kaysha I think I was a white teenager back in the 80's
Willemvdh Might as well continue on the path of Southern Blues Rock
threebears first Interröbang Cartel knit a kitten, then they teach the kitten to drive and then . .
calamari working late...on a Friday night. Woe is me.
calamari '90s club music. It hasn't held up to well.

Culture Beat - Mr. Vain

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calamari I don't think it's possible for Ryan Adams to write a bad song.
calamari Life in a Northern California town...
calamari From Jakob Dylan's first solo album since his Wallflowers days. I think his dad was also a singer or something. ;)
calamari @TaiwanBrown I was looking for a few other LL songs, but couldn't find 'em. So I'll blip Naughty By Nature instead.
calamari @ngl It's okay when you live in a land of confusion ;)


| play
calamari Like Josie, I could use a vacation far away.
calamari This song goes out to a file I misplaced on the server. Come back file...
calamari @haraya LOVE it! I'd never heard that cover before. Thanks so much for blipping it. :D
calamari Ben Kweller covering a great Beach Boys song.
calamari I LOVE this Strokes song b/c it reminds me of The Cars.

the Strokes12:51

| play
calamari So get back to whatever it is your doin' that's so cool.
calamari @Cosmika Yeah, EBTG is great. I love their cover of Downtown Train, which was originally a Tom Waits song.
calamari I'm easy like Sunday morning.

Lionel RichieEasy

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calamari @melodyofyourlife Thanks SO much for the link! I found the song on blip. LOVE it! Made my day. :)
calamari @purplesime Thanks Man! It's always flattering that so many people listen to me. I saw Powerman 5000 in college btw. Love 'em!!
calamari @Cosmika Thanks for listening to me too. Stay warm! :)
calamari One of my favorite Jazz saxophonists. Not super well known, but definitely super talented.
calamari Thanks to @MAJIRE for blipping this a few days ago. Everyone sing along, "A Wimoweh. A Wimoweh." :D
calamari @flaviastefani Feliz aniversário. Have a maravilha day! :D
calamari For did my dreams come true when I looked at you.
nowordsallowed Samples from a song that samples Daft Punk...
nowordsallowed @kalyke You're welcome. Here's your 1000nd prop. =) Anyone who plays a great (and yet obscure) song from Radiohead like that one, deserves it!
nowordsallowed So simple, yet so stunningly beautiful. Corda de violino é uma coisa que faz sangrar até de longe...
nowordsallowed 4 props e 5 ouvintes em menos de 4 horas de blip.fm! Thanks @rivotrilearte @ricricardo @Eda @marcelobrito @merchamps @NinjaSleepover essa é pra você
nowordsallowed Brasileiríssimo chorinho!


| play
nowordsallowed Mama, I think that Leprechaun is stalking me!
nowordsallowed Harmonica & percussion. And lots, lots of style!!!
calamari @flaviastefani For the next time we have turkey dinner. ;)


| play
calamari @antenaweb Yeah, I love Shy Child. Very cool band. Hello from San Francisco. :)
calamari @milas Cool! Glad you had a great time. Wish I'd been online when you first blipped @ me. :)

Bee GeesNight Fever

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calamari @cosita @myriam Here's a fun song we all can love. :)
calamari @purplesime Funny! I can't imagine the Beatles would be concerned about any band being their rival. :)
calamari @cosita Tried to find a good song with the word "club" in it. But decided to go with this Blur song instead. :)

BlurGirls And Boys

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calamari The Lucksmiths covering The Smiths...all you have to do is drop the "luck". Ha!! :D
calamari @DearPrudns Thanks for the reply last night. I LOVE '60s British pop. Such cool music. :)
calamari @Fcienfuegos I do remember! Love that song too! From the same era as Pat Benatar I think. :D
calamari @soulstripper Love that song too! Thanks so much for blipping it. :D
calamari @fabi_k Thanks so much for The Animals song. I love that one too. :D
calamari My British invasion blipfest continues. Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.
calamari When you're talking in your sleep.
wurst that's pretty freaky, Bowie.
DLuz It's there... IN MY HEAD!!!!
DLuz childhood....

