spacespencer ...must not be played too fast!

Debussy: Prelude No 8(Fille cheveux)

| play
spacespencer when björk makes real music


| play
whistlepunch "is radio going to stay..."
Houdinial @air - thanks John - goes well with my theme - beautiful too ;-) (reblip)

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

| play
spacespencer ...another one with those far away voices - like that!
spacespencer forget.

quarks, vergiss

| play
craigz Classic Joey Santiago lines here.


| play
spacespencer ...einmal killers für die Innenminister der BRD und ihr killerlspielverbot! So ein Kack!!!
spacespencer ...o.k., it's not Soundgarden but Temple Of The Dog, but couldn't get it. Still grate, with Eddie Vedder!
spacespencer 1983 with Robert Smith when playing live!
spacespencer lovely morbid

The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma

| play
spacespencer from great Mulholland Drive / D. Lynch | ...very haunting.
SarahLaughs i remember bawling for hours..
spacespencer wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit, wie weit...
evsite Placebo – Every You Every Me
spacespencer You're perfect, yes it's true!
spacespencer great. just because of the piano ending

Faith No MoreEpic

| play
spacespencer with firts singer Chuck Mosley.
spacespencer long time not heard. Great!


| play
spacespencer we were sure we'd never see an end to it all.
spacespencer when James Dean Bradfield was young and Richey Edwards still officially alive.
spacespencer Hello, hello, hello..., is there anybody hom?
spacespencer Foo Fighters - Everlong.


| play
spacespencer as loud as hell a ringing bell behind my smile it shakes my teeth and all the while as vampires feed i bleed

PixiesI Bleed

| play
spacespencer Christine - the strawberry girl | Christine - banana split lady
spacespencer like the scary start, until the great bassplay sets in...
spacespencer wir werden wie Gold sein.


| play
spacespencer See you at the bitter end.
spacespencer For always and ever is always for you I want it to be perfect Like before I want to change it all I want to change
spacespencer Wow, found an unscratched version! Great... ;D

The CureI Dig You

| play
DChain Hier gilt das Geühl zum Sein-Zustand des Titels :D @spacespencer

David BowieFame

| play
spacespencer So I'd give this world Just to dream a dream with you On our bed of California stars
spacespencer Tonight FAITH NO MORE in concert and im live-stream: !!!
spacespencer very light.

Chopin, Grand Valse Brillante

| play
spacespencer can anyone provide the also very good 'If I Could Talk Id Tell You' ???
spacespencer I'm deranged, deranged my love. | Good one from 'Outside' and on the soundtrack to David Lynch's Mulholland Drive
spacespencer great composer. worked with Massive Attack.
spacespencer Great composer. Worked with Massive Attack. Regognize this?
spacespencer strange little girl, where are you going?
spacespencer something relaxing cause it's sunday... (long version - great!)
spacespencer and again... Karel Svoboda: Tri oríšky pro Popelku @DChain ...nearly makes me cry tears of joy ;)

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel_Soundtrack_Titel1

| play
spacespencer very lynch-badalamenti-like, but great.
spacespencer Somebody died for this Somebody died For just one kiss
spacespencer good one from Viva Hate.


| play
spacespencer can't help it - never tired of hearing this song.
spacespencer this is disturbing. great badalamenti-lynch-cruise-combo.
spacespencer This sounds a bit like Brecht/Weill ...

David BowieTime

| play
spacespencer now THAT is some great piano playing...
DChain REVOLUTION---oui! Monsieur Chopin Klassiktips @spacespencer

Chopin Etude Op.10 no.12 "Revolutionary" (Pollini)

| play
DChain ...ach ja, der alte Karajan. Dvorak Symphonie Nr. 9 "Aus der neuen Welt", 4. Satz Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain Der Tod und das Mädchen - soooo schön (traurig) - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain und jetzt...? Klassiktips @spacespencer

Mondscheinsonate Op.27 No.2 by Ludwig van Beethoven

| play
DChain den Bolero kenn man ja nun wirklich zur Genüge! Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain Herrlisch...wat herrlisch.Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain die ganze Symphonie ist fantastisch!! Klassiktips @spacespencer

