MILFalicious #Niteflirt Sex In The Rain @AyindeSings Man this rain is making me wish....
edullima A minhs preferida do BB King ...
LynnSunshine Im a believer. Try again. Its great for the soul.@DrCocker: "@BohlianSunshine: "@DrCocker" ive lost it and im trying to find it again" (reblip)

R.E.M. Losing My Religion

| play
toobad That new Tron soundtrack teaser has put me in the mood for some more thumping gallic mayhem =)

Daft PunkAlive

| play
shortygal Tears For Fears – Mad World
dirty_saint good morning people! lets get this day over and done with!
Majones Perfect mood music for a rainy day.
Sinanyuz Hello my friend... You too have a great weekend... RB @alfonvaina: "@sinanyuzakli HELL0 man, Have a nice weekend!!" (reblip)
shawnystar This guy´s I just can get enough of them...
KristyRNinAZ A little 80's love for my #FollowFriday friends! The Cure – Just Like Heaven (via @MarcusDeSouza) (reblip)

Jane's Addiction "Ocean Size" Live Echoplex Los Angeles, CA 2/16/09

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dautaz :"hope get soon...@Gypsylyn: "~ She Works Hard for the Money ~ I have a goal so I need the money...LOL"" (reblip)
shawnystar Nice track to get wild ....

Nine Inch Nails: Head Like A Hole (1990)

| play
AdolfoM My musical FF equivalent: a Great Canadian for another Great Canadian!... @annapires Neil Young – Harvest Moon
shawnystar Heahhhhhhhh..Mr. Robotoooo

StyxMr. Roboto (1983)

| play
joelysandra Aerosmith-Janie's Got a Gun

Aerosmith-Janie's Got a Gun

| play
shawnystar heah I love Gorillaz girlllllll
Atomik *not asking* good day @Erwin1974: "Don't ask... popped into my brain somehow this morning :-)" (reblip)

Roxanne- The Police

| play

Partial Arts Cruising

| play
Atomik where in canada are you gonna be, Im excited you got your visa. @nzstars (reblip)
Tropicsz4 God Morning, This is nice, Thanks rb @Atomik: "for you @GR8FL, love this dub and song" (reblip)
leaferi rb@desyslava: " Holitas @adbert Feliz viernes y fin de semana! :-) [David Bowie – Let's Dance]" (reblip)
leaferi rb@DerekFME: "Many familiar locations in this vid. I still miss those cooling towers though. Why did they have to demolish them? (reblip)
RoxUranus just because the strokes are so creative...and original lol
shawnystar heah heah to all the players in the house... nice biceps... 50 :)

50 CentP.I.M.P

| play
SabriESC Not really sure what AK is wearing on his head?!?

Red Hot Chili Peppers- True Men Don't Kill Coyotes

| play
MrsASoprano That's not all she's got. @c3p0: "there's my pilot, wanted to fly :-D@girl_piper_pilot: "Mike! I love the pic. via @BadBoyBoogieman: "" (reblip)

AC/DC She's Got The Jack

| play

JOY DIVISION-Transmission

| play
myria101 Good one! RB @WhitAMcClellan: "SEXYMJALERT!!!! <3 "touch me...don't hide our love...woman to man"" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Rebel Rebel rb @shanti45: "This evening's trio no2" (reblip)
eraser #bodaCPoyatos regalito pa esta noche... fly me to the moon...el + chulo los hombres franki sinatra
MissAstrid Vampire Weekend – "Mansard Roof"
ktp107 love this song...great choice!@spacespencer: "wolves | »I'm on the hunt, I'm after you ...« " (reblip)
LadyStarlightD (VIDEO) Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give It Away" (live)
djwashingtonson Annie Lennox – Take Me To The River
darcydarcy @Schoork: "Danke:-)@CMDoria: "Genial!! RB!!@Schoork: "Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes""" (reblip)
RAristides Bom Dia!!!!!!!!!! ótimo domingo pra todos!
pinupIlanna Gruda no córtex - Eurythmics – There Must Be An Angel - Duráruráruráruráráráráááááááá ;)
tuatara Lots of memories watching this video on MTV back in '83.


| play
DJVisko “Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again.” Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes #musicmonday
morus @U2tour: wer von euch isses? didi, hasn oder der bot? (reblip)

U2 Crazy (Remix) 360 Tour 18/07/2009 Berlin

| play
manlyman "Hey, hey mama said the way you move - gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove..." It a "Triple Shot Tuesday" with LZ!!

Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1973

| play
talilittle You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they hold
DJDaleChumbley Classic slow dance tune... (my bro is friends w/ the guy who was the angel in the video)
godberg @KalaBamboo; @LadyJD; thanks for props....a sample of the brazilian real rock for you
shawnystar Man I would had loved to be there and watched it LIVE Michael Jackson - Beat It
dbot Oh, one last one, and I'm off for real.
shawnystar @fxp123: "@sna: "you lift me up! @simplemindsfan"- Alive and Kicking" I love Simple Mind!! RB Big hug :D (reblip)
shawnystar Here we go again.. This is a song that sticks to your head..

IcehouseNo Promises

| play
DaveDoyle Bob Marley - Three Little Birds...many thanks @JendeMen @C_L @dvdsea @shawnystar @alebur @h2theeidi @comicmama @scotlandlover @Rodia30

Bob Marley-"three little birds"

| play
alebur \o/@D_Doyle: "Bob Marley - Three Little Birds...many thanks @JendeMen @C_L @dvdsea @shawnystar @alebur @h2theeidi @comicmama @scotlandlover @Rodia30" (reblip)

Bob Marley-"three little birds"

| play
fxp123 @TheOcean: "This limit of 3 props a day think makes me mad >:( rb@Smile86" Led Zeppelin - Going to California This one has a special place my heart. (reblip)
MusicChick257 I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you - You wanna touch me too...
RisingAngel @Leonie: "vi@elinejv: "Rb vi@judi: "This has an incredible light show !!! ~ Pink Floyd – Run like Hell - from Pulse((she speaks of TRUTH !(GR8 SHOW!!) (reblip)
shawnystar Hey you guy´s know this band? Is new to me.. But wow I like it..

sixteen horsepower sinnerman

| play
DubFreakz back to 1975… the debut by the Chicago Gangsters
roddy2009 my (reblip)
turbolax luv led RB@wallace: "Thnx!@maphilli14: "One of my top songs of my fav band!! @wallace: "Led Zeppelin – All of my love"" (reblip)
dcychan RB @Earthflakes: "EDITH PIAF Hymn To Love (via @Junchai)" Hi thanks 4 the props (reblip)


| play
flinndc you're running again!? you are going to wear yourself out rb @CMDoria: "Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell " (reblip)
killerswp @elinejv: "Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime".....Thank You!! (reblip)
shawnystar Live audio track from Japan 1972! ..Is good to be back BLIPers... Big hug.. :)

Led Zeppelin-Misty Mountain Hop-Live In Tokyo (1972)

| play
shawnystar One of his best songs..


| play
shawnystar hey i know this guy´s ..they play very well.. I used to always go see them play in Atlanta..became friends with them.. Long time don´t see.. Big Kiss (reblip)

Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra

| play
shawnystar Let´s dance my friends.. Shake this bones all the way.. :D
shawnystar Wow this si so nice... LIVE Tears for Fears :D HQ
DirtyUrine hey bro!! good morning!! ~ @dhair: "@DirtyUrine.. hey bro!! " (reblip)

Pantera 5 Minutes Alone

| play
avivajazz Mile Davis with the Gil Evans Orchestra – New Rhumba (3 of 4) | RB .@IKR (reblip)
ohlala Whatever.....................?!!
lalunajade Soundwave tickets arrived in the post today.. you can't wipe the smile off my face atm! :D Going to play some of the line up tonight.
DaSein1973 @epilepticon: "Just like the Pied Piper led rats through the streets we dance like marionettes swaying to the symphony of destruction" (reblip)
Schoork Aerosmith – I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Rod Stewart; forever young / Some Guys Have All The Luck

| play
g_jones Can't ever keep from falling apart at the seams
shawnystar David Bowie ***** Modern Love ***** LIVE @ 2003 HQ Any Big Time Bowie Fan, in here today? :D

David Bowie, Modern Love, 2003

| play
minmae [japanese one] @eliott_is_dead, porra, rafs hahahahahaha ironia do mal do inferno haaahaah tô rindo até agora

MonoFollow The Map

| play
shawnystar Live In Rio°°°The Police °°°Every Breath You Take°°° [LIVE] @ Rio My Props button is not working right,but there is great music being played today
shawnystar I like this song..everyday a bit more than... :) "..and he is standing in front of you..." @flinndc@TropicsZ4@joe_disco@shanti45 @Mysterimix@doyler29
shawnystar "[LIVE] The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian 1987 Let´s do the dance like an egyptian??" (reblip)

The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian New Year 1987

| play
shawnystar I was not born on the Bayou..but I love this song..