Mpb4 O Pato

| play
DLuz great song

Joao Gilberto e Caetano Veloso O Pato

| play
DLuz Who doesn't know Mr Jones?!?! C L A S S I C !!!!
calamari Always on my mind...weren't expecting the Pet Shop Boys version? too bad! :D
calamari No sunshine in San Francisco today. But who cares? I've got Stevie Wonder. :)
calamari Try to get through this song without smiling. C'mon, it's from Monsters Inc. :D
calamari She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running like a watercolor in the rain.
DJVee Paranoia, complete with cheesy synth and MJ backup vocals.
wurst @webb_art you probably rock a mean running man

Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby

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D1972 hash pipe hahahaha

Richard Cheese Hashpipe (Weezer)

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calamari @elfgirl LOVE that mix. Thanks so much for blipping it. Have you ever heard Pin Me Down? It's a side project from the guitarist from Bloc Party.
calamari @threebears Oh that's right, you were here in San Francisco. Hope you had a wonderful time. We'll have to meet up next time you're here. :)
gboechat wasting time

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

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calamari Throw your arms around my neck and hold me tightly.

Pete YornIce Age

| play
santamistura We couldn't use computers anymore.......... It's difficult to win unless you're bored, And you might have to plan for the weekend wars


| play
santamistura First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect........
santamistura ... it's all about love

Cat PowerWillie

| play
santamistura Generations are generating... We have a lot of work to do, Me and you, and you, and you.
Raquelnews Música super tocada do Cake mas ótima como todas :D

CakeNever There

| play
chochua Creo que es la canción con el nombre más largo que he visto. Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth (with money in my hand) jeje

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

| play
santamistura a wonderful sad song... everything she's ever known is gone, gone, gone

Kimya Dawson12/26

| play
santamistura cure with love love love

Jah Cure Love Is (Seasons riddim)

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calamari @elfgirl How Cool! There's another Pin Me Down song called "Ticking" (not on blip, but it's on their myspace) that I also like.
calamari @be2 God only knows how nice it would be. ;)
calamari Forever. Forever. You'll stay in my heart.
calamari I'm crazy for tryin', crazy for cryin' and I'm crazy for loving you

Patsy ClineCrazy

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calamari @fabi_k Yeah, people are celebrating in the streets here. It's a wonderful night.


| play
calamari @Lighty I remember that song. Here's one more Bobby Brown song. Back from his childhood days with New Edition.
calamari Private eyes, they're watching you.
calamari Now we got a revolution.
calamari All floaty and relaxing.

Cafe del MarEbben

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calamari I'm staring at the asphalt wondering what's buried underneath?
calamari @melodyofyourlife Thanks for the tip on David Baerwald. Anyone who writes for Pete Yorn is aces in my book.
calamari Sunshine Underground is one of my favorite band names, and one of my favorite Chemical Brothers songs too. :)
chochua 32 flavors. Firefox se está empezando a robar toda la memoria ya. Lleva 600 MB
derwwbdd From the deep sea of Clouds to the island of the moon Carry me on the waves to the lands Ive never been

EnyaOrinoco Flow

| play
deniman Nono García - Atun y chocolate. subido expresamente para @gincooler (barbate...donde mi mai me hase la pringá)

Nono GarcAt

| play
cfleschhut and so i’m reaching out for the one

Azure RaySleep

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gigia ai, fofis fofia @sophie_o, é tao bom te cruzar por aqui que te dou a minha especial diaria - todo dia tem. mim 39 com corpinho de 40 ahaha 24h / 7dia

Neon NeonI Lust U

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observatron workin late three nights in a row!!! woooooooo
Prema @gigia: Toma um chá de camomila ... ou as coisas aí vão pegar fogo ... :)
leinergroove Thanks to Scorsese, this is now a gangster anthem for the ages.
Guennersen eventually, to blip.fm. listen to the lyrics..
calamari All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you.
Antenaweb Alpha Beta Gaga – Air

