quorum [1014/5300] :: Indiana: Stay here. Satipo: shrugs If you insist, seor. --Raiders of the Lost Ark
faithlesshaze I'd make out with all of them, still.
sjsjh3172 Good Girls Go To Heaven Bad Girls Go To Amsterdam. Thanks for props @sir_edward_ross : Good girls are boring ; See you in amsterdam !=)

Good Girls Go To Heaven Bad Girls Go To Amsterdam

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tunedtochords The song that inspired my username for everywhere on the internet. Also, was obsessed with this album in high school.

WilcoJesus, Etc.

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jesset23 so upbeat and jumpable/dance status


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MaccaPhonics This was the only song on their whole album worth listening to. I hate when albums are craptastic. Hot Chip ~ Ready for the Floor
OhDoogs Love these guys. Oh, Deutschland...

Wise Guys-Alle meine entchen

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patchit rb@jenisrunning: "Weezer - I Want You to" I can't quite get into new weezer... but this one I like :) (reblip)
DJEmpire1 Well, now I've seen your smile I can go to sleep happy. Goodnight :)

Sleep With One Eye Open Lyrics BMTH

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patchit this whole week I've been on a japanese music kick, trying to study the language subliminally, I suppose...

Utada Hikaru Passion After The Battle

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Nilloc I want a ukulele

5 Years Time (Noah and the Whale Cover) Two Blokes, Two Ukes

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iamfran Minus the Bear – Pachuca Sunrise

Daft Punk Harder Bodies (Male version) Harder Better Faster.

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MarissaZofia I am OBSESSED with Houses by Great Northern, so I'm reblipping :] (reblip)

Great NorthernHouses

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Sandman5 [Coeur de Pirate -- Comme des Enfants]
paintedword avendo perso il conto, l'ultima. E che ultima.
natsukigamer ai otsuka...cherish..buenos diiias!!!!

Goldfrapp "Ride a White Horse"

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patchit this weather is really making me miss japan... like whoa. like crazy whoa. #saudade


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Jhookster Clearasil and Freederm, sitting in my bathroom...[Charlieissocoollike is absolutely brilliant]

A Song About Acne

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xelar2 gotta love hum

humthe pod

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sillydream take a spin around oh one two three

Brakes 'Worry About It Later'

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ScenicKK The XX – Crystalised

The XXCrystalised

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LuluB the gain of electrons is reduction, obviously

Kimya DawsonChemistry

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LuluB i dont need to but i want to sing with you cause i miss you :)
Nilloc Breathe out, Breath in. BE CALM

fun.Be Calm [AUDIO]

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Nilloc I can help her out but I've got somewhere to be, And thats the very thing when your dealing with me
Nilloc My guitar is not around, and I'm struggling with the xylophone to make these feelings sound

JaymayGray or Blue

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kasaa choosing love over loosing

Four leaf clover

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Surferess Cloud Cult ~ Chemicals Collide "And oh god, it's beautiful Insatiable The way our chemicals collide"

Cloud Cult-Chemicals Collide

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DjEntronic Defendor - Woody Harrelson as a mentally ill superhero. Think Batman Begins meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest.
jordan1507 @star45: "Air Traffic – Shooting Star" (reblip)

Air Traffic - Shooting Star

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scokno this dude is top of my list right now

JónsiGo Do

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sillydream Feel no shame for you have achieved more than you have forsaken

The EmbassyState'08

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Little Apple Blossom

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Jhookster Lately I don't think of you at all...
Jhookster But I dont have forever, to wait for you, yeah...

Walter MeegoForever

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LuluB this is kinda strange but I like it.

COCOROSIE: Werewolf [with lyrics]

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kameraguy one of the songs i've been digging lately...
farah_way So sad about Lhasa's illness and death. But so glad she felt loved. And that her soul will live on through her heartwrenching music.
louiskugel and for you i'll keep . . .

Lykke LiLittle Bit

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rockstonic My little sister used to cry every time she heard this song
siouxicidal10dancy everybody wonders why no one ever tells the truth
Nilloc Not the best recording, but still worthy just to put out their name: Broken Bells
Nilloc The last of today's music from aimlessly wondering around
futurebiblehero We got deserts we got trees We got the hills of Beverly Let's burn the hills of Beverly


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kasaa hungry!

Coeur de Pirate Umbrella (cover) Printemps de Bourges

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ObsoleteLaika SO looking forward to hearig Pavement on Roskildeeeee!

Pavement Give it A Day

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steffsux one of my favorite songs and weezer does a pretty great cover as well


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BigEvil This is incredibly rare and incredibly funny. I'm gonna go eat lunch...you and your kids enjoy this!
dj_maxx Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Skeletons
Edwina_Cullen This song most assuredly makes my all time favorites! @flyleafmusic absolutely rocks! Thx Jared, Pat, Lacey :-) Again - Flyleaf


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patchit '... I've been here before...'
khaaaaan A.K.A. The Band on the roof from Ten Things I Hate About You.
ScenicKK i don`t understand a word......but it's not important, i know this song is awesome
thetruckert dance bitch dance!

Future Of The Left Dancing Video

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Underclass I like this a lot more than I should.
RunRunItsHim Other people's theme for when I walk into the room.
katarinax sa, sawayaka kaisyain

相対性理論 さわやか会社員(たぶん高音質ww)

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katarinax This is my favorite! Strange sweet voice and melody


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rockboy The Soft Pack Beside Myself #musicmonday #rockboyradio

Beside Myself

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nikkistarr This isn't just a song, it's a spiritual adventure. \m/
Sunnylikely A little bit of 'Uplifter - Too Much Too Fast'
katarinax @kaecha Welcome new listener. よろしくです!

相対性理論 品川ナンバー(たぶん高音質ww)

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DuncanDogg #33. (b) Two classic Kinks songs have to share the nod for great usage in Wes Anderson's "The Darjeeling Limited". And here's the other.
bubblegumjo @2fast4u: "Interpol - Slow Hands" (reblip)

Interpol-Slow hands

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filippocioni Deep Deep Night in Florence with Labradford – Pico


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kasaa wir sagen ja und meinen nein


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kasaa etwas außer der Reihe für den Herrn @OneBitWonder
DareToEatAPeach Another one for @iceblink or anyone who appreciates quality new new wave/electro.

Shy Child "Astronaut"

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code64fm Stop doing that job related task

Ebony Bones The Muzik

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organicsue I'm hung up on you.........Time goes by so slowly for those who wait...........Madonna (reblip)

MadonnaHung Up

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kasaa one of the best concerts ever.
kasaa this one reminds me of my college time
kasaa wish you could understand the lyrics
kasaa blipping some german stuff today


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suzanne @adbert: "#VideoClip [Blur – Song 2] Con pasito de murga, nos vamos yendo..." (reblip)

BlurSong 2

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SBenoit Le Birthday Album... CD rayé à force d'être écouté !

Indochine - Le baiser

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PavlovsStepson "She dawns, she burns, she grows, she feeds, she spews, she dies above us and builds the shadows which faces myself"

Soap&Skinthe sun

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TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1979 "Receiving End" by London Zoo
dbot I ought be in bed, but anyone who missed me blip this earlier... @sandyriverside: "for everyone feeling the least bit dancey right now..." (reblip)
MikeTrap "It starts, sometime around midnight..." Airborne Toxic Event
jennyfae Grey weather, just like today.
AGOLDEN1 Ah the melancholy seduction of happiness.
HellenKellersIpod Later @all Have a great weekend
HellenKellersIpod They took most of the Pelican off. Now I'm mad
HellenKellersIpod @Mollykills We can have your party tomorrow.

Elliott Smith- Ballad Of Big Nothing

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HellenKellersIpod Hear that outside?

Portugal. The Man "In and Out and Out and In" (Acoustic)

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pollinatewildly @stewda Ok, one for you! I'm stateside in two days - you guys had better have a little summer left for me! Good night :)
katarinax thx for reblip! @PavlovsStepson: "Beautiful... @Junchai rb @katarinax: "This is the tenth century at B.C(縄文時代/ Johmon jidai) 's lyric and music. (reblip)


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HellenKellersIpod @ShesAllWrite: "In Iceland? ~ Black Moth Super Rainbow – Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise" (reblip)
clayjm Hot Chip - and I was a Boy From School - "nothing could keep her a child, long hours don't you know we tried"
HobbitFromPA Carbon Leaf – Toy Soldiers
Becool morning runner ~ oceans

Morning RunnerOceans

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Laurabell LOVE!

Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel

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Have A Nice Day Stereophonics

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Jhookster I have to say, I'm loving the technorockishness of this one
MusicIsMySunshine Nice - heard that one this morning but never heard this one! rb@THX3 (reblip)
asterion this is my original style, 100% original, before i found that fateful book on Picasso... as you can see it was easy to go BM w/ this...

The Killers vs Muse When You Were A Starlight (Team 9 Mix)

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americasfinestent @ladypn: "Here's something new by Airborne Toxic Event. ;) " thanks alot (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Weird Tapes is a side project of one of the guys from Hail Social.
katarinax フー!こっちみたら死んじゃう!こっちみたら死んじゃう!わお!

Made In Hungaria: Kiss Tünde-Meghalok hogyha rám nézel

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DJFrankie Reblip @ArthrReeeeD, got to go out into the... 'Evening everybody. (reblip)

Bishop AllenRain

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tiffanized I will remember every shade and shadow
ScenicKK @DJ_mao: "@WIGSTA: "Uffie is going to be my wife" ...sorry but I think she might cheat on ya, it's just a feeling though..." (reblip)

UffiePop the glock

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lovemy4sons @dupea I think you will like this song also. Eye Alaska-My Life Is Not My Own
D4RTH_L4T3R1LUS great hardcore punk band. fucking brilliant.
Kareq Con esta canción como inspiración me voy a pedir cacao a la novia, ojala resulte, gracias Muse, que haria sin ti

MuseIn Your World

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mariemoi can I come along@djilo: "United Future Airlines // Inspiration from @Blippo :)" (reblip)
TobyRosen this is such a happy song. it's fantastic. :)
rocknrollmelissa A perfect song --- God Called In Sick Today
Jhookster I love this song far too much.

