Dillin_Chillin Surely you can handle this one. Best one for me. How about you?
seattle98122 Boys and girls in cars. Dogs and birds on lawns. (reblip)
notmarcocollins LOVE this new @Calvinharris trancey house track! He's stepped it up! When's the new record out?
notmarcocollins Wow. I play the fuck outta this track on @987LA!! The Remix is SICK! I Love the Bloody f**kin' Beetroots!!
MikeGMY one of the best covers of crazy by shawn colvin
notmarcocollins Who'da thunk? New Marilyn Manson is bad ass!
seattle98122 Ok Marco Top thiz one!


| play
seattle98122 On the road again - Canned Heat (really I am NOT from the future)
seattle98122 Gona blow! Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
seattle98122 East side, West side who cares?

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

| play
seattle98122 Shake UR boot-tay...James Brown - Living In America
seattle98122 Yea what Eric sayz! Eric Burdon and the Animals – Don't Bring Me Down
seattle98122 Yea watch what ur drinking! Eric Burdon War - Spill The Wine
seattle98122 Live version Eric Burdon's I Band – Sky Pilot
seattle98122 @tapion440 Yogurt is pretty good..Yum....YOGURT! thanks for the tune! (reblip)
seattle98122 Oh yea almost forgot...Bob Dylan - Lay, Lady, Lay
seattle98122 Billy Idol - Generation X – Dancing With Myself
seattle98122 Check it out! Beastie Boys - Ch-Check it Out
seattle98122 A chick I kno - Canned Heat - Amphetamine Annie
seattle98122 @SevenTenths "7" & @fiercemichi Heroes! Sum can even spell!
Simchabe Another gr8 band I found last night (~3am) Take a listen & let me know what you think. (reblip)
seattle98122 Stevie iza just to sweet 4 wordz! Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Lenny
seattle98122 What can I say! Stevie Ray Vaughn - The Sky is Crying
seattle98122 Ok, so I am all over the music spectrum...like all kindz! Carly Simon - Coming Around Again
seattle98122 @stereomari Magic theme! Only classics today. America – A Horse With No Name (good choice Mari)
seattle98122 @kaitfoley @Simchabe @SevenTenths Dr. John - There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
seattle98122 42nd Street.....& Timez square after dark! Dr. John - New York City Blues
seattle98122 Eric Clapton - Motherless Children
seattle98122 No really, this onez for you! Tom Waits - This One's from the Heart
PoetaChica For my main Tweep- @seattle98122. This is because you rock!
seattle98122 Ok sorry 3rd time iz the charm for the "HOLE" song! @notmarcocollins, I luv this song!


| play
melodyofurlife @seattle98122 Check out Ben Lee's cover of Kids, mellow and cool.
seattle98122 3 o clock & I cant close my eyez! Eric Clapton & B.B. King - Three O'Clock Blues
seattle98122 and my sweet Janis RIP @notmarcocollins Janis Joplin - Cry Baby
1001songs from elephant mountain...what it's like to a soldier in vietnam?
seattle98122 Yea baby! Santana - The Calling (featuring Eric Clapton)
seattle98122 cheerz cinco de mayo! @fiercemichi
notmarcocollins You know & love Jeff Buckley. Have ya heard his dad, Tim Buckley? This song puts me on a different planet. http://tr.im/kBGe
seattle98122 Super @gorester it's catchy. Sam Sparro – Black And Gold (reblip)
seattle98122 Thanks @LadyFantastick Why are there like 10,000 versions of this song? Pet Shop Boys – it's a sin (reblip)
seattle98122 Tell me it iznt over yet? The Smiths – I Know It's Over (reblip)
DJrainndietrichwilson Best album of last year? Easy. Frightened Rabbit. (Thanks, Krasinski!)
seattle98122 Gotz tu listen! Doors - Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Remix-Day Radio Edit)
seattle98122 Wow talk bout mixed up...(NICE) Annie Lennox v The Rolling Stones v Rush (Go Home Productions) - Annie's Stoned Rush
seattle98122 Lotza rain & the Pavement Cracks! Annie Lennox – 02-Pavement Cracks
Atomik and thanks to all my new listeners! Im at 4800! This pic is now my happy dance. Thanks everyone.
seattle98122 @fiercemichi What? "perfection: wrote this letter, finally decided to send it." Thanks @kaitfoley (reblip)

