stepsix Zack de la Rocha (RATM) and Jon Theodore (The Mars Volta)
stepsix Spanish export to LA, the first artist I played on my show. This is from the Dead Pony EP.
stepsix Los Angeles based americana in the vein of The Mother Hips
stepsix A local daily dose of ours.. Van Nuys, CA funk rock
stepsix Irvine, CA electro-rock group very much like The Postal Service

Faded Paper Figures - Logos

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stepsix Standing on the shoulders of They Might be Giants, Beck, Weezer, and Ben Folds. From Santa Monica.
stepsix Violin laced piece from a great LA group.
stepsix Keanu is apparently a Wedding Present fan... unless he was at the Troubadour for Earlimart.
stepsix Their most requested song apparently.
stepsix In honor of their documentary The Canary Effect, on this Columbus Day
stepsix Great mixture of musical styles. !Sni Bong!
stepsix Deb & Steve. Missing her old band Hummingfish from Portland.
stepsix Huntington Beach punk rock ~ 1994 on


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stepsix One of the members of an talented acoustic duo I used to book at school is in this band from LA.
stepsix Originally from LA, moved to Seattle. Quite sublime..
stepsix On being stuck on the 405 Freeway in Traffic... glad I dropped the commute.
stepsix Sweet little group out of greater Long Beach, CA. ~ Boris Smile
stepsix A proper follow-up to that last bout of exotica.
stepsix Have had the lazy eye, usually involves liquor.
stepsix New album just released by OK Go guitarist Andy Ross as his side project, Secret Dakota Ring
stepsix Spiritual LA funk by Casxio...


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stepsix An excellent fast-step track from the Cleveland bred, Colleen Duffy. Now in LA
stepsix Apparently Cuckoo's Nest and Zoobies shared the same parking lot in Costa Mesa, CA
stepsix Recent Elvis offshoot tunes inspired by @evablue
stepsix Last one. LA's Mexican Elvis from his CD Graciasland:
stepsix Propping my eyes open with toothpicks.
stepsix Sorry I crashed through your window on acid
stepsix Their most recent EP release on JAXART records in LA.
stepsix Rising up in 1988 during junior high in neighboring Hermosa.
stepsix Presidents a name, Presidents a label, Highest man on the government table.
stepsix A ‘second generation punk’ band from Orange County, whatever that means....
stepsix George will be with Natacha Atlas at the El Rey in November:
stepsix Culture shock and suffocation in rural Idaho. A memorial
stepsix From Hollywood, consistently putting out quality goods.
stepsix Would like to see more Young Dubs songs here one day.


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stepsix Previously available for request in San Francisco. Now also in LA. for product catalog.
stepsix Some of the best post-punk/hardcore around. From LA. ~
stepsix Experimental, spoken-word artist from LA. Shades of Jim Morrison.
stepsix Took a look around, see which way the wind blow...
stepsix Brother remembers this guy from Isla Vista, college days at UCSB.

Ugly Kid Joe - Cats In The Cradle

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stepsix Formerly of Hummingfish and now 1/2 of The Weepies.
stepsix Desert music to start a cult to...
stepsix The Monolators - Eagle Fighting Zebra


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stepsix Electro-pop from Echo Park
stepsix Wrecking taverns ~ Assaulting the Watch ~ Slitting the Noses of Citizenry ~ Rolling Old Ladies in Barrels
stepsix Moving north brings us up the coast to Goleta, just outside Santa Barbara
stepsix Back down to Manhattan Beach for some laid back surf music.
stepsix And then to Ocean Beach in the early morning hours...
stepsix Also covered the Jonathan Richman song "Pablo Picasso", included in Repo Man. From Los Angeles
stepsix Fans of Radiohead may enjoy this. First label went bankrupt, so they are re-releasing this shortly.


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stepsix Sounds good regardless of the fact someone is hammering right underneath my feet....ah
stepsix Today's Daily Dose from our correspondent in the UK. From Costa Mesa, CA
stepsix Currently on Populuxe Records in San Diego.
stepsix Defunct San Diego band Pistolita. Track: Cupid
stepsix New album coming soon called "More After We’re Gone". Tracklist finalized a few weeks back.
stepsix Riggs from White Zombie, site now lists Las Vegas as home.
stepsix Garage and soul in our backyard - Riverside...
stepsix Members included Steve Perkins from Jane's Addiction. Dan Shulman later became the bassist for Garbage.
stepsix Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest Hits.


