JimmyStagger @stellartara my fave from them.

the radiators from space- blitzin' at the ritz

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JimmyStagger @stellartara Punk/funk jam from the #JimmyStaggerVault that could only be for you // LOOK AWAY PEOPLE, LOOK AWAY
JimmyStagger 1980 Boston hardcore from the #JimmyStaggerVault 15 yrs later Rick Barton started the Dropkick Murphys @ElDorkoPunkRetro @LastofmyKind @stellartara
Somebody2Love vi@JimmyStagger Old vaudeville joker Wall was brought in to record an Ian Dury song. Sold nothing, but added to Stiff's quirky image. @TidyCat
Somebody2Love vi@JimmyStagger this '77 punk blast cemented Stiff Records' punk credentials. A classic! @irfung @Jalapeno @irfung @deviantwetz @DJNickPapag
Somebody2Love vi@JimmyStagger Binky Baker & The Pit Orchestra's '78 single "Toe Knee Black Burn" about British DJ Tony Blackburn...lipsynched by a cute kid.

Mick toe knee blackburn

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shakeyourmop I really love this. Thanks! @rojdoj: "This band rocks, I was in the store scene in this vid. I politely asked them to (reblip)

Heavy Cream "Watusi"

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ElDorkoPunkRetro @spineflower ...you probably won't love this, but you might like @stellartara might love it??...first time on the internet...last upload for tonight.
ElDorkoPunkRetro Straw Dogs - Texas ...c'mon people now...fuckin' Straw Dogs...never been on blip or the net...listen quick...
shakeyourmop Brenton Wood – Oogum Boogum @CamelWalk #funkfriday .... This is the most fun, ever. I can dig it.
shakeyourmop Dion & The Belmonts- Lovers Who Wander ....Please clap with me. Too much fun not to.

Dion DiMucci (Dion & The Belmonts) "Lovers Who Wander" 1st spin on this 45rpm!

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shakeyourmop T.Rex - Mustang Ford..... You, my friend, know how to make my heart dance. @spineflower (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Blasters – So Long Baby Goodbye
shakeyourmop Pointed Sticks – You Must Be Crazy
shakeyourmop Little Richard – The Girl Can't Help It ... HEY! This guy stole my moves... Damn!
shakeyourmop The Barracudas – Codeine
shakeyourmop Alkaline Trio – Every Thug Needs a Lady @URKiddinMee I thought I was following you? Damn the interweb. (reblip)
shakeyourmop Aww snap. Love this! @Cribs66: "Rusty – Wake Me" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Bourbons - Of old approximately

The Bourbons "Of old approximately"

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shakeyourmop The Plimsouls – I Can't Turn You Loose
shakeyourmop The Blades – Downmarket
Shaman777 @stellartara REAL BLUES from the 1940s & 50s

Alan Lomax,Negro Prison & Blues Songs Rosie

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shakeyourmop The Left Banke – She May Call You Up Tonight ..... "Then what could I say that would sound right?"
shakeyourmop The Blades - The Reunion

The Blades: The Reunion. 45rpm.

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shakeyourmop The Blades – Hot For You
shakeyourmop The Blades - Ghost of a Chance .... Dig on this friends! I'm in the mood for The Blades.

The Blades: Ghost of a Chance. 45rpm.

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shakeyourmop Film Noir – It's Goodbye ...for now, darlings.
ElDorkoPunkRetro @stellartara ...oh shit...look what I got a real copy of today...download it now!! Slobster - Sudden Death
shakeyourmop Hello Flower! @spineflower: "hey tara :)" (reblip)

Flamin Groovies "Somethin' Else"

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shakeyourmop Same to you, sweetheart! @spineflower: "-good morning/afternoon :)" (reblip)

Blow You a Kiss- Redd Kross

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shakeyourmop Hello, you! I love this, with all my heart! I surely do! @pato15: "Hey Tara. Looks like you have a theme going..." (reblip)
shakeyourmop One of my favorite spots in NYC was Motor City, Please visit for me. Around the corner from it was Mason Dixon and they have a mechanical bull. @melky (reblip)
greentrees do you mind if we dance with yo dates?