CommonThe Light

| play
seattle98122 Get a room! Billy Idol - White Wedding - Part 1 (2001 Digital Remaster)
seattle98122 @stegg Nice! Joe Satriani – If I Could Fly (reblip)
seattle98122 seventenths cool song 7, BTW like the new pic! John Doe – Twin Brother with Grant Lee Philips (reblip)
seattle98122 hey @stegg Guud ear! The White Stripes – Hand Springs (reblip)
seattle98122 Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (1994 Digital Remaster)
mushka vi@poochiesan24: I love D Schuur.... we should get together for coffee sometime...... (reblip)
seattle98122 So cold! Blondie - Heart of Glass (7" Version) (Digitally Remastered '98)
seattle98122 A little FUNkY thang 4 Sunday evening! Derek & The Dominos - Have You Ever Loved a Woman
seattle98122 @seattle98122: "@Atomik: Iz this rad or what? "Everything reminds of something that reminds me of you"**U really need 2 listen** (reblip)
seattle98122 Disappointed.....? Electronic - Disappointed (Electronic Mix)
seattle98122 @TrinityAnderson @SevenTenths @fiercemichi @siddNullus @swizza Eminem – Lose Yourself

EminemLose Yourself

| play
notmarcocollins Here's another fav 80's tune.

KajagoogooToo Shy

| play
seattle98122 @TrinityAnderson @fiercemichi @NurseDianeW @kaitfoley @Simchabe New Order – Blue Monday, not evey1 style but....
seattle98122 @Atomik: Yea....The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make? (reblip)
seattle98122 @notmarcocollins: Thanks Marco...needed this! Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (reblip)
seattle98122 @siddNullus sorry thought this said BOWLERs Daughter! Damien Rice – The Blowers Daughter
PoetaChica For my Tweep, @seattle98122 I know you digg Santana. The chords are ridiculous in this one! Enjoy.
seattle98122 Cheese n green onions; Booker T. & The MG's – Green Onions
seattle98122 Sweet sound...cha cha cha! Creol Napf̩ny РMoonflower (Carlos Santana)
divadonna5 Honky tonk blues. Smooth and sweet as molasssssses.

OdettaOh, Papa

| play
seattle98122 @Atomik: Mez Like atom, NICE! "Goldfrapp – A&E (Gui Boratto Remix)" (reblip)
seattle98122 Hubba hubba mama citas! War – Low Rider / and U kno who U R!

WarLow Rider

| play
1001songs the best thing mick taylor did with the stones
seattle98122 OT; we used to blast this in the op room during open heart surgeries...kept us awake! Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
seattle98122 A 13 minute song of pure BLISS! The Allman Brothers Band – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
seattle98122 This iz for my friend @iknowterri The Beach Boys – California Girls (Stereo Remix)
seattle98122 The best layin in the sun w/earplugs in & grindin ur hips...lookin for a mate! The Call – The Walls Came Down
seattle98122 Sorry, thiz iz what I meant bout being lame! The Call – Let the Day Begin
seattle98122 @Simchabe Thinking of ur teenage daughter driving U yesterday! The Cars – Drive (LP Version)
seattle98122 Yea I lik Tina...saw her at the Tacoma Dome sum yrs ago! Smoked so many doobies didnt matter where I waz!
seattle98122 Jump now! The Pointer Sisters – Jump (For My Love)
seattle98122 Thiz iz for U @notmarcocollins Good Charlotte – Dance Floor Anthem
seattle98122 redo Dont dry @notmarcocollins we still luv U baby/man thingy....Shiny Toy Guns – Don't Cry Out ♫ http://blip.fm/~6dg6n
seattle98122 @siddNullus This iz for you! Deep Purple - Lazy

Deep PurpleLazy

| play
seattle98122 @Bettaboo Here betta...make him listen! The Cure – Boys Dont Cry (Moms dont cry either)!
seattle98122 @jetboatgirl @iknowterri All theze California Gurls....amazing n awesome twosome! (Bikini's)? The Beach Boys – I Get Around
seattle98122 "Shine" a little sun & lotion doz wonders! Collective Soul - Shine (Remix Edit)