AirAlpha Beta Gaga

| play
Antenaweb Would-Be Killer – Gnarls Barkley
chochua We'll be singing.. When we're winning..
Antenaweb Rich Girls – The Virgins
driczz blip is like a sigh of relief, sometimes...
Antenaweb i'm ok! @gigia just a fun....... sounds crazy... ! haha!!.. ;)


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Moura Esquentando mais...Bota estranho nisso!
Moura Esquentando esta noite linda...
Moura Esta é para openarms@ q me deu uma linda música da india Arie(God in you). Viajei hoje ouvindo direto, em toda altura d+. Abraço!
Descolex Num vejo a hora de ir embora pra casa
Descolex Dando sequencia à tarde animada, vai um clássico para o @desafioLG

JJ FadSupersonic

| play
Descolex Essa é pro é pra @modosdemoda me perdoar do bolo de ontem! Te amo, xuxu!!
Fashion_Bubbles Que mais Tres Tres Chic que Paris? Supersonic. Magnifique. FB é tres, tres chic!
Inagaki A bela cover que o 10.000 Maniacs gravou da composição de Patti Smith & Bruce Springsteen, registrada em um dos meus acústicos MTV prediletos.

10000 Maniacs Because The Night

| play
Inagaki Devo confessar: já dancei muito ao som desse one-hit wonder. Outra música talhada para as pistas de um sabadão à noite. :)
Inagaki Dos bons tempos em que Prince gravava um álbum bom atrás do outro.
Inagaki Mestre Serge em duo com La Bardot. Porque músicas em francês combinam bem com manhãs ensolaradas de domingo.
Inagaki A trilha sonora do dia. Que não role nenhuma gabeirada nas eleições de hoje, nem apareça algum Timo Glock na última curva das apurações.

Will I Am Yes We Can (Barack Obama)

| play
Inagaki Adorei esta cover do Lou Reed, gravada para a trilha sonora de "O Hotel de 1 Milhão de Dólares". Filme meia boca, mas com um ótimo soundtrack!
Inagaki “I love you, but I’m afraid to love you”. Jeff Buckley e sua extraordinária voz em mais uma de suas músicas definitivas.

Jeff BuckleySo Real

| play
Inagaki Sábios versos desta música que ressuscitou o Capital Inicial para os anos 90: "Se eu for ligar/Pro que é que vão falar/Não faço nada".
Inagaki Ah, os indefectíveis anos 80. Lembro de ter gravado essa música numa fita K-7 Chrome da Basf.
Inagaki Música dedicada à @crisgorissen, por ter sido a (ir)responsável por me dar o milésimo prop. =)

Cat StevensMidday

| play
Inagaki Boa trilha sonora para uma manhã ensolarada de sábado, que dedico ao Casal 20 @abarbosa e @fabiofernandes :)
Inagaki #top5duetos Pra fechar o Top 5 e comemorar meus 1.000 props, a voz de Orbison acalentando emoções, em uma bela gravação ao lado de Ms. Lang.
Inagaki #top5duetos Grande hit, grande música de 1994. Faz tempo que não a ouvia, pra alguma coisa esses Top Fives servem. :)
Inagaki #top5duetos Não sei se fica em primeiro ou quinto lugar. Mas esse dueto certamente está no meu Top Five.
Inagaki Uma das faixas de "Lady in Satin", álbum que Billie gravou um ano antes de falecer; sua voz já combalida transborda, porém, emoção em cada verso.
Inagaki A melhor banda cristã de todos os tempos. "See the stone set in your eyes/See the thorn twist in your side/I wait for you".
Inagaki Mais uma dose de Motown pra dar uma desintoxicada de todo o noticiário.
Inagaki Dois minutos e 45 segundos de boa música em homenagem a Levi Stubbs, vocal principal dos Four Tops.

