mlydy When you meet me in person this music plays... it's pretty impressive.
mlydy This is what you hear when I'm running... You can't miss it.
mlydy This song will never ever get old for me.
stevetuf Here is the ultimate in foul weather friends music...
bitter_ If your lover ever takes her love away.
Simchabe Will you come home and stop this pain tonight
Simchabe Uh, how do you call your lover-boy... (thanks again @seventenths) (reblip)
AmusedMe to lesson my trouble starting hanging out with vultures and empty saviors like you
stevetuf Sit there blippin' at Christmas, sippin' at your Cuba Libre and think you only of this: a kiss may not be the truth, but it is what we wish were true!
stevetuf Años is one of those timeless songs which take your thoughts back to balmy Cuban beaches and relaxation which seemed to last forever... we can dream!

Pablo MilanesA

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stevetuf A brilliant piece of playing! Honestly, this will put you in a good mood even if you are in a foul one! Trust me!
AmusedMe times of good or bad, happy or sad (reblip)
stevetuf It's always like this, no matter what you say... :)

Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky

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stevetuf That Colorado feeling goes on for ever.....
stevetuf Saw the sun twinkling through the pines.... the air felt fresh on my face...
stevetuf Ridin' my chopper, lookin' for America.....
stevetuf Going home for Christmas music... musica per andare a casa per Natale ... música para ir para casa para o Natal ... Musik nach Hause zu gehen ...
stevetuf Veil of tears for the Virgin birth...
stevetuf ... Get yer glad rags on and go dance yer ass off....
stevetuf The music on here is not always what it seems...!

tom petty running down a dream

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stevetuf And here's the rock version...
ShortiezRevenge my dad hates this song.... lol

Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper

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stevetuf Think warm....


| play
stevetuf This was such an amazing movie...!
stevetuf Really looking for a more recent version of this...
stevetuf Here's another angle to that one...

Chimes of Freedom

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stevetuf Had to get this in there somewhere...
stevetuf ...

40172-No More I Love Yous Annie Lennox

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Perrico Revisitando 2008: Primal Scream - I Love To Hurt (You Love To Hurt)
Perrico Revisitando 2008: The Guillemots - Get over it
luiz_com_z @roupasuja, vou devolver com outro tipo de artilharia. :)

A NaifaMusica

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RealtorLefebvre From the "80's-Female-Artists-I-Had-A-Serious-Prepubescent-Crush-On" file...
RealtorLefebvre Again, from the "80's-Female-Artists-I-Had-A-Serious-Prepubescent-Crush-On" file... (OMG...who didn't?)
RealtorLefebvre From the "80's-Female-Artists-I-Had-A-Serious-Prepubescent-Crush-On" file...
RealtorLefebvre @djbringit Yes, Wendy O. would make the list, even if the mohawk and strategic electrical tape scared the heck out of my 13-year old self a little.
RealtorLefebvre From the "80's-Female-Artists-I-Had-A-Serious-Prepubescent-Crush-On" file... (Umm, yeah. Duh.)


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RealtorLefebvre @eSandberg blipped this earlier and it sounded badass. Therefore a re-blip for my new friend @djbringit seems appropriate. (Love the name BTW) (reblip)
by_starla @mandipants so good to see you! i had a very nice Christmas, thanks for asking--but it's nice to be back now. & how was yours? :)
claudix @melodyofyourlife not hate you, silly :) its xmas holidays im laaaazyyy ;) (reblip)
stevetuf Even if you can't hide what you always did, because you had to..... :(


| play
stevetuf Because you were the new kid on the block....
stevetuf Now turn it up high, real high....!