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shakeyourmop Oogadi boogadie boo!@FCKahunaBob: " abracadabra! Thee Milkshakes – Hocus Pocus" (reblip)
shakeyourmop Chairmen Of The Board – Working On A Building Of Love @greentrees
shakeyourmop The Stomachmouths – Don't Mess With My Mind, Slobster ......@ElDorkoPunkRetro .... @spineflower ... You would enjoy this! I know I do!
shakeyourmop The Sound – Skeletons......There is a party in my closet calling all skeletons....

The Soundskeletons

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shakeyourmop That is very true... 5:10 ...yeah. Bedtime. @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "The Effigies - We'll Be Here Tomorrow ...if you need to sleep..." (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Replacements – Alex Chilton
ElDorkoPunkRetro rb @garbageman01: "Extra-raw version (needs a little volume) . . ." ...nice... (reblip)


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garbageman01 Glam guy . . . thanks, @spineflower: "so awesome...thank you! :) rb@neo_akboy: "[Live In London 1972]"" (reblip)
ElDorkoPunkRetro Horrorcomic - I Don`t Mind @spineflower @ElDorkoPunkRetro @LastofmyKind just another hour and more props will flow forth like the mighty Mississippi


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ElDorkoPunkRetro Bitch, I Love You ...just don't know why...

Bitch, I Love You

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shakeyourmop @ElDorkoPunkRetro. Word up. You are correct. It actually SHOULDN'T make any sense from the jester! Am I queen? For reals? I thought I'd be the maid!
shakeyourmop Deniece Williams – Silly .... An oldie but a goodie........"Love, Oh Love, Stop making a fool of me...."
shakeyourmop Sham 69 – Give A Dog A Bone ....Please, someone throw me a bone here...
shakeyourmop Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
shakeyourmop The Damned – Stranger On The Town
shakeyourmop The Buzzcocks – Driving Me Insane

the bumps hey girl

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pulsar Great 1967 garage/psych! @mrs_daniel Hope you like!
mtouceda trick question?@RatatatPat: "@me -Saw them on the Goody2shoes tour. Kept Marco offstage till the encore. Drugproblems4Marco or was Adam being a Dick?" (reblip)
shakeyourmop I don't know how many of you are fans of ...@uav .... But if you are not, you are wrong. Sometimes you are right, this time you're wrong. <3 (reblip)
shakeyourmop Hello, hello! Thanks for the tunes. :] @dresnapolis: "Hi!!!@Literati" (reblip)
shakeyourmop "Would you moan my name... if I boinked you in heaven? Ghost Hookers in the Sky, tonight on Sick, Sad World."
shakeyourmop That is a true story. I'll sleep well tonight, after cleaning, unpacking, etc. Ugh.@fluffyboots: "@JimmyStagger- you and tara- 2 insomniacs!" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Swingin´ Neckbreakers - The Girl Can´t Help It @greentrees @ElDorkoPunkRetro ....I cant help it! And,I adore this song, all 1516+46.005 versions! (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Smithereens – Miles from Nowhere... That's where I'm moving in NY. Miles from Nowhere... Night! Hope you get a better sleep than me!@Cityboy_Floyd
shakeyourmop I'm going to sing this song in my dreams, I'm sure. Goodnight!@JimmyStagger: "Bram Tchaikovsky- "Can't Give You Reasons" ..this one is tagged for Tara (reblip)

Can't Give You Reasons

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shakeyourmop Bill Dogget- Honky Tonk Part 1&2 ....Woohoo!

Honky Tonk Part 1&2 Bill Dogget

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shakeyourmop Otis Redding – Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)..... "And when you sing this song, it'll make your whole body move".... That line makes my spine tingle.
shakeyourmop T-Rex – I Love To Boogie .... I'd boogie anyday with @JimmyStagger
shakeyourmop The Sonics- Have Love, Will Travel ....@JimmyStagger
shakeyourmop Tyrannosaurus Rex – Ride a White Swan .....Umm....I really want to. Where do I sign up? Is there a height limit?
shakeyourmop The Exploding Hearts – Sleeping Aides And Razorblades ... @igetfreepie I can't :( I wish! I have a ton of shit to do. : / Luckily help is on the way!
shakeyourmop Thanks. I wish i had some other aid. Coffee will just have to do! @greentrees: "hoping Tara 's day stays "up"" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Nerves – Working Too Hard
shakeyourmop The Remains – Let Me Through
shakeyourmop Oh, I'd work it out with you... ;) @JimmyStagger: "aw, t'weren't nuthing sexy ;)" (reblip)