08 Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Loving

| play
Inagaki O clássico do Lulu na voz de Marisa: "Eu vejo um novo começo de era/De gente fina, elegante e sincera/Com habilidade pra dizer mais sim do que não"
Inagaki Noite quente. Seria ótimo se caísse chuva em Sampa City. Blipo, pois, esta cover do Creedence Clearwater Revival como se fosse uma dança da chuva :
Inagaki Uma música bóbvia para embalar esta terça: uma das minhas prediletas dos Stones, de bons tempos ainda com Brian Jones. "There's no time to lose"
Inagaki Morrissey, preciso como de habitual em suas letras: "In my life/Why do I give valuable time/To people who don't care/If I live or die?"
Inagaki A versão acústica (e definitiva) da canção citada por Cobain em sua carta de despedida: "It's better to burn out than to fade away". Clássico de
Inagaki "Não dê ouvidos à maldade alheia e creia/Sua estupidez não lhe deixa ver/Que eu te amo". Presença garantidíssima no meu Top 5 Rei.
Inagaki @prialves Outra dos 80s. Ganha um Dip'n'Link quem lembrar desta: "No meio do deserto encontrei a sua irmã/Parecia um tigre comendo uma maçã..." :P
Inagaki Passei a gostar desta música do Coldplay por causa daquele clipe genial. Mas ela ficou ótima na voz de uma das minhas cantoras prediletas.
Inagaki Subi esta versão "ultra rare bootleg" de "It's a Sin" porque esta música é fodástica. Né não, @bpedrassani?
Inagaki Sempre que ouço essa música lembro do vídeo que assisti pela primeira vez no "Clip Clip" da Globo. Boas tardes de sábado...
Inagaki Nunca dei muita bola pra Kings of Leon, e esse álbum novo deles não foi dos mais elogiados pela crítica. Mas, putz, gostei pacas dessa música.
santamistura 4 to rest

Steve Howe & Annie Haslam Turn Of The Century

| play
santamistura boa sorte sempre.... good lucky always!!!!!!!


| play
Inagaki A balada para noites de chuva de Lobão & Os Ronaldos, revisitada por Mestre João Gilberto.

JoMe chama !

| play
Inagaki A melhor crônica da segunda metade dos anos 80.
Inagaki Pop pegajoso, radiofônico na melhor acepção da palavras, daqueles que dão gosto de ouvir. :)


| play
Inagaki #insonia "Não Sei Dançar", de Alvin L.: "Meus olhos se escondem/Onde explodem paixões/E tudo que eu posso te dar/É solidão com vista pro mar"

Marina LimaN

| play
santamistura eh musicas inesquecíveis... merece 1 reblip do inagaki numa noite de insonia... mas eu não sei dançar tão devagar ;))

Marina LimaN

| play
Inagaki Ótima trilha sonora para uma madrugada insone. Faixa de abertura de "Deserter's Songs", álbum gravado há 10 anos pelo Mercury Rev.

Mercury RevHoles

| play
Inagaki Um presentaço composto por Mark Knopfler, dos Dire Straits, para a ex do Ike.
Inagaki Junto com "Enjoy the Silence" e "Personal Jesus", compõe a trinca de obras-primas de "Violator", álbum de 1990 do Depeche Mode.
Inagaki #bailinho A típica música pra acender isqueiros durante um show. :)
Inagaki #nomesdemulheres John e Tom Fogerty esmerilhando nas guitarras e vocais desta versão chapada do clássico de Dale Hawkins.
bitinic meodeos... o que foi o show deles...catárse coletiva!

SpoonThe Underdog

| play
bitinic oldie that i like


| play
bitinic i do believe in love

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

| play
bitinic you give me... FEVER!


| play
bitinic ~war, children, it's just a shot away~
Inagaki Impossível encontrar uma gravação dessas sem blipá-la.
Inagaki Um longe do outro, morrendo de tédio e de ciúmes. O que que há com nós dois, amor? Me responda depois.
Inagaki Um clássico guilty pleasure, cujo clipe acabou de passar na VH1. E, sim, tenho várias músicas de Hall & Oates em meu iPod. :)
Inagaki Descobri essa música no playlist que a dupla mantém no Imeem: http://tinyurl.com/danlesac Muito, muito bom.
Inagaki "Once I wanted to be the greatest..." Eis uma mulher pra gente andar de mãos dadas e apresentar aos amigos só pra deixá-los salivando de inveja.
Inagaki A versão definitiva de "Baby". Do discaço "Tropicália ou Panis et Circensis", com os arranjos de Rogério Duprat.
Inagaki Letra linda e triste. Grande música do Nada Surf: "I feel far away from you/So what else is new?/The moon is closer to the sun than I am to anyone"

