100 listeners wow congrats!!! (reblip)

Jason MrazOne Love

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U2 Mysterious Ways Live At Slane Castle

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avivajazz Yusef Lateef ~:~ The Golden Flute
avivajazz Yusef Lateef ~:~ Three Faces of Balal
sanlee222 "Yusef Lateef ~:~ Three Faces of Balal" (reblip)
avivajazz John Fahey ~•● Summertime
Radiobread "John Hiatt - Have A Little Faith" (reblip)
Radiobread "Leonard Cohen – Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" Buenas Noches!
doubledrat too many chocolate madeleines tonight. going to fill out a proust questionnaire or strangle graydon carter whichever is more satisfying. g'nite.
DirtyUrine cool cover! ~ @HeatherMacc: "Cake - War Pigs" (reblip)

CakeWar Pigs

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Dontkawai *Snuggling in my blanket, closing my eyes*

SiaBreathe Me

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leiashag Ok.... not giving up on that smile, but maybe a good cry will help to make it easier to bring back.
hype "I wish I could meet my best blip friends, in person and share the music and a glass of wine..." vi:@LEM_40 :) (reblip)

Pearl JamWishlist

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efigalaxie Cash took Trent Reznor's song and made it all his own.

Johnny Cash Hurt

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[Trance] Air on the G String Trance remix by angels (Stereo)

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avivajazz John McLaughlin Trio :::◘●•~ •●:◉ Reincarnation
cpcdiniz I can say !!!!

George Harrison-What is Life

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cpcdiniz rb......@ChiekoSunflower: "rb @PamsLove: "Bob Dylan - Dreamin' Of You"[<= great song--thank you ;-) and hello!]" (reblip)
ladypn Things are great, @RichBlood! Sorry it took me so long to find your reply! How's your Tuesday been? "@ladypn Hey Indiana, how'sThings?" (reblip)

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

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ClaireDeLaLune Do you need to be French (and from my generation) to like Telephone?
ClaireDeLaLune Falling asleep in the dorm with huge headphones and a walkman

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

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09 - Allison Crowe - Silence

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Pesest love it, thank you! rb@RunswithCizers (reblip)


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digitpt Secret Garden – Nocturne - Adios Blippers... OUT and OVER

Secret GardenNocturne

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avivajazz Ray Lema & the Jazz Sinfônica Orchestra do São Paulo with João Mauricio Galindo, Conductor / Opening Season Performance in São Paulo, Brasil (2009)


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Ringo Starr- It Don't Come Easy

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ElZorro Sade – Every Word

SadeEvery Word

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avivajazz Arve Henriksen / Beauty of Bamboos / Sakuteiki // (b. 1968) Norwegian trumpet player; here his horn echoes / evokes the Japanese shakuhachi (flute)
Tropicsz4 Thanks, one of my favs,rb (( @AnnieLicious)) KT Tunstall – Black horse and the cherry tree (reblip)
avivajazz Lars Danielsson / Psalmem / Between Us and the Light (2006) / Lars Danielsson (contrabass), Leszek Możdżer (piano), Zohar Fresco (percussion)
makinloverite Moby! (reblip)

MobyWhispering Wind

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avivajazz Ba Cissoko of Guinée / Ba Cissoko-vocal/kora/tamani Sekou Kouyaté-kora Kourou Kouyaté-bass/bolon Ibrahima Bah Kounkouré-Calebasse-djembé/crin/congas

Ba Cissoko / Konkouré

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avivajazz Yansımalar / Sabâ Peşrevi / Beste (Composed by): Tanburî Büyük Osman Bey / Ercan Irmak: ney, Birol Yayla: tanbur / Turkish classical music
avivajazz Murat Salim Tokaç (Neyzen) / Bayatî Saz Semaisi / Turkish classical music, featuring the ney (reed flute) in the Bayatî makam (mode)
avivajazz Yansımalar / Sonbahar / Turkish traditional music, with contemporary arrangements


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avivajazz Al Cohn & Zoot Sims / East of the Sun and West of the Moon / Warm, lyrical, straight-ahead late 1950s jazz saxophonist duo
DesertLily Wah Wah!! Thank you :)) @Radnasha: "DesertLily" (reblip)

ghulam farid: meda ishq vi: pathaney khan خواجہ غلام فرید: میڈا عشق وی 1

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avivajazz Leonard Cohen / Hallelujah
Radiobread "Nina Simone - Nobody's Fault But Mine" this is Nina
avivajazz Music Karoma / Aghani (2008)| Sudanese Jazz-Pop with Oud, Violin, Congas | شرحبيل احمد : ارقص فرفش انسى همومك

Aghani 2008 | شرحبيل احمد : ارقص فرفش انسى همومك

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avivajazz Sharhabeel Ahmed / Ashofik Tany ( ) | Sudan's pioneering 'King of Jazz' in an early, rare acoustic performance; now in his 70s, touring widely.

