stena i know it's around here somewhere...then all i have to do is remember where i parked...
stena ...and now to remember how to drive...after i find the keys...


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julee cruise - summer kisses winter tears

| play
stena @xtcdukes @DJFrankie @PrettyAsAPosie @brucifer @Rai_Merchant @evoland @row1e -off. vid for this song would translate well to anime; iggy in anime! :D
DJFrankie .38 Special? Hercules & Love Affair? Annie? Le Tigre? More Tilly? Outrageously good, @Buzzz, @Elling_, @penfabulous, @Sappha @cdub. Thank you!!
DJFrankie For Steph, who's been riding it a lot lately.

Vampire WeekendM79

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row1e ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ (reblip)


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sudaca70 en mi humilde opinión esto capta la atmósfera de este día tan raro... ¿qué dirá @ivanadaime?
stena away for a bit. was hunting for the "rework" but no luck for now. must accept the classic... ~^_^~
LeBlanc sur


| play
LeBlanc Wow! Haven't heard this quite a while... tks @catalyze (reblip)
stena "I don't want to wonder, if this is a blunder..." ~^_^~

CakeLove You Madly

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stena feel the need for comfort food (so to speak).
stena munchcrunchcrunkmunch...tasty. so much for tofu and potatoes. desserts?
stena i'm not really here *_*. this blip is a hallucination @_@. now, a word from this blip's original sponsor with many thanks: @ LeBlanc "sur" (reblip)


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gonequiet Someone's been sly slipping these songs of hope into blip.
flavytcha every song I want to blip seems to be unavailable today :P hey @PaulaC @annyeah @DownLow @GR8FL@djkawa @GR8FL @PauloB have a nice afternoon :)
bakinrapscallion "that cigarette you're smokin' 'bout to scare me half to death"...can I have one?
stena pushpushpush! thanks! ego gone all bombastic, though. @gonequiet And the VASTLY better cover @stena for being face-smashingly good. @DownLow ^_^ (reblip)
stena @_@ the things u do 2 my playlist! @DJFrankie:"I've got a fictitious Sid Vicious doing all my dirty dishes." And this might be her _least_ dirty song (reblip)

PeachesBag It

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DJFrankie I don't think @adbert has blipped this in at least 24 hours, so it should be safe. : ) @stena, glad you figured things out with no help from me!
prehistoric But this is what love is for: to be out of place, gorgeous and alone, face to face.
stena but who need the cure when you've been institutionalized? oh yes! forever since i've heard this--thanks! @bartholomewJstriker (reblip)
stena just thinking about this today. thanks! ^_^ @TheSafePassageClause "Holy Crap this is Random!" sending on to: @ICEGIRL152@jojofm@nbwords@adbert@Mahri (reblip)
bondidwhat I seem to have lost it somewhere.
stena used to listen to this every morning before going to classes. "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," or so they say. goodnight! (^_^)/
hideaway niiice pic, @stena. (@sudaca70, <<tradición!>>)

Brian EnoQuixote

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stena yes! there is a vid of the original, if interested ^_^ : @nbwords: "wow! this takes me back reblip" @stena (reblip)
bduubz nice, thanks @baripembo. dude, i'm so confused about the time. (reblip)
haizee The Sunburst Band is so right on a sunday morning @bunq @bdubz @xuxE @stena
xuxE mixed emotions. unstable compounds. highly flammable.
xuxE nothing is easy. not even happiness.
T_DeBarros Willy Wonka. Oompa Loompa Song. ~oompa loompa doopity doo..~ thx 4 the blip, @truered74 it makes me :D every time. this is for @photogurrl ..ROFL (reblip)
stena well. this is the essence, isn't it? thanks, and have a goodnight. (reblip)
stena Truly goodnight, and stay safe out there, where experience takes you...~^_^~


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gonequiet Come in, she said, I'll give you...
HungryKid mick jones, tony james & co
nixe ...they have returned from the yellow brick road...
DJFrankie Not sure exactly what this title means, but it's a good sound. 'Night all.
Figgywithit anyone seen these guys live? Should I get there in time to see them open for Ra Ra Riot and Tokyo Police Club?
jeffhinz If you are not listening to the new David Byrne/Brian Eno - you should be!
bakinrapscallion u can re-shingle your roof with this one.
statelypenguin @stena I've been listening to The Beach Boys - SMiLE bootlegs. Brian Wilson was a huge Gershwin fan, and I ALMOST posted that song earlier. Awesome.