Collective Soul - Shine (Remix Edit)

| play
seattle98122 Yea mystic things happen.....VAN MORRISON – Into the Mystic
seattle98122 Alwaz a fav of mine growing up! Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay
seattle98122 Friendz...For sure kaity! @kaitfoley Bob Dylan – Girl From The North Country - Johnny Cash
divadonna5 I feel her heart beating , loud as thunder.
seattle98122 Think Pinetop iz like a 100 yrs old..got to listen..boogie BABY! Pinetop Perkins – Pinetop's New Boogie Woogie
BigBadBob under 50? U won't understand 8) LOL! 2009= 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Shame this is not live original. Classic Canned Heat!


| play
divadonna5 More great acoustic, Latin guitar. No vocals.
seattle98122 @earcandyblog "this iz 4 U reacandy" Today I am going to buy a cowboy hat. BOYS DON'T CRY – I WANNA BE A COWBOY
seattle98122 To much gurl @LadyFantastick: & @Atomik >Sam Taylor-Wood & Pet Shop Boys – I'm In Love With A German Film Star< (reblip)
seattle98122 for my main music man 7; @SevenTenths DJ Cam'rox – Fort Minor - "Remember The Name" (Cam'rox Remix)
Atomik @Houdinial - and I'll wander with you any day. The last song was gorgeous.


| play
seattle98122 @Atomik: Yea.......Cheerz frm seattleland! Thxs 4 the tunez atom! Trentemoller – Moan feat. Ane Trolle (Trentemoller remix) (reblip)
seattle98122 @Atomik Yea all cool today! Thanks....Zoom Karaoke – Unbelievable (In the Style of 'EMF')
seattle98122 Ta da....well U know what I mean...the other side! The Doors - Break On Through (To The Other Side)
seattle98122 @TrinityAnderson @iknowterri @kaitfoley @Simchabe @PoetaChica One of my favz...feel like dancing!
seattle98122 Sorry ONE MOR! "Summertime yea.....baby" Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime
seattle98122 @kaitfoley herez one from my childhood kaity (not to age myself) PETER PAUL & MARY – Blowing in the Wind
seattle98122 I used to sing this when I waz little...walking to elem. school! Peter, Paul and Mary – If I Had a Hammer (Best of Version)
foshowley a little number from my childhood for @seattle98122 to groove to.
seattle98122 You all have 2 listen 2 this...took me months 2 find this! The Police & Henry Mancini Theme From Peter Gunn
seattle98122 Ooooooo! Twlight zone! "Cheeze whiz" Golden Earring – Twilight Zone
seattle98122 7 minutes of Erasure – Oh L'Amour (PWL Funky Sisters Say 'Ooh La La') know this iz Friday night music but!
divadonna5 Classic gloomy, sweet, introspective 60s folk.
seattle98122 Welcome.....Hahaha! Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Pleasurefix Original 12 Inch Mix)
seattle98122 Ok kno this iz over the top 4 most but thaz what we do here on Blip.fm Deftones - Change (In The House Of Flies)
Simchabe Thanks for the reminder about the Cranberries @cjh Haven't heard them in a while.
seattle98122 @Simchabe: OMG sim...how funny U R! "the titles of their songs are just too funny" Bloodhound Gang – Discovery Chanel (reblip)
seattle98122 Hanging a TV or doing homework! Ray Charles – Come Rain or Come Shine!
seattle98122 RB @pinkpolkadots: Awesum pink....Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Annihilation) (reblip)
seattle98122 CRAZY! Yea...think so for sum! Prince – Let's Go Crazy
seattle98122 Fun song! Doobie Brothers – Listen To The Music
seattle98122 I am just human! The Killers – Human

The KillersHuman

| play
seattle98122 I am human & a spaceman! Hahaha...The Killers – Spaceman

The KillersSpaceman

| play
seattle98122 @Bettaboo My Favorite betta: Kings of Leon – Sex On Fire
seattle98122 Cool sunny day thang! Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place in Town)
seattle98122 Feel naughty? INXS - Devil Inside

INXSDevil Inside

| play
seattle98122 Nice pink Liken Simple minds @pinkpolkadots: Simple Minds Alive and Kicking. (reblip)

Simple Minds Alive and Kicking.

| play
seattle98122 bet @kaitfoley haz sum legsssss (No I am NOT flirting)...well maybe a bit! Hahaha! ZZ Top – Legs [Single Version]
divadonna5 The new swing. Cherry Poppin' Daddies- Zoot Suit Riot
seattle98122 The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight
seattle98122 Little Poet man, bambino! Etta James – Tell Mama @PoetaChica

Etta JamesTell Mama

| play
seattle98122 Hahaha got 2 turn up! Right Said Fred – I`m Too Sexy (The Original)
foshowley i'm a lady, got my mind made up, got my mind made up.