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique- 5th Movement

| play
DChain Sooooooooo schön...mannmannmann Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain sehr süß - Horowitz. Diese Finger...tststs, viel geübt der Mann in seinem Leben! Klassiktips @spacespencer

Horowitz plays Schubert

| play
DChain historische Aufnahme mit dem etwas jüngeren Karajan. tz tz tz Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain wie bereits geblipt - eins meiner Favourites - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain "Jeune Homme" - ein Klassiker, düster düster - Klassiktips @spacespencer

Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 9 "Jeunehomme"

| play
DChain Heiter beschwingt - gar nicht tüüüühpisch Debussy - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain Huuuuuuaaaaaaa, buuuuuäääääääh, schneuz, schnief - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain ...das war meine erste Klassik-CD!! Geil, Herr Rubinstein - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain Makes me nearly cry - Klassiktips @spacespencer

Goldberg Variations 1-7

| play
DChain Ein ganz großer mit einem tollen Stück - Lenny Bernstein - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain Frau totkrank, Tod kommt ins Zimmer, Tanzt letzten Tanz mit ihr - sie errinnert sich an die Jugend - 4 Geigen am Schluß - sie ist tot! @spacespencer

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Jean Sibelius: Valse Triste

| play
DChain Einfach immer noch schön - egal wie oft man es hört und spielt - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain Großartig - großes Kino - Klassiktips @spacespencer
DChain Can you imagine the sea and the dutschman's ship?! :D - Klassiktips @spacespencer

Wagner Flying dutchman overture

| play
DChain ...noch mehr Trauermusik - gibt's bei youtube eigentlch nur Karajan??! - Klassiktips @spacespencer
spacespencer reminds me of really cool & funny evenings in the 80s

Tuxedomoonno tears

| play
spacespencer How can you stay with a fat girl who'll say: "Oh! Would you like to marry me? And if you like you can buy the ring" She doesn't care about anything!
spacespencer I'm on the white cliffs of Dover Thinking it over and over But if I jump its all over
spacespencer 'Now nothing's sacred anymore When the demon's breaking down your door You'll still be staring down at the floor' - great song!
spacespencer Give up yourself unto the moment | The time is now | Give up yourself unto the moment | Let's make this moment ... last.
OfficialScott Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed Everything... #musicmonday

Pearl JamBlack

| play
spacespencer wait in the fire, wait in the fire ...

Jeff BuckleyGrace

| play
spacespencer what a heartbreaking video + song!

BlumfeldNeuer Morgen

| play
spacespencer Let me whisper my last goodbyes...

The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma

| play
spacespencer relaxing.

Shostakovich:Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major, Op. 102 II. An

| play
spacespencer not as sad as the title suggests...


| play
spacespencer "Oh, yeah. Alright. Feels good... inside." | What a great album!
spacespencer ...just because i'm naturally blonde, too! ;)

BlondieCall Me

| play
spacespencer "uriah hit the crapper..." → I have absolutely no idea, what these lyrics mean, but great song! ;)


| play
warob Pixies – Where Is My Mind?
spacespencer what a great tune with funky clapping-hands-ending! | "I walk through a desert song when the heroine dies..."
spacespencer ...making plans for 70s-disco-glitter-party: recommendations welcome!!!

David BowieFame

| play
spacespencer this is soooo great!!! | ...making plans for 70s-disco-glitter-party: recommendations welcome!!!


| play
spacespencer enough disco! desperately in need of some noise!!!
spacespencer enough disco! desperately in need of some noise!!!
spacespencer the weather in germany today! Going outside now... Cheers @all

24 - Here Comes The Sun - Beatles

| play
spacespencer sounds sooo 80s-indie-like | great!
spacespencer love this - makes want to dance! :D


| play
spacespencer how great to see them back together again! Let the choirs sing (at least in the end of this song) !!!
spacespencer good-morning-good-mood-song to get me ready for travelling :D

B52`s -Roam

| play
spacespencer good-morning-good-mood-song to get me ready for travelling :D
spacespencer good-morning-good-mood-song to get me ready for travelling :D


| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | owie again (not the last time i think)
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | this of course.

