Eek42 From my favorite movie of all time, Stand By Me, and one of my favorite old songs.

Buddy HollyEveryday

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melodyofurlife this tune plays in my head 24/7/365! Yes, I am NUTS!

Theme - Pee Wee Herman - Pee Wee's Big Adventure

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K8H Don't let your eyes refuse to see, don't let your ears refuse to hear or you ain't never going to shake this sense of sadness... vi@catalyze (reblip)
AndYuki A Perfect Circle tocando Judith. Acho que aquela fúria tá passando um pouco... acho! (reblip)
adbert @thebeadgirl [Keane – Sunshine] Have a wonderful day! :-)


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mssassypants I hear your name in certain circles And it always makes me smile . . .I ain't missing you at all. One of my fav cover songs I love his version.
mssassypants I don't care what you think As long as it's about me. . . .
geoffliving ANd something to get your spirits back up after that one ;)
loureed Yet another great 1984 song...The Romantics – Talking In Your and comments by @tedguyver (reblip)
TimbrePitch "Rapture" by Blondie - Is this the first popular song to feature "rap"?

Blondie - Rapture

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CBSpinner ☺♥ Wishing Well ♥☺ by Terence Trent D'arby
Cartoonbeardy I love this track (hell the whole album)... a track for anyone who's run in to an ex in awkward social situations
mssassypants Been mega busy today, but just wanted to throw this one out there. Off again . . .
lalamalone there might not be another star
Greenie vi@marigoldsky.. perfect get my butt workin morning song... [Breathe - Telepopmusik] Just breathe (reblip)


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RaquelOhashi it's lucky for you that we're friends.

PulpLike A Friend

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mssassypants 2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake, "Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?,
mssassypants ...memories come rushing like feral waves to your mind, Of the curl of your bodies,like two perfect circles entwined, You just have to see her.
edermanuel Life is not what I thought it was, twenty four hours ago . . .
melodyofurlife @rebel_vamp Not to many songs are better when remade, but The Gary Jules remake is way better than the original, its actually tough to listen to.
katiewest i listen to this song as i walk around town looking for dudes to fuck up. dudes like you.
katiewest i listen to this song when it's bright and cold outside.

Fever RaySeven

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aplusk reminds me of Ny 98 heartland brewery
aplusk Filet Mignon for the ears I'm not mad at this at alllllll (reblip)

AdeleBest for Last

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aplusk trying to sort out the playlist action here

Ben KwellerSundress

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Ammidon @Nammidon @mrskutcher @aplusk Just for fun..."You're No One If You're Not On Twitter"... (reblip)
kizzle This makes me think of my hubby, and the video is awesome!!
starmunki i'd like to rest my heavy head tonight on a bed of california stars...
starmunki i just wanna sing a song with you...
starmunki driving + this song + me = very very bad

Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps

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starmunki i'm tryin' to tell you somethin' 'bout my life...
mssassypants if you cry at night the way I do I'll know that somebody's lying.
wintersoldier @ladypn - my favourite sigur ros, one of my favourite songs period... :)
Greenie Mute Math – Transformers Theme
philkirby I know @DJJazzyJacq, but it has me in tears everytime. Goodnight.
luafina ♫ and she'll tease you, she'll unease you, just to please you, she's got betty davis eyes! ♫


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aimeeroo For all the kitties out there in twitterland! :)
amandapalmer i am going to start blipping, goddammit. my favorite cure song, EVER. because of course.
JackScoresby Let's close my night and start your day with some indie/techno melancholy psychedelic calmness.
JackScoresby OK, didn't actually go to sleep yet. BTW, the last minute and 12 seconds of this song is LOVE.
philkirby mornin' @MiaCarla . . . can't imagine you get much snow, but these Scottish guys sure do! Pretty tune from the best band from North of the border.
tubilino thanks @Allykiss ...ok! it's you life :) (reblip)

Its My Life- No Doubt

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katiewest i maintain that this is one of the best songs ever recorded.
amandapalmer once when holly and i were going to vermont, her dad driving, we listened to this 15 times in a row on the car tape player. i needed it this morning.
JackScoresby Ah, Regina Spektor... Your voice is such a wonderful thing.
K8H This is way better than awesome. @buchmamsell Hugs right back at cha.
mssassypants @starmunki "Hot temptations . . . Sweet sensations . . ."

JemCome On Closer

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mssassypants Is missing someone today- Close yet far, Drop me a line and tell me how the hell you are

CKYClose Yet Far

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mssassypants One time where you're hiding's when she met ya, Two times she knows you won't forget her, Three times do anything to . . .
ryanh42 Something in me is very open to new stuff today... (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Goo Goo Dolls – Iris (ITunes Originals Version)
carloslet There is no you, there is only me

Nine Inch NailsOnly

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coreydownie @tubilino has got me in the mood for some Jack White
philkirby love Lisa Hannigan @Edainsmom . . . isn't this pretty?
katiewest this is the catchiest song ever. it gets stuck in my head FOR DAYS. enjoy.
TankPilot kad ću plesat ko ovaj lik - svaka cura će biti moja! zar ne? @bendrix @invisiblepilot @DJstromer19 @CooperHarris @dESAH @keskenja @starmunki @kKobold

The Music Take The Long Road And Walk It Live

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PlushroomSoup Am really liking this whole album, but this song is my favorite:

FanfarloFinish Line

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tubilino holaaaa @djLop arregló todo? [veo que sí] alegro! ya me contarás compañero ;)) (reblip)
tubilino inspired by @jarrette ;)

The Roof is on Fire-Bloodhound Gang

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stoopidgerl guilty pleasure of the day....

"get away with murder" Jeffree stars new song off his album "beauty killer"

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starmunki if sex is a weapon...then smash, boom, pow...
starmunki i'm feeling rough, i'm feeling raw, i'm in the prime of my life...

MGMTTime to Pretend

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starmunki darling your head's not right...

The StrokesSomeday

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starmunki broken glass...broken hearts...
DJEmpire1 Brooding, dark and violent. Somehow very sexy. But what happened to Indigo?
DJEmpire1 It's my own cheating heart that makes me cry
starmunki full of win... RB @melodyofyourlife: "Vampire Weekend definitely have their own sound. Here they Vampire Weekend'ize a Rancid tune." (reblip)
melodyofurlife On my Feb playlist: Such a sweet little tune. New from Eels

EelsLittle Bird

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everyeskimo a day filled with simple and sweet pleasures. a song for that day.

PeasantWell Alright

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PlushroomSoup Lovely. @everyeskimo: "finally found this to share! best song ever. listen to it over and over!" (reblip)

Horse in the sea, Indie/Folk Music " I Order the Sun to Shine on Everyone (2007)

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everyeskimo an old one, yes. but ever good.

Kennahell bent

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PlushroomSoup a beautiful, sad song by a pretty cool local band I just recently discovered.
DJrainndietrichwilson FRIGHTENED RABBIT::All I am is a body adrift in water, salt and sky:: "Swim Until You Can't See Land"
everyeskimo i'm pretending i have my own soundtrack. i'm pretending i'm walking through a sunny park. the grass is long.
PlushroomSoup This song gets reeeeallly good in the third verse when the harmonies kick in.
everyeskimo love echoes. i feel like he's singing in the dark. i like that feeling.

JBMCleo's Song

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