WoweeZowee you knew the hands of the devil
Reckon I won't pretend to understand the movement of the wind or the waves out in the ocean or how like the hours I change softly slowly plainly blindly (reblip)
stroud @purplesime thanks. it took me a while to find a radio-edit version of "Remind Me" here in Blip. Thank you for following~ (reblip)

RoyksoppRemind Me

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martyr ".. in dreams emotions are overwhelming.."

RadioheadNice Dream

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martyr ..da ist nu aber das ohrmaß.. voll

HIM_Wicked game

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martyr ......@marigold wunderbares geplätscher (reblip)
natalynha "Alright darling are you gonna buy us a drink then?".
iddybud Annie Waits – Ben Folds
natalynha I don't care if Monday's blue Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too Thursday I don't care about you it's Friday I'm in love. (reblip)
TaraAtx a great scene in one of my favorite "geeky" movies.


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tigeladakawaii Agora a raposinha está a apanhar laranjas (acho eu) -- muito sexy :P
TaraAtx good morning! ...or afternoon, in my case

ColdplayGreen Eyes

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homemfantasma "You got the faking casanova!"
DareToEatAPeach Erg. Why do I overcaffeinate? This song has the answer.
Bebcho1603 lecker Glas Wein....hmmmm :-))
homemfantasma Sinto-me com saudades de ser, ainda mais, jovem.


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tigeladakawaii "It's a long way down on this roller coaster"
tigeladakawaii It's not going to stop... 'Till you wise up. (reblip)

Aimee MannWise Up

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homemfantasma "Cola-me no chão, querida. Ajuda-me a ficar no chão."
homemfantasma E agora? Agarramos a vida, pelos cornos, como ela nos chega. Flutuamos.
tigeladakawaii Paper time! "Application of new techniques for the accurate analysis of choice of prey", by A.C. Jackson and A.J. Underwood (reblip)

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Full Version)

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tigeladakawaii "And I'm all you need and that you never want more" (reblip)

AdeleBest for Last

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tigeladakawaii You got a lot of money, but you can't afford the freeway (reblip)

Aimee MannFreeway

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tigeladakawaii Another week starts tomorrow... With Plant Physiology. :S (reblip)
homemfantasma Pop servido de modo a rimar com rock.
DavidFonseca E antes que a Páscoa encerre de vez, aqui fica um tema que envolve coelhos...ou parte deles.
GabiButcher (Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody) his (voice) style is so 70's... and yet... I LOVE IT!!! (reblip)
GabiButcher i forgot how good these guys were² (Morphine – Honey White) (reblip)

MorphineHoney White

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homemfantasma Eu, que nunca soube esperar, não tenho a paciência a que as esperas obrigam.
GabiButcher (Kt Tunstall – Suddenly I See) outra ótim para uma tarde de Sexta. (reblip)
DavidFonseca Sim, hoje já se respira a Primavera em pleno. Actividades longe do ecrã são altamente recomendadas.
AlinaCosta "Onde estou...nada mais pode sou assim...uma fênix a arder...são só os meus erros...é toda a minha culpa...!"

MesaBoca Do Mundo

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AlinaCosta "Dá-me lume...dá-me lume...deixa o teu fogo envolver-se até a música acabar...dá-me lume...não deixes o frio entrar...!"
AlinaCosta "Às vezes o calendário...noutro mês...é dor...é cego e surdo e mudo...!"
AlinaCosta Going back to the corner...where I first saw you...gonna camp in my sleeping bag...I'm not gonna move...! (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @space_cadet Yep...which is why I'm not inclined to take self-portraits in the mirror. Erg. (reblip)
dickadcock Light, shine on the one you want. ... blipping what I like tonight.

Apple In B Major

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SlipperyDistortion from @HeyJoy. Thanks for listening. Cheers. (reblip)

LunaBroken Chair

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melodyofurlife @FPDJ1 She is the female singer on all Damien Rice tracks.

Lisa HanniganLille

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dickadcock Slow start to a gray day. here's your pep talk. Best I can muster w/o coffee. Morn' @ll.
dickadcock Strangely good version. Simple. Rough voice.
dickadcock Many groups have a good song or 2 to blip & choosing is easy. With Beirut, everything is "in play", and I just want to hear their sound. All good.


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SlipperyDistortion from @ciaomari. Good morning all. Only have time for a few quick blips before running errands. Hope your day is grand. (reblip)
dickadcock Another "sound" group. Any tune, just play me D e V o t c h k a !! (...popping in from time to time while I m on mp3 safari)
eduo Viendo si escuchándola completa puedo quitarme este número 1
AlinaCosta "I wanted to control it...but love...I couldn't hold it...!" - @TiagoManuel
AlinaCosta I am tired...I am weary...I could sleep for a thousand years...a thousand dreams that would awake me...different colors made of tears...!
AlinaCosta 'Cause she's so high...high above me...she's so lovely...she's so high...!!!
AlinaCosta Fiinnaallmmeennttteeee...a minha música preferida dele...!!! :D - @TiagoManuel
GabiButcher (Yann Tiersen - La Valse D'Amelie) Ça cest très douce!!! (obrigada @patricia_coelho) (reblip)

Yann Tiersen - La Valse D'Amelie

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SaoRibeiro The nouvelle vague is geting out on friday night and coming home in saturday morning, go figher....
dickadcock I played this several times in a row when I first heard it. Time for sleep, though. Good Night. (reblip)

KaiserCartelOh No

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melodyofurlife hours in a car, glad to be home.
AlinaCosta There is a wait so'll never wait so comes your man...!
soul_in_blue Doce amargura...pedacinho de sonho musical
AlinaCosta He couldn't quite explain it...they'd always just gone there...mmm mmm mmm mmm...mmm mmm mmm mmm...!!!

Nick Cave - Into My Arms

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AlinaCosta Baby...I feel so alone...and I need call my own...!!! (reblip)

KoopCome To Me

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Pete Yorn - Strange Condition

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AlinaCosta I wanna see...I wanna fight...'cause I don't feel scared...honey...if you care...choose love...choose!!
AlinaCosta A prova de que não se deve julgar ninguém pela aparência...uma voz simplesmente fantástica!!! A beautiful voice...don't you think...?! :D
SaoRibeiro Something to live for! The voice of Shannon Wright in the music of Yann Tiersen
AlinaCosta Your love alone - is not enough...not enough...not enough...! It's what you's what you said...what you said...what you said...!
homemfantasma Não te sinto fora ou dentro. Pelo menos, gosto: dentro e fora. Equilibrado, às vezes, pode ser o amor.

FeistInside And Out

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AlinaCosta Morning has the first morning...! (reblip)
melodyofurlife Hey somebody got her new name right! Santigold, not Santogold.
dickadcock Undeniably beautiful voice and song. Thanks for the blip to @melodyofyourlife Sara Watkins ( Nickle Creek) (reblip)
dickadcock Rickie doing her thing, which is being great.
AlinaCosta Os vencedores do melhor CD dos últimos 15 anos - via Antena 3...! :D
homemfantasma Das coisas que não podemos mudar...
dickadcock Really, really really like this. Yes. I do like it. Do ya wanna?
Momix74 @crispast ... già che ci sei ...:D (anche se non é ancora venerdì ;)
DavidFonseca A música que fechou uma noite em grande do David Byrne. Wonderful!
dickadcock This is _Really_Nice_. I'll have to watch for more! THX rb @Aluciel Another from A Fine Frenzy. She's finally working on another album! YAY! (reblip)
toxiferous Take everything, Fake everything, Save everything...
dickadcock i heard this vers. for the FIRST time yesterday. Incredible. i may not blip it everyday, but i will probably have to listen everyday for a while.
AlinaCosta Change your heart...look around you! Change your heart...will astound you! I need your lovin' the sunshine!
AlinaCosta I think separation is're no star to guide me only wanted me to play...the by your rule...!
AlinaCosta I wish my heart was cold...but it's warmer than before...!
AlinaCosta You had to drive...(I didn’t want to)! Look me in the eye...(I found it hard to)! Whisper don’t cry...(I had to whisper goodbye)!
AlinaCosta I'm too sexy for my love...too sexy for my's going to leave me...!!!
AlinaCosta They never owned it...and you never owed it to them anyway...I don’t blame you...!
dickadcock Love it: got here by looking up Bob Mould ->Drew Moulding ->which reminded me of wainscoting.(Not a perfect system, but I'm only human >animals! hmm)
dickadcock This was my introduction to Joan As Policewoman, about a year ago. How could I not love her voice and style? "I'm so happy to be loved." (reblip)
dickadcock Every time I play a work of Tanya Davis (Canadian ;))(NS) it is my favorite until I play another. (reblip)

Tanya Davis - Fortress

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dickadcock Out of props 4 U! (I think his uptown girl left town!) Reblipping @msbojangles (reblip)
toxiferous @rerkaizen Good morning to you too. Hope today is a good one for you!

AirAll I Need

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toxiferous @bobscopper Good luck with your goal today! You can do it! Use the force!!

CakeThe Distance

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dabnotu I did that once but I can’t remember when

Lotus72 Hours Awake

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tigeladakawaii Thanks @DesignerBaby! Have a good day too. It's a great day here in Lisbon too. :D
lou_wee_sa Oh! The Grandeur! is by far the best Andrew Bird album. I love dancing to this song.
lou_wee_sa Jennifer Charles and Mike Patton did such an excellent job on this album. Thank you dan the automator!
lou_wee_sa Trouble is what you bring.. strange love.

KoopStrange Love

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lou_wee_sa i just felt like listening to hope's voice.
soul_in_blue You are the King of the world ..and you are just so alone when you don't have a queen...
dickadcock Good Morning! (fake it!) Sounds like Johnny Ray. & yes it's rainy upstate today. Hope everyone is cheerful, and I can be dragged along for the ride.
i_Dea Muito bonitinha essa aqui, ó... \o/
natalynha i dont care if it hurts, i want have control i want perfect body, i want a perfect soul. ;~~


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natalynha i can only give you everything i've got....
i_Dea muito boa - @Diordan, pra vc - @Lucas_Lima, welcome - @SevenTenths, obrigada - @patduarte & @Nani1982 ... See ya´ll later blipplayers... ;)
natalynha sometimes i feel so happy but mostly you just make me mad.
natalynha drink sangria in the park....

Lou ReedPerfect Day

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natalynha Vicious.... you hit me with a flower you do it every hour oh, baby, you're so vicious

Lou ReedVicious

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RobertoFendler antena 1 ta atualzinha agora. ta tocando as novas caras q combinam com a radio como a Sara @Rick_Rocks
natalynha i need your understanding i need your love.. so much. (reblip)

CakeNever there

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i_Dea Bom dia! Goodmorning blipplayers!!! :D It´s friday and I just wanna...
toxiferous Dizzy with wonder, I shake my head to clear the view
orlandoarriaga Saturday morning! One day I'll wake up and walk straight into the pool outside my apartments. Bed to the pool. One day.
Marcu5 Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By

Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By

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Diego_Hache The sun is up, the sky is blue / Get up, you've got to keep on moving
cybel Very few of the Gotan Project's Blips are working. This is still wonderful "Santa Maria"
i_Dea "You must remember this A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply As time goes by."
soul_in_blue Hoje é dia dos The National rodarem até cair...:)
crisgorissen Rep @ivanneto: "TThe National, pra tornar a tarde mais digna > " (reblip)
topsurf there's always some reason to feel not good enough......
Greenie Cocorosie – Japan


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Greenie Adele – Cold Shoulder

AdeleCold Shoulder

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paeix from@Evelyn: "that's what you are" Thanks, I needed that today! Hitting the road for MM... gotta make these tiny towns look better than they are! (reblip)
Greenie The National – Green Gloves
Greenie Damien Rice – volcano

Damien Ricevolcano

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tigeladakawaii Morning people! @Flying_Roundhouse @ThaRocker (thanks for the props) @astronymous (thanks for the props too) @Firecracker16 :)

Kate NashHabanera

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tigeladakawaii Did you find it all much easier to stoop to where i was? With your power and your knowledge to leave me here

The GatheringAlone

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DavidFonseca Faro, Lisboa e Vendas Novas: tudo a postos?
DavidFonseca De regresso a Lisboa para mais uma noite no palco. O calor persiste no Alentejo :)
martyr .::flüsternd::. @pinkesmaedchen das und dein meisterinnenwerk lassen meinen seidenschwachen körper lächeln :) blütenzarte grüßle aus dem norden:)
martyr !!!!!!!!!das müsste vielvielviel schneller und geht doch nicht..das macht einen wahnsinnig!!!!!!!!!!!!
martyr (:::wahnsinnig:::doch ein mittel gegen mich haben sie nicht::::)
martyr ...süßsaftigen dank ..@chiron08 ;) ich nehme mal mit dem sandmann vorlieb ;) angenehme träume
samaniegoJessie Thom Yorke – This Mess We're In. "what where you wanting?,what was that you wanted?" (reblip)
homemfantasma "tudo correu mal a deus, espero por ti lá em casa..."
DavidFonseca É oficial. A Primavera está deprimida.
DavidFonseca Que se lixe a Primavera, vou pendurar uma bola de espelhos no lugar do sol.
DavidFonseca All I know is there's something new this year.

Hello Saferide2008

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dickadcock @Fated... you played this group - this is the one that sticks with me. Like it a lot.
dickadcock Great! rb@rogue_fm: "Feist. Live in Paris. She is so fucking cool. I want to be like her. I want to BE her. (NOT amateur vid...)" (reblip)
dickadcock Interesting video, & of, course, it's B E I R U T !! Reblipping newish blipper @caitlinweber (way to pick 'em!) (reblip)

BeirutElephant Gun

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dickadcock Poetry in M'Ocean ..."I was outta your league, you were 20,000 underneath the sea, "waving" affection" ... "never felt so close, never felt so alone"
dickadcock is a short clip tweeted yesterday in rec. session. Cute Toddler Alert!
dickadcock Just got word that the Coldplay concert for tonight at SPAC has been canceled. (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) no details yet.

ColdplayFix You

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dickadcock One of MANY Ingrid favorites . . . empty bottle feeling... time to repaint myself...
dickadcock Nice. I like. (resisting urge to play with name) rb@andhow: "." (reblip)
dickadcock Pretty, pretty, pretty song. & pretty nice blip Thanks! to@SaoRibeiro ... (reblip)
dickadcock @SaoRibeiro is on a songs-that turn-me-into-mush roll THX rb another nice one @SaoRibeiro: "Under a thanks spell ..." (reblip)
dickadcock . . . continents are made of clay, dreamers leaving every day . . .
dickadcock From The Reminder album. Doesn't seem to be blipped as much as many (haven't seen it at all, but surely has been) Duet on the refrain. Lovely
dickadcock Take T & C In -- Brakes . . . turned out to be my to do list, not a song by the Brakes. Did find this, though, & lots of Brakes & Turin Brakes!!
dickadcock Like its singability. Like Johnny. Imeem-free, trace of fluoride
dickadcock LOL It Is,thx@threebears: "@dickadcock :)know?..@oboreruhito wants to award- "but only if that's his real name :D"" (reblip)
natalynha So many fish there in the sea, I wanted you, you wanted me
dickadcock A serious song that needs a serious listen. Please.
DavidFonseca Lost in the heart of a hot saturday night, a soft breeze through an open window.

M. WardPoison Cup

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dickadcock Love the blipatar!@GR8FL: "@aoibhneas and @AllElse... recommend you let know about credit/prop issue... I woke up with many less too" (reblip)
dickadcock Nice. Pretty. ..."One step forward two steps back... lead me down the garden path and I will follow..."

Katie Herzig- I Will Follow

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dickadcock I think I set a personal speed record when I raced to buy the cd after hearing this. Still love this and the rest of the cd. So much good about it!

Yael Naim New Soul

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dickadcock "Interesting" video . . . "... think I was blind before I met you..."
dickadcock If you wanted me, you could have had me... Super performance.
eduo Porque se que os gusta. Y si no, debería.
eduo De la mano con la otra, otra buena versión de otro clásico -
natalynha @galwithdimples: "@DukeECP: " This is the song!!! damn yeah! haha (reblip)

John Lee Hooker & Jim Morrison ( The Doors ) Roadhouse Blues

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dickadcock No comment. The song will have to make it on its own. No help from me. Nope. ... (unless she asks. "Oh honey, ... ♪♬ )
dickadcock "All the unsaid words that I might be thinking ... would not be enough, so we just Nod Over Coffee and say goodbye." or Good Morning.
dickadcock !! RB !! @SlipperyDistortion: "from @aquaflush. I forget how this band produced a number of great songs." (reblip)
eduo Una mejor versión, que Blip no te pone duraciones y no sabes que se va a cortar.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole LYRICS

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dickadcock Good morning all. Sounds so much better with a reggae beat. Let's get together ....
dickadcock Like this RB @shortygal: "Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me" (reblip)
dickadcock --- good tune AND video. . . . there are words. wait.
dickadcock YES!! tweeted that also! rb@Zarabeth: "... not following people that MAINLY twit their blips ... should be kept separated, IMO." (reblip)
dickadcock Suspending my PSM Snooker for now, as u/l a song an hour sucks big time. later.
dickadcock Many sing this, but this is one of the mellowest,FWIW. Have to look for fave. rb@Suzed: "interesting cover of one of my favorite Clapton songs..." (reblip)

Calling All Angels~~Train

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dickadcock Tanya Davis - Gorgeous Morning ---- super nice. Of course, you'll have to listen very carefully, as she has a heavy Canadian accent. ;) Good Morning

Tanya Davis - Gorgeous Morning

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dickadcock Frightened Rabbit – My Backwards Walk .... or some kind of walk . Now...
dickadcock The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket ... a favorite
dickadcock Madi Diaz – Side ---------- I hope we hear a lot more from this Pennsylvania girl.

Madi DiazSide

| play
dickadcock ... and I will lay in the grass all day. ... - . . . getting itchy . . . - nice sound, though

Phosphorescent "Full Grown Man"

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dickadcock oooh! Apple AND marmalade! This song is a nice change of pace tune. Thanks. rb@Siberia: "Lemon marmalade" (reblip)

Fiona AppleWaltz

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mcya emiliana torrini! thnx2: @Cranphi: "but the jokes on her, she hasnt seen it all...." (reblip)

Emiliana TorriniGun

| play
dickadcock Meiko – Under My Bed ....... she's not there... :(

MeikoUnder My Bed

| play
dickadcock Crooked Fingers - Surrender is Treason

Surrender is Treason by Crooked Fingers

| play
dickadcock Crooked Fingers – Luisa's Bones
dickadcock Thanks! I was feeling kinda plural. (good song!)rb@threebears: "Mad about you (that's 'you' plural :)" (reblip)
dickadcock best breakup song ever rb@Model_Daughters: "one of the best songwriters alive. and what a voice eh? eh! // Samantha Crain -" (reblip)
dickadcock the click and clatter of my feet along the cobble street ... Like Castanets
dickadcock Just so damned good, I gotta rb.(rec. as Swell Season now) rb @Aluciel: "I don't know you, but I want you all the more for that. " (reblip)
dickadcock now that I'm grown, there is no tall grass for me to hide in ... Tilly and the Wall – Tall Tall Grass
dickadcock Orba Squara – "So Comfortable" ♪ so just enjoy it ♫
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