DrewFristoe I cant stop listening to this song!
muhh und wenn der schwung einmal da ist...
tinythoughts probably one of the most controversial french songs. sexy, if not silly...oooh je t'aime
superhussy I'm just a telephone call awayayay.
Geo8 The regatta in the Canal Grande today. Now. Let's celebrate.
Z80GameCoder Wow, this is a bit of a gem. Great to hear it again.
steno This is some really good stuff :-)
ejflavors Jamiroquai. you gotta stop that plane, turn it around.....
devis The piano establishes an horizon line over the notes, over this Sunday night
rax blip blues ... Mr Waters start me up!


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Reuben So long as the snow lets my jet plane off the run away tonight... I'm gonna be a touristing in the sunny Caribbean. Can't wait!
DonnyShell i always wondered if he meant wander...
sophie_o @Delfin o email que eu te mandei voltou, pra qual eu mando? qualquer coisa me responde por dm no twitter. (reblip)
toddkelley "Represent (Mellow)" - came out of having an hour of free time in a studio. All i had was a Sade CD to mess with so I threw this together.
bassr2d2 it's crucial ! ... I also love 90s R&B


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2Serenity Undeniably 1 of the most hauntingly beautiful songs by Sade but so sad. Angelique Kidjo's rendition w/ Josh Groban is beautiful too http://is.gd/dOCZ


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MStimson Maybe we can see a movie, or maybe we can see a play on Saturday, or maybe we can roll a tree, or feel the breeze
MStimson When you gonna get up ? I see you're down. When you gonna get up ?
JanBlom I'm just someone who loves you, that's all I am
tanzbunny ....

ComradeF - Space Jazz

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tanzbunny @klitoria ...good night ...and sweet dreams.....:)
Z80GameCoder Why aren't there much in the way of "Loose Ends" tracks on Blip.fm? London band, good.
formalhaut @klitoria yep! so machen wir das!


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Jacidbazz via @mikezarin - Thanks & welcome =) (reblip)


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klitoria you like it.....http://suzisuzuki.de/
Antenaweb yeah.. we are perfect sychronized.. // Yes It Is!! (reblip)
pappwixe ************************************************************************
chiron08 @coloured .. guten morgen.. bin beim 2ten Kaffee
voxefx Good Night, Good Morning, Good Afternoon!


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klitoria sun come, come shine on us...


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formalhaut greater London areas joint: Jammer feat. Wiley, D Double E, Kano & Durrty Goodz.
klitoria my dearest Ilka I love you soo much...all my love goes to you now....
pappwixe @chiron08 was ist denn mit Dir los?*good morning* @klitoria*************
coloured Would go to Afrika :)


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bendrix yes yes this was the joint of the day. Digable really had so much potential. they had the most authentically cool hip hop jazz vibe via@djilo (reblip)
abotis a light in the dark when you stay all night long at work
abotis ach herje ... wenn man mal was sucht und was völlig anderes findet
steno ciao women blip better ? WRONG @klitoria@sheryonstone@yamamiya@onesanz


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bendrix I hate alcohol, but drunk people R fascinating to me :) yeah the Scot lass is a wild kat, I have fun seeing how many words I can blip her via@Saorsa (reblip)
lub mmmmmmmm... yeah! what you do 4 me, mmmmmmmm... yeah! i can't wait 2 see!!! @bendrix @mystwitch @TheHobbyshopHERO @Jacidbazz @steno ;)
lub be what you wanna be ;)
klitoria hi @steno...wie geht es dir?..werde heute zuhause bleiben...bin sehr krank noch...


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milkfish Electronic melancholy, though with handclaps
formalhaut wow! i'm impressed! thank you very much @djwttw @ladypn @Bluespanther @photogurrl @all <3 <3 <3 this one. see you after a break…
nuria29 One Wish For Me...Let me two seconds!! @masterkid4u
formalhaut good morning to you @GR8FL have a lovely day
lub spengler & their good things!
lub @Stendhal rabih is a young lebanese guy who lives in germany, he's so talented! all about beautiful arabic jazzy sounds, am happy you like it ;)


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steno Oh yeah! We have an awesome track going on right here .... !