Link WrayRumble

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LaKarune via @tubilino via@curatEar "...loooove :)" Me too, thought props would be enough, but no, I must blip it (reblip)

Artic Monkeys - Love Machine

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sandraew Goodnight everyone! Thanks for blipping/propping/listening. Because The Night - Patti Smith

Patti Smith - Because The Night

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sandraew What can I do? I've been thinking about you. (@Whitenet Ja Pow Pow) (reblip)

Taco - Putting On The Ritz

| play
adbert [Henry Mancini & His Orchestra – Baby Elephant Walk] And our baby elephant Dumb@adbert!!!! 6º\/) (sorry, is txt, no messenger...) Clap, clap, clap!
HungryKid reblip @ciliegierosse Da Da Daa (reblip)

Trio - Da Da Da

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stena "there there there"or"yes yes yes"?_? @HungryKid said: "reblip @ciliegierosse Da Da Daa" fwd:@bdubz @DJFrankie @LeBlanc @star45 @bunq @smiley @Karuna (reblip)

Trio - Da Da Da

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stena so all my tweets will know what this is: Ric Iannone – Bach Prelude XV. (with apologies for all the coded posts that have been making no sense).
stena "J.S. Bach, remixed by Lord Skye – Sheep May Safely Groove" okay the title alone requires that this be played.
LaKarune Gotta stop blipping, last one from me but I'll be listening
mammara Leroy says keep on rockin' girl thx @Isuttell (reblip)
gonequiet This guy is going to be at Club Cafe with Samantha Crain on Saturday night. I might go.
bduubz one of my faves from the streets
ladypn Good morning, @GR8FL! How's your Saturday going? Raining here... but heaven yesterday, so shouldn't complain! ;) (reblip)
Will_the_bloke Too gorgeous .. a reblippie for sure ... The Go-Betweens – Love Is A Sign... (reblip)
stena retreat even further! at this rate, i'll be back in the womb soon.^_^ @sundance_kiddo @bduubz @SlipperyDistortion @Arlene513 @generalelectrik @Meliane


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T_DeBarros Jamiroquai. Space Cowboy. ~~congrats @TrainWreckRadio on your "50" !!! ☺ (reblip)
DJFrankie "Consider this a distant early warning..."

Manu Chao - Politik Kills (Prince Fatty Remix)

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Greenie rb'in listeners w/ super cute kitty pics ;) @smokymtnmist (reblip)
CynDyn I probably shouldn't be laughing so hard...thanks @picknick for this classic...ouwowwowow -ahh! (reblip)


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star45 Cowsills - Flower Girl - . . . to @Flower of course! - @Elling_ hi! - @djwttw g'afternoon, I don't know how I found this!


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kooi one more time! @bduubz - is there a remix??? (reblip)
threebears I always thought that 20 was too many ... aww .... that makes me ... sniff ... sob ..... pass me a hanky please :(
craigz and you say she's for real and she's fun.
Figgywithit Hey figgywithit listeners: Add @SuperNovocaine. Before blip, he was the source of all my musical knowledge and my mp3 benefactor. (reblip)

Blitzen TrapperFurr

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DEGirl Hijo de la Luna... por te D.