07 Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way

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stevetuf Mick and the boys will entertain you now....
Simchabe See whats become of me, While I looked around. For my possibilities

08 Hazy Shade Of Winter

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RealtorLefebvre Sucks being rich and young. Or so I've heard...
ShortiezRevenge Somebody to loooooooooove! (can't really type out the way her voice does that lol)

Scott Morgan Baby Jane

| play
stevetuf @claudix - abra cada............ surprise me... LOL
Simchabe great for running intervals =)
Simchabe and do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya
Simchabe @seventenths Another 1 4 U 2 Run 2 =)

05 Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

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stevetuf But who knows, I may have a second wind.... LOL (Turn it up LOUD!)
stevetuf Cryin out loud.... what'yer'aveterplaythatfer?


| play
stevetuf same reason I played this one.... :)

AC DC - Thunder Struck

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stevetuf Yes - so who says I don't like a cool melody?
stevetuf Why do they chop the whole beginning off the only studio version of this. I suppose I'll have to make my own copy and call it something like ceniceros
Simchabe Now you've got me crawlin', crawlin' on the floor

Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

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stevetuf It is kind of dangerous....
luiz_com_z @alicebates, it was alright, but as this lovely Welsh girl said, we miss the bygone days.
mau10 her name was magil, but she called herself lil

Big Lebowski - Gypsy Kings - Hotel California

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marilovisky Oh, come on, @striker, I'm working to Muse community! :P Talking about this, are you still on themes? Guns, dude!
medinadv Last Train Home - Lost Prophets
melodyofurlife @Genart a great modern version of Rocket Man, Jim James has an excellent voice!
CookStar tres bein, ce bon? qui...
marilovisky (maybe) the most beautiful song of the world. ow.
QueenJaneApproximately I wish this song didn't mean so much to me right now (reblip)
stevetuf My all time fave downloaded RB song. Thanks @pamelaweir (reblip)
mammara one of the best kept secrets of the eighties. this song is simply wonderful.
SusanCunningham I shoulda known : Here it goes again - ok go
placebo88 mai sentita questa


| play
Bennae The Power of Gold (sounds familiar these days)
enrique_ change the mood - change the music (reblip)
SusanCunningham "this ain't no disco, it ain't no country club either" All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow
stevetuf I guess you live in a small town, you like to rock, just like all the rest... LOL
stevetuf Another classic - thanks blip! :)

Eddie Money - I Think I'm in Love

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stevetuf Well it's the middle of an uneventful Sunday.... the Moon is full... so what?
stevetuf Even if the Moon is full you shouldn't fear the reaper... grim as he is....

Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper

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stevetuf Just like "Life During Wartime - Talking Heads" - when it gets going it has the same kind of rhythm...
stevetuf Another rockin' classic! :)
stevetuf @gitargirl - this could be in yer playlist...
stevetuf Let's talk over that fade-in... well it's still snowing somewhere, which is amazing as I look out into the sunshine here in Cali.... LOL
stevetuf Little Brazilian beetles keep on breeding, whaddaya mean @gitargirl, besouros? (reblip)


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QueenJaneApproximately I actually liked this Nirvana album. And most of the songs didn't belong to them.
gingerw try to stop my world from turning inside out
Clark_Griswold The band changed its name to Burn Victims and then to 10,000 Maniacs after the low-budget horror movie Two Thousand Maniacs! wiki
Simchabe @w1kure That's a great tune 4 after a rugby match
yumba Corona y no es cerveza...


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stevetuf Recuerdos de bailando frente en mar en Acapulco, Guerrero @yumba
stevetuf Lollipop..... pop.... pop... pop... feel the rhythm.... LOL y POP
stevetuf And for those of you who want to hear it straight (me included!) ....
stevetuf Baby, baby... get yer ya ya's on....


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bizzybee Can't really figure out what I'm in the mood to listen to yet, today. This is always a good one to "wake me up". Thanks @BeeRealty. (reblip)
josiefraser two versions of paper planes on the Slumdog soundtrack - no new songs from M.I.A. unfortunately
melodyofurlife Pavement could reform for Coachella Former Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg said that the band may reform soon & their agent has talked to Coachella
stevetuf @CherryGhost - great piece of hanky panky...! :)))) (reblip)


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stevetuf Anyone getting through to my dreams would hurt good...! LOL

John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

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by_starla lovely choice @PlasticRobot, as always. how are you? hope you had a good day. :) (reblip)
pamelaweir @stevetuf It's a long way down to the place where we started...
Simchabe @stevetuf What Our Age Again =) rb @seventenths Thanks (reblip)
Simchabe YEAH!!