Damien RiceCreep

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Jhookster This song always makes me feel a little better :)
MaceosFunk for upsetunicorn, i cry, i cry hard

Sufjan Stevens-To Be Alone With You

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Nilloc Hey moon, please forget to fall down. Hey moon, don't you go down.
gelk New Order - Ceremony, RIP, carry on, and so it goes ...

New OrderCeremony

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Harry Belafonte Day-O ( Banana Boat )

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RETROSPECT @sillydream "stuck doing people things, not knowing you have wings."

Johnny Cash-Folson Prison Blues

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farah_way Somehow somewhere in the spaces between us this song is connecting me to #SSJ ~'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
RETROSPECT @sillydream "and i know you're replying, you don't even want me trying. you get nervous when you're lying."
sillydream today is a soulful folk music day...i think it coincides well with the rain

Portugal. The Man "In and Out and Out and In" (Acoustic)

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Nilloc @sillydream; heres that song! but I'm sure you already know it
DJEmpire1 Never ready but always willing
Nilloc @sillydream; heres that American Rejects I talked about, I just had to send it
RETROSPECT i've been listening to this song all weekend maynard <3

Puscifer Rev 22:20 put to the movie Constantine

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scokno a favorite song for drawing
Jhookster Cool song :)

hey leonardo (she likes me for me)

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Nilloc PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The world would be a better place if people would only pick up after their dog
Nilloc Ba ba ba, ba. ba. ba.

Ben Kweller Falling

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Nilloc I used to be a socialist, a sort of communist, now i'm a pessimist and i don't care at all.
sillydream @LuluB have you heard this song by them? well if you haven't here you go! i love CocoRosie and their freak folk


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Nilloc I wanna go to Dublin! (but its not for the magazines)

State.ie Presents :: Tegan and Sara

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kasaa And another Yay! This is excellent! @space_cadet: "Yay. Yay! rb@nastysurprise" (reblip)
RETROSPECT "sometimes i think that i'm bigger than the sound"
Nilloc Found this today, looking forward to their album

New goodbye Hey rosetta!

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sillydream the calming song i need after a tiring day

sea of lovecat power

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Jhookster Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead...

"Sheets" by Tegan and Sara

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kasaa goodnight. let's see what surprises tomorrow has to offer...

Clara LuziaQuiet

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sillydream i'm sticking with you, 'cause i'm made out of glue
Nilloc If you want to catch a star then walk my way I will take you where the night is always day

Courtney Love Mono

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Nilloc First I was, cool!, then I was cooler!, then I was WTF? but then I was like, Awesome!!!

Margaret Cho feat. Tegan and Sara- Intervention

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kasaa Yayayay - booked a train to hamburg to visit one of my dearest friends next week...
Nilloc Pomplamoose and Ben Folds, Go Listen Now! "ThingsYouThink"

Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, & Pomplamoose VideoSong!!!!

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louiskugel ty @immerschoener - Pärt's music is incredibly dear to me, this Agnus Dei particularly (reblip)
Nilloc Pardon my french but FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Coast "When I'm With You"

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Nilloc And she says, "Your first sin was a lie you told yourself."

The Navesink Banks + Lyrics (Album Version)

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Jhookster @sillydream ; You're in to crazy foreign language songs haha, maybe you'll enjoy this?!
Nilloc "The Giant of Illinois, Died of a blister on his toe".....still a nice song
Nilloc I just sing what I have, and I've got this girl, not yet crushed by the world. I count the freckles on her face one, two, three hundred times a day
Nilloc Kid Cudi, Vampire Weekend AND Best Coast
Nilloc Smiled and said, "Yes, I think we've met before" In that instant it started to pour
Nilloc Pardon my french... but fuck college
Jhookster Ohhhh this is so cool!!!
sillydream Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future
Nilloc When U love somebody and bite your tongue all you get is a mouthful of blood
Nilloc I don't like college and I haven't even started it yet...
Nilloc We've come a long, long way; There's so much to say. We still have a long, long way.

We've Come a Long Way by Good Old War

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sillydream @Nilloc I found the song! (you may not know what i'm talking about but just listen to it and you'll figure it out!)

School of Seven Bells 'Windstorm'

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sillydream Grey's Anatomy plays good music
ScenicKK listn to her special voice
Nilloc Sold my tortured youth, piss and vinegar; I'm still angry with no reason to be
Nilloc If I gotta go first, I'll do it on my terms
LuluB <3 <3 <3

The Front Bottoms, "Maps"

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Nilloc I went down to the sacred store where I’d heard the music years before, but the man there said the music wouldn’t play.
Nilloc @sillydream; Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel.... hope you enjoy

Cecilia (Paul Simon, Jimmy Fallon, and STOMP) Live 4/6/11

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Nilloc Shut up and stay with me, stay with me, or, or let go of my hand
scokno FNL

Heaven by Brandi Carlile

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Poliça, "Wandering Star"

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