soulexposed Awesome song for warming up vocals, working the range.
soulexposed her vocals in this song give me chills. just awesome.
soulexposed Kind of pop for them, I know, but it's catchy.
soulexposed Hope they release a new album soon, love this stuff...
soulexposed So hard to find good metal with female vocals these days (that isn't just mindless screaming)...
soulexposed not just a nickelback soundalike!
soulexposed Not a huge Green Day fan, but this song (and this album) are pretty good.
soulexposed I don't get the hate for Nickelback. Heavy guitars + harmonies = awesome.
soulexposed Heard this on Rock Band, loved it.
Torrefaction @soulexposed This is one of my favorite Rock band traps.
Torrefaction With my Freeze Ray I will RULE THE WORLD
soulexposed Wish I was in the land of the ice and the snow right now...
phate ~So this site seems purdy cool :]
disconnesso è fondamentalmente un grandissimo idiota
soulexposed Nice heavy ballad, I really like this dude's vocals. Interesting mix of smooth/raspy...
soulexposed Nice acoustic ballad.


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TheDudeDean Evanessance - My Immortal

Evanessance - My Immortal

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soulexposed The video for this song is really good as well. I remember hearing this on MuchMusic and freaking out... prog on mainstream TV?! :D
soulexposed it doesn't get more prog than ayreon...
soulexposed Tonella wants to sing this song with me at the cellar next Friday... <3<3<3
soulexposed dresden dolls ftw, thanks Tonella. :D
soulexposed @anadeau You're not the only person that doesn't like Radiohead... they usually freak me out, but I love this song (go Rockband!)


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ddamours Pardon me while I sign off....

Incubus-Pardon Me (Acoustic)

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soulexposed Tim and Drew did a really cool cover of this song back when they played for HVHS...
soulexposed Marcela Bovio = pure awesome. She's a software developer AND sings metal. *_*
ddamours Good choice @soulexposed I just saw that they released a new DVD too.
truejerseygirl Fragile, she doesn't see her beauty. She tries to get away. Sometimes its just that nothing seems worth saving. I cant watch her slip away.
kalyke Since the last song was broken. :(
djMoe En av de aller fineste
soulexposed hopefully this will wake me up...


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soulexposed The Black album was so solid... love the double bass here as well. \m/
soulexposed I've got the NIN fever today apparently...
marshall Yeaah! Let's make this a Metal-Friday...!
pcornqueen Haven't heard this in some time .....
rfrancis Back from lunch. This was on Sturgeon's Law #081.
soulexposed And now, a little treat for all you JSB fans... a groovy way to end the afternoon.
Torrefaction Metal over. I can't wait to get out of work. Is it bad that the liquor store guy knows me well? And gives me discounts? Should I be concerned?
Torrefaction @ataferner I asked myself the same question the other day. I love the noise breakdown in this song so much.
Torrefaction the clouds will part and the sky cracks open and god himself will reach his fucking arm through just to push you down just to hold you down
soulexposed Very difficult for me to sing, too low AND too high. :P
soulexposed This song always makes me miss my older brother. :(


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soulexposed never used to be into him, but I'm liking the industrial rock scene more and more
soulexposed They made a series of anime videos for one of their albums, which is what attracted me to them...
soulexposed freaky song with an even freakier video
vivid13 Strange what desire will make foolish people do
soulexposed Turn to the light - don't be frightened of the shadows it creates
soulexposed I won't be held down - by who I used to be
soulexposed I love that song! "What song?" THAT song! "...what?"
soulexposed I want to cover this one... maybe some night at Crumbs.
soulexposed another song I want to cover, this time with Tim backing me. \m/
Divamatrix I listen to this and it makes me know that Trent understands me. Makes me feel so good when I feel so bad.
Torrefaction Peel off our skin we're gonna burn what we were to the ground. Fuck in the fire and we'll spread all the ashes around. This will go on all day. Sorry
Torrefaction NIN MARATHON. I got my fucking tickets. 10/28 can't get here soon enough. I expect lots of NIN from blip today...revel in my excitement.
Torrefaction I'm not done...I still have to pick it up, take it apart, climb up real high...then FALL down real far.
soulexposed @ddamours: I liked Disturbed's cover... but they didn't finish the song! \m/
pauloreiss Não podia ficar melhor essas adaptação! Essa tá no meu set-list! =D
soulexposed @pauloreiss: liked that MJ cover so here's some more Fall Out Boy for you. A bit of a guilty pleasure of mine... but I love this song!
fabiociccone Outro bom riff, angry teen power hair metal na veia!
soulexposed Here's my daily dose of DT; best to sink into this mellow one with a set of headphones.
mcgraths Here's some U2 for you all. A bit of a different song for them. Love it none the less.
mcgraths @soulexposed Some friends of mine just finished over a month in the studio with Gavin Brown, producer and co-writer of both TDG albums.
soulexposed @ddamours: Y'know, Tim offers guitar lessons... ;)
soulexposed @Torrefaction: maaaaaad props for the NIN marathon and gratz on the tickets! Here's another for ya.
soulexposed Tell me what you're thinking / tell me what you're feeling inside
soulexposed catch my soul / it's willing to fly away
soulexposed Simply beautiful song. Maybe I could adapt this one for a live set as well...
soulexposed Looked up similar bands to NIN on and got this... not bad. :D
soulexposed @REBlogGirl: Niiiiiiice Steel Dragon! Here's another for ya!
soulexposed Even though she seems so high - He knows that she can't fly
soulexposed I used to know how to play this one on guitar when I played (except the solos... hehehe).
soulexposed If I jump in this fountain - will I be forgiven?
soulexposed forgive me, my love - I stand here all alone and I have seen the bottom
mcgraths Sweet tune from the Halo 2 soundtrack. @soulexposed should dig this one.
madu "He doesn't know what a woman is. He wants you for possession, something to own and to display. He doesn't love you, but I love you."
nacinha No ordinary love - Deftones