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bendrix Hey Lexie "Formica Blues" was a GR8 album too bad Mono did only one. Thanx for the "life in mono" track. I just uploaded another for U=> @LexiePixie
bendrix This is dangerously close to a James Bond track. No I have never heard of her WOW she's got supreme range=> @lub (@aishatops <=check this track out) (reblip)
bendrix I like this track Waaaaay more than Daft Punk haha - thank U for the compliment U're a cutie as well. Will U be my Portuguese teacher?=> rb@gigia (reblip)
formalhaut an 8K salute to @antenaweb ¡enhorabuena! glad i'm one of your listeners :) keep it up, pal!
DownLow both smoky and sweet - thanks @Greenie. i prefer a little milk (reblip)


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tanzbunny ✩☾✩


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Jacidbazz @lub - this is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :-) (reblip)
formalhaut @Bluespanther oh herr. vergib mir mein gruseliges englisch :)
Jacidbazz @bendrix <= Lookee what I found :-)

Soulstice - Fall Into You

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klitoria i dig it totally...thank you, dear...@bendrix (reblip)
Marcus22 Hey thanks> @steno I could listen to your beats 24/7 for sure!;)

artful dodger twenty four seven

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Marcus22 Hey no worries you are most welcome you might like this>> @Jacidbazz
steno delicious is the right word => Whenever I blip I want ya'll to know that each blip is deliberate & aimed to be Delicious ] thx @bendrix (reblip)
Jacidbazz My guitar hero (no playstation here) - Off the album "Legends of Acid Jazz"
Jacidbazz The coolest cats south of the equator...
lub i'm breathless with your blips @steno....... always loved this song!


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littlefunk "Time Will Reveal" - DeBarge Beautiful melody&Chord.
inadaequat Phononoir - My Paperhouse On Fire ; aka Matthias Grübel | Berlin ("almoust pop, but not quite")

Phononoir - My Paperhouse On Fire

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lub hi @ladypn!!! happy 2 see ya here ;) how are you doing???

Soulstance feat. Arthur Miles - The Time

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jvos007 from the funky album "take it off"
bendrix I snatch this track from U faster than the gravitational pull on a yo yo string being used for super tricks=> rb@lub @KushiQ! (reblip)
steno Thx @Triple5Light getting into this => Brother, where are you? ,-) (reblip)

Oscar Brown Jr...Brother Where Are You (Matthew erber

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DrFloyd ;)


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steno I wonder who this is? Thx vi@picknick ,-) (reblip)

CPT205 1_02

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steno my favorite Fleetwood Mac track ...covered nicely ... always had a crush on Stevie Nicks ,-)
bendrix Bro this is Dope!!! I dig this a lot i've never heard this before. This is a Cool A$$ track thanx for sharin=> rb@raiopositronico mornin! (reblip)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol07 #06 - This one for all the "Sunblippers" out there... U 2 @KushiQ ,-)


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steno #CafeDelMar #Vol08 #01 - from the final CafeDelMar Release...wonder if Vol09 will be out ? hiya @ladypyn @LucyGrace @yohanp @klitoria @bendrix
steno CafeDelMar #Vol07 #11 - Sorry bout that bleeps #10 is faulty.,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol07 #08 - Beautiful and Strange at the same time...yeah I know that....Thx @GR8FL ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol07 #07 ... @TuraSatana "great minds think alike.." ..... enjoying @UPTOWNflavor ...thx 4 the Marley ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol07 #05 - Today I'm rather "Letting The Cables Burn" ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol07 #04 - hiya @UPTOWNflavor @Cosmix @estrogen ,-) @TuraSatana THX...I blipped Vols 01 thru 05 today already ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol07 #01 - Vol06 is giving me some problems, so here's 07...enjoy @TuraSatana @transatlantico...maybe @bendrix can help me out ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol05 #15 #lastone - peaceful ending ... Vol06 comin up ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol05 #11 - do the "Pojo Pojo" ...whatever that is ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol05 #09 - just looked in the mirror...looking kinda black and green around the eyes... ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol05 #06 - the sky is NOT blue today...me neither ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol05 #03 - wonder what went wrong first time...here it is again..
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol04 #14 #lastone - must get me a Tattoo someday...Vol05 coming soon ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol04 #11 - A Band called "11 - 5th & Avenida"..track is called "Afterlife"