Stravaganzza - Hijo de la Luna

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stena 'mem': glass of water before bed! ^_^ @daretoeatapeach "I'm going to the GAyVN awards after party tonight. (if you don't know what that is don't ask)" (reblip)
ladypn Wasted on the weekend, making good time with my excuse Where the plot lines are like dead ends, floating in her eyes at the bottom of a well...
soundmangroupie et c'est moi, bonne nuit tout le monde. xx
gonequiet Let's hear it for Burnie, Veal and Hansen! Bullpen depth!
Punched R|B @redroulettes @katesnowbird :: Horse In The Sea - Vegas :: (reblip)

Horse In The Sea - Vegas

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Punched :: Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Two Tribes ::
jojofm reblip @Madigan, footie on, wasn't much interest so postponed. (reblip)
T_DeBarros NADIR. Soulmate. ~i guess it's time to be moving on...~ CIAO FOR NOW.. ☺
GR8FL this is nice @Diordan and I hope the words are too (reblip)
DJFrankie "I really, really enjoyed this New Yorker podcast interview with SFJ about Lily Allen: " rb@AlexSteed. So did I. Thanks! (reblip)
Will_the_bloke a wee bit bawdy ... oasis – she's electric

oasisshe's electric

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tadaki japanese guitar rock band.


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stena [snow patrol-run] "light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice, i'll be right beside you..." & giving props due! ^_^

Snow PatrolRun

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Superfly music from our scandinavian friends


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sakotakanonosue Hi! @lfamous @DJJazzyJacq @jadelittletia Welcome. I am such a guy like....hahaha! dozo yoroshiku! (reblip)


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HAEFLIGER euer leben zwickt und drückt nur dann nicht wenn man sich bückt
Flying_Roundhouse Dolphin Boy – Shake It Loose ~ So flippin' cool (pardon the pun) ~ Hey @tardisgrl (Typo, So must RB ;-) Sorry (not) ~ Hey @Jalapeno @katesnowbird (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Bebel Gilberto – Aganju ~ In a funky samba kinda mood today @DJddsNorth, you did great! Welcome to blipland! Hey @glucas & @broadwayg (samba list?)
DJFrankie [I think this may be hot off the press :) i hope you got tix!] rb@caramck. I did indeed! Thanks. (reblip)


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intinet hey =) nice to hear you at the same time @Ono1969 @anjuscha @manipulator @toobad @steno nice evening at blipland hehe
crystale happy friday.. heading out on beach walk on this sunny morning. | au revoir simone - the lucky one #soundtrack
ZONE good @doczok, @DesertLily, you can hear the drums LoL.... (reblip)
Burgers Buenas Tardes & TGIF @andregbar (reblip)

The Cramberries - When you're gone

| play
ZachsMind I used to blog at my own domain. That's gone. I hated it anyway. I've moved to Check it out!
alfonvaina @tubilino te acuerdas del pollito? Dioooooos que h.... que tenía el menda
DJFrankie Reblip @Nachtdenker. Freedy Johnston covering Marshall Crenshaw? Never heard this version before... Thanks. (reblip)
adbert [Janis Joplin - Kozmic Blues] Hello @pumpkinshellz, how are you tonight? Long time no blip!!! HAHAHA!!!

06 Janis Joplin - Kozmic Blues

| play
onepotcookeryschool ///////////////////////////////////////////////////
DJFrankie reblip @jtabz. So excited, seeing him in June with Vic Chesnutt. Thanks! (reblip)
organicsue It Is You I Have Loved All xoxo @>----------------
organicsue Waking up is glorius!!!............
Figgywithit The only thing better than a set of Grateful Dead is a set of Grateful Dead from 1977. @GR8FL @nick_sorg @420thoughts
steno The new 10K Badges look nearly like the 250 ones!! These guys need a color concept... @gorlochs @GR8FL @briangreene #complaint ,-) GN8 @all (reblip)
steno I forgot to say thx for the last one @Cosmix ... cheers @TuraSatana und @chiron08 komm bald wieder... ,-) (reblip)
DownLow @NicLizD bravo, bravo. thanks for sharing that youtube video! well done...Read the summary too. Celebrate Recovery? Member? Visitor? Or Other? (reblip)
stena COLDPLAY--TALK-[ Alternate/unreleased ] wow! somebody uploaded lots of coldplay!!! i'm so happy! i love this version "talk"... mood: grateful! *^_^*
stena [Nick Drake – One of These Things First] rbthx! ^_^ @Figgywithit (reblip)
LaKarune Hey @bendrix, you were my 2600th reply just now. Fitting.
LaKarune @Michlerish it's there, just in code...I'm thinking copyright? Oh they took Imeem away not sure why...
LaKarune ...and this one from @santamistura, which takes my breath away every time I hear it (reblip)
lipsync I was looking at the pic of your hot shoes@Karuna and it reminded me of this...XX
MaddMatt rb@puckhead2016 I have to agree..This song brings back memories, & it rocks!! Iron Maiden-The Prisoner I am not a number, I'm a free man, HA HA HA! (reblip)
MaddMatt Chk it out @rogue_fm We get blamed for all the evils of the world @UncleBallcoach -As long as you don't have a Skullet LOL (reblip)
marcelopatropi Ela me esnoba, me esnoba, me esnoba!
DJAlvarezgirls the humor of pick up lines.... just give me quiet one in the back.

