stormy I'm a winter person!@innoutwindows:Yeah Yeah!Mid-winter you'll be wanting spring!@stormy:I can't wait for Winter!@innoutwindows:Inspired by @stormy (reblip)
stormy YVW! If required. LOL@THEWHITELION: "good morning stormy..thank u ..should i put it in water@stormy: "Good Morning with a rose!@THEWHITELION (reblip)
stormy Last time a moose chased me!@innoutwindows:A snow-ski bunny?@stormy:"I'm a winter person!@innoutwindows:Yeah Yeah!Mid-winter you'll be wanting spring! (reblip)
stormy Good Evening JD! TY Have a relaxing day/evening! @JonathanDune: "G'day@stormy TY RBs!'s just..."Crazy..." (reblip)
NightWitch2 This 1 is set on my playlist and will always be your blip!@NightWitch2: "Yeah what he says@DJrythaman: "Black Eyed Peas ↑↑ Pump It ↑↑ Louder!"" (reblip)
Jungstir rb@Yossarian1970 I thought this would go with your tombstone pic (reblip)
Jungstir rb@Hotyoungmom glad to have youas a listener for so long. I will work on those typing lessons (reblip)
stormy Gr8!!TY RB@THEWHITELION: "Meryl Streep singing in the movie-if i can find a clip i'll send it-thot you might like dif version-the whole movie is great (reblip)

14-Soundtrack Mama mia!-The winner takes it all

| play
MrsASoprano Very nice! @dANGELofLOVE: "Wow....Fabulous Song! Thanks So Much! ((~_~)) @JanetSEyre: "Good morning to you, Bella, rb@dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)
Shilo only 1 original Platter left - Herb Reed - far left@stormy
Annaleise @TropicsZ4: "TY Paul @PaulCwalina: "Oh, ya gotta do the video with this one! One of the best ever...@TropicsZ4 Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (reblip)
stormy A/C lost Freon..another repair tonight or new unit. Heat Is On again!@lostndanet@alexparr@MusicWithMsB@DukesMusic@JayZilla@avard@DJrythaman@Dancer12 (reblip)


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Jungstir rb@hjohnroe you have such a great mix on your site-keep up the good work. I lingered on there a long time (reblip)
Jungstir rb@DazzyG: "Great Perth band!!!!" I'm thinkin Australia rocks (reblip)
jojatk That is pretty cool @BattLady: "The Gracious Few – Honest Man ~Half Candlebox, Half LIVE = The Gracious Few, album released Last month :) AWESOME!" (reblip)
jojatk I love the horn at the beginning! rb -> @1brwneyedgirl (reblip)
jojatk Perhaps "TAKE IT AWAY GUYS!" was a little enthusiastic for the mellow music to follow :) (good stuff though!) rb -> @Rocketron (reblip)

Sarah Gillespie and Gilad Atzmon Live on Jazz FM

| play
jojatk New to me... nice! rb -> @xGriffx: "Faded - The Veronicas" (reblip)
Jungstir rb@citylightsw forgot this one from last week on the playlist! (reblip)
Jungstir Jackson Browne 60 on Oct 9th!


| play
Jungstir Ok that's it for BOTL see ya next time for new music. Thanks for all the replies, reblips and such
midnightbeadery @avard: """"Ronnettes - Then He Kissed Me""""""" (reblip)


| play
ellendiane so sexyyy@doctorfetal: "Now it's time for beautiful@natapritula: "(RE) jazzy morning.... classic. ~ Miles Davis - Summertime ~""yeah! (reblip)

Miles Davis "Summertime" (1958)

| play

Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

| play
scotlandlover you have a new look :-) rb @TropicsZ4 (reblip)

Roxette - The Look

| play
scotlandlover woman! you get mega props for that!!!! @ladystyx: "thx 4 your opinion (jd)I don't tell you how to run your station & no one else seems ... (reblip)
Dancer12 [Vonda Shepard – I only Wanna Be With You]
Dancer12 [Ray Peterson – Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)] Rest Well, TYSM 4 being GR8 DJ, so much fun,U! HHHUUUGGGSSS @impossiblewmn
innoutwindows Yeah...harmless!@Shilo: