lwsrc hey, @G_r_e_g, no, GREG! happy birthday to you and best wishes, mate!! hope to see you soon :))
JTB rb @desbam: "That reminds me of Aphex Twins "Digeridoo"." (reblip)
Atomik greek mythology lesson: don't fuck with Hera
lwsrc @derhatnerven das ist ja blöd, so was kann man ja gar nicht gebrauchen!

Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner -- Bazar Inflagranti

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G_r_e_g @minimalcha :o(( He was not the good one ! Next ;o)
anjuscha listen to fleischmann singing "there is more to life than the everyday routine" ... floating ...
desbam Good morning! It feels like doomsday.
klitoria oh yeah baby...wanna touch your...@Atomik... (reblip)
anjuscha hey guys! thanks for all that great music! :)

Harmonisch Serie by Max Cooper (full length version)

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BIZA Elektrochemie é tipo um Everything But the Girl, só q mais envolvente, mais sensual.
BIZA One of the most beautiful music cross overs ever. Cesaria's voice with Detroit techno, african beats and all the deepness of portuguese fado.
spiraldelight holdenやっぱやばいなぁ。いかれすぎ。
spiraldelight via @JTB ありがとございます! (reblip)

Arctic Hospital/Oel

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Arctic Hospital ~ Cold Wrapper~

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spiraldelight @G_r_e_g Ohayogozaimasu! Have a great day ! I bought Canon Camera EOS Kiss X3 today! I go to take the photograph now :)))
spiraldelight via @BohemianChick my favorite record.. (reblip)

Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing

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luvy @ kts2oo1.....What you think..... Cause this is one of the classics that i'll be making sure my Grandchildren hear one day.
flyingscot_54 SPAM SPAM and SPAM - yeah the Pythons were a hoot.
crowjane All Around The World @Oldies ask :how r u today? did i say hello already???~ If you don't know, I sure don't...we old dude. Thanks for this great song (reblip)
Sparklepony reblipipn @2HandedJam [The Cinematic Orchestra (feat. Fontella Bass) – All That You Give] (reblip)
jsotonyc @FoxyLox had to reblip! (reblip)

Earth People - Dance

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larry levan rare bootleg from paradise garage

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GR8FL I love you both @klitoria @tanzbunny and wish for you to enjoy this mango (stay away from the clamps now).


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crowjane of course this one goes without saying
Sparklepony rg @FunkShoi [Holy Fuck – The Pulse] what? you GAVE away tickets? holy fuck! I saw them in chgo on newyearseve... don't miss em this time! (reblip)
BohemianChick I love this guy!

Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing

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masterkid4u Bueno,bueno! una mas para dejarte inspirada jajaja.... te presento al buen Darwin Hobbs super cantante de Gospel moderno .... Ahora si BYE BYE@nuria29
tometty [T-Connection - At Midnight] Finally found it! (Very long percussive intro) @THX3@spiraldelight@superfluxx@crowjane@SANOMI @thebajangirl@lub@djilo
befraifone Checking out some Modaji in between.

Michael Watford | Holdin On (Original Shelter Mix) | 1991

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tranceatlantico ☪ naaabend @klitoria : schön daß Du da bist ;)))
tometty [First Choice - Let Me Down Easy] I'm off guys. Have a great week!!!

First Choice - Let Me Down Easy

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tometty [Logic - The Warning] RB@Tjeerd Nice old school stuff =) (reblip)

LogicThe Warning

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tometty [Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You [Tom Moulton Mix)] Sit back, relax, get into the groove & bob your head =) Loooooove this!

Patti Jo-[Moulton Mix] Make Me Believe in You ] (1975)

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flyingscot_54 Japanese music on the flute.

Tadashi Tajima, Shakuhachi Flute, Osaka, Japan

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MeeJong Thanks @spiraldelight, must be the morning for cool Japanese artists like this one from @VerChill: "vi@DJVexV" (reblip)

Masato Hatanaka music composed for "INFINITY" CITIZEN × W0W

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p_ferd Uhhh so sweet, ♥ Orlando, must reblip @iloiloilo: "For the nerds, the same year came a re-release of JAGUAR, DJ Rolando´s Ahaw......" (reblip)
aki303_909 Deniece Williams – Free
aki303_909 Sun Palace – Rude Movements - Paradise Garage Classic
aki303_909 Debbie Jacobs "Don't You Want My Love"