Nada Surf80 Windows

| play
Inagaki Nem conhecia esse DJ Lobsterdust e já virei fã do cara. Tem que ter as manhas do mashup pra fazer um amálgama sonoro feito esse funcionar.
Inagaki Misturaram "We Will Rock You" com "Epic" e ainda botaram "Back in Black" no meio, sensacional!
Inagaki Mais uma cover do "The Cars". Ainda prefiro a outra que postei dos Deftones (http://tinyurl.com/42ykrj), mas esta, em versão reggae, tb é bacana.

Ziggy MarleyDrive

| play
santamistura Who's gonna pay attention To your dreams?

Ziggy MarleyDrive

| play
santamistura If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)
Bachsonate Summertime - Ray Barretto
Bachsonate Sergio Mendes - Mas Que Nada
LoopZilla And The Beat Goes On – The Whispers (reblip)
LoopZilla A Cause De Kanye – Kanye West vs. Yelle - vraiment! (reblip)
santamistura 1, 1, 1....2 y tango pa bailar!!!!!!
santamistura .........The digital won't let me go!!!!!!!!! gorillaz do it ;))
santamistura ....Just like a song in my heart,...........
santamistura songs from movies that are a legend in our lifes
santamistura Lights go out and I cant be saved... great version with buena vista social club........ found at inagaki dj
santamistura I may not always love you But long as there are stars above you.........
santamistura aretha já é tudo de bom!!! mas esta música no final do filme o casamento do meu melhor amigo é mil!!!!!
LoopZilla Yes, Yes, Y' All – Sergio Mendes Feat. Black Thought, Chali 2na, Debi Nova & Will.I.Am (reblip)
santamistura And giving yourself to me can never be wrong If the love is true...... que lindo filme high fidelity!!!!!!!
Moura Bom dia a todos. Para que este sábado comece bem! E vocês sejam iluminados. Bjs.!


| play
santamistura Moura esta é pra vc, só não sei como deixar com link.... vc sabe né?? me explica
Moura Balanço legal...seems to be a Brazilian!
Moura Adoro quando ele diz:"São Pedro não vai chamar meu nome!" E o meu? Será q vai?
Moura Linda manhã, não? Mas, te vira sozinho.
santamistura If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone
santamistura uma delícia de vocal por rockapella!!!
santamistura Everywhere around the world There'll be dancin' They're dancin' in the streets...............sssssss

Rockapella (In Concert) - Dancin in the Streets

| play
santamistura I dont ever want to feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way
threebears Opini ~ Elza Soares ~ cork just broken it the bottle of wine ;] re-blipping @briangreene (?) ^_^ thanks Brian! (reblip)

Elza SoaresOpini

| play
threebears @briangreene, its never boring by the sea ;) ............re-blipping @jojofm ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
threebears funny how I so often come back to Suhov


| play
threebears To put it Bluntly: The universe consists of 5% protons, 5% neutrons, 5% electrons and 85% morons. ...re-blipping @samsoncomics ^_^ hahaha! thanks! (reblip)
threebears re-blipping @claudix ^_^ thanks! love the new pic ... obviously - as it's an image of feline-ness. (reblip)

BreadThe Guitar Man

| play
threebears The artist is @vanessadaou. Bro she uploaded it yesterday Here's an old track dedicated to John Coltrane..again re-blipping @bendrix ^_^ wow! thanks! (reblip)
santamistura oldie that i like- que maravilha escutara seleção de biti ;)) (reblip)


| play
djwashingtonson Black Samba - Saco de Feijao - Paulo Freire (instantly on vacation)
LeSamourai I thank Dan The Automator for sampling this for one of my favorite tracks.... :)