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stepsix Started as classmates at the University of San Diego
stepsix Fast forward ten years ~ the lead singer from The Rugburns
stepsix Infectious Grooves - Punk it Up (debut album '91)
stepsix Just outside of Fresno, in the pouring rain...
stepsix When I need to liven up a bit, Dave + crew usually do the trick...
stepsix Reflecting back...I think I first saw them at Palominos in LA around 1990. A very fun ska band...
stepsix Los Angeles based band ~ hybrid of Americana, Vintage Country, and Folk
stepsix Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, Descendents) on the bass and Karl Alvarez (Descendents) on the drums
stepsix Someone took this video of the official lineup in LA last night:
stepsix A former major-label talent scout in LA, Rosey first surfaced on the Bridget Jones’s Diary soundtrack.
stepsix The Southland - Shadow ~ (local indie rock)


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stepsix Unpacked the bags, listening to Black Flag...
stepsix About to make the trek out for some viscous black liquid.
stepsix Here's to two decades of quality releases in Los Angeles. This track is the first single from "Icing the Snow Queen".
stepsix Before the curtain came up on the newest album, this track came out. Note to self: go see live show asap.
stepsix System shutting down for a few. Video for LA Dreamer being released at Cinespace on 10/30/08 at midnight.
stepsix You may enjoy this group if you are a fan of vocals ala The Smiths.
stepsix @magali Yeah, they were something else... kind of lost track of them in the late 90s.
stepsix One of LA's best kept secrets. Always a great performance.
stepsix Paul Avion - Pop Music United (electro version)
stepsix Questions are the answers. So it's known before it's asked...


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stepsix Saw them at Safari Sams, pretty good show. I think they were touring with John Doe earlier this year.
stepsix From our Daily Dose series a few months back.
stepsix Fight From Above: East Coast

IR SoCal Point Blank: Fight from Above

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stepsix Today's Daily Dose is from our UK host. Free at our website:
stepsix Heading home, longest Monday ever.
stepsix Suprisingly still around, last album in '07 on Asian Man Records.

buck-o-nine - my town

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stepsix The 10th release from LA band fronted by David Steinhart.
stepsix A newish reggae/funk band from my hometown, Manhattan Beach.
stepsix Long Beach punk rock.


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stepsix Rob Crow and one of his many projects..
stepsix Yes, I suppose I will... give or take an hour.
stepsix TSOL - Code Blue

Code Blue

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stepsix Will it ever stop... just sent a courier to Culver City
stepsix The night is passing me by... im outta here.
stepsix Oh wow..I thought I'd be outta here by now. Still in Hollywood!
stepsix Grade school talent shows... the hou-hou-hou-house.
stepsix 80s radio staple in Los Angeles right up there with Mike Muir's 'Institutionalized'.
stepsix Ending the night with a talented musician from LA.
stepsix Formed by three of the five members of the Santa Barbara band Budge who had moved to Los Angeles.
stepsix Let us drink until we cannot think. Let us be numb.
stepsix A bittersweet ballad from Twin Peaks residents (in San Bernadino exists!). Night.
stepsix Checking out a band that John McGinnis (Neither Trumpets Nor Drums) migrated to here locally.
stepsix Quit my job blowing leaves...


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stepsix Live acoustic version of Falling Back by San Diego band, Republic of Letters


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stepsix Fresh off the CD presses and onto blip this evening. Enjoy.
stepsix Youth noise band! Interesting description.
stepsix DJ from Goleta, near Santa Barbara (pt. 1)
stepsix Talented singer/songwriter and show host of The Highway Girl. (reblip)
stepsix Correatown is an alias for Angela Correa ~ From Northern California, schooled in San Diego, now residing in Echo Park.
stepsix Punk inspired metal-rock from LA. A favorite.
stepsix Pic Vicious - LA Dreamer ~~~ Speaking of Bowie, sounds a bit like him here.
stepsix Joshua Lanes: Dance Thunder ~~~ Out of Long Beach, CA ~~~ "Everybody wants to be known"


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stepsix Album name ~ Rotten Apples ~ chosen as a state of comparison for the current climate of the music industry. (from Orange County, CA)
stepsix The Young Playthings: Last Night in Los Angeles

IR: SoCal - Last Night in Los Angeles

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stepsix I wish I could take flight....
stepsix Back from San Diego, catching up on the tunes.
stepsix His 2nd album, free at
stepsix Recovering some old MD shownotes
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