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Torrefaction @amberella Not all that far out. I'm sure this particular Rise & Fall won't be nominated anytime soon.
kalyke OMG, I need to wake up this morning.

Deftones - Change

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soulexposed Tim's request

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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soulexposed Another for Tim; some sweet Satch that has a dance-vibe to it.
ddamours haven't heard this one in a LONG time.
RodolfoBarreto Acelerou. Aumentou. Cresceu. Transbordou. Explodiu. Algumas músicas são bem expansivas.
Felixito I remember them.

Sound Garden- Black Hole Sun

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soulexposed From the album The Slip, available for free from the NIN website. <3 Once I start I cannot stop myself...
soulexposed she learned to detach from herself - a behaviour that kept her alive (ending to an awesome album, go check it out!)
soulexposed Not sure if this is a B-side or not, but I really like it.
soulexposed I am a TOTAL sucker for this song. :X
soulexposed Scott recommended these guys... more heavy stuff in the morning.
soulexposed It's a Friday morning... time for some NIN and coffee. :D
soulexposed My contribution today; Holophonic Porno, a goth/metal/industrial/dance band from Fredericton. Their singer gives me singing lessons. <3<3<3
soulexposed this is the place where all the junkies go, where time gets fast but everything gets slow
soulexposed ...another HP song, this one I'm learning to sing. \m/
soulexposed another contribution; this time some Thornley. I love his stuff and really hope he releases another album.
soulexposed hey, wait, I've got a new complaint
soulexposed these tormenting ghosts of yesterday will be banished when exposed - you can't hold onto your secrets; they'll only send you back alone
soulexposed who can decide what they dream, and dream I do
rodrigomuller the correct name for this is "lunatic calm - leave u far behind"


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soulexposed now you know, this is what it feels like
soulexposed I'm in a BB mood this morning...
soulexposed A band Scott introduced me to. They make a lot of creepy videos featuring clowns that torture people. o.O;
soulexposed Fell off the front page before I could play it, too lazy to find it in second page. :P
soulexposed Really nice acoustic ballad from Theory.
soulexposed One of the few SOAD songs I like.
soulexposed I was introduced to this song through an online version of DDR... what was that link again?
soulexposed No one knows what it's like / to be the bad man / to be the sad man / behind blue eyes
soulexposed James LaBrie from Dream Theater did a solo album, and it was full of awesome. \m/
soulexposed Heavy guitars and flutes in the same song? You bet your ass. :D
negaointernauta Isso é o que eu queria ouvir numa balada.


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soulexposed Were they on drugs when they wrote this?
soulexposed mary had a little lamb / his eyes black as coal / if we play very quiet / mary never has to know
soulexposed @TheDudeDean Nice choice for Van Halen, this album was so solid. \m/
soulexposed One of their more upbeat songs
soulexposed I loooooove the chorus in this song. <3<3<3
soulexposed It's a shame these guys aren't together anymore...
soulexposed Time to wake up! (more HP goodness!)
soulexposed by now you realize - you have to be relentless to survive (love how Ayreon makes use of all the different singers on this album!)
soulexposed there's nothing that can stop us now / we will make it through somehow
soulexposed For some reason this song is stuck in my head. Mmmm... Molson Canadian...
soulexposed For Drew, an awesome DT B-side. We've done this one live. :D
soulexposed For @CarbonTim27, who can't get enough of the heavy stuff! <3
soulexposed Another request from Tim, some Dream Theater. I love this song... the instruments actually sound like rain. The bass definitely owns this song.