CANNED HEAT--Let's Work Together

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shakeyourmop Bernie Dexter - Rockabilly Pinup Queen ..... This is so hot!! Go Betty go. @JUMPINJB (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Real Kids – Solid Gold (Thru And Thru)
shakeyourmop Lemonheads – Mallo Cup.... Dedicated to the best street-wear in the world! www.boltcutternyc.com
shakeyourmop The Nerves – One Way Ticket ...@igetfreepie .. I don't believe that! Have you ever heard of NECA?TTYL My head is gonna explode! I'm outta here!
shakeyourmop 13th Floor Elevators – I'm gonna love you too..... @greentrees ... You just gave me my 2000th prop! Thank you! Thank you everyone!<3<3<3 (reblip)
shakeyourmop Milk 'N' Cookies – (Dee, Dee You're) Stuck On A Star
shakeyourmop RICHARD BERRY- Have Love Will Travel

RICHARD BERRY Have Love Will Travel 1960

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shakeyourmop I'm pretty sure we need to have a dance party. @Cribs66: "The Birdwatchers - Girl I Got News For You" (reblip)

The Birdwatchers, "Girl I Got News For You"

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shakeyourmop Amazing! @MarkMyWords85: "Dillinger – Cocaine In My Brain... A knife, a fork, a bottle, and a cork. That's the way we spell New York, man." (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Replacements – Kiss Me On The Bus.....Your tongue, your transfer, your hand, your answer.
shakeyourmop The Replacements – Temptation Eyes
shakeyourmop Awwww, Jim... *blushing* @JimmyStagger: "For @MarianitaG my favorite girl in Mexico & Tara the international champion" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Psychedelic Furs – Heaven ... Just not on a great sleep cycle! Thats all! Maybe a little crazy, but in the fun way! Not the psycho way! @neo_akboy (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Termites- Push it Up
shakeyourmop The Replacements – Unsatisfied ..... I need this song right now. <3
shakeyourmop The Clean – Safe In The Rain
shakeyourmop Young Marble Giants – Brand new life
shakeyourmop Young Marble Giants – Music For Evenings
shakeyourmop The Tornadoes- Tornado Twist ..... I wouldn't mind being twisted up in a tornado with.... oh, you know. ;)

The Tornadoes-Tornado Twist 1962

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shakeyourmop The Cramps – I Can't Hardly Stand It
shakeyourmop The Fuzztones – Look for The Question Mark
shakeyourmop The Fuzztones – 1-2-5 .... #coversthatdontsuck Covering The Haunted.

the Fuzztones1-2-5

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shakeyourmop Oh I know! Me too. I hate pictures.... if they are of me! You are very sweet! Are You Relaxing this Sunday?@fluffyboots: ahh sweety (@JimmyStagger)" (reblip)
shakeyourmop Magazine – Because You're Frightened
shakeyourmop ? and the Mysterians – I Need Somebody
shakeyourmop The Replacements – Here Comes A Regular
shakeyourmop New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
shakeyourmop Christopher & The Souls – Diamonds, Rats and Gum.
shakeyourmop The Yellow Payges – Follow The Bouncing Ball .... This video is very entertaining. At least I think so.
shakeyourmop The Swingin' Medallions - Double Shot Of My Baby's Love ..... This is ridiculously awesome.
shakeyourmop T Rex – Hot Love .... Uh-huh ....
shakeyourmop True that! I have seen part of it. I must finish watching that!@garbageman01 Also the name of the most-excellent Roky documentary...thanks to tara (reblip)
shakeyourmop Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Pay It Back ..... "I wouldn't say that I was raised on romance. Let's not get stuck in the past."
shakeyourmop I've heard you post this song a million times.Good reason too, its awesome. @Slipdisc: "Julian Cope – Pulsar" (reblip)

Julian CopePulsar

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shakeyourmop Otis Redding – Cigarettes and Coffee ....Oh. The only things in this world that I'm addicted to besides music..
shakeyourmop You are correct! @igetfreepie: "tara this is creepy & fun." (reblip)
shakeyourmop T-Rex – I Love To Boogie ... @igetfreepie My favorite. That sounds equally creepy. But fun! Depends on the horror movie. :p
shakeyourmop The Spits - Tired And Lonely @spineflower ... Heard that. Word That. (reblip)
shakeyourmop Work Smerk. I'm trying to look for a "real" job. Multitask, Darling! @Cribs66: "Hey @LastofmyKind @spineflower @greentrees - I'm trying to work!" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Jury – Not Guilty @Slipdisc ... Hello You! How you doing today, Hon?