John Lennon - Imagine

| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | funny and fantastic.
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | ...though it's summer: this is absolutely fantastic
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | ..doooodooooo...
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | can't be left out
spacespencer I'll be your king volcano right for you again and again My velvet goldmine ...
spacespencer fantastic song with ending in screams: 'Gimme your hands cause youre wonderful' ;)
spacespencer ... wonderful 'You-and-me-song' to pep me up :D
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | ...hmm, better for bedtime, isn't it?


| play
Wakebabe @Niccaroha: "switching it up again @tubilino: "Hash Pipe" - good one :)" (reblip)

WeezerHash Pipe

| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | One of the best songs ever - and with some brilliant piano final!

Faith No MoreEpic

| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | From 'The Piano' - what a fantastic soundtrack!

The Sacrifice (Michael Nyman)

| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | & relaxing.
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | Classic one with great piano ending!


| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | ...the funny tune from Peanuts! :D
spacespencer great, great pixies with big bass & drums.


| play
be_dk This one always puts me in a good mood
LindaMarric Thank fuck these guys are back! Enjoy The Universal

BlurThe Universal

| play
spacespencer good one from 'Head On The Door'
shortygal Bronski Beat – Why

Bronski BeatWhy

| play
spacespencer "Cause I just can't look, its killing me and taking control - Jealousy ..."
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-songs with brass (or sort-of)* (would also fit in my *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)*-section!)

Ben Folds FiveArmy

| play
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-songs with string section (or sort-of)* | ... Grunge with strings:
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-songs with string section (or sort-of)* | ... + piano + brass:
spacespencer *favorite-pop/rock-piano-songs (or sort-of)* | Very good:
spacespencer wie einst ...

Lili Marleen in German recorded 1941 Marlene Dietrich

| play
spacespencer A single note rings on and on and on ...
spacespencer ... ’cause you’re evil and you lie and if you should die I may feel slightly sad (but I won’t cry)
spacespencer ... love the melancholic mood of this.

AirPlayground Love

| play
spacespencer ...actually it was 'Cult Hero' - the band before The Cure.

The CureI Dig You

| play
DChain @bluecipher: Oooooh, ja. Sehr schön. Hör mal, Herr H. @spacespencer (reblip)
spacespencer i'm in melancholic mood today.
spacespencer i'm in melancholic mood today. From great 'Donnie Darko'.

Gary JulesMad World

| play
spacespencer Somebody died for this, somebody died - for just one kiss.
spacespencer They're off to find the hero of the day.
spacespencer from great Brokeback Mountain.
spacespencer ... without you everything just falls apart.
spacespencer Oh, I really don’t know and I really don’t care.

SmithsHand In Glove

| play
spacespencer My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.
spacespencer Planet Claire has pink air All the trees are red No one ever dies there No one has a head (reblip)
spacespencer It's something unpredictable but in the end it's right.

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

| play
spacespencer Beatles. Good Quality!

A Day In The Life

| play
spacespencer great. visual realization of Discovery with "One More Time," "Aerodynamic," "Digital Love," and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."
pinknantucket This is the saddest waltz in the world. It is not remotely vomitory. (A bit of clapping at the start, ignore).

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Jean Sibelius: Valse Triste

| play
spacespencer you should be by yourself, instead of here with me, secretly
spacespencer haha, just rediscovered. :D
dreampoppy "Put my heart in its recipe." Nina Simone - Lilac Wine

Nina SimoneLilac Wine

| play
saltire884 Manic Street Preachers – The Everlasting
spacespencer welcome - great blip, great track, great vid. ;) @PhillipeFollop: "Gorillaz – DARE (get Sean Ryder's big fat head out m' house now)" (reblip)
spacespencer no big hit for Air but I think its great.

Radio #1Air

| play
spacespencer the sunken cathedral.

Debussy: La Cathedrale Engloutie

| play
spacespencer 'Cause you're evil And you lie And if you should die I may feel slightly sad (But I won't cry)
musicjunkies @LikeAnAngel Thank for bringing that back in mind. (reblip)
nastysurprise @Luthanick Re: MGMT Not sure. I've only listened to them online. I can't keep up with all the albums I want to buy.


| play
spacespencer Don't you wonder sometimes 'bout sound and vision?
spacespencer 'I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does.'
spacespencer last (and long) one from 80s - got to get back to the present. ;)
spacespencer great track with good speed (are they ever slow?) (reblip)
spacespencer great song. also on soundtrack of Trainspotting.


| play
spacespencer aaaach, ist doch super. ;) @thetoxie: "#schnulzenschmalznite" (reblip)

REM Everybody Hurts

| play
spacespencer very nice. frontman of 'men at work' solo & accoustic.