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CherryGhost wore this out circa 1997
by_starla live version. goodnight @Aluciel--i'm following your lead soon.
robtraut OK, bedtime for me. Goodnight @lclark12 @BrandonDavid @cramthisinyourear @Aluciel @JRex @mz_e @ZachsMind @Fraueva & everyone else!

Velvet Revolver-The Last Fight

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pamelaweir When I get dumped, I prefer this version.
stevetuf Back in a flash.... Cya

Red Rockers - China

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by_starla it takes a little while to get started....
melodyofurlife Funny I just scrolled on my laptop too much and I was Dating a Ukaine! The Ad placement SUCKS! @jay. move it above please. anyone else have this prob?
CarolannB Aw...I still remember watching this video on MTV when it came out way back when...I absolutely wanted to be "Sherrie" then.

Paul Simon Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard

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by_starla here you go @Aluciel--freshly ULed for you. :)
JaneJett Calling Dr. Love ..rawwerr..
marilovisky Walkin' After Midnight?! *ha-ha* Cool, @JRex! Thanks! :)
medinadv Wake me up when September ends - Green Day
stevetuf and a graceful surrender to boot?
deManeraBrutal Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with butterfly wings
by_starla I see u well & clear/Deep in the moonlight dear/Yr radiant august eyes/They r the suns that rise/They r the light that guides/They r these lost verses
by_starla thank you @sky45 for your lovely message earlier--it means a lot to me. :)
stevetuf @QueenJaneApproximately thinking of you and wishing you well again...
sandraew Hello & thanks to new blippers. I'm a bit behind in props so bear with me. (Still Standing - Monica)

monica still standing

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stevetuf had to play some Stevie Nicks...
stevetuf the imagery in this one is quite unbelievable... (reblip)

Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum

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stevetuf Thoughts? More thoughts here....
stevetuf and now for some early Genesis... imagine the soft skies of Surrey, England in the summertime, where this band grew up...
stevetuf continuing the Genesis theme...
stevetuf Me signing off for the night... sweet dreams, (really) see y'all tomorrow..! :))))
Anniepooh Old but good. Geoff Tate's voice rocks. (reblip)
Anniepooh You've got me wrapped around your finger...
RealtorLefebvre These Aussie boys pay tribute to some of their Aussie heros. Derivative? WTF cares? It rocks.
stevetuf I volunteer a Derek Trucks set.... dig these cool blues @everyone!
Figgywithit For those who missed them on SNL: Amazing how well they recreate their sound live.
Figgywithit @sheryonstone @GR8FL @RAZZLEDAZZLE One of my favorite Railroad Earth songs, from a Houston show in 2003.
CherryGhost I just decided I'll build a fire...
stevetuf The first copy of this I found started late and faded out... I really wish someone would upload the Second Coming's (Allman) version of this... Wishin
CarolannB "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies... ;)
marilovisky Hmmm, Garbage! Cool, @TheUnwelcomeGuest! I used to drive college/home singing it loudly (and badly!!!) :P


| play
CarolannB @Ricarda_SSA Welcome. :) I LUV this Southern Rock by Steve Earle, "Copperhead Road"
mellomatic Fly on your way like an eagle, fly as high as the sun.
mellomatic @rarebit Great excuse to blip this one then! (not that I need one :P)


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CherryGhost I know I blip this alot. Sorry I just love it so...we got to get together sooner or later
cosita axl rose was never able to make a comeback.
by_starla goodnight @Jerronimo--thanks for the great music :)
marilovisky Open your ♥ ~ Share the love ~ 24 hour non stop blipping for charity ~ One life with each other: sisters, brothers ~


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CherryGhost all the pubs and the clubs and the tubs we shared together
stevetuf Added to my playlist! :))) @Oxe