SantigoldI'm a Lady

| play
seattle98122 GEE Kaity, thanks for the FF shout! @kaitfoley Harvey Danger – 20 Flagpole Sitta.mp3
seattle98122 @siddNullus.....New what? Patti LaBelle – New Attitude
siddNullus Okay @seattle98122 .. I'll see your Patti LaBelle and raise you some Assemblage 23. This li'l ditty's called "Anthem".
siddNullus It's never too early on the West Coast for a little Chrome action ...

VNV NationChrome

| play
seattle98122 Ok @siddNullus ZZ Top – Viva Las Vegas (remastered)
seattle98122 Pump pump a bit of Jazz...yea! Diane Schuur – Deedles' Blues
seattle98122 this is bozz! Diane Schuur – East of the Sun and West of the Moon
seattle98122 Alwayz a fun summer song (walking on the Sunset strip) Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side
seattle98122 Met me at the red house off Broadway near QFC! Buddy Guy – Red House

Buddy GuyRed House

| play
seattle98122 Bet most of you "youngins" never heard this one! Giorgio Moroder / The Chase (theme from Midnight Express)

Giorgio Moroder / The Chase (theme from Midnight Express)

| play
seattle98122 Coldplay-spies


| play
notmarcocollins New from the Sounds! God, this band has paid their dues. Will someone PLEASE give them a break!
siddNullus Diddy going out ESPECIALLY to @Spiritcrisis & @seattle98122 on #ff .. Best of Jean-Claude van Damme, Fight to Survive(Bloodsport)
seattle98122 This iz killer: Canned Heat - Amphetamine Annie
seattle98122 Oh Stevie wish U were still here! Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood (Long version!)
seattle98122 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Lenny
seattle98122 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – The House Is Rockin'
seattle98122 Oh yea! Ur gona miss me baby! Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double - Empty Arms
seattle98122 This iz for @kaitfoley "My little wing" Stevie Ray vaughn - stevie ray vaughn-little wing
seattle98122 @iknowterri Thanks for the song...got something for my travels to Texas? How bout this terri? Chris Rea – Texas

Chris ReaTexas

| play
seattle98122 For Memorial Day folks! Eric Burdon's I Band – Sky Pilot
seattle98122 @jetboatgirl "drinking" dont spill anything! Eric Burdon – Spill The Wine
seattle98122 RT/RB @glucas: "Nice n sweet for sure!" Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis – Basin Street Blues (reblip)
seattle98122 Basia, Time and Tide

Basia, Time and Tide

| play
seattle98122 Basia New Day for You

Basia New Day for You

| play
seattle98122 I am playin Basia cause when I saw her at the Paramount I waz an emotional WREAK! This vid iz from the Paramount

Basia Until You Come back to Me

| play
seattle98122 Annie Lennox – A Whiter Shade Of Pale
seattle98122 WOW, Thanks @LadyFantastick...made me thunk of this one! ELO – Roll Over Beethoven
seattle98122 WOW cool shitzzz'es RB/RT @lewdogg Gui Boratto – Take My Breath Away (John Tejada Remix) (reblip)
siddNullus Here's some liquid hot music to rock out to that sounds great while watching the Indy 500 .. Assemblage 23, Awake
seattle98122 This iz 4 U @hopeful420 Bob Dylan-Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Bob Dylan-Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

| play
seattle98122 Huh, the timez r a changing! Yea...Bob Dylan-Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

watchmen: Bob Dylan (The Times They Are A Changing)

| play
mushka @sheryonstone... how are the new diggggggsssssss... gotcha good neighbors....
mushka A-amen... A-amen... A-amen... A-amen... A-amen... When i see my neighbor... i'm gonna let it shine let it shine... let it shine.............. Yah!
seattle98122 Mez like R.L.Burnside – it's bad you know @mushka
mushka rb@by_starla: "[Lanterna - Luminous] mushka--i love Lanterna. great when you want to listen to an entire album. Highways is wonderful"] All mine now! (reblip)


