spacetourist heres the ticket, heres my arse
spacetourist heres the ticket, heres my arse
leolongo ~Slip inside the eye of your mind~
spacetourist mother

God - John Lennon

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[Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair] - I Did Acid with Caroline

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pinup_do_agreste "...Give me help Give me help You can... levitate me..."
jd72 from@zooblime, one of the finest songs about environmentalism. My favorite Radiohead song. (reblip)
macado What the hell am I doing here?


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spacetourist do de doo de do dah


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LovelessSounds @bunq hell yes, aih is a great band!

BeckHell Yes

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spacetourist a love that bends isn't worth much anyhow (reblip)
sheryonstone @DougAlder ~you are a character. I like that. It's a good thing. But hey, if they take me, you will bail me out, right ? (reblip)
paisley rockitlikeitslobster – B-52's VS Snoop Dogg
mellomatic @bartholomewJstriker hey there! long time no see. @marilovisky Ok, can you pick me up on the way? @godninja We'll need your addy. :P
mellomatic @godninja Well if Part 1 was yellow snow, an Elvis costume, and cat pies, Part 2 should be fantastic. Right, @marilovisky? =)
GR8FL hope everyone is good tonight... and @ladypn, your figures are off.... you are in the #2 slot right after @DJstromer19... I am hanging back at #4
Stay19 Nude (The 9000 mix) – Radiohead<><>
DareToEatAPeach #3 on Billboard. Hey, I like this one. How did Kings of Leon manage to crossover from web-cool to radio-cool?
shortygal How Soon Is Now – The Smiths
spacetourist people of teh earth, your wourld is crap
spacetourist beetlebum i got the runs


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Bjork & Thom Yorke - I've Seen It All

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iddybud Today is Yoko's birthday! I hope it's a very happy one! Let's all remember to give peace a chance! Imagine a world of peace. we love @yokoono !
egarman haven't blipped in awhile~~~ Ya know it's gonna be all right (I hope):)


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spacetourist beautys only skin deep


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chiron08 @formalhaut @Heike .. dann gibts ja viel zu feiern demnächst
MailChimp everything's underground
MailChimp MailChimp plays this while practicing his "ka-RAH-tey"
MailChimp sometimes the Chimp gets a little funky...
MailChimp Chill out to a little Marley
MailChimp As in SMTP Connection? Nerd alert.
Hnomad @BabyGhost tedFM; really good, but super shitty.
fuzzygroove Cause' Carlos thinks he's cool.


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fuzzygroove will be down for a quick maintenance window tonight at 11:00pm Pacific. Should only be about 30min.
Hnomad @ rich, why aren't you on blip?
Hnomad wednesday afternoon is feeling like sunday morning
ecphaff dont agree anymore... decay is a constant. strange how that helps you living a good life.
Antenaweb --..--


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spacetourist dance sucker

Presidents Of The USA-Carved In Rock-06-Video Killed The Radio Star

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spacetourist makes my big toe shoot right up in my boot
spacetourist i don't wanna live in america no more.. but i live in england?
neritheka "I need to be myself / I can't be no one else."
spacetourist people of teh earth, your wourld is crap (reblip)
bcrra Hoy no es precisamente el día perfecto.
spacetourist this sounds like i'm gonna like the rest of it...
spacetourist welsh boys you should take time to listen to before you die (reblip)
euskir following @WaterBears miracle path... @shannatrenholm,@CrazyOnYou,@onestringcello,@akelaa

david bowie miracle goodnight

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StonyTunes NUDE - Radiohead - a slow strip


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comicz Jogging soundtrack: Nirvana
aquaflush we rap happy on a monday morning - dig the record player crackle :)
Antenaweb 011001110 001101110 001111 011010
spacetourist things not playing for me, but if it works it'll be BEAUTIFUL
moongolfer and he really didn't have to stop, so he just kept on going
spacetourist kitty kitty

01 Presidents of the United States of America - Kitty

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spacetourist long time since i've heard this guffball

04 Presidents of the United States of America - Stranger

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billbincr :: The Power Of Positive Drinking - Lou Reed ::
billbincr from the master :: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - John Lee Hooker ::
De_Ann @patricia_coelho : Good morning and thx for the blip :-) (reblip)
De_Ann for you Cream lovers out there...this is my fave :-)
elmorsa como crees que se siente? - lou reed
paeix de@patricia_coelho ................Obrigado. Você está desfrutando Carnaval a todos, hoje? (reblip)
elmorsa i would be, i would be a catfish - muddy waters
paeix @crosby....... you might want to tone down the "f" thing a notch or ten.
paeix from@fulana thanks................................................................................................ (reblip)
diva42 ha sweet Im praying for food
spacetourist helpless, helpless, helpless, helpless..
spacetourist i used to wait for her outside the school gates, shes 15 and preganent, guess its too late
spacetourist you makea me feel JUST LIKE A KING
elmorsa alma en fuego - spiritualized
chaos The Pixies - Doolittle

the PixiesHey

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spacetourist @elmorsa He's alive. And very well :) (reblip)
code402b This is what I'm talking about, 12 bar blues from the PhD of distortion
ranblv I wish I had those just about now
LuminaBella because I do, la la love you. ;)
spacetourist come on people you gotta have some love for this one..
spacetourist beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck beck

BeckLost Cause

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spacetourist baby i'm just a fool tearing all my heart out just for you
jd72 from @cintiabl, you have a great taste in music. (reblip)
spacetourist LONG TIME NO PEA. great pun huh? i know you love it
jd72 As Noel Gallagher put it, "not even Johnny Marr can play like Johnny Marr".
billbincr :: You Send Me - Sam Cooke ::
Stay19 a common thread<><> stay4me. live @ bill graham civic in may. seems like forever from now. just really excited to see 'em again.oh!that hourGlassBody.
spacetourist hell yes, my beat is correct

BeckHell Yes

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spacetourist holes in your socks mister
spacetourist i think its only an excerpt but still..


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spacetourist i'm on the pavement thinking bout the government


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evablue @sonoazure in theory you could live on just dairy products
spacetourist monkeys

ian brown dolphins were monkeys

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spacetourist hello i love you won't you tell me your name?
GR8FL Je voudrais une croissant... Ah, Gerard Depardieu... Un baguette, ah ha ha, oh oh oh oh
GR8FL [Dear GR8FL, just nightmares :) I'm ok, thank you.] thank you for clearing this up @abarbosa - hope you have better dreams soon. (reblip)

JohnMind Games

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spacetourist Come on and dance with me, slow. Kylie cover
spacetourist Say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world

the beatles- revolution

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rodrigotucano Ei Sr. Robinson, vem aqui!!!


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spacetourist live @ the royal albert hall. i love this damn song
trevorpower My favorite to play on Guitar Hero
Jinjirrie Oh baby you are so viscous ... life without Lou is unimaginable
spacetourist get down with that bass line

Ghetto Superstar

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eyecode Shame they didn't play this on Thursday (reblip)

The CurePush

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spacetourist hmmmmmmm

stone roses - I Wanna Be Adored

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gleegirlrock Paul Simon - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes [Unreleased Version]


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SylentSyd Good morning!...Here's one I heard in my dreams last night...
cloudchair @mole You're welcome! Your blips are so cool.
jobeckman Aviõezinhos de papel da funkeira mais brasileira do Sri Lanka (reblip)
CaptainLee c'mon pilgrim, you know he loves you
spacetourist @Spacemen3 that would have been a bit freaky so probably for the best. didn't think he had quite such good taste so it kinda figures... take it easy
HelloMilo Où sont tes héros aux corps d'athlètes? Où sont tes idoles mal rasées, bien habillées? O.~

AirSexy Boy

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spacetourist i got a letter from the government the other day, opened it, read it, said i got my 50.
spacetourist Darling sweets i love you

Neil Sedaka-Oh Carol

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DJRodneyKing Marley By Wonder! Classe essa hein @Carlin?!!?
DJRodneyKing !Se não for A, é uma das músicas que eu mais curto do Hendrix! @boamorte @robsonsanchez @Carlin @Diordan @ekman @medina @nakid @Lucas_P_Lima @Nigaz
DJRodneyKing Outra nervosa @Phezaumm! Do melhor álbum dele na minha opinião(VOODOO SOUP), lançado em 1995, com gravações de estúdio inacabadas! Sensacional
Stay19 Daft Punk – Technologic (Vitalic Remix)<><> frequency strong. (reblip)
Antenaweb Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
spacetourist @DJRodneyKing for being the worlds best work-time, home-time, love-time DJ
DJRodneyKing This is for you @spacetourist! Thank you for the kind words, its a pleasure! Nice to meet you! Enjoy this one...See ya
Antenaweb Hey man♫☺♫☼ I gotta straighten my face This mellow thighed chick just put my spine out of place ♫☺♫☼
Hutelighut Some jazz-fusion when you has "this need to take some more of the earth and to feel a little more tethered"
spacetourist c'mon little honey bee


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flowo to all the ladies who love men

John Lennon, Eric Clapton & Jimi Hendrix Band - Yer Blues (John) (Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus '68)

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spacetourist they only want you when you're 17 x
teamcarlita lyrical geniuses?! Good tune nonetheless.
DJRodneyKing Hungry babies don't understand, Papa is a worried man!
DJRodneyKing Aeeeeeeee! Gostei de ver... Um pra lá, um pra cá! hahahaha Tkssssssssss Honey! @TassiResende (reblip)
windysoul Have I mentioned how much I love Jack White?

Butthole Surfers - Pepper

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satellitespinning I remember...hello. vi@MarkeD The Vaselines – Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam - I'm 18 again watching dirty Kurt on MTV. (reblip)
teamcarlita yes, she's a glorious weirdo. The BBC version is better.
spacetourist ahhh man, you know you're loved when this comes on
Ambergurl75 I was leaving my ex and this came on the radio on the way to the bus station I sang it to him while he cried like a little girl...still makes me laugh

Beatles - Ticket to Ride

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DownLow thanks! @milkfish you have a great weekend too - btw, that last blip was brilliant :D
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