05 Galt MacDermot-Coffee Cold

| play
maristela1968 Essa nem o Marc Almond conhecia.
djwashingtonson Back In The High Life Again - Steve Winwood
djwashingtonson Dance The Rhumba (Instrumental - Chiquitas
djwashingtonson Jamaican Rum Rhumba - The Clientele
wurst "y tu mama tambien" soundtrack. movies. they have songs.
MacDiva Mixing retakes with classics. Here's one from Stevie Wonder.
MacDiva Headphones and Airfoil on everyone. The Blip.fm half hour begins now.
mau10 uma música, um lugar: bilbao
wurst there's something classic about this song ... recorded in the 90's (reblip)
MacDiva I wonder if running a marathon in Rio would sound like this?
djwashingtonson R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Aretha Franklin/ Blues Brothers
rodrigobarba Mestre do 8Bits { Sidabitball - Burning }


| play
Musashinm Seguindo a onda do @rodrigobarba: "Frank, I need your help!". \o/
rodrigoferreira Mais Planet Hemp!! Muito louco!!
rodrigoferreira Momento Fernanda Abreu. Começando com a clássica!!

Fernanda Abreu Katia Flavia

| play
interney To make things right You need someone to hold you tight
interney We strive to teach the youth baby and stay alive
interney Papa I know youre going to be upset cause I was always your little girl But you should know by now Im not a baby
enloucrescendo voz engraçada. e fala de uma rachel loira, mas não é a juraski.

WindmillTokyo Moon

| play
santamistura What has happened to it all? Crazy, some are saying Where is the life that I recognize?
santamistura You say One love One life When its one need In the night Its one love We get to share it
djwashingtonson Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang (get down)
djwashingtonson @afroblue ちょっと路線をかえて (Summer Breeze – Seals & Crofts (reblip)
threebears threebears Bangles cover ........re-blipping @sjjh ^_^ thanks ... love this! (reblip)


| play
santamistura everybody... fighting... fighting ;))
santamistura "closer" é lindo... e a trilha mais ainda!!! adorei @jeronimo (reblip)
threebears worried about the changes at blip.fm? dazed and confused about the current economic situation? now you can always look on the brighter side of life
threebears off to work! but first some dancing … nancies that is ....re-blipping @melodyofyourlife ^_^ thanks and hope they don't make you work too hard! (reblip)
threebears a fun cover ...re-blipping @Yeewuz ^_^ thanks! (reblip)

CakeI Will Survive

| play
threebears @briangreene haha. you blipped montreal's own klezmer hip hop artist SoCalled. even if it was in a mash up. :) ..re-blipping @evablue ^_^ wow! thanks! (reblip)
threebears This song just takes me back. ...re-blipping @mrfroggies ^_^ me also - thanks! (reblip)
threebears Needing something chill right about now. ...re-blipping @mrfroggies ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
joshredux Good stuffs... had to re-blip, last one became unavailable. :(
marilovisky "Sometimes I feel I've got to run away / I've got to get away..."

Dream Warriors Wash Your Face in my Sink

| play
VendettaTV The Way You Look Tonight (STUHR Remix) – Jimmy Scott
Raquelnews Peço licença para colocar aqui algumas dance music dos anos 90, minha época de matinês! Voltamos em breve com a programação normal.
santamistura Chorus !!!!!!!!! She steal me money!!!! ahahaha

Kanye WestGoldigger

| play
santamistura not with amy winehouse´s voice but also nice
santamistura uiiiiii Waters of March é águas de março globalizada ahahaha
Moura Parabéns @diordan, maravilhosa esta Brown Bag! (reblip)
ecocity We all need a little good situation sometimes ;>

UB40Good Situation

| play
CargoCulte @by_starla I'm good, what about yourself? How was your day?
calamari Cool, I just translated the verses to this song from French to English. The song makes sense. I love it even more now.
Moura Viciado no blip, I never can say goodbye like Issac.
Moura Canção mágica, carái.....
santamistura now i go, thanks for all great musics and good night + boa noite!!!!!!!! @threebears e @Moura
you999 60's Beautiful Soft Rock  Magic Air – Orpheus

OrpheusMagic Air

| play
KushiQ Nice Morning to you my Listeners... best working place is--->..
santamistura the summer is coming... has a strong rain outside here
bacigalupe Whats Love Got To Do With It – Tina Turner (reblip)
santamistura ...And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world...
santamistura Mary Jane's Last Dance..... I feel summer creepin' in and I'm tired of this town again.

