snikitiki "Let me sleep all night in your Soul Kitchen ..."
snikitiki A happy sad song? (Either way I can't sit still when listening to this!)
supersusie're where you should be all the time / And when you're not you're with / Some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend...
snikitiki ... They said, hey sugar, take a walk on the wild side ... All right ...
snikitiki "I'm the red ball express of lovin' Diesel-powered straight to you, I'm truckin' " ... Are there any better lyrics! Hey it's Friday ...
supersusie The body breaks and the body is fine / I'm open to yours and I'm open to mine
snikitiki "I want a little steam ... on my clothes"
luckyfish ok, I see you baby, shaking that ass. last one for the #headphone dance party and then I'm going to get some work done.
snikitiki "... When I get that crazy feeling ... I know I'm in trouble again ..."
snikitiki " ... An island lost at sea, Oh ... "
snikitiki " Low rider don't use no gas now, Low rider don't drive to fast ... " (Green/Hybrid? Dude!)

WarLow Rider

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K9RADIOTIKI Headphones with a new Sony ultra thin Walkman and walking around London 1984...Good Times!
snikitiki " ... I've got to be near you, Every night, every day, I couldn't be happy, Any other way ... "
snikitiki " ... Simmer down, it's got to be this way, Where's the love? Where is the loyalty? We did our part now where is the love? Simmer down ... "
snikitiki Try to not move during this song. I dare ya!
supersusie Wishes for Friday afternoon: "The good times are killing me."

Modest Mouse - 06-12-05 - 07 - Good Times are Killing Me

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snikitiki " ... I know I won't be leaving here (with you) ... "
snikitiki " ... Monday you can fall apart, Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart, Thursday doesn't even start, It's friday ... "
snikitiki One for the road as I head out to the tikimobile. Have a great weekend.
supersusie @luckyfish "theres nothing to do but believe, Just believe, Just breathe, Another day"
snikitiki " ... Let's go slow, let's go fast, Like a liqorice twist gonna whip your ass ... "
snikitiki " ... For you here's a song, to make your day brighter. One that will last, you long thru troubled days ... "
snikitiki " ... Do you believe in what you see ... "
snikitiki A beautiful little tune about taxes ...

Phil Celia And The Silver Tones - Keep On Smiling Pay Your Taxes

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snikitiki " ... When you kiss me heaven sighs, And though I close my eyes, I see ... la vie en rose ... "
snikitiki This one goes on for a while, but at 2 in the morning what else are you doing? Since you're awake anyway.
snikitiki " ... I took a fish head, Out to see a movie, Didn't have to pay, To get it in ... " (Sorry about the Demento stuff only ver. I could find to play.)
snikitiki " ... I love coffee, I love tea, I love the java jive and it loves me, Coffee and tea and the jivin' and me, A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup ... "
K9RADIOTIKI Oh what a way to sleep!!!

George Gershwin - Rhapsody In Blue (Solo Piano)

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snikitiki Good Morning all you surfers, wahines, hodads, and DJs.
Insanitiki Are we ready for what this day will bring? Dick Dale says "Hell ya!"
snikitiki " ... Read a book, play a game, every night is the same ... " Mahalo DJs.
Insanitiki And so, it is Monday.. and I am already, ready for the weekend! Or at least Wednesday! For now.. ; )
snikitiki " ... Out here on the dance floor, We can make sandwiches ... "
snikitiki " ... I hear the clinking of glass and ice ... "
snikitiki "No matter what happens in life try to stay cheerful."

Red River Valley

| play
snikitiki "Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you,Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you. But in your dreams, whatever they be, Dream a little dream of me"
snikitiki An all time old favorite! " ... Move to your left, Move to your right, Come on and tighten it up ... "
Insanitiki Headin home.. gonna listen to calming Kamakawiwo'ole's Rainbow song on the way.
threebears one single shot? ..quote'n'rblip @Diordan ^_^ thanks! same thing for me with props for you ;D :D (reblip)
erthsister It's past midnight now for me, but oh well. It *feels* like the middle of the night!
ladypn Well I would like to hold my little, hand I will run I will. I will cry. Its time to send me on my way, on my way, blip friends! Goodnight to ALL!
RocketmanUSA @ladypn The background vocals on tanita tikaram – redemption song were "Oh Happy Day", a song from 70's by Edwin Hawkins Singers. Awesome!
NumberSix This cover is so far wrong, that it crosses into completely right. I simply love it.
luckyfish @CoffeeGeek just schooled me on Thriving Ivory. so far I love them. thanks Mark. :)
snikitiki 3 - 0 Vancouver Final. Small ruckus at final second. Headphone pajama dance party continues! I love the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
snikitiki " We love the all the all of you, Our lands are green and skies are blue, When all in all were just like you, We love the all of you ... " G-Night DJs
snikitiki " ... Dreaming of scenes from those songs of love, I was the endless sky, And you were my mexican dove ... "
luckyfish it's snowing cherry blossoms outside and the whole world is pink.
K9RADIOTIKI I forgot that I sometimes really like this song :) (reblip)
K9RADIOTIKI To all the folks that say " In my day" !
snikitiki put your feet up, I'll get the blender out! (I wish!) (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq don't know who originally blipped this but its great!
snikitiki "...You, Can dress in pink and blue just like a child, And in a yellow taxi turn to me and smile, Well be there in just a while, If you follow me ..." (reblip)
snikitiki " ... Her morning elegance she wears, The sound of water makes her dream, Awoken by a cloud of steam, She pours a daydream in a cup ... "
snikitiki Thank you Sodaly! Reblip: Saved by zero 7 in the waiting line (reblip)
snikitiki Shaping up to be a good afternoon.
snikitiki Remembering Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997) ... Mahalo
snikitiki " ... I spend the afternoon in cars, I sit in traffic jams for hours, Don't push me, I am not ok ... " (Still a kinda fanboy for Sleater-Kinney)
luckyfish I'd be dancing if it wasn't so hot


| play
snikitiki " ... The fire in your eyes keeps me alive, Oh, the heads that turn, I'm sure in her you'll find, Make my back burn, The sanctuary ... "
snikitiki " ... Givin' it to the married men, the married men, all o' that time in hell to spend, for kissin' the married men ... "
snikitiki " ... Whoa, amber is the color of your energy, Whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally ... "


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snikitiki "Her flashing smile, her searching eyes, Oh a promise it seems of having all of my dreams, Finally realized, But I can’t ignore that guy by her side "
Fezmonger I live for the sort of feeling this music gives me. Next time we're in NYC I hope The Moonlighters are playing.
snikitiki " ... Then you came along with your siren of song, To tempt me to madness ... "
snikitiki " ... Too sweet for words, The song and you ... "
Insanitiki Must be Happy, Happy, even if nose is snotty, snotty.
BoyHowdy1 One more classic blues tune from one of the best....John Lee Hooker.
snikitiki No Idea what he's singing ... but I like the sound! (reblip)
snikitiki " ... Life is what you make it, That's what the people say, And if I can't make it through tomorrow, I'd better make it through today ... "
snikitiki I once knew a Martha ... She wasn't that Little ...
snikitiki I love these two ... I'm always smiling after listening to them ...

BOSKO & HONEY Season II Episode 4

| play
snikitiki "... Love, Love is a verb, Love is a doing word, Feathers on my breath, Gentle impulsion, Shakes me, makes me lighter, Feathers on my breath ..."
snikitiki "... Why are you being a dick head for? You're just fucking up situations ..."
Fezmonger Was introduced to this band thru @Planetnelson I really dig the use of video but the song kicks ass on its own
snikitiki "... We got lucky, Didn't We ..."
supersusie fish heads fish heads

The Fish Head Song

| play
MissCherryBublz "It's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you"... The Roches - Sleigh Ride
snikitiki When I was a kid I wanted to be like Lionel Hampton. Actually played the "Bells" for a year.
MissCherryBublz I need a surf fix...... The Nevegans - Downey Surf
snikitiki sketch, sketch, erase, sketch ...

Willy DeVille (band)- Peter Gun Theme

| play

Patsy Cline-Walkin' After Midnight

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snikitiki Calling it a night. Best of dreams to all. See everyone come daylight. Mahalo Dj's and Twitterers.
supersusie and so it was that I came to travel upon a road that was thorned and narrow (reblip @fweep) (reblip)
snikitiki " ... Baltimore isn't Paris, But it'll do when I'm with you ... "

Victoria Vox Beautiful Home

| play
snikitiki RT @MissCherryBublz: "We're on the Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads" (reblip)
BambooLoveSong Well, I'll tell you a story of Whiskey, and Mystics and Men... Dadadaaa.

The Doors Whiskey,Mystics And Men

| play
snikitiki " ... I even have a suitcase full of kisses, If you need a lovin' man, will travel, ... "
snikitiki " ... Hip Shake Baby ... " This is the kind of Friday I'm having!
snikitiki For all of you "Mothers" this weekend. Help celebrate Mothers Day with your Mom. She'll always deserve better.
Insanitiki Alright... here is my Tiki, Rum, Beach n Ukulele song... The Iceman Cometh. *Be Gentle* ;P @CrazedMugs it ain't!
thegirl You make a man wanna just change his mind, girl... And everything I do, baby, just right on time, girl...
BattLady Dig through the ditches, BEEAATCHES!
aquamarines i swear this is like being a kid sitting around the living room playing records with 1,000,000 friends... insanely fun... thank you all & good night!
aquamarines totally miss Hawaii! @princessleah515: "Hey @me I need a vacation from my vacation (which is funny cause I book cruise..) Hawaii sounds good!" (reblip)

He Aloha No O Honolulu-Teresa Bright

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MissCherryBublz Yep, another year gone by... Happy Birthday to Me...
tiddleywink Here's a little lullaby for those of you heading off to Slumberland. Dom dom, dom do-dom ooby do.
snikitiki " ... Why did you have to decide, You had to set me free, I'm gonna swallow my pride, Gonna beg ya to please - baby please see me ... "
tiddleywink "its lyrics pushed the limits of what was deemed acceptable"
TikiDarling If you want to buy my wares follow me and climb the stairs..Love for Sale, Lena Horne #AlmostFriday
TikiDarling Stay with me..let's just breathe..Eddie Vedder
TikiDarling Pink Martini captures Bolero beautifully..with a bonus video of history's most beautiful women..

Pink Martini: Bolero

| play
TikiDarling Duma Pequena Gentil..di Corpo Perfumado.. Cesaria Evora, Miss Perfumado #RestInPeace

Miss Perfumado. Cesaria Evora

| play
TikiDarling Enjoying Papá Joaquim Paris, a beautiful Cesária Évora song.. #CesariaRIP
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