11 - Trial Of Tears

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soulexposed Heard these guys on the main page, really liked them.
soulexposed I wanna stay in love with my sorrow
soulexposed the name says it all... more NIN I know, I have the NIN fever. :P
soulexposed For Tim, one of our faves from Rockband. Who knew Boston could be so prog?
soulexposed @mcgraths: Gavin Brown eh? I'm jealous... apparently he produced Thornley too, who rock.
soulexposed I like the industrial sound here
soulexposed And for my 50th blip, Billy Talent. Love their guitar and vocals; they really stick out from the rest. \m/
soulexposed I like some WT, but the vocals are a bit too opera-y for me to be really into their stuff. The singer has a crazy range though. @_@
soulexposed Their new (or latest, I guess) album is actually pretty good. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did.
soulexposed Another good one from Breaking Benjamin... love their vocal melodies.
soulexposed Love how tight his music is.
soulexposed This is the only song I know by this band, but I love it.
soulexposed Tim's brother suggested I give them a listen...
soulexposed Love the tempo of this song. It's awesome to run to. :D
soulexposed Love the mix of metal and techno that Linkin Park does. I don't understand all the hate for "nu-metal". What's so bad about it again?
soulexposed Good song for Friday... take me out! :D

05 Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

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soulexposed I haven't heard this song in years! LOVE IT!
soulexposed Tim is singing this while making coffee. <3
soulexposed Love rocking out to this one. \m/
soulexposed couldn't help but follow it up with this one. "I had gotten used to being a soul destroyed - then she comes in apparently to fill the void"
KarrieLyne If this disturbs you, then walk away!
soulexposed wake up wake up wake up wake up IN FLAMES
soulexposed I love Justice's sound, it just cuts right through.
maionese_paty Para começar o dia bem uma dose de #gorrilaz - Feel Good Inc.
soulexposed the geek in me loves this. <3
soulexposed Tonella wants me to do the harmonies on this with her. It's not what I typically listen to, but I really like it.
soulexposed it's the nature of my circuitry
soulexposed More Justice, lovin' these guys...


| play
soulexposed I've only heard Judith from these guys, need to hear moar!
soulexposed hey you! whatcha lookin' at?!
soulexposed It's very grey out today... kind of puts me in a Tool mood.


| play
soulexposed Backwards guitar solo? Check. Creepy-watery-synths? Check. Echoing drums? Check. Sweeeeet.
soulexposed This is stuck in my head and I have no idea why. I wasn't even listening to it recently. @_@ ON another note, expect a lot more of NIN from me... ;)
soulexposed THIS is what I was looking for.
soulexposed why do you get all the love in the world?
soulexposed I like the a cappella version much better, but this will do.
allen578 express yourself, don't repress yourself
soulexposed For some reason this is stuck in my head, haven't heard it in awhile... will likely learn it once my new keyboard comes in. :D
soulexposed I've had this stuck in my head all day...
soulexposed Expect more of this, it's just one of those dark, rainy days outside and I feel like some Damnation.
soulexposed This was a beautiful album, so uncharacteristic for them...
soulexposed always need to follow up La Mer with this. <3
soulexposed when I think I can overcome / it runs even deeper
soulexposed This whole show was totally awesome. Metal + orchestra = win!
soulexposed To break from what we're tied to...
soulexposed I was looking for "Scarred", but this will have to do.
soulexposed The Black album was so epic, a seriously-solid-from-front-to-back album.
soulexposed Now every time it snows I think of this song. It just feels like a winter song.
Rick_Rocks @jubalinha txk pra mudar tava de saco cheio mas a cerva continua..hahaha @simplesmente é eu tb jaja vou ! @soulexposed That´s really a nice song =)
ddamours @soulexposed Only Neil Young song you like? Come on. Give Neil a spin. He's got some good stuff.
soulexposed @ddamours I *totally* forgot about that song!!! :D Thanks for that gem! I've decided to retract my previous statement on Neil Young after all...
soulexposed had to reblip this because I've been making up my own verses for it since I heard it earlier this afternoon... (reblip)
soulexposed The octave pedal Satch uses here is awesome. \m/
soulexposed you are the only one who knows I'm holding back
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