Jeffie Johnny Cash - "Sunday Mornin' Coming Down"
Gaz50 George Harrison -My Sweet Lord
acanuckfan << Buffalo Springfield – For What It's Worth >>

Cypress Hill - Lowrider

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BradHart shannon hoon a life cut way too short

Blind MelonNo Rain

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AFJGroup It's Friday, sunny and warm. Come on and ride with me on a fantastic voyage.
philkirby they're playing Leeds may bank hols . . . do I go? What if they're total crap these days . . .
disconnesso perché l'ha citata ora Ermanno..
HatHeadFred Ehh! It's Friday already! Chicago – "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"
heavenlyhands @The_Grim_Weeder - all out of props already for you, great blips! @djsurfer - good morning to you too (after lunch here now!) I love Fridays :D
haumea I used to have a cat that wanted to be loved all the time. She used to keep me up at night making noises. Thanks to @CatmonsterOdin
tdaniel39 From the movie, "Gran Torino". Perfect Sunday morning coffee tune.

Gran Torino

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Nesmee for @_JAsper_Hale_ this song always made me think of you and Alice.


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heavenlyhands @djsurfer - hello!!!! Hope all been good with you :D
marilovisky Hey, @fobregona + @rguimaslima + @Gaz50! Thanks, guys! :) Ah, @rxrx1776, I did remember that one from *Little Miss Sunshine*! Amazing movie & OST!
MEDICI when i was young i knew everything......
doublek Foggy morning on the Hudson. Thanks @jeromedavid for blipping the perfect song to shake my sleepies... hmmm hmmm hmmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm (reblip)
blm849 is watching the full moon so bright, listening to Lauryn Hill sing The Sweetest Thing (reblip)
barbaruiva Pq eu AMO essa música e tenho arrependimento de ñ ter ido vê-los em Cinzonópolis

Oasis - Champagne Supernova

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gitothethe ♪Lips Like Sugar - Echo & The Bunnymen - Echo & The Bunnymen - 1987
mvalmeida Soneca de 2 horas antes de voltar pros estudos. Good night, everyone. (reblip)
delphicdoldrums @englishatheart: "Worth playing over and over again. Get LOOSE!!!" (reblip)
Berrypunny @1980s, sorry been logging in so late lately. Been a busy girl! Thx for thinking of me! :) (reblip)
djilo Cool! You're aware of my Gui fetish. Nice =) Thanks! @kooi: "for you @spiraldelight @djilo" (reblip)
Zarabeth I'd love to... if only Mr Iggy Pop gave me the opportunity. :-P
ThePassenger Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Beyond The Law
djellenmellon One more before bed... love the banjo in this.
doublek gettin the led out. hello friday!
muchlovezoe I like rain better, personally, but I still find this song tearjerkingly real.
doublek @jeromedavid Haha, good one. Anyone in their 20's-30's when this came out who claims to not know all the lyrics is lying :) (reblip)

Young MCBust a Move

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie # Music To Tolerate Old People With 'Nursing Home Odors' # : Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't Fear The Reaper"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ROCK IN ROLL! : Living Colour - "Cult Of Personality"
smitty1966 this guys has been rockin' the ladies for a bloody long time

Tom JonesSexbomb

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muchlovezoe and with this everpresent sentiment, we close the night. goodpeep, bings. and lovers who claim they are changed but really they're just scared.


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farmerchick on a bus in france- thanks d for reminding me

YesLeave It

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backseatsurfer Joey's favorite karaoke song... Boston - More Than A Feeling
seaster I really miss The O.C. ...yes accept it people....

Evermore - The OC Soundtrack - Its too late

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farmerchick if i ever do a pole dance....this is the one to do it to

The CultWild Flower

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Collective Soul - Shine (Remix Edit)

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DrizzleMcNasty then you really might know what it's like
muchlovezoe in fact, I think I have rarely seen worse days. And those better days make me feel so sick in the sad part of Mr. Tum.

De La Soul - Buddy

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DJBELLADONNA Taj Mahal - Honky Tonk Women
yellowdoglove this is great for night driving too!

Bob Seger- Night Moves

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Flow one of the best examples of modern day quality lyricism...
LouieJizz I dont kno wut i want, no i dont kno wut i wantt. You got it, you got it, sum kind of majik ;]

"Turn Me On" feat. Papa Roach & Buckcherry

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Billy Joel "Piano Man" HD

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Take It Easy-The Eagles (Live)

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DJWolfe There's panic in the streets of London

The SmithsPanic

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2fast4u Back to The World I Know ~ Collective Soul =)
organicsue Credence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
dailystendhal beautiful @crispast: "searching for nighty tracks.. nothing better than this one.." (reblip)
caporal_chief @kareliz: "Nice choice! RB @caporal_chef Stone Temple Pilots – Plush (Storytellers)" (reblip)
polarkat Queen – Rock Montreal - killer queen/i'm love with my car
caporal_chief thank you, sweetie,....@DJKashmir: "@caporal_chef.......this is the right one!!! lol " (reblip)
DJTommmy @ryanfellman: "311 – All Mixed Up <== Great tune #musicmonday" (reblip)

311All Mixed Up

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Ello One of the reasons why I love Santana - this song!
DJBELLADONNA @paulastudio...good's going to be Lovely Day rain or sunshine!
rafaelladm @Totengrber Yeah, he is old. The other members of the band are young! It is funny to see them on stage. They have not played this song :[

The Sisters of Mercy -- 1959

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lilwldchld The dying embers of the night a fire that slowly fades till dawn.....

ELO - Turn To Stone

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jasoncrouch BOB MARLEY - "Turn Your Lights Down Low" - supremely relaxing:
vandaleyes Needed some gritty 60's! Thanks for the props @Jazzhole
GinaDunc The O'Jays – For The Love Of Money
Zarabeth Now, I don't really understand why should have legal problems: we're not sharing, we're streaming. FUCK RIAA!
tightsweater Haven't got a lot to learn and my eyes they stray again, looking for a satellite in the rays of heaven again. There's no other ending: Sunday sun.

BeckSunday Sun

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pjredd Euge Groove – Chillaxin
CarolannB Ok...I know it's a bit early for this but I really like this kid's voice & the msg in this song: "Justin Bieber - Cover of Someday @ Christmas"
MiaCarla Adele – Best for Last ♥

AdeleBest for Last

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estivator Love this guy - just read his memoir A Cure for Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage and couldn't put it down!
Request_Line Dream Theater – Overture 1928
Janetttt rb@megg: "@Janetttt, these guys are wonderful. Enjoy!" thnx! I like! (reblip)
GinaDunc Journey – Who's Crying Now
GinaDunc The Smithereens – Girl Like You
blm849 likes this just for the Jr Walker sax solo...honest! :) (foreigner-urgent)


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DJRosaNava @smitty1966: "Nice Bowie cover from Bauhaus...I like it !" (reblip)

BauhausZiggy Stardust

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detroitfan Garbage – Stupid Girl @LittleC: "the ginger that i love most :)" (reblip)

GarbageStupid Girl

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Shukitty @Echo_L yes, yes it was. especially watching you and @BigFootsJockstrap dance to this. while @HellenKellersIpod and I gave you funny looks =p
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