The JuryNot Guilty

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shakeyourmop The Jury- Who Dat? @greentrees

Jury , Who Dat ?

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Bow Wow Wow - Do You Wanna Hold Me

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shakeyourmop Any Trouble- Foolish pride

Any Trouble: Foolish pride

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shakeyourmop Any Trouble – Playing Bogart
shakeyourmop Lets boogie, Dollface! @fluffyboots: "TARA they're playing our song..-)))" (reblip)
shakeyourmop I love this song. <3 Mad props!@mark_till: "notwithstanding, it still feels damn good. Frightened Rabbit – Keep Yourself Warm" (reblip)
shakeyourmop Hot Water Music – Paper Thin .... White white walls and hospitals, all of us feel trivial and relative, tentative and waiting....
shakeyourmop The Association – Along Comes Mary ..... This is just fun.
shakeyourmop Bill Withers – I Don't Want You On My Mind .... Another one for Lisa... <3
shakeyourmop Marmalade – I See The Rain .... for Lisa. <3
shakeyourmop Societys Bag – Let It Crawl ....@neo_akboy ... Ok. Time to make nice with the neighbors. Baking them cookies! Look at me, Suzy homemaker and shit.. :)
shakeyourmop The The – This Is The Day .... Out of Props for @Cribs66 @neo_akboy
shakeyourmop Swweeettt! @Slipdisc: "White Denim – You Can't Say" (reblip)
shakeyourmop Yay!!!! I'm happy to help! :) Thank YOU! :D@Slipdisc: "The Suzukis – Reducer //✿ Tara for cheerin' me right up. TY" (reblip)

The SuzukisReducer

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shakeyourmop Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance.... Thanks V! @JustcallmeV (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Sonics – Walkin' the dog ....@neo_akboy
shakeyourmop Delta 5 – Singing The Praises .... @renaud_favier ... Lamb Chops?! Sir, I am no gourmet restaurant!
shakeyourmop I live in Strangetown too. You gave me my 2,400 & 2,401 prop! You deserve cookies.@Slipdisc: "The Fall – Strangetown // this is about were I live ☠" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Smithereens – I Saw Her Standing There.... I see you!!! I'm here! Hello! Hola! @Slipdisc
shakeyourmop Very funny!! The first batch did not turn out so well. :/ But now I have a kitchen timer, so. *crosses fingers* @neo_akboy: "Donovan – Mellow Yellow" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Mummies - I'm Down ....@spineflower ... Me too! I'm down! (reblip)
shakeyourmop World Party – Ship Of Fools
shakeyourmop The Sonics – Night Time Is the Right Time

DERRICK HARRIOTT, Groovy Situation.

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JimmyStagger @stellartara you know you are all alone on the pedestal
shakeyourmop Wow... This video is... awesome! Hahaha! @JimmyStagger: " I'd love to" (reblip)


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shakeyourmop Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel .... Just heard this today. Can't get it out of my head. Playing DJ for my loves that drove out here to visit! <3
shakeyourmop Hello there, Love! Hows it going? @Slipdisc: "Archie Bronson Outfit – Cherry Lips RB@stellartara hiya!" (reblip)
shakeyourmop The Letters- Nobody Loves Me .... I adore this song. I wanna dance. Somebody loves me...right?
shakeyourmop Stolen Hearts – Heart Collector ..... Donations? ;]
shakeyourmop I played this last night. I cant stop singing it. I have heard it before-but you know when you feel a song? I felt it last night. Its giving me chills
shakeyourmop Wingnut Dishwashers Union — Proudhon In Manhattan ..... THIS right here, is a great song with great lyrics. Check it out my friends.

wingnut dishwashers union ~ proudhon in manhattan

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shakeyourmop The Mob – The Mirror Breaks
shakeyourmop Lost Cherrees – Why Does It Have To Be A Dream
shakeyourmop I'm still confused... What happened? I am just happy everyones back! @Tinkle @ElDorkoPunkRetro @DjSlipdisc thanx for all your support (reblip)
JimmyStagger 5 songs for @shakeyourmop Part Five

Richard Hell: Frank Sinatra (Overground 7", 1991)

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