11 - 5th

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steno #CafeDelMar #Vol04 #08 - my goodness, time sure does fly when blipping ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol04 #04 - @bendrix no I didn't actually..nice coincidence that you joined in at Vol04 ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol03 #03 - never been to Mexico..I hear Playa Dell Carmen rocks ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol02 #10 - not many of you will know this...I blipped the Roy Ayers version several times ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol02 #08 - Wikipedia: BDSM = gebräuchliche Sammelbezeichnung für eine Gruppe miteinander verwandter sexueller Vorlieben Tx @klitoria .
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol02 #06 - Unity is a word to remember in any situation...
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol02 #05 - time 4 breakfast...I love Tabasco on my eggs ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol02 #01 - If I were to smoke a cigarette between each Volume...that'd be 7...so I better take my time ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol01 #12 #lastone - also quite gloomy...not to worry...Vol2 coming up ,-)
steno #CafeDelMar #Vol01 #09 - I hope I never get caught by "Crazy Ivan"...soundz scary
steno finde ich aber sehr @inadaequat, dass Du erst jetzt kommst wo ich gehen muss.... Thx a lot for this! ,-) (reblip)
steno Pity I cant stay to listen to more of THIS great stuff !!!! Thx @Cosmix will check ur playlist again 2morrow ,-) (reblip)
GR8FL RB @DJstromer19 most powerful song in his these past months (reblip)
steno I forgot to say thx for the last one @Cosmix ... cheers @TuraSatana und @chiron08 komm bald wieder... ,-) (reblip)
steno The new 10K Badges look nearly like the 250 ones!! These guys need a color concept... @gorlochs @GR8FL @briangreene #complaint ,-) GN8 @all (reblip)
steno @tranceatlantico added to my favorites => i´m pretty amazed :))) (reblip)


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steno ☆ I'm listening...love it @tranceatlantico ,-) wie viele Phasen hat's denn? (reblip)
steno RB Thanks @djvaan ... I be hanging out in the sun today with my BoomboxPro ... @Newmaidumosa have fun ,-) (reblip)
nuffced Hey @hijklmn I think this gentle tune's for you (a rare version feat. Al Jarreau); @Newmaidumosa see you later, digga... (reblip)
nuffced @Newmaidumosa you do deserve some rest. Thx 4 sharin'. See you later...
tranceatlantico ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█ (E.O.G.) █▇▆▅▄▃▂▁ LIVE IN BERLIN : May 30th 2009 : at MONSTER RONSON´S, Warschauerstrasse 4 : join the party (reblip)


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steno oh yesss @Gregdtc my buddy man from "Down Under" ,-) (reblip)
steno Can't say I'm into Swing, but this Rocks!! ,-)
bendrix I don't know if U heard this from the Soundbombing II album.. here's another Medina Green Mos Def collab its dope U will dig this too => @tonypierson
steno Thx @picknick hier wahrscheinlich auch bald => Genieß es :) Hier sieht's eher so aus... ,-) (reblip)


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lub hey @bendrix!!! thanks 4 your compliments missed ya ;)
bendrix I used to have such a major crush on N'dea & Dilla is my mutha f*ka => rb@ZOEBOE (reblip)
steno @Newmaidumosa @lub IS HOT!!! => 4 u @bendrix, hahahaha! i think @Karuna, @formalhaut & @ZOEBOE will say the same after your rosamello track ;) (reblip)
BohemianChick Sigh...my little bohemians think I'm a taxi service! LOL Back later BlipStars ;-)
bendrix U R Very Welcome brutha=> rb@steno BIG THX again #bendrix !! => vi@Blippo ,-) (reblip)
Blippo Silje Nergaard – Dance Me Love
steno I could reBlip @Blippo all day ! ;-D => Silje Nergaard – Dance Me Love (reblip)
steno Straight ReBlip @inadaequat => NuJazz - Lounge - Chillout from Germany: www.konferenz-virtuell.com - vi@numblog (reblip)
Apple_chic I don't know where life will lead me but I know where I've been. I can't say what life will show me but I know what I've seen. :)
lub music substitute system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
steno THank YOU so much!!! @lub => "just B E A U T I F U L!!!" (reblip)
chiron08 guten Morgen Madame @estrogen - gut ausgeschlafen ?
BohemianChick Miguel Migs feat. Aya - Mesmerized ~ OOP for you! @pinkpolkadots @DJDolceVita :-)