| play
seattle98122 @stegg @fiercemichi @hrana Ok boys...sit back, turn up the volume thang...now this iz boogie! Canned Heat – Fried Hockey Boogie
seattle98122 Canned Heat – On the Road Again!
seattle98122 Canned Heat – Going Up the Country
seattle98122 Canned Heat - Amphetamine Annie (24-Bit Remastering) (2005 Digital Remaster)
seattle98122 RT/RB Rad-A-Kull/killr @Atomik Depeche Mode – everything counts (oliver huntemann and stephan bodzin dub) (reblip)
foshowley i love this: my favorite bob dylan. wait for the laugh... (reblip)
seattle98122 A little Zen...just sitting watching the river flow! Bob Dylan - Watching The River Flow
Atomik @J2ad & @Houdinial - this is a good memory from 19

ErasureTake Me Back

| play
Atomik totally just insta-reblipping myself to let you know that this video rules....who knew Soundwave could break dance so well? (reblip)


| play
seattle98122 @Atomik @siddNullus The Doors THE END remix

THE DOORS THE END Remix (Jim Morrison)

| play
djilo We must be on the same vibe today, I was gonna blip this just b4 ur Music Response blip :P
seattle98122 Huh, I can touch myself! Oh yea....can do...Hahaha The Doors - Touch Me (LP Version)
seattle98122 Nice RT/RB @bl828: Peter Gabriel-Shock The Monkey (RARE 12inch promo) (reblip)

Peter Gabriel-Shock The Monkey (RARE 12inch promo)

| play
Atomik The Passions – I'm In Love With A German Film Star (Long Mix)
seattle98122 WOW RT/RB so cool! @mushka: BB King and Van Morrison – If you Love Me (reblip)
seattle98122 Yea Pink RT/RB @pinkpolkadots: Dope – You Spin Me Around (reblip)

Leon Russell -- Back to the Island

| play
seattle98122 RT/RB @mushka: Love this song mush! Buffalo Springfield – Stop, Hey What's That Sound (reblip)
seattle98122 OK @siddNullus Animotion – Obsession (1984) Hahaha..."I will have you"
Atomik Jeppe – Lucky Boy

JeppeLucky Boy

| play
divadonna5 @ShiaoMei: "Love it! Love it!!! :D~ ~~~Black Night by ... Joe Bonamassa. Nice guitar intro. Hey, @seattle98122, where's my shredder guitar? (reblip)
seattle98122 Ah Marco, One more: @notmarcocollins Dr John –& Willie Nelson You Ain't Such a Much
seattle98122 Hahaha "alas indeed...@Atomik - this guy is much more handsome lol" The Weather Girls – Its Raining Men (reblip)
foshowley past and present they don't matter now the future's sorting out.


| play
djilo This house track has a tinge of that flamenco flavored guitarra that I love! Thanks :) @BohemianChick (reblip)

Big MosesDeep Inside

| play

Traveling Wilburys Handle with Care

| play
mariss @doublek: "Heading back out for a walk along the Hudson, to stare @ sailboats. Happy lovely Sunday, all :)" (reblip)
zombieFredrik rb@tubilino yes! I ask my self the same question :D (reblip)
djilo Couldn't resist reblippin you again. Classic! @burro: "maravillosa" (reblip)
seattle98122 @Racheltfd 4 my new French friend! Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby
seattle98122 Saw Kitaro at the Paramount theater in seattleland...waz Great, those Kodo drummers R awesum! KITARO – Matsuri


| play
seattle98122 I try, really I dream of U & you kno who U R! Macey Gray-I Try Hiya'z 2 @LadyFantastick @doublek @jodygirl 162 & @Atomik

Macey Gray-I Try

| play
divadonna5 Santana is great, but that singer gets right up under my skin and builds a nice little bonfire. (reblip)
doublek A "50" song, for my 50th listener: @Carbs ! Please enjoy this 50 Cent/Ramones mash up, as a token of my appreciation :)
seattle98122 Alwayz luv'd this song! So Alive - Love & Rockets (HQ Audio)
seattle98122 Nice RB @urlgirl: Sometime Around Midnight / The Airborne Toxic Event" (reblip)

Bruce Hornsby & The Range-The Way It Is(Brothers in Rhythm)

| play
NWTunes Wallflowers - Into The Mystic
aplusk i think I'm gonna use this tune for the Trailer of my new movie Spread... thoughts?