13. Born On The Bayou

| play
shawnystar Did anyone said Dreams? RB@Atomik

Lucid Dreams Album Version- Franz Ferdinand

| play
shawnystar Just to make sure... Legalize it !!!
shawnystar RB @Tubabo ... Just to make sure... Legalize it !!! Pros Brazucas de plantão... se o ex ministro pode..porque vc não?? (reblip)
shawnystar [COVER] The Cure - Purple Haze I am going to sleep! Tomorrow @ 5:30 am Brazil time I am up and running!! Big kiss to you all!! Boa Noite á todos!! :D

The CurePurple Haze

| play
shawnystar Last for the road.. Pearl Jam [LIVE] Love Reign Over Me.. Good bye :) Enjoy !
Intriguingds @TropicsZ4 Rod Stewart ~ Have you ever seen the rain ~ Will, heard this song on a cruise ~ it was raining on a Sunny Day..and saw a rainbow!! Amazing!
shawnystar {Live´1977} Paul McCartney & Wings - Mull of Kintyre So nice....
GinaDunc Gotta make my daughter some top ramen...Thx 4 props!!! BBL :) "Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
BleakMouse @doublethumb: "have been away again...busy busy and not much time for blips, so I console myself with a beautiful Cocteau Tune. thanks to @zasupits" (reblip)

Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd-Sea Swallow Me

| play
DareToEatAPeach "My angry heart, my desire awoke with wings"

The Doors: Fever

| play
Nomentionofkev Nirvana – Something in the Way [RB @RMCDG thnx for the props & RB!] (reblip)
shawnystar The Who - Baba O´Riley - LIVE!
shawnystar Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain - Live!!

Here Comes The Rain-Eurythmics

| play
shawnystar "Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain - Live!! " (reblip)

Here Comes The Rain-Eurythmics

| play

Groove Armada LIVE @ Brixton Academy 2002 "Fogma" SUPERB

| play
shawnystar I am going to sleep tomorrow so much work to do But as sson as I get to Blip I will be alright :D Big hug Good Night! LIVE - ASIA - HEAT OF THE MOMENT
shawnystar One for the road.. Tchau!!

Pearl JamBlack

| play
shawnystar Good Morning! Bom Dia! Man, I found this last night.. is just one of the best, you must see this!! Even if you don´t like Deep Purple. Just the best!!
shawnystar Pink Floyd - Shine on Your Crazy Diamonds [LIVE] This was by far the best concert I ever went..I went twice to see them..if I could I would every week
shawnystar Dire Straits - Romeo & Juliet - [LIVE] - South Africa - Mandela . This is one of great songs from this band... Nelson´s Mandela Birthday Concert! TY
shawnystar This band is great... The Masterplan... :D

The Masterplan

| play
mpp2 1st heard over PA prior to Jeff Beck @ the Palumbo—surreal! Elvis? Well..."The King." ;) @DJKevyK @Justamoochin @starlingpoet @whiskeyrose7 @pcsketch

Elvis Presley Sings Nirvana come as you are

| play
shawnystar The most beautiful voice to ever cross the face of this earth ... Elvis Presley - You´ve Lost That Loving Feeling..... [LIVE] HQ!
shawnystar One of My favorite songs.. U2 & B.B.King - When Love Comes To Town. [LIVE] HQ!

U2 & B.B. King: When Love Comes To Town

| play
vardy6707 Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes
UberDorkGirlie Tweetup TODAY!!: Pumpkin Far Fun! Oct 10, 2009 RSVP here: #twtvite" (reblip)
miss_espresso In the empire of the senses...

love is the 7th wave by the police

| play
MrandMrsSmith69 Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker
jccortes Ahi va esto... "Love me two times" de The Doors (reblip)

The Doors Love Me Two Times

| play
shawnystar One of my favorite bands ever..saw them live 4 times all this years... [LIVE] - The Cure - In Between Days - 2005. :D
shawnystar Moby & Gwen Stefani - South Side Live @ Letterman !! Nice nice.
giesebrecht Tracy Chapman – Why

Tracy ChapmanWhy

| play


| play

The Ethiopians- Train to Skaville

| play

Peter Frampton Breaking All the Rules live at rio de janeiro

| play
shawnystar Phil Collins - Easy Lover - Live! Great show!!
Dysn0m1a Watch this space, I'm open to falling from grace..Rb @cribjimbo: "Thanks and welcome to" (reblip)

WICKED GAME [HD] Chris Isaak

| play
shawnystar [LIVE] - Bloc Party - Blanquet - HQ!
Suthi Pat Metheny: Au lait

Pat Metheny: Au lait

| play

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Give It Away [Music Video]

| play
beingtheo "Stairway to Heaven" - Led Zepelin
shawnystar RB@shanti45...I being thinking about a video with dolls ..and I really canno´t remember any.. sorry my friend!@shanti45@richardcymru (reblip)
shawnystar Hey Rb @shanti45 this is the only video I remember that has dolls...