Sharhabeel Ahmed ِِ Ashofik Tany شرحبيل أحمد

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GR8FL @lilyetc I can relate to the 'freak' all-around... that's why we know if the thunder don't get you, then the lighting will
avivajazz سميرة دنيا- أغاني 2008 : حبيبي جفيت | Music Karoma & Sudanese Female Vocalist | Aghani 2008

سميرة دنيا- أغاني2008- حبيبي جفيت

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avivajazz Eleni Karaindrou Ensemble / Hecuba's Theme II
avivajazz Eleni Karaindrou Ensemble / Cassandra's Trance
avivajazz Eleni Karaindrou Ensemble / Cassandra's Theme
avivajazz Eleni Karaindrou Ensemble / Andromache's Theme
ladypn Oy indeed@paulastudio! Glad U arrived, but don't expect me to feel sorry for ya, you're in MAUI & its 35 degrees here! ;) Have a wonderful time! (reblip)
ladypn How'd you guess@BLUESBOOGIE? That's exactly what I made! ;) Sorry, the luncheon is for ladies only... :) (reblip)
avivajazz Sonny Rollins / The Freedom Suite (1958) / Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone); Oscar Pettiford (bass); Max Roach (drums)
briangreene yes i'm a music snob (just a bit) but I can still mix the proletariat tunes
Tropicsz4 Hello :) rb @girlpiper: "The Arcade Fire – Wake Up" (reblip)
avivajazz Dancing Shiva / Green Dragon
avivajazz Dancing Shiva / Chalte Chalte
avivajazz Michael Brecker – Escher Sketch (A Tale of Two Rhythms) / Now You See It (Now You Don't) / MB-tenor sax, Jim Beard-key, Omar Hakim-drums
avivajazz Colin Walcott / Prancing / Cloud Dance (ECM 1976) / John Abercrombie-guitar, Dave Holland-bass, Jack DeJohnette-drums, Collin Walcott-sitar/tabla

Collin Walcott "Prancing"

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Fatal_Romantic Someone's tweet set this song in my head, but I'm too big a chicken to send it to her! Mercy, mercy oh mercy.....
avivajazz Collin Walcott – Song of the Morrow / Grazing Dreams (ECM 1977) / John Abercrombie, Don Cherry, Palle Danielsson, Dom Um Romao
sanlee222 I got wings in my pocket, I know where the flowers grow...

CallmekatNot Awake

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Dhafer Youssef: 'Odd Poetry' Live

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Obscured [from Obscured by Clouds by Pink Floyd]

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Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon"

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Awannabeangel Very nice TY dear ! Am probably going 2 end up resting tomorrow after all this... lol @SarahABQ Been 2 busy 2 catch up so have 2 do it (reblip)
crispast one of my fave by jethro tull rb@storylet: "@threebears "Came a thousand miles, just to catch you while you're smiling"Jethro Tull Reasons For Waiting (reblip)
fasefunk Pucha que es buena esta canción: «The Sundays - Wild Horses». Seguro que en el coro la reconocen. Paso 1: click. Paso 2: download (Ares, x ejm)
avivajazz Thelonious Monk / Just You, Just Me / Great! RB .@tbell: ".@BleakMouse" / #jazz (reblip)
yayayarndiva via@Tubabo:Tango & roses-Tango to Evora Lorena McKennitt (reblip)

Tango & roses-Tango to Evora Lorena McKennitt

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Secret Heart -Feist (With Lyrics)

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Eireann-Afro Celt Sound System

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Great Compassion Mantra

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Gogol Bordello sings Lela Pala Tute

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GR8FL good morning @PS1968 ... some mocha?
onceacurmudgeon @LolaLulu obviously, amazing. (reblip)


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reesesmonkey Nice one, thank you! Wow that's a lot of snow! @killerswp: "@reesesmonkey.... a lovely cover for a lovely girl ;o)" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach "Watch the water roll down."