Swing Batter Swing - Trace Adkins

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ladypn @ZachsMind 's theme song for me.... ;)


| play
stena looking for [Bach: Violin Concerto, BWV 1056 - 2. Largo] --not here. will this do? ;) until the morrow then! --probably not especially early...*^_^*
stena Verve Remixed – How Long Has This Been Going On (Carmen McRae (MJ Cole Remix) oh, this is brilliant! :D thanks! @EclecticGrooves (reblip)
michaeldharvie Nothing much to say about this one. Great stuff.
michaeldharvie From his latest 'Sometimes I Wish I Were an Eagle'.
ObadiahParker Now what's cooler than bein' cool? here's 'Hey Ya' that started all this - you're all cooler than being cool! (reblip)
ObadiahParker This cover of #Trouble by #Coldplay was on my e.p. The Tip Jar vol.1 which thanks to you guys, allowed me to record the new album! (reblip)
Atomik <--- Heading to Philadelphia tomorrow. Please pray to the travel gods.


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dspringfels Still can't stop listening to this album.
dspringfels I am tired of being the dependable one.
dspringfels This album is really growing on me. Not to sure about the split/EP part. Kinda creates a disconnect between the two disks.

BeirutLa LLorona

| play
dspringfels @icpalm I beg to differ. Sadly no songs on from Charm of the Highway Strip. My fav album.
presuffix it's one of those nights...


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organicsue Annie Lennox – Walking On Broken Glass
In_Cognitus "It's too idiotic to be schizophrenic" - Carl Jung ;-)
BuzzEdition Good night everybody and thanks for listening. (reblip)


| play
star45 The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun – . . . hello @ugogirl @drubloomfield
stena \^_^/ [Coldplay – Strawberry Swing] *^_^*
piginthepoke Once heard a Magic Roundabout LP as a kid, with this in it - gave me nightmares, nearly lol
rogue_fm @mushka @Annimallover [Artemis aka mushka was my cat!] Losing a pet is hard. Why not immortalize them with music? (Is Mushka a German nickname?) (reblip)
stena "--love, donating time to review all the misinterpretations that define me and you" :D @seancarmody @Flying_Roundhouse "nice indeed!" (reblip)
organicsue Sebastian Bach – Back In The Saddle
stena [Beck – Gamma Ray] accidentally danced into man@ bar once & bodyguard was about to thrash me! guy waved him off-whew! @Ragingsquism "cute little ray (reblip)

BeckGamma Ray

| play
stena *^_^* lovely! rbthx@folkmusicdudeRB@santamistura who rb'ed @ilikedginger thanksssssssss ~ I flit lit a bee from flower to flower - so many good blips! (reblip)
In_Cognitus Welcome to Shambala of dreams! Good Night)


| play
HungryKid The Records - Starry Eyes
crypticvalentine Jens doing Stephen Merritt..we can live with it..
stena ^_^ rb@patricia_coelho: "muito boa mesmo, dona @xmarina delayzinha agradece ;) olá, @daniloprates" (reblip)
stena [Weird Al Yankovic – Ebay Song] well, at least all this blipping i'm doing keeps me away from ebay! and yes, i AM going to bed now! goodnight. *^_^*
stena ["Weird Al" Yankovic – White & Nerdy] um, this is actually really scary... i mean... accurately describes a couple of ex-boyfriends... :D
stena [Weird Al Yankovic – Star Wars- the Saga Begins] tired girl, me... time for bedtime story/song...
stena [Chris Martin – Yellow (Acoustic)] had to reblip this! doomed, though...never getting any sleep at this rate! rbthx!@cranberry: "they shine for you." (reblip)
stena [Coldplay–Lovers in Japan] step 5: 'cause it’s time to get all your heads back in the game and keep 'em there until this tour of duty is over. thx! ;)
AnitaBreakSoon @bobscopper, cudn't find ur earlier blip ( coz u blip so fast) so searched manually... something new to me again!
MindSight hey @all I might not be able to come back for a while but Im hoping not too many ppl leave: - > > > missing you :-)
jtabz You'll pick it all up really quickly, @Counterfitt. Have fun exploring! (reblip)
ilbis Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love (reblip)
ilbis @RNRSteve Patti Smith – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
ilbis yeah! Fireballs – Torquay


| play
In_Cognitus Andalucia [I♡idiotsfree]
ilbis The Maccabees – First Love
gonequiet /traveling north to find you
lipsync Come into these arms again....good eve/morn/day to you @rickevinj @LadyFantastick @LisaWorld @Edainsmom @stena @KathysArt @organicsue @TropicsZ4 XXX

Annie Lennox Love song for a Vampire

| play
stena [SNOW PATROL–WOW] "if looks like it works & feels like it works, then it works-don't be afraid now." every1 is afraid sometimes; will all be ok. ^_^


| play
stena [Coldplay – Lovers In Japan] we all gotta keep on keepin' on! i think we can... no. i know we will! \^_^/ have a great night! *^_^*
stena [Green Onions Booker T & The MGS] not entirely absent; attention divided somewhat. mostly elsewhere, but holding a happy thought for all friends here! (reblip)

Green Onions Booker T & The MGS

| play
FOGGIELOANER the way you wear your troubles....@jojofm @briangreene @avivamagnolia wonder if the youtube stuff would be here were it not for last week's "fuss"


| play
djilo I was gonna sign off, but ur makin it hard to leave. =) @El3ctrophile: "Love ted & francis and bag raiders" (reblip)
El3ctrophile @toreo here's some really old school MM, i think its from their first album

Dead or Alive You Spin Me Round

| play
djilo In case u hadn't heard it :P @hajoni I hope this doesn't turn out to be imeem 4 U
stena \^_^/YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS\^_^/rbthx!@jtabz: "@stena--it's hard to find good happy songs. how about this one?" fwd: @bunq @djilo @evablue @Karuna @ellers (reblip)
oMIDNIGHTo @oMIDNIGHTo: "AMAZING... " come relax with me baby " "yeahhhhh" PLEASE LISTEN YOUR MISSING OUT (reblip)

Herbie Mann, St Germain Acid Jazz , so flute

| play
djiowacfresh hello its not me, not like it used to be, sippin beer, not killing time, not good to see you frown.. you want to make a memory, nah
Sah_Void when I see myself and I'm not myself, cause I'm over there see my body's there, and who's body is this and who's body is that, I don't know what to do
FOGGIELOANER pounded the road from coast to coast
avivajazz John Williams & Julian Bream | Albeniz-Castilla (Seguidillas)

John Williams & Julian Bream:Albeniz-Castilla(Seguidillas)

| play
stena "i miss..." my cell phone!!! had it forever. classic motorola. i pasted paper leaves on it with glitter glue. it was MINE, darn it! T_T rbthx!@lipsync (reblip)

Joe PurdyMiss Me

| play
stena rb!@ladypn:"New music Monday -going to play nothing but new/newer releases, or new music to me! your favorite new music! The joy of blip, NEW MUSIC!" (reblip)
stena @_@sleeepy..not..sleepy.z.zz.z..rbthx!@sheryonstone: "@ladypn ~ do you promise ? Is there a contest or anything ? does @SevenTenths know about it ???" (reblip)
stena [Thievery Corporation – Sleeper Car] while leaving is "the last thing on my mind" & "all is groovy" i think it's time 2 "run" 2 bed. rbthx!@oMIDNIGHTo (reblip)
stena rbrb!@djwttw: "RBlippy@xtcdukes. this is my new fave song, and certainly, my new fave band name. excellent." (reblip)
stena not exactly in keeping w/my latest "happy music, please" theme, but it is awfully pretty! rb@johnrod: ""wanting more" @michi66f @morebrains @djland" (reblip)

Gravity by John Mayer

| play
stena [Bic Runga–GetSomeSleep] have i played this again today? no, not yet today! *^_^* @organicsue @DJDolceVita @SpinninSara @ilbis @camillek @Chise (reblip)
stena [Kate Bush~The Morning Fog] looked for an aud-only no luck! like this song of kate's though. @evablue @organicsue@Biru @yyhhyy@GR8FL@photogurrl@mushka

Kate Bush ~ The Morning Fog

| play
stena um, so, there were about 20 billion rbs on this in my replies inbox :) you get more rbs than anyone i know! :D rbthx!@lipsync fwd: @storylet @rogue_fm (reblip)
stena planned 4 going back out; find myself still blippin' here! :D rbthx!@Will_the_bloke: "Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Original Studio Mix)" (reblip)
stena [Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head] thanks! going tomorrow i think. ^_^/ @GR8FL "-back from angels & demons - was good & almost true to book..."
stena [Coldplay- Life In Technicolor] i really liked a night at the museum! terminator? it was good, just slow going in places. demons and angels next. ^_^/
stena [Epoca–Gotan Project] away into the day, thank you all! @hajoni @djilo @verawooten @patita @jtabz @ellers @Nymph @wildelycreative kareliz @DJDolceVita

EpocaGotan Project

| play
stena rbthx!@djilo: "In case u hadn't heard it :P @hajoni I hope this doesn't turn out to be imeem 4 U" fwd: @kbuech @DJFrankie @xtcdukes @smiley @patita (reblip)
stena timewarp rb"@xtcdukes @DJFrankie @PrettyAsAPosie @brucifer @Rai_Merchant @evoland ...vid for this song would translate well to anime; iggy in anime!" (reblip)
stena *^_^* ["Birdhouse In Your Soul" by TMBG – on piano] *^_^*
stena [Coldplay – I Bloom Blaum (blip.up)] vid/imeem free-looking for songs more about you know, things other than "he she left me" --quite a challenge!
Will_the_bloke Nice! @driveafastercar: "Magic Wands - Black Magic = my #1 favorite song of May 2009" (reblip)
Will_the_bloke Missed you earlier, @scound. Nice one! .. slinky, sexy and passionate too ... The Twilight Singers – Follow You Down (reblip)
stena une chanson d'Yves Montand - est-que quelqu'un sait le nom? @SpaceBanditRadio Sous le ciel de Paris ^_^ (reblip)

??????? 2

| play
djilo Ahhh flamenco! Hadn't heard this one from them. Girlie, you KNOW me :) @ZOEBOE: "WOW, Hey @djilo check this out ;) @Karuna: rb@santamistura" (reblip)
Will_the_bloke The Lemonheads – Into Your Arms
Spidermonkey ****************

Star Wars Theme Song (New Version)

| play
stena \^_^/ [Napoleon XIV–They're Coming To Take Me Away] rb@acanuckfan: "~,~ rb@ManaJunkie ~LOLgr8 ~,~" fwd: @evablue @storylet @lipsync @bunq @intinet (reblip)
digitpt Sleep on my arm ... bye bye blippers...zzzzzzzzz

Sleep on my arm (Nocturne)

| play
Will_the_bloke The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – A Teenager In Love
stena [Nada Surf–Inside of Love]sending props as day permits. "know last page so well, just don't start. but it must be a different view 2 b a me with a u."
stena [Coldplay – Amsterdam (Live 2003)] of course i'll be all right, i just had a bad night.
stena [Pietro Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana – Intermezzo]
lipsync Feel it...................goodnight @ALL @ALL XXXXXXXXXXXX
stena [Rocket 2 The Moon–Shhh...Just Listen] don't take another step, don't breathe another breath unless you're coming back to me. baby, we're invincible!

Lenny Kravitz I'll Be Waiting Slow Funky Version

| play

5. Please Don't Leave Me-P!nk-Funhouse

| play
luciana haahahahaahahhaaha

Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting Music Video

| play
elocio Joe Bonamassa – Feelin Good
stena i think this may have just become my very favorite song in the whole world *^_^* rbthx!@jtabz: "hello @bluddysavaj and till later, @HellenKellersIpod" (reblip)
stena *^_^*[Big Country – In A Big Country (Pure Mix)] *^_^* though as it happens, i do grow flowers in the desert. ^_^/
stena [Mahala Rai Banda – Mahalageasca - Felix B Jazzhouse Dub] ^_^/ rbthx!@gabasanch @acanuckfan (((¤º°`°º¤ø"♫ ♪♫ ¤º°`°º¤ø"♫ ♪♫ ¤º°`°º¤ø"♫ ♪♫))) @VeganDrus (reblip)
stena oh my! u know, i collect nirvana "smells like teen spirit" covers :) ...nice addition, this! rbthx!@Diordan@SPUTNIK's fwd:@DJFrankie @Performalosophos (reblip)
estrogen for you @bthecat ;)

|| Hello Kitty || Creamy -- "Little Kitty"

| play
ericsvonk I have a feeling this is be my day at work tomorrow. [Macy Gray – Relating to a Psychopath]
ericsvonk rb @RustyB: A good tune for a Father's Day night. [Norah Jones – Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World] (reblip)
stena hey, needed this! 'night & thxrb!@whistlin_indie: "last 1 from 8-track: enjoy... night.[Echo et Bunnymen–Lips Like Sugar]" (reblip)

Miku Hatsune " triple baka" Off Vocal KARAOKE Version

| play
CrisLozeski @LeandroAzevedo: ok, e a resposta da minha curiosidade nada.. ehehe responde no se for longa e n der 150 carac (reblip)
DaKnish With his Triple Crown win, Jeff Lisandro steps into a special chapter of WSOP history. 3rd Eye Blind...
vitoramonteiro Too alarming now to talk about!

Foo FightersMy Hero

| play
ponpons la nostalgia presente

夢二 Yumeji's Theme harmonica version

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callmetim Brilliant song formula: The Beatles + Fiona Apple + Jon Brion.
stena [Over the Rainbow (HQ video) -Judy Garland--with lyrics]

Over the Rainbow (HQ video) -Judy Garland--with lyrics

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Chise Johnny Cash – Hurt

Johnny CashHurt

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stena [Coldplay – In My Place (Live 2003)]
patsyq Weird Dutch (?) dudes. Have exactly the right look, tho'.


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CyberManin @CinderellaCaro ma tite fermière préférée... ♫ [Mylène Farmer – Appelle mon numéro](¯`*•.¸ (¯`*•.¸ (¯`*•.¸♡ ♥♡¸.•*´¯)¸.•*´¯)¸.•*´¯)
digitpt Jay-Jay Johanson – So Tell The Girls That I Am Back In Town
digitpt @stena:thanks for the props and all the reblips __̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲▫̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡π̲̲͡͡ ̲̲͡▫̲̲͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡̡.__ :) (reblip)
stena [Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You) (Featuring Cherine Anderson)] luv m.franti... he is supah coooool! :) rbthx!@vja: "for ali" (reblip)
stena "feelin' it to the bone-searching high and low-'cause i dreamed about you all along-i'll be strong" @_@ lyrics! rb!@dswancanada @outoforder @curatEar (reblip)
stena [Clouds – Say It] *^_^* rb!@J2ad: "And you'll get what you want" (reblip)

CloudsSay It

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stena [Miles Davis – How Deep Is the Ocean] rb@backtoback (reblip)
stena IMEEM [The Who – Overture]

The WhoOverture

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stena IMEEM [The Who – Underture]

The WhoUnderture

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stena [Screaming Trees – Darkness, Darkness (audio only)] another cover of this song.
stena *^_^* [Coldplay – Yellow (Piano version KCRW) (blip.up)] the things that chris gets up to while the rest of the band is sleepin'! *^_^*