Miguel Migs-Mesmerized

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steno Hey @Gregdtc fresh Ocean Breeze on his one too ,-)
steno Claude Challe and his Flying Carpet ,-)
steno Thanks @anjuscha ..the build up IS really worth the wait ,-) (reblip)
steno Smooooth @xigli: "Doctor Rockit – Café de Flore [Charles Webster's Mix]" ,-) (reblip)
steno Thx @xigli: "Club des Belugas – SWOP - Wearing Out My Shoes" ,-) (reblip)
steno Thx @ShiaoMei "...won't you pour me a cuban breeze Gretchen?" ,-) (reblip)
steno Milosh - In These Arms

In Your Arms _FINAL 1_

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M_C Space Cadet

JIMMY McGRIFF"space cadet"

| play
steno time to semitone shuffle outta here...
steno thx 4 listenin @Highena.. the Place To Be ,-)
Highena Let us beautify the house of God together...

House of GodDHS

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steno Always @Nymph: "Always " ,-) (reblip)

Lali Puna-Together in Electric Dreams

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steno Bitter:Sweet – Salty Air
ShiaoMei 1 of my favs!~@LEM_40 When I try to say hello to you, yeah, all you got to do is not answer my call when I try get through..keep me wonderin' why."" (reblip)

Michael Jackson-Butterflies/ In Acapella

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steno A.B. Magic Mix - Again

Track 13

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steno Thx for the reminder...awesome track @Byno "instant reblip @klitoria ,-) (reblip)
steno @klitoria soviele parties und einladungen am samstag 4th July yaeah baby ,-)
steno Ha Haaaa!!! Yaesssss!!! @Gregdtc: "Shout to the >@steno! Definately >@CynDyn!;}" :-D (reblip)
steno Smile to this @anjuscha@ShiaoMei ,-)

There Will Be Tears

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steno @tranceatlantico exactly what I had been thinking ...thx@anjuscha ,-) : "vi@anjuscha : geiler track, danke! [switching to listen-only mode now...;D" (reblip)
steno wow awesome!!! @cremeweiss: "yep, habe shakershoes in den ohren ;-))@chiron08 ✪ soll ich den tonarzt holen ? @tranceatlantico @cremeweiss @bendrix " (reblip)
bumble_b klasse rb@cremeweiss: "hi, schön von euch zu hören, @bumble_b @monikavincent @tranceatlantico @steno @chiron08" und das alles ohne vergnügungssteuer! (reblip)
steno hiya @cremeweiss: "sehr schön @tranceatlantico: "☯ rb@Stendhal : that's a real starter for the weekend, wow! Thanks bro!!"" (reblip)
steno a little something for my pal @chiron08 ,-)
p_ferd Rb@spiraldelight: "by the way,i like your graphic design. nice :)" Domo arigato gozaimasu :):)! Checked NoisyParadise@Flickr, - nice photos, your's? (reblip)
bendrix I loooooooove this track. Thanks for the reminder. BTW what is meant by this statement?=> rb@monsters_inc "@bendrix i'm easily influenced :P " (reblip)
chiron08 ✪ mal das schwarzlicht einschalten... @thelema2009 .. du machst doch so schöne schwarzlicht bilder
steno got this vi@cremeweiss: "so nice" very nice ...check this @bendrix I'm sure you'll approve ;-) (reblip)
steno he must be on the third planet @chiron08: "✪ wo steckste denn wieder @formalhaut ??" (reblip)
steno dadaSh+T d+T oooooooooooHyeaH

Tosca - Chocolate Elvis Dubs - 11 - Baby Mammoth Graceland Dub

| play
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 14 - Rhythm and Sound - Man
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 10 - Roland Kovac Orche - Northern Lights
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 09 - One Soul - Beauty
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 08 - 4hero - Planetaria
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 07 - Lani Hall - Love Song
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 02 - Tarwater - Otomo
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 01 - Extented Spirit - Caprice
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 03 - Atomhockey - Never
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 05 - Edu Lobo - Zanzibar
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 04 - Reworks Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Terca-Feira
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 11 - Jazzanova Reworks Liquid Lounge - Complete Life
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 12 - Round 2 - New Day
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 13 - Extended Spirit - Prop
steno Jazzanova - Sound Of The City Of Berlin - 15 - Beat Boutique - Sternschanze
steno thanks again! @thelema2009: "Daniel Carew – Romantics' Semantics" (reblip)
djilo Moca – Kippchen


| play
djilo Louise Vertigo – La Femme Fin de Siècle