Miles Davis****Time After Time Montreux 1988

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DesertLily Thanks :) RB @Mysterymix: "#2mix Channels and Winds – Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass avivamagnolia DesertLily" (reblip)
DesertLily Dita e bendita Felicidade
DesertLily "Don't play devotional songs unless you are prepared to lose listeners" Ah... Shrugging & singing: Khuda sayaan (reblip)
DesertLily ממעמקים קראתי אליך
DesertLily every moment, Beloved, let my soul be Your carpet.
Tropicsz4 more Bird, KT Tunstall – White Bird @lisa_michele
blue_buddha this having to close blip and reopen it to get songs to play is beginning to piss me off!!!!!....van's daughter with roy rogers
avivajazz Branford Marsalis Quartet - In the Crease / Thanks, vi@Bakojo: "RB @ShiaoMei: "vi@Roddee" (reblip)


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Awannabeangel ♫ shirley_bassey-light_my_fire


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Breath Away From Heaven

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Awannabeangel My own personal fave to play every day ! "Prince – Kiss" (reblip)


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quiverymoments to a good friends that introduced this song to me..I was born in the goodness of grace.... because of courage All my mistakes have become masterpieces

TeiturAll my mistakes

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DJ_Moishe i threw you a fire you threw a spark.
DJ_Moishe @CreepingElm: ha. do i seem down? just blipping some randomness from itunes. maybe that says more about me than i should let on.

Cover of Twelfth of Never-Jeff Buckley

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quiverymoments so cute I had to reblip it from the other day "Antsy Pants – Tree Hugger (( I hug you as tight as I would a tree ))" (reblip)
avivajazz Galicia Flamenca – Flamenco
DesertLily Wonderful musical rendition of Hafez's poem Tasnif-e Shaydaei by Ostad Shajarian. Strikes a chord with Mom. :) Thanks a million!@DrCocker "DesertLily" (reblip)
MSBloom Morcheeba ~ Enjoy The Ride~ Had to play again, Have a good night! PEACE!!
mergyeugnau Wow, this one takes me back: Spiritual High - Moodswings featuring Chrissie Hynde RB @J2ad (reblip)
mergyeugnau Another instant grab me - hand clapping. RB @RHYTHMjunkie: "New Buffalo – Recovery @JosieMK @vidabatine @SabriESC" (reblip)

New BuffaloRecovery

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mergyeugnau Penny whistles are good too. :) RB @yeah_so: "rusted root \\ send me on my way" (reblip)
GR8FL sorry 'bout last blip to you, another reason to not trust sources unknown @DesertLily: "May humanity be happy on this day ... blessed Mothers"" (reblip)
mystwitch Only if (every day is Mother's Day!)

EnyaOnly If...

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Radiobread Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam - If I Laugh Live in 1971

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam- If I Laugh Live in 1971

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gdrago @misterperturbed maybe the best one from Amon Tobin as Cujo... :)


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gdrago rb@amphore: ":-)) rb@kobiswim: Morcheeba - Summertime #cover" (reblip)

Summertime covered by Morcheeba

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gdrago rb@spirina: "@FernandaW: "Je suis toujours à la fête quand tu me tiens dans tes bras"" (reblip)

EDITH PIAF- mon manège à moi (tu me fais tourner la tète)

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jet333 Etta James – 'The Very Thought Of You'...

crazy love van morrison and bob dylan

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gdrago Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back and Forth rb@marisalanuit (reblip)

Four tet

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gdrago rb@amphore: "ROSE ROUGE St. Germain" (reblip)

ROSE ROUGE Sait Germain

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gdrago threshold houseboys choir – be happy rb@formalhaut (reblip)
gdrago Invisible Conga People – Cable Dazed rb@bumble_b (reblip)
jamreilly ♫ Steve Reich – Nagoya Marimbas ♪
Surreality Laurie Anderson - "Transitory Life"

Transitory Life

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Gypsylyn @PaddyH71 ~ I gotta go too..hope you have Sweet Dreams~ nice seein ya tho...;-);-)

Patsy Cline Sweet Dreams

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avivajazz Giovanni Mirabassi | Le Chant des Partisans
gdrago Akufen – 2.1


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Radiobread Iron and Wine – Wolves (Song of the Shepard's Dog) for not quite a wolf..but we love each other! he!
avivajazz Fred Anderson + Hamid Drake | From the River to the Ocean| #jazzaviva
avivajazz Dave Brubeck Quartet – Maori Blues
HONEYPOT "A song for the people of planet Earth:" (reblip)

The Beatles-Blackbird

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Tropicsz4 Redbone : Come and Get Your Love
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