One Night Only 'You And Me' music video

| play
djilo Nice & funky! Thanks guys :) @seizuresalad: "// hey @djilo // (rb@Atomik // rb@ffluxx // rb@Cosmix)" (reblip)
djilo Whoa!! Slammin tune from =>@serifenlos: "City Zen – Luna 3000 …" (reblip)
DJrythaman Coldplay – The Scientist ✩ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮
seattle98122 Ur all wicked...no rest for Uz..Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

| play
seattle98122 @EvDJ: "<TITLE>! @seattle98122" Title is: Ain't No Rest For The Wicked By Cage the elephant (reblip)
Atomik rb@DottyG: "Padded Cell-Signal Failure(GTA Version) Choc Electro radio station on GTA4"" (reblip)

Padded Cell-Signal Failure (GTA version)

| play

U2 Where The Streets Have No Name Live At Slane Castle

| play
seattle98122 Hey @Atomik Iz iz guuder! How iz da stud master? Godsmack – I Stand Alone
DJrythaman Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car

Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car

| play
seattle98122 RB @LadyFantastick: "Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody ~ Fun Song" (reblip)
seattle98122 @Crickontour Yeah...shake it! Gossip "Listen Up" (radio edit)

Gossip "Listen Up" (radio edit)

| play
seattle98122 I luv this song RB @Chrissyisms: White Zombie – More Human Than Human (reblip)
doublek RB @ritahayworth via @MarkX: "utterly immense..." And how. "I pull up to the front of your driveway, magic soakin' my spine... Can you read my mind?" (reblip)
divadonna5 This is the Hotel Calif. I remember.
divadonna5 @Diordan: "heya blipheads!" Rock on and hard. Good one dior. (reblip)
seattle98122 divadonna5 Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up pinkpolkadots
seattle98122 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
seattle98122 Barak Obama' song! Seal Mary Blige, Bono etc! "America's Song" featuring Will.I.am, David Foster, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Seal and Bono!2009

"America's Song" featuring Will.I.am, David Foster, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Seal and Bono!2009

| play
seattle98122 Hahaha, gotz me boxers fixed! Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (1994 Digital Remaster)
seattle98122 RB @SevenTenths: "Hey you @photogurrl *waves* :) @DearPrudns Left hand salute :) things are gonna get SICK here in the next few weeks ;D" (reblip)
seattle98122 RB CRAP Diva U out did Urself baby! @divadonna5: "Intro is a little sedate-wait for it. Cool baby!" WOW! (reblip)
seattle98122 I think I need mor BEER!...GOD I luv Ginger Baker trio – Spiritual What a piece of work! Thxs @divadonna5 (reblip)
seattle98122 RB @Atomik: "@zombieFredrik - hope your football party was a success - catch you tomorrow!" Hahaha Atom...WTF? (reblip)
seattle98122 @PoetaChica @Bettaboo @LadyFantastick @TrinityAnderson @kaitfoley 2 my fav ladies! Corny kno butt what the heck!
zombieFredrik @Atomik: "@zombieFredrik: you are gonna be so glad you did, are you going to rent a car?" yep. a SAAB 9-5 I guess :) (reblip)

Knocked upLykke Li

| play
seattle98122 RB @AndrewJones: "Live - Lightning Crashes... LOVE this song." Mez luz it 2 AJ! (reblip)
Atomik and for something a little trippier
Atomik Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Sasha Mix)
seattle98122 @Atomik @pinkpolkadots Now atom...NO chasing cars! Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
seattle98122 atomik txs 4 props, puter brok again, need new mutherfukr board! On its way, using ol puter, no speakers attached! Takecare till Monday me friendzzz (reblip)
seattle98122 patita: @Atomik...sorry cant hear music but will prop U all later! Atom....T.O.P. yea, gotcha on that! (reblip)
Atomik vi@lurgee: "【ツ】" // @seattle98122 still all funked up with a cold, a summer cold is the worst (reblip)
Atomik i wish he would sing more @philkirby: "glorious cover . . . loved Ben's voice on this. " (reblip)

EBTG The only living boy in new york

| play

La Rumba-Rza Ft. Method Man & Baretta 9

| play
JodyGirl162 WOOHOO LOVEEEEEEE IT............
turbolax after all that Amy Winehouse I had to listen to some Fabulous Thunderbirds... yah baaaaby!!