Colin HayOverkill

| play
spacespencer where manu chao came from.

Mano Negra - Mala Vida

| play
rockingcock Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
spacespencer i will always love you ... (reblip)

The CureLovesong

| play
spacespencer agreed. :) @cloudbusting: "Happy Birthday, Kate Bush. Amazing, Unique, Brilliant!" (reblip)
spacespencer On an island in the sun we'll be playing and having fun, and it makes me feel so fine I cant control my brain ...
spacespencer haha :) @lizzyforreal: "@briangreene: "time check = the time is now"" (reblip)

moloko - the time is now

| play
Danake1 Have this stuck in my head today, should be the theme song for Sunday.
spacespencer 'Now nothing's sacred anymore When the demon's breaking down your door You'll still be staring down at the floor' - great song!
spacespencer ... the weekend's gone over here! can't deny it ... ;) @miharuu: "@daretoeatapeach: Weezer rulez." (reblip)
spacespencer yes! @phunkjunkee: "@MarianitaG: "@gretton: "Just walk away." The Cure – In Between Days"" (reblip)
spacespencer good-morning-good-mood-song. (reblip)


| play
spacespencer wish i could roam a bit now.

B52`s -Roam

| play
spacespencer it's morning over here. but i'm tired as well. @jong: "yawnn......" (reblip)

The SmithsAsleep

| play
spacespencer anything with nina p. in it is great – esp. topped with manics.
spacespencer Beetlebum, what you done?

Blur - Beetlebum

| play
spacespencer ... drei - zwei - eins - null! ;)
spacespencer just love Kim Deals' voice here.

PixiesI Bleed

| play
spacespencer beautiful track from great album.
spacespencer god, wish i had some cocktail and a pool with this ...
jet333 @FRIEDCATFISH: "@FreakinFrog: "Much appreciation.... vi@Franimal"" Ella Fitzgerald – "Don't Fence Me In" (reblip)
spacespencer 'Ive been moving so long, the days all feel the same ...'


| play
spacespencer und tanz den jesus christus.
spacespencer It's a holiday in cambodia where people dress in black.
spacespencer great song. haven't bliped this at all. seems my brain has gone ...
spacespencer ... this has to follow my last blip. so sad. :´(

AirHighschool Lover

| play
spacespencer enough sad songs! :D

Move Your Feet Junior Senior pop up video

| play
spacespencer @Heideology ... check this - lily allen's fuck you ... ;)" (reblip)

The GayClic Collab Against Homophobia from France

| play
spacespencer wow, searched yesterday for a decent version of this. great track. @midnightwalker via@nastysurprise72: "UK day just for @midnightwalker Supergrass" (reblip)


| play
spacespencer i spy a boy, i spy a girl, i spy the worst place in the world ...

PulpI Spy

| play
spacespencer ... the sound of your silent sigh
spacespencer ... must be a devil between us or whores in my head, whores at my door, whores in my bed, but hey!

the PixiesHey

| play
spacespencer another good one from 'Young Americans'.

David Bowie Win

| play
spacespencer good one from 'Young Americans'.

David Bowie Right

| play
spacespencer endless tears, forever joy, to feel most every feeling, forever more.

MolokoForever More

| play
spacespencer it was so nice there ...

The ThrillsBig Sur

| play
fini @Belos hör dir das an @ninchen muss fast weinen, wenn ich das höre (reblip)
spacespencer I ain't gonna wear the clothes that you like, I'm fine and dandy with the me inside.
spacespencer "...stops every fucking night - every night I wait until it stops" (reblip)

the curegive me it

| play
spacespencer good grief - past midnight! time again for great kate ... ;)
spacespencer great song, great band, great album.

