showmeprotools Classic song from the early 80's Sylvian and Sakamoto collaborations. Available originally as a Double A Side single with Bamboo Music


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showmeprotools If you've never seen it, look up Mew Snow Brigade at the Danish Music Awards. Can't wait to hear the new stuff....soon.

MewSnow Brigade

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showmeprotools I Like Cindy Lauper's Version of this Prince Song Better than His.
showmeprotools Remember when this came out? I do - it blew me away.

Big CountryIn A

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showmeprotools I'm doing the Rubiks Cube right now - seriously. And this is a great song for it.

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

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showmeprotools @kveebee: "I follow where my mind goes " (reblip)


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showmeprotools This song reminds me of being a kid in 1976
showmeprotools Mew is working on a new album. This is one of my favorite songs from the last album. It has a great video, too - look it up on youtube. Mew "Special"


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showmeprotools This song needs no explanation. Classic FM Radio Ballad.
showmeprotools My favorite early DM track. The Sun and the Rainfall.
showmeprotools I don't like everything U2 does. But this song is as great as the first day I heard it 20 years ago.
showmeprotools Do you hear the similarities between this song and U2 Unforgettable Fire? They're not ridiculous. But they're there.
showmeprotools One of the classic FM ballads of the 70's.
showmeprotools Know for their hit Jackie Blue. This was a lesser know song, also sung by Ozark M.D's drummer.
showmeprotools Nick Drake is admired by countless artists and fans. But not well-known. He put out a few records in the early 70s and then tragically, passed away.
showmeprotools Elton John. Few people have the talent this man has. You know that he did not write any of the lyrics he sings. Yet he makes them all so believable.
showmeprotools Kiss: At their best. And at their worst. 1979.
showmeprotools New Years Eve, I think it was 1979. This song and the Disco Stars Theme by Mecca were both in the Top 100. This Rod Stewart highlight was better.
showmeprotools Boney M Rasputin - Classic Disco 12". Still sounds amazing today. Analog recording and good engineering plus a killer track. Can't go wrong.
showmeprotools This is a cool song, sung in German, by one of Germany's biggest pop acts, Wolfsheim. Like Depeche Mode? Check this out.
showmeprotools Speaking of Germany. Summer in Berlin by Alphaville.
showmeprotools You can dance if you want to

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

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showmeprotools A beautiful song by David Sylvian and Mick Karn after they had disbanded Japan. 1987

David SylvianBuoy

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showmeprotools Love the amount of reverb in this mix. Bringing 'wet' mixes back!
showmeprotools Bowie's Album 'Tonight' was a bit of let down for many people after Let's Dance. But I always loved this song.
showmeprotools Still my favorite song off of my favorite Def Leppard album. "F-F-F-F-Foolin"

Def LeppardFoolin

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showmeprotools Great Track from the first Duran Duran album. Friends of Mine.
showmeprotools It's okay to be a one-hit wonder when the hits are this big. This is over 20 years old and it's still as catchy as ever.
showmeprotools Great Summertime Single


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showmeprotools Alphaville's Classic 80's album overshadowed by the so-so single Big in Japan. Heavy Bowie is most obvious in this excellent song.
showmeprotools I'm counting down the hits from 1981 today!
showmeprotools I'm counting down the hits from 1981 today!
showmeprotools #57 - Enjoy the 1981 Countdown on ShowMeProTools BLIP.FM
showmeprotools #56 - Enjoy the 1981 Countdown on ShowMeProTools BLIP.FM
showmeprotools #54 - Enjoy the 1981 Countdown on ShowMeProTools BLIP.FM
showmeprotools #46 - Enjoy the 1981 Countdown on ShowMeProTools BLIP.FM
showmeprotools #43 - Great song. Hall and Oats! Man - in hindsight those guys wrote a ton of hits. Enjoy the 1981 Billboard Countdown on ShowMeProTools BLIP.FM

You Make My Dreams

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showmeprotools Jumping ahead to #37 in 1981 (Dianna Ross was making me feel weird) - Foreigner! Urgent!


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showmeprotools Needing to restore my equilibrium after listening to Kenny Rogers.
showmeprotools @Kgirl: "It's like Pink Floyd Lite, but it's still good. " One of my favorite Pink Floyd Songs - seriously! (reblip)
showmeprotools @BrknGirlSoldier: "it won't let me give you more props @showmeprotools ! thanks - but thanks even more for this song! (reblip)
showmeprotools What Duran Duran Song used Let's Dance as it's basis? It's coming up next - so listen closely.
showmeprotools Here it is! Union of the Snake. Roger Taylor said they lifted the kick and rhythm parts right off of Let's Dance.
showmeprotools Jeff Lynn is an amazing producer. Just think - this is 1978!

ELO - Turn To Stone

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showmeprotools Reminds me of Rollerskating at Stardust
showmeprotools Walter Egan "Magnet and Steel" - Very Lindsay Buckingham-ish.

Track 09

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showmeprotools It's too bad that Foreigner left everybody with thoughts of "I wanna know what love is" - because. perfect ballads aside - they ROCKED.
showmeprotools Pilot - "Oh ho ho it's Magic"


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showmeprotools Neil Sedaka – Bad Blood (with Elton John singing back-up)
showmeprotools One of the best songs I've heard in the last ten years is this Delirious song.
showmeprotools I'd like to see you - but then again - that doesn't mean you mean that much to me.

10ccI'm Not in Love

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showmeprotools Great song blip by @kbuech - but it's Quarterflash with Rindy Ross singing, not Pat Benatar (reblip)
showmeprotools KENT (Sweden) Hmmm....I think they put melodies in the water over there!


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showmeprotools Air. "wonder" in music.


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Alan Parsons Project-Eye In The Sky

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