Track 02

| play
santamistura a voz fofa de lykke li ... the cute voice´s lykke li dance dance dance

Dance, Dance, Dance - The Hood Internet vs Lykke Li

| play
santamistura completa

Last Dance w/ Mary Jane > Breakdown > Last Dance w/ Mary Dance

| play
santamistura completa e cantada.... comica!! As Good as It Gets (melhor é impossível) with Jack Nicholson
Cintita Boa tarde @PacinaChips.

Bebel & joao gilberto chega de saudade

| play
fmeyer Todo dia ela faz tudo sempre igual, me sacode as 6 horas da manha ... (reblip)
santamistura ahaha eu literalmente.... do tempo do bob... de copacabana


| play
maisachisholm Troco a mamãe por um ingresso do show da Madonna. :~ [desespero]

MadonnaAmerican Pie

| play
santamistura definitely, "bossa nova" brings to the Brazilian women a swing comes from the sea with a golden skin, and the man? always a good lovers and poets
jph what were the skies like when you were young?
ekman Cry Baby Cry

Santana ft, Joss Stone y Sean Paul Cry Baby Cry

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Inagaki Letra com historinha. E em espanhol, numa versão que eu ainda não conhecia. Uma das minhas prediletas do Chico.
Moura Better than Beatles...

Rita LeeIf I Fell

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santamistura fofa música na voz de rita lee ... If I give my heart to you I must be sure .... adorei @Moura e agora me vouuuuuu (reblip)

Rita LeeIf I Fell

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Moura Meanwhile the girl dances...uau!
santamistura merci pour mercy @Mercy – Duffy (reblip)


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santamistura @drezinho7 de outro jeito a musica excelente que vc acabou de tocar
santamistura .....Music and passion were always the fashion.....
iconoplasta El quejido que emite este individuo al comienzo de la copla es poco para expresar lo que sufro con mi incivilizado vecindario.
luiz_com_z @davidwatts1978, "mojo fully operational" was very clever. Here's some mojo filter just in case.
luiz_com_z @santamistura, now the latino way. :D Pena que não tem a dos Beatles aqui.
santamistura ...deliciaaaaaaa... Send my love to everybody (everybody everybody everybody...) thanks @GAT (reblip)


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santamistura If I was to say to you... Try to set the night on fire ;)) because now i must to work thanks @nightwing (reblip)
santamistura ahahaha "Do you whish that you could see me dead?" @chiron08 . I don´t i just will dance your great choice!!! thanks!!!!!
santamistura ... amoooooo, i love, j´adore, adoro manu chao @GAT (reblip)

Manu ChaoBongo Bong

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santamistura One thing I can tell you is you got to be free ..... amei @luiz_com_z (reblip)
santamistura @moura quanto tempo que eu não escutava novos bahianos agora vou dormir
santamistura ... agente era obrigada a ser feliz!!!!!!
santamistura Tenta pensar no futuro No escuro tenta pensar Vai renovar teu seguro Vai caducar Vai te entregar Vai te estragar Vai trabalhar
santamistura lo que sera sera? que no tiene sentido?
santamistura Tried to amplify the sound........ but..... I don't know how to begin ;))

MGMTWeekend Wars

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santamistura i believe in miracles.... @mctwinmum thanks now it´s sooooo easy to work at home with so many dj playing to me hahaha (reblip)
santamistura It's another day. Let's see what happens next... @Loud_Dog thanks for so great choices!!! (reblip)
santamistura hey ........... take a walk on the wild side
larajanuario hahahaha jabazenta mess @Murfy, mas quando toca no rádio a gente dança. Culpa da @caolivo! (reblip)


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liligarcia @ladybug muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito boooom!!! :)
renaton ^^ não dá pra blipar 1 som só da The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Assassin ^^ grooooovveee :-O !!