Debbie Jacobs "Don't You Want My Love"

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aki303_909 El Coco – Cocomotion 79
bumble_b ok one last rb from @Maigo & @perle so nice! /thanks for joining me @leaferi @anjuscha @spiraldelight @chiron08 -thx- this time without wruhme ;-) (reblip)

Gui BorattoAzzurra

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Bangkok impact The floor

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SlyCeofLyFe @Dipesh : "This is Ratatat mixing this one, btw." (reblip)
jsotonyc Love this version! OK I got my afternoon groove on.....time to go...
lwsrc some ambient finnish tunes & nice day for you...
G_r_e_g @pappwixe U're coming to Paris ??? & it's true :o)

Four Tet-Hands

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bubblegumjo @TrainWreckRadio: "@CoyoteMa Sorry. Typo Sam & Dave "Hold On I'm Comin'" THERE IT IS! props!!" (reblip)
spiraldelight おはようございますー:) @Maigo @JTB hi,morning! @Stendhal @cremeweiss

masha eraice touch

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tometty [Don Ray - Standing In The Rain] @THX3@70disco@Manotaur

238 Standing In The Rain

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spiraldelight @Maigo デッドマウスこのリミックス好きです。ハスキーボイスのボーカルも。なんかDJのHiroさん(今オプティモ)のおすすめで、買ってみたらすごい好きになりました。
spiraldelight @cremeweiss hi,good mornig :) have a nice day!


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spiraldelight thanks! @Stendhal http://compufunk.sakura.ne.jp/mp3/fb6_a1.mp3 one more blip(short ver) Orlando Voorn - The Truth

The Martian -Windwalker (RED PLANET 6)

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imfish なつかし。

Rene et Gaston-Conte de fees

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tometty [Tema 3D - Consolaçao] Really really really rare tune. Pump up the volume! Love this.
tometty [Roy Ayers - Sweet Tears]

Roy Ayers " Sweet Tears " 1978

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tranceatlantico ☯ ...and here one of my all time favs...fat one!!

phonogenic - generations (jesper dahlback remix)

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e_rika The Revolution Will Be Streaming – Saxon Shore
p_ferd Via@misssabado: Yummy Thx ☀ :)!! Hey @all :) Hope sun's shining & life smiling ♥♥♥ @taniasonnenfeld@anjuscha @cremeweiss@spiraldelight@Tranquil@JTB (reblip)
p_ferd Wighnomy Brothers ♥♥♥ Nobody does it better. Baby you're the best :):):)


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p_ferd Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald – Villalobos "Uli, Mein Ponyhof" remix ♥♥♥
spiraldelight @JTB あ、これも大好きな曲の一つです。お時間のある時にでも聞いて下さい :)
spiraldelight @JTB おお、アルバム出るの知らなかったです。おもしろい音楽作りますよね、聞いてみたいので買おうかと思います。ありがとございます!
spiraldelight @JTB 了解です!良い週末を〜: )俺は動物園行って写真撮ってきます(^^;晴れるといいなぁ。
spiraldelight via @JTB この曲めちゃかっこいいですね、ありがとです : ) (reblip)

BellMagic Tape

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spiraldelight 帰宅しました! @JTB ありがとうございます :)やっと100越えです。おもしろいですねーこのWEBサービス、10kとか届く気がしませんがまだまだハマれそうです。これからもよろしくです!

Motorbass "Ezio"

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JTB 【French touch】【Crydamoure】

The Darkest Star Holden Mix Depeche Mode

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spiraldelight comin on strong! @AlexAgore @Maigo これ去年のメタモでセオがかけてました。今年もメタモ行きほぼ決定です、すっげ楽しみです!
Discobastard fucking awesome! This shit teases you, drops it in, removes it, drops agin briefly and leaves you in the dirt begging for more!
mancho @programator y la original, por supuesto, que en determinadas ocasiones suena mucho mejor
iloiloilo An old dear, dear favorite, just found this version @QuicksandRangero @RahaSanedas @AlexAgore @spiraldelight

Rhythm & Sound King and Queen In My Empire "Duet"

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tometty [Jody Watley - I Want Your Love (DJ Spinna Final)] A Chic cover by the guy behind Shalamar @THX3@Superfly@nuffced@db1233@kzythm@Maigo@spiraldelight
tranceatlantico ☯ danke für die Einladung @Cosmix : werde gerne mal drauf zurückkommen ;))
Atomik okay, laundry in the washer and second cup of coffee coming up....
anjuscha fine too! busy at home today. trying to sort away all those files and things that tend to pile up before going on holiday. @Ono1969: "... and you?" (reblip)


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bumble_b enjoy the sunny day on beach, boat or balcony - leave worries behind......