| play
wegaworld @threebears nice song... ..lovecats th cure (reblip)

The lovecats (acoustic) :The Cure

| play

Jimi Hendrix- Wild Thing LIVE; Set Guitar on FIRE

| play
naireh Acabo de ver un arácnido en el techo y siempre me acuerdo de The Cure - Lullaby

the curelullaby

| play
tuatara No kidding- I kinda like them @TPJK: "Their Smith fans & Radiohead likes their music!Weird right?@tuatara@shiner: "@briteburningblu: " (reblip)

OutkastMs Jackson

| play
Geo8 Questo video, quello che k.d. lang dice, la canzone stessa ne fanno una perla. Uno dei miei "top 5".
LeParadis gosh! Haven't heard this in ages - it's such a lovely song...

The EaglesDesperado

| play
tuatara Nirvana in the morning. It's a good thing. @tsarnick: "nirvana - you know you're right" (reblip)

You know you're right-Nirvana (with lyrics)

| play
miguesme Chill-Out Ibiza

Chill-Out Ibiza

| play
fxp123 "Michael Jackson - This it [1st Single After Death] via @deanaontheradio" (reblip)
UberDorkGirlie Gooood MmmMmMorning Mr. Coffee Mug, I need your strong, dark, sexy self to do me good baby, like Monday morning good. *wink*

PrinceDo Me Baby

| play
Meyda U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Dancer12 Found 3-4..can I keep 'em??@fxp123: "TY @dawoollyman: "rb TY @fxp123: "U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Lookin' For #militarymon""" (reblip)
shawnystar Wow .. I found something! Led Zeppelin - Tangerine - LIVE - 1975. Nice nice nice...
AnnoyMouse Mushrooms, Mushrooms, everywhere (reblip)

The Doors "Break On Through" Infected Mushroom Swing Remix

| play
deo cause your words hit like a train and I can't ignore it
darknessdisgrace I don't know if it's my favorite album, but it's up there. #frys
danlopez2012 Now Is The TiME!!!!!!!

The Crystal Method-Now Is The Time (Millenium Mix)

| play
markmac The Smiths – I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
ktp107 TY! why you up so early on the holiday Monday?!?!? outta props 4 U already :-( @sir_edward_ross: "GEORGE THOROGOOD "Bad To The Bone" (reblip)


| play
TechJunkie Rock me, Baby!

Rock Me Baby-BB KIng/Eric Clapton/Buddy Guy/Jim Vaughn

| play
SarahABQ I feel like you do:) ty vi@Crashlndin: "Peter Frampton – Do You Feel Like We Do" (reblip)
SAbreu "O mal pula comigo na piscina e não se afoga, o mal joga xadrez em tardes quentes e não se afoba..."
marthagabriel É cor de rosa choque :-) Sempre!
magbret Klaxons - gravity's rainbow (Van She remix)
Alismcg ~listenin' to Bob Marley & The Wailers singin' "Work" ~ (reblip)
IKIDYOUNOT Listening to: Sly the Family Stone – "I Want to Take You Higher" (boom shaka laka laka, boom shaka laka laka)
SkyeCebh Much better now :D Nothing great music can't fix! :) @marijaanadj: "I'm great! And you sweetie how are you today?! @SkyeCebh (reblip)

Deep PurpleHush!

| play
ShopUltimate @ShutterBugGeek The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go - I decided to stay (reblip)
BBASE Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil
Gen22 Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'The Zephyr Song'

Red Hot Chili Peppers- The Zephyr Song/ W Lyrics

| play
iangoole For all you Chameleon looking motherfuckers out there...Bowie Changes.

david bowiechanges

| play
LynnSunshine of course not darling.....@rguimaslima: "U forgot me??? » @devlps: "rb@BakingMan: "I bet u got lot's of video of you @sarahcarina""" (reblip)
SkyeCebh Great music should be mentioned! ;) Good to see you :) @TmS: "Oh, don't mention it! :D @SkyeCebh: "Thanks! :D @TmS: "vi@SkyeCebh @Tirion""" (reblip)

AC/DCBack In Black

| play
PabloM U2 – Pride (In The Name Of Love) - SLANE CASTLE
PabloM U2 _ Staring At The Sun (Live from Slane Castle)

U2 _ Staring At The Sun (Live from Slane Castle)

| play
PabloM U2 – Stay (Faraway, So Close!) acoustic
PabloM U2 – I will follow

U2I will follow

| play

Singing in the Rain

| play
flinndc TY and Good Morning rb @scotlandlover: "Great song! GM ;-) rb @flinndc: "Wheel In The Sky "" (reblip)
flip @mistressmia: "Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box" ty (reblip)


| play
flinndc I like big butts and I can not lie.
timdurham Do you realise? Marillion, Fugazi


| play

Chega de Saudade Tom Jobim e Vinícius de Moraes

| play
PabloM Duran Duran "Come Undone"

Duran Duran "Come Undone"

| play
sswayze don't want to be a boy today -
Annapurna hello my friend :)@flinndc: "Hello RB! @annapurna: "Good morning all,it`s a beautiful day!"" (reblip)

Robert Plant-Ship of Fools

| play
rentolon yes I am!!

