nutrishn I, like Mellencamp, am from Indiana. In Indiana, liking Mellencamp is a legal mandate. ;-) heheheh.
KarrieLyne Love me some Peter Gabriel tunes...
maurilao one of my favs back in the 80s
maurilao Goooooooooooood mooooooooooorning, blip

Tori AmosLeather

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maurilao jump around the room screaming...right now!
maurilao say what you want but Tacy can sing
maurilao @calamari talking about Peter, this one was fundamental to my early 20s
sgabto eu nunca fiz strip tease, mas se fizesse, TINHA que ser clichê... tinha que ser com essa música.
sgabto tinha esquecido o quanto eu gostava de the cardigans... mais umazinha!


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maurilao Say hi to Mr. Reid

Living Colour Sunshine Of Your Love

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maurilao never get tired of this song (the lyrics are great)

Pink FloydFearless

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sgabto reblip da @janara, aliás, já leram pois leiam! e monty python é vida, meu caro! (reblip)
sgabto agora o trabalho vai que vai que é uma beleza, bom dia! pararararararam KISS!
maurilao long song just for the heck of it
sgabto pra fechar o dia... e eu continuo sentada lá

FugaziWaiting Room

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mattsloan this reminds me of Karaoke! Jerry Ghionis sang this! It was really good!
maurilao Gooooooooooood mooooooooooooooorning, blip


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sgabto um dos melhores albuns de #99 play do moby
maurilao not a big CC fan, but this one is fucking great
eliott_is_dead @andhow that's funny, cuz I only blip when I'm at work! anyway, hope u can manage that easily to play us a couple of great songs =)
eliott_is_dead @andhow oh yes, it's already friday, but i dunno.. i'm not much on a friday feeling... hope u'r enjoying it more than me :D
eliott_is_dead Today (and all the other days) Rafael identify himself with the following movie characters:


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eliott_is_dead 1-"She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart and she gave me... a pen"
eliott_is_dead @andhow bed? but it's friday! =/ what times is in there? (n' I have to find better ways to talk with people than through blips)

Radiohead - The Bends - 06 - Nice Dream

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maurilao saw it live back in 1989. amazing.
anneruthmann catching my second wind with Sly & The Family Stone!
anneruthmann Can't get enough of Mraz - love the simple carefree groove.

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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anneruthmann "I'll make the most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine."
arolasecas un clásico para el mediodía de tortuga aroliana
Girl_In_The_Fireplace how can you not like this song...


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Girl_In_The_Fireplace just dump the whole bag of sugar in my bowl... *lol*
Girl_In_The_Fireplace yet another interesting live version...


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gabasanch I know many won't agree with me, but this is the only jones song I like... maybe cause the movie
MaddyTheSongWhore Annie Lennox's voice is hauntingly delicious!!
MaddyTheSongWhore *snaps*snaps* ooooooohhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh!!
MaddyTheSongWhore @Figgywithit that be ...BEN FOLDS!! YAY!! <3Him!! (reblip)

The Luckiest

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MaddyTheSongWhore @ladypn yeah he's great..tricky introduced me a few weeks back...Thanks <3 (reblip)
MaddyTheSongWhore SongWhoreFav!! one of my Musical Orgasm songs!!!

John MayerGravity

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MaddyTheSongWhore Double Shot of John Mayer goodness!!! *sighs*
nutrishn They were playing this a lot on the radio about a year or so back. I like it; I wish they played it more.
sofa sometimes how I feel


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sofa classic

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

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sofa reminds me of my first love

StingFields Of Gold

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sgabto agora tá na hora de falar sério... stevão, you're my pride and joy
sofa to be chased again

StingSeven Days

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sofa you don't have to put on the red light


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sofa why can't a heterosexual guy tell a guy he's fly
sofa he's calling you dude!!
maurilao just a great, great song


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nickerrs look what i found!


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sofa old love song...brings back memories

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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nickerrs If you want it you've got to believe 'Cause being free is a state of mind
nickerrs ben makes me want to play the paino

Ben FoldsEmaline

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nickerrs brandon boyd is my boyfriend - no really - zach doesn't even mind
nickerrs think a lil' jim morrison will keep us warm in these winter months?
sofa love this...just saw the singer recording yesterday

TrainMeet Virginia

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sofa when I feel like there is no one that will ever know me there you are to show me
sofa from our own Philly native...this song always reminds me of my lil girl

Amos LeeSweet Pea

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sofa the power of photographs

Juanes & Nelly Furtado Tu Fotografia

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sofa some people call me the space cowboy
Majones OK. Time to get moving. No more e-mail and blog checking!
sofa a little morning wake up call
sofa beautiful song (reblip)


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lynnmichelle Love the drama of this song & the pinch of Russian in the middle. прекрасный!
sofa Just watched Horton Hears a Who, now this is stuck in my head! Even as I wander....
sofa even though its raining you must go on standing (reblip)
sofa this one is for Allie


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sofa You're never there! never ever ever (reblip)

CakeNever there

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sofa "I guess I should have known, by the way you parked your car sideways, that it wouldn't last ..." (reblip)
sofa madagascar in the morning- move your body nice and sweet and sexy
ladypn You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
everythingispop Attack of the nasally voiced singers continues...
StevenZimm Great song ... @Rella: " one makes me melt...TY !" (reblip)
mnelson Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker (Live Album Version)
ramblin_char two legends - weird combo, but I like it
dreamon51 Yeah! Go-Go's – We Got The Beat (Live'84) Some big hair there!

Bob Marley, Concrete jungle.

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yellowcheese rb @threebears: ""Walking back from your house / Walking on the moon [The Police - Walking on the Moon]" quote'n'rb @romanus ^(^ thanks!" (reblip)
CathyCdesigns @Brooklynborn123: Billy Joel New York Sate Of Mind' I miss NY how it used to be would rather be on beach with a fufu drink. Ty for all the props (reblip)
ukgal Annie Lennox Walking On Broken Glass (Live BBC Sessions'09)

Annie Lennox Walking On Broken Glass (Live BBC Sessions'09)

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Tots There's no such name as Brabra.

Flight Of The Conchords Season 2- We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady (With Lyrics)

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Pink Floyd, Echoes(part 1)

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Uncle Kracker- Memphis Soul Song at Sun Studio

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The Sky Is Crying- Stevie Ray Vaughan [High Quality No vid]

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sofa A little V-Day tune! @VB_guitars

Sweet PeaAmos Lee

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sofa a little dysfunctional VDay song by @Butchwalker

Butch Walker / Mixtape

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sofa would love to see this used for a wedding film or GTKY session #fb
sofa even though he's kind of a jerk I still like his music
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