Gui Boratto- No Turning Back (Wighnomy's Likkalize Love Rekksmix)

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MIA-Tanz der moleküle

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MainVeld hello :-)) @G_r_e_g: "Thanxxxxx ;o) @bumble_b: "short hello @spiraldelight @Maigo @G_r_e_g @thelema2009 - wishing you well!"" (reblip)


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tometty [The Supremes - I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking (Disco Re-Edit)] Good morning! @ffluxx@fabuleuxfab@ffluxx@djilo@KushiQ@spiraldelight@db1233@THX3

SUPREMES : I'm gonna' let my heart do the walking (Disco re-edit)

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manip_ thx 4 this @thelema2009: "Tanner Ross & Kilo Watts – Kruger Fingers.... Hi... @chiron08@missabado@paulastudio@darita... and all other blipers..." (reblip)
JTB Taken from "cocoon compilation H" (via @aKiToSHi (reblip)

Optimistic - Sounds of Blackness

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spiraldelight 昔の生茶のCM曲 (reblip)

Por una cabeza

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spiraldelight hi! @G_r_e_g @anjuscha graceful music,afternoon coffee time :)"

Brainstorm Everytime I See You, I Go Wild!

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JTB @littlefunk ice touchのテイストに近い曲でこれまたすばらしいです。ありがとうございます!どうせなので @spiraldelight さんにもおすそわけでこの曲を送ります。どうぞ。 (reblip)
JTB @spiraldelight この曲のreblipを辿って行くと件のハンガリーの方のところに着きますよ。 (reblip)

Gui Boratto- No Turning Back (Wighnomy's Likkalize Love Rekksmix)

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JTB @aKiToSHi @littlefunk @Maigo @spiraldelight 夏の日差しでほてった体をキンキンに冷やすダブテクノを送ります。よい週末を~ ^_^
littlefunk @JTB 喜んでもらえてよかったです。夏はダブに溺れたくなりますね。

ClipFlick: Alex Smoke vs. Boys in the Universe

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JTB 【Detroit】 Kenny Larkin "Metaphor" - via @jasuo (reblip)
p_ferd Gooooodnight 4 now from here ♥♥♥ Who Made Who – Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Remix) ♥
reevess ♫ Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr – Mind Of Its Own
reevess ♫ Holgi Star & Miro Pajic – Oldschuh
reevess ♫ Rocco Branco aka Dominik Eulberg – Kapital (Einmusik Remix)
reevess thx prop @tranceatlantico ♫ Camea – Computer says love
p_ferd Another fresh Multiplex upload; this time a sweeet track by my mmmmman @MrKong :♥!!!!
FifiDingDang no net connection at home for 3 weeks so will be very quiet!

Dubbyman Jazz for May Alton Miller Remix

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G_r_e_g Last party of my holidays tonight - got to be strong ;o) Hope u're well ! Got2go@chiron08@anjuscha@lwsrc@pappwixe @cremeweiss@Maigo@spiraldelight@Ihno

Paul Kalkbrenner-Altes Kamuffel (Special Berlin Calling Edit)

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JTB @tanzbunny thanks for this one! quality minimal techno (reblip)
JTB 【Koze】 Matthew Dear "Elementary Lover (DJ Koze Remix)" - via @Maigo (reblip)
JTB 【Koze】 WhoMadeWho "Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Remix)" - via @Stendhal (reblip)
p_ferd Vi@chiron08: nabend meister @chiron08 :) I dream a lot about flying when I'm awake … (reblip)
p_ferd Love! ♥♥♥ Luke Slater ✿✿✿ Have a great weekend @G_r_e_g @thelema2009 @Schnuchten @ita___thedjcat @ladypn @djilo @all :)!

Luke Slater"Love"

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p_ferd A. Mochi – Black Out (Original Mix) ♥♥♥ Keep an eye on this guy, he’s very cool I think :)!
tranceatlantico @Atomik :: howdy! ,-)