The Fabulous Thunderbirds-Tuff Enuff

| play
zombieFredrik oooold . but the original :)


| play
PoetaChica For my man @seattle98122 whom appreciates all things Santana

Santana CarlosZulu

| play
seattle98122 RB @AndrewJones: CRAP Great AJ "Blondie – Call Me (Original Long Version) (2001 Digital Remaster)" (reblip)
tuca Hey You!

Bachman Turner Overdrive-Hey You

| play
djilo Ha! Ok, now I *know* you're a geeza like me :P Nice :) @THX3: "rb@missxena, used to have the "12" of this! reminds me of my h.s. days.. thnx!" (reblip)

Roni Griffith-The Best Part Of Breakin'Up 1985

| play
seattle98122 @PoetaChica Thxs for Santana, I am so EXCITED 2 hav puter fixed! Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited!
Atomik welcome back @seattle98122 // just after 8 here...is it the weekend yet?
zombieFredrik @Atomik tomorrow (soon) - we celebrate midsummers EVE :) - the shorts are for you :D

New Order live, 1984, 'Temptation'

| play
lmo Kaolin partons vite


| play
siddNullus RT @seattle98122 This is cool: http://blip.fm/~8h6td .. But Sidd sez .. this is better: Genesis, Drum Duet
seattle98122 @beastieboys @Atomik Timez 2 PAR-TAY (I gotz sum porno BTW) Beastie Boys –

Beastie Boys

| play
marijaanadj LACUNA COIL – Heavens A Lie (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
fearshop Judas Priest – Fever

Judas PriestFever

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ImmortalYouth Touch me here Touch me there Fuck me here Fuck me there Anytime Anyplace Anyhow Anywhere Touch me Lick me Kiss me Fuck Me

Trash YourselfTouch

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BLuECATdemoCrAT This song makes me happy.

Sleepy Tigers

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ZenShadow Could we get the Blue Man Group to "become" the Green Man Group for a Concert? #iranelection #weargreen #ifeellove
seattle98122 Hahaha @Atomik The Flys – Got You (Where I Want You)
danlopez2012 This Is An Anti Tune!! Basshunter – Evil Beat (Bonus Track)
divadonna5 Simple sweet blues.@SimpleJim: "@MilwGonzo ... so you like the blues, too. Welcome to the club ..... I see you have met @BarbieRay ........." (reblip)
Atomik good evening @RnBE // brb, enjoy this nice long tune


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angryfaggot shake yer dix...shake yer dix ....
divadonna5 Wow. This is brand new performance. @TrainWreckRadio

Driftin blues -- How long blues. Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, United Center Chicago, 6/17/2009

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seattle98122 @hrana try again! Lets Boogie...SCREW BASHERS! Canned Heat – Fried Hockey Boogie/Sic' Em Pigs Part 1
seattle98122 @hrana **PART 2** Hahaha! Canned Heat – Fried Hockey Boogie/Sic' Em Pigs Part 2
marijaanadj Marilyn Manson – If I Was Your Vampire
marijaanadj Combichrist – Sex Drugs and Industrial
seattle98122 Metallica – The Day That Never Comes (Stereo)
seattle98122 Candlebox-Far Behind

Candlebox-Far Behind

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seattle98122 Audioslave – I Am The Highway BBL....Dont behave 2 much'ka atom...
seattle98122 Blind Faith – Do What You Like Eric Clapton, Stevie Winwood & Ginger Baker, Long one! BTW sum saz thiza Ginger Bakers best solo!
seattle98122 Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy
4_idiots welcome to the pleasure dome

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

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divadonna5 Wow. Great jazz. Two great guitarists. Give it more than a minute.

Bireli Lagrene & Sylvain Luc- Isn't She Lovely

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divadonna5 Alright @TrainWreckRadio: "@LadyW little Stevie Winwood a mere 15 years old when they cut this track" (reblip)
seattle98122 "Killer" - Spiderbait - Black Betty
Simchabe Strobegirl "Daydreaming" That's what I do best!
notmarcocollins On my way to see @white_rabbits! I love this frickin song! Percussion percussion percussion!