The Beatles-I am the Walrus(BEST QUALITY)

| play
Dani_L Santana, Everlast – Put Your Lights On

Falling Down- Tears for Fears

| play

Lauryn Hill Zion

| play
Erwin1974 @Atomik @santamistura, having a good weekend sofar? I am, the sun is finally shining
shawnystar Rb @Erwin1974: "@Atomik @santamistura, having a good weekend sofar? I am, the sun is finally shining" (reblip)
belucha In a moment we lost our minds here And lay our spirit down Today we lived a thousand years All we have is now Run to the water And find me there...
DJChicken this is not my beautiful house,,,......I rent it.

The Beatles-Obla Di Obla Da

| play
westham999 #FF S/O @Weboptimiser @K_Barrett @RioHerrero @EricGourmet @Everywun @stevenseppinni @The_Path_Finder @planethealer @deejay1252 @mktgboss (reblip)
its4am Good morning @rerkaizen! :) a good evening wave from me :-h ... Have a lovely day! (reblip)

SadeBy your side

| play
shawnystar I just got back from the beach..all day long in the water... :D
Mysterymix try chrome/->with it u just have to refresh page :) @eliott_is_dead: "Fucked up blip already closed my firefox three times ¬¬" (reblip)

John Lennon Cold Turkey

| play
DuchessOfYork My theme music for today ;-) "Hey hey mamma, the way you move..."
shawnystar The Ramones - Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue - Live! HQ!

06 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue

| play

kings of leon / Sex on fire

| play
CMFlinn Great song!! -------> Babe I'm Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin
sageeb @ronenk לא סתם אומרים שאלוהים היא די.ג'יי
aprildax Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself....hey little girl wont you come this way..won't you let me show you paradise, don't ask your mother for advice..

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Live in L.A.)

| play
shawnystar They still got it.... God I saw them Live a few times now.. Just love it!! @Shanti46 Thank you for always being there,props,replies and listening..
anna8687 Maroon 5 - This Love

Maroon 5- This Love Lyrics

| play
Tropicsz4 Hi, Happy Thursday ((@shawnystar )) Bob Marley & The Wailers – Stir it up
mettee and yes Nouvelle Vague did an awesome cover of this too ;-) @tetsuo
67stanng Good Morning All - Song of the Day
veiotarado Você não conhece as música de Jimi Hendrix? Não sabe o que está perdendo
DareToEatAPeach Hellos.

The B-52's Roam live performance!

| play

Pearl Jam Betterman Live

| play

Stereophonics -Dakota (Live @ Reading Rivermead)

| play
ignacio la ropita de este video, jaja navegando en trajecito, :D
shawnystar Live - Toto - Africa - 1990 ! HQ!
kylecameron on my new favorite Pandora station
cpcdiniz @DJRoy1: "A-ha – Hunting High And Low" (reblip)
remembermstn Si si trabajando tu apunto de ir a dormir ?@Unpredictable: "Trabajando? ;) @remembermstn:"me dan ganas de bailar (reblip)

Simply RedStars

| play
Alfea Gorillaz °*° Spitting out the demons
pieohpah Batman OST

smashing pumpkins live The End is the Beginning is the End live (original version)

| play

Jamiroquai, Cosmic Girl

| play
GypsyDancer The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic "I have to try to tell her, the feelings I have for her in my heart..."
almenara @jefferymavers: .... sleeping late, smoking weed in the shop, selling tickets, opening cd's all day, being cooler than you." (reblip)

George Harrison When We Was Fab (Remastered)

| play
iNAViSiON Strange Days [thievery corporation remix] [hearmetalkofsinandyouknowthisisit]
daytonacharger @desyslava, I LOVE YOU DESI !!--David Bowie,--Modern Love,--a really Brillant song & video from Mr Bowie which really rocks!!! FANTASTIC!!!


| play
Chafule me me me

The Cure "Why Can't I Be You?"

| play
KROMAGE the verse to this song is so's almost a metal riff really