Pearl JamJeremy

| play
spacespencer enough kitsch, time for some guitars!
dogzero Watch this or eat cheese b4 bed, same result. Lady in the Radiator - In Heaven
angelwr24 Siouxsie and the Banshees "Spellbound" G'nite blippers :)
spacespencer * oldie intermission *

Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra - Something Stupid

| play
spacespencer ... without m. j. blige., and without u2! ;)

Johnny CashOne

| play
spacespencer I stood and watched until I saw her black coat disappear ...
spacespencer 20,000 miles to an oasis ...


| play
spacespencer I want to live where the sun meets the sky.
spacespencer 'everything as cold as life ... ' | from awsome Pornography

The CureCold

| play
spacespencer last one - i'm outta here. good night @all

OasisI'm Outta Time

| play
spacespencer @TPJK ok, one more cigarette ;) it's past midnight over here in good old europe ...
spacespencer Work to the rhythm, Live to the rhythm, Love to the rhythm, Slave to the rhythm.
spacespencer lots of work before me. have to look through 100s of photos ...
spacespencer man, will be very hot here today. wishing for some dock to sit on ... ;)
spacespencer i try to stay awake. so:

BlurEntertain Me

| play
spacespencer stevie nix. voice. say no more.
spacespencer ...strange games they would play then.
spacespencer need some fresh coffee ...

BlurCoffee & TV

| play
spacespencer you'll think i'm dead, but i sail away.
GinaDunc LUV this song! ,0) [Kate Bush – This Womans Work]
spacespencer lots of work here - its a dirty job but someones gotta do it.
Carolics Cat Power – I Don't Blame You
spacespencer Ian Astbury was quiet cool.

The CultLil' Devil

| play
spacespencer the finest hour that I've ever known was finding a pound on the Underground ...
spacespencer I will never be clean again.
spacespencer good one from 'The Head On The Door'

The CurePush

| play
spacespencer @DChain viel stranger wird das, wenn wir beide erstmal wieder aufeinandertreffen ... :D
spacespencer last one. good night fellow blippers.


| play
spacespencer this has some really great, typical rhcp-guitar-melancholic ending (allthough different guitar-player).
spacespencer All you had you wasted ...

GarbageStupid Girl

| play
spacespencer haha. there it is. >:)

The Cure - Pornography

| play
spacespencer very early and very good one from The Cult. via @4zap (willkommen!) (reblip)
spacespencer think i'm gonna blip some best of Cure later on ...


| play
spacespencer some danish band, good track. goes out to the ones, who don't wanna be disturbed ... ;)

NephewMovie Klip

| play
spacespencer best version i could find. good one from the deep archives.
spacespencer @DChain auch das Thema Glaube und Kirche hatten wir doch schon. Gehen uns etwa die Competitions aus???

The CureFaith

| play
spacespencer @DChain sehr schöne Hustensymphonie. :) wir könnten nun was zum Thema Krankheiten starten?!?
spacespencer Time slips away and the light begins to fade and everything is quiet now ...


| play
spacespencer great final of graet album.

Kate BushAerial

| play
spacespencer Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake ...
spacespencer some fast guitars for @BML ;) cheers to Portugal, have a nice sunday ...
spacespencer cause it's their day and this is sooo nice.
spacespencer time for some great, great voice. and always great dresses. ;)
spacespencer welcome new listeners :) | »stay all day, if you want to ...«

PixiesGouge Away

| play
spacespencer Dance this mess around, 'round, 'round :D
spacespencer Get your rocks off, honey

Primal ScreamRocks

| play
spacespencer @DChain hab die LP. muss ich dir mal zeigen ziemlich psycho.
spacespencer @DChain ...ich komm da aus dem kleinen Tief schon gleich wieder raus.


| play
spacespencer @DChain das wundervolle, absout beste piano-ending von dem hier wirds schon richten. Katharsis, you know ;)

faith no moreepic

| play
spacespencer i will always love you.

The CureLovesong

| play
spacespencer so schön.

Marlene Dietrich Sag mir wo die blumen sind

| play
spacespencer something to make you smile.
spacespencer I'd like to wait, to see how things turn out, if you apply some pressure ... via @laurabee (reblip)
spacespencer cat content for my purring tomcat beside me ...
spacespencer how about some crazy Björk?

Bjork - I miss you

| play
spacespencer @DChain jaja, immer alles geheim halten, das netz vergisst nix! geheimnisse magst du doch ;) gleich kommt noch eine überraschung per twitter ...