Cynx Aber so viel Zeit muss zwischen durch sein. Abney Park - The wrong Side #steampunk_tag
Cynx That's all Folks! Scott Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag #steampunk_tag. Ob ich morgen noch nen Thementag mache?
DJSelchie For example, this song is notorious for being misunderstood. I know I normally put originals up, but this mix is too sexy to deny. I ♥ Massive Attac
spiderdust I am still so in love with this song.


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spiderdust I *loved* blasting this song when I worked at the radio station.
spiderdust In the summer of 1994, this was pretty much the only album I played.
spiderdust Listening to this brings to mind people marching across the desert.
spiderdust My default ringer on my phone for a long time


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spiderdust This one has a bit of a Peter Gabriel feel to it

Eumir Deodato - Super Strut

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spiderdust When I walked into the living room after giving birth to my daughter, this song was playing.
DJSelchie Ahhh, two of my favorites (although Peter > ACSS, I must admit), playing in one wicked song together. ^_^
spiderdust My daughter loves the music on Civilization IV. I'm glad I was able to find this song for her.
iceblink I love the quiet beat and rhythm to this song. It is a slow and luscious beat that makes me want to belly dance.
spiderdust It's a piratey afternoon! Track 1: Fog Bound
spiderdust Track 5: Swords Crossed

05 - Swords Crossed

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spiderdust Interrupted by a phone call -- on with the piratey goodness! Track 6: Walk the Plank
spiderdust Track 7: Barbossa is Hungry (now I want an apple)
spiderdust Track 11: Skull and Crossbones (Yaaar!)
spiderdust Track 12: Bootstrap's Bootstraps


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spiderdust Music for a long desert drive
spiderdust Early afternoon in a quiet house (reblip)
spiderdust Baby's awake, time for some dancing around the family room. (reblip)
spiderdust I didn't enjoy the director's cut of Legend as much as the original release. (reblip)
spiderdust I lose but win, here in my realm, like heroes in films, I live your dream
spiderdust And everywhere I go, there's always something to remind me...
spiderdust I dare @pinkuoni to use this song for Audiosurf!
spiderdust And I'll be happy to see those nice young men with their clean white coats...
spiderdust As the water grinds the stone, we rise and fall...


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spiderdust Why is the flower between pages 2 and 3?
spiderdust One of the funniest moments in "Watchmen"! (reblip)
spiderdust R is for Argyle -- NO, IT ISN'T!
spiderdust If I ever directed a western with cowboys and ninjas, this would be part of the soundtrack.
spiderdust I like the original, but this one sounds so much more cheerful.
spiderdust My daughter is enjoying playing with her rattle today.
spiderdust Both my sister and I sing this song to our babies... but we change the words! (reblip)

The KinksLola

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spiderdust I've had this stuck in my head all week. I should go pick up the lemons in yard.
spiderdust Strange as angels dancing in the deepest oceans. Twisting in the water, you're just like a dream...
bybenjamin : A revolution never come with a warning... though I was selling tickets in advance. MUNGUS is back.
iceblink The original funkadelic! Move that booty, you know you want to.
organicsue Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson – Highwayman
spiderdust Crow black chicken, crow for a day, crow black chicken, fly away...
sonsomar para meditar en estas horas...
spiderdust What Led Zeppelin would have sounded like without Robert Plant...
spiderdust Blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles...
spiderdust The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. (reblip)
spiderdust @warrenellis: "Anti-sleep noises - surf guitars and stinging sitars:" (reblip)
spiderdust I take back my previous statement. I can definitely get behind this version!

Coldplay "Clocks" (Buena Vista Social Club Remix)

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spiderdust It seems odd to reblip myself, but this follows the last song so well. (reblip)
spiderdust Mister Sandman, bring me a dream!
spiderdust Swinging Belleville rendez-vous! Marathon dancing doop dee doop!
spiderdust All your love is gone, so sing a lonely song of a deep blue dream. 7 horses seem to be on the mark. (Huh?!)
spiderdust Well, I stand up next to a mountain and chop it down with the edge of my hand.
spiderdust And now for something completely different!

Old Batman TV Show Theme Song

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spiderdust A little jazz funeral music for the afternoon
spiderdust The lawyers tell me that there are no prohibitions against robots making life or death decisions...

WARBOTS rasputina

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spiderdust They're filling up the room, 'cause all that I ever do is build the robots.

Doctor Steel's "Build the Robots"

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spiderdust Welcome, music lovers, to the cheerfully deranged world of Spike Jones and his City Slickers!
spiderdust Throw your hands up at me.
spiderdust Uncle Vernon, Uncle Vernon, independent as a hog on ice.
spiderdust Gotta reblip it because it's just that awesome. (reblip)
spiderdust A glued-together vase is still a vase.


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spiderdust She's got a police bike, she's got a turned up nose...
spiderdust This neo-folk band's inspiration comes from the old folk and animal tales, as well as from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Grimm Brothers.


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spiderdust In a future time, children will work together to build a giant cyborg.
spiderdust Everything is changing, a constant flow... our existence - a photograph, the time - like slow-motion
buchmamsell Let your dreams come rushing in and carry you over to a new morning. ~~ Sleep tight, all you Blippies out there :-* #Kitsch
spiderdust @iceblink played this in for me in her car -- feels like the 80's all over again! ♥♥♥ (reblip)
spiderdust Wish I'd known what you were looking for...
spiderdust I find you in the morning after dreams of distant signs, you pour yourself over me like the sun through the blinds...
spiderdust Catch me if I fall...

Texarkana R.E.M.

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spiderdust Ok, hopefully this one doesn't have that annoying 4-5 minutes of silence at the end like the last did.

Kent400 slag

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spiderdust Ahhh... now I know why I liked the previous song so much. Would love to hear a mashup of the two.

Depeche Mode- Precious (Official Video)

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spiderdust Sweetness, I was only joking when I said I liked you...
spiderdust Like Kurosawa, I make mad films. OK, I don't make films... But if I did, they'd have a samurai!
spiderdust One, you lock the target. Two, you bait the line. Three, you slowly spread the net, and four, you catch the man.
spiderdust I still have my name, I still have my face, I have not run away from home. Does it seem so wrong if I now embrace every single thing I've never known?
warrenellis Permit me a moment of nostalgia, from the days of mythic guitar music:
spiderdust Have had this stuck in my head for a few days...
spiderdust This is Chickadee's favorite song right now.
spiderdust We know where we're going, but we don't know what we want.
spiderdust Dance track, angry yelled German, and choir singing in Latin... what more can you want?

E NomineE Nomine

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spiderdust Once I made a CD/playlist titled "Songs For A Grey Day". I need to create another and include this song.
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