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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Crickontour Clearly I've listening to C89.5 way too much if I have this ultra-catchy trumpet part echoing in my head...
notmarcocollins RT:@arjanwrites MSTRKRFT, will be performing "Heartbreaker" w John Legend TONIGHT on Letterman! Czech it!
seattle98122 RB @leaferi Thanks...fun DoA! Dead Or Alive – Brand New Lover [12" Mix] [High Quality]
seattle98122 RB @notmarcocollins Nice indeed Marco! Ok... I know I have a lot of favorite records, but this is my new mostest fav:

BETO CUEVAS "Miedo Escénico"

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seattle98122 RB @johnrod: Coolie! Iz it lame 2 say "coolie" ???? (reblip)


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Atomik @TheLenzyme - im doin 'aight for Tuesday night - no worries here, and you?

Nickelback S.E.X Lyrics

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rsmac bye blippers! thank you all! See you tomorrow (?)...
divadonna5 TY@TrainWreckRadio:when you get to nashville.stop at the guitar shop below! I think they still have 1 of roy's guitars in stock http://www.gruhn.com" (reblip)
Atomik erlend oye used this song on his DJ Kicks album and mashed it up with Morgan Geists 'Lullaby'...erlend can do no wrong, well, except for those pants
seattle98122 Guud night folks...been real 4 sure! 2morrow..play nasty sum! Pet Shop Boys - The Way It Used To Be (Richard X Mix)
leaferi Will be sure to keep that in mind. @Totengrber "@leaferi: My Argentine Dom still wants to spank my nuts probably..just say NO to cock and ball toture" (reblip)
seattle98122 WTF...I am in heaven! crocodiles – neon jesus @notmarcocollins

crocodilesneon jesus

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seattle98122 The Redwood Plan – Push
seattle98122 Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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seattle98122 That shit maks me bad shit crazy! Nickelback – Burn It To The Ground
seattle98122 The Allman Brothers Band - Southbound
yoyesno Modern English – I Melt With You (reblip)
seattle98122 @divadonna5 weather waz great, sunny & 70! Dont likez the heat, thanks!
seattle98122 Oh yea Barry! Barry White – You're the First, the Last, My
seattle98122 Linkin Park - New Divide (Album Version)
seattle98122 Eric Burdon's I Band – Sky Pilot
leaferi Dude, this is really sweet. Good foundation for a club song. rb@Totengrber (reblip)
Dillin_Chillin No no...Exaile – Knock it Off...come on Yahoo, Amazon...one man doesn't bottleneck.

ExaileKnock it Off

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seattle98122 RB @shiner: "this is from "TrainSpotting" 2 @notmarcocollins Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy – Nightclubbing (reblip) (reblip)
seattle98122 Linkin Park - New Divide (Album Version)
seattle98122 Janis Joplin – Summertime ~ Beautiful in seattle 2day!
Atomik "All of the rumors keeping me grounded, I never said that they were completely unfounded..."
Chrissyisms Johnny Nash-I Can See Clearly Now

Johnny Nash-I Can See Clearly Now

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seattle98122 I am just a Shinedown - Simple Man

ShinedownSimple Man

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seattle98122 So guud! @hawaiibuzz @abarbosa Just cause U 2 look like U like it!!! Help me......!
Dillin_Chillin Fishtailed out...Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)...top hit everywhere except Canada.
Atomik @GR8FL: bed is wonderful, already took a little nap on it and cant wait to go to bed tonight. Im gonna break my no-blipping-in-bed rule (reblip)
ElZorro Powderfinger – A Song Called Everything (reblip)
seattle98122 Ok, EAT ME! (reblip)


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1001songs Vampire Weekend made this song cool
Chrissyisms Im seriously going outside my norm to honor the 70s here lol Chic – Good Times (@Jeffie) (blip.up)
seattle98122 Oh yea! @PoetaChica @hotgaymess I hang on ever word you say! Tina Turner – The Best

Tina TurnerThe Best

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seattle98122 Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing ~ Ok a little healing now?
seattle98122 Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

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tubilino Heaven is

Def Leppard- Heaven is

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seattle98122 RB @djilo: "Picking it up... :) ~ Nice Dj, maybe @siddNullus will like! (reblip)
djilo Sleaze is good. :) Great dirty bassline @aoibhneas:"Pickin it up r sleazin out, can't remember.Dis should do the trick @djilo@dochugo@Betoques@noochi" (reblip)