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sandraew If You Gotta Go, Go Now - Cowboy Junkies ♥
De_Ann "In the misty morning...on the edge of time...."
stevetuf Good night @diva42 - it was real fun blippin with you tonight! See you tomorrow...! :))))) (reblip)
suelifms Romantic song from Scorpion - Wind of Change (reblip)
GypsyOwl [The Real Thing – Rainin Through My Sunshine]
by_starla @Will_the_bloke--i think i have all their albums, too. just too much music and not enough hours in the day.... :)
stevetuf part of the journey would have taken them through Colorado....
stevetuf Whatever you do, don't stop believin in yourself... You are everything... to someone!
stevetuf Well there never had been any reason..... I love the guitar duet on this! :))))))))))))))))))))))
stevetuf When the going gets tough, the Tuff Enuff get going...! LOL Thanks to @glucas @Aluciel @QueenJaneApproximately @CherryGhost for props and comments! :)
CrazyYesterday @ladypn how am I already out of props for you? :-P

Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks

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stevetuf Black Sabbath – Children of the Sea - keep pumpin out the classics... guess some Zeppelin after...?
CrazyYesterday If you're missing the syracuse-uconn barn burner, then shame on you! (reblip)
Cler linda


| play
DJ_Wolftrax Ok folks, I'm taking off for a while. Here's one more to raise your lighters to...
DJ_Wolftrax Gotta have some Rush, for this beautiful Friday afternoon.

RushTom Sawyer

| play
mrswright I don't usually like live tracks, but Dave is the exception. Live Dave is awesome!! (reblip)
mrswright Thank you @Mulkey for getting me on a Dave kick this afternoon!
mrswright I've got a one track mind today - @turnaroundart - me too!! Cheers! (reblip)
crispast ..desiiiiire...desiiiiiire...


| play
mrswright I think I'll add this to my treadmill playlist. (reblip)
mrswright Another Buffy song b4 I go. Baby's nap over. Time to get back to being Mom.
DJ_Wolftrax Fill your days and your nights No need to ever ask me twice...
CrazyYesterday @clarkowitz party it up man! @GiantPimpslapper glad you're having a good nite as well.
DJ_Wolftrax Not a huge G N' R fan, but love this song.
DJ_Wolftrax Awesome cover, almost better than the original (in my opinion, anyhow).

Matthew Sweet - Magnet and Steel

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CrazyYesterday @stevetuf I LOVE this song lol. sorry no props. good nite to you! (reblip)
dlass181 She's my sweet little baby...I'm her little lover boy!! (reblip)
Cler try to run... try to ride... break on through!
mrswright awesome, mellow instrumental (reblip)
DJ_Wolftrax Elvis Costello – Veronica
Cler @stevetuf back to the 90's (again and again). Esses caras estiveram tocando no Brasil em um Hollywood Rock. Todos só conheciam essa música ;p (reblip)
mrswright Since I have young kids, I will never hear this song w/out thinking of Shrek in the shitter. :) (reblip)
crispast it' s the time for slowly sounds..or not? i 'm not tired, not yet..
mrswright I remember skating to this at the skating rink. Damn...memory lane! (reblip)

herbie mann _ a whiter shade of pale

| play
crispast [give me one more chance, let me be your lover tonight]..rb@randymatheson (reblip)
DJ_Wolftrax SRV may be gone, but his music lives on!
secretagentmama You've got your ball, you've got your chain...
LesleyLambert @michelleweber you would like this artist, too. Check out Scarlet by her (not on blip)
virginia66 Okay...eyes are blurring. It's time for bed. Goodnight @rayven, @JJDJ, @stevetuf, @Jeffie, @sandraew, @ladypn, @crispast, @all.


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Janetttt this jackson browne song that GA covered..


| play
RoasterBoy @stevetuf: "This guy had an awesome way with the guitar.... " (reblip)


| play

Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks

| play
stevetuf @lilwldchld So ummmm... am I making steak or pancakes?? Bit of both would be good.... :) (reblip)
stevetuf A singer rock musician from my home town....
stevetuf @mazdamarion This tune (My Chemical Romance – House of Wolves) was pretty cool too...
stevetuf Nite-nite @camden!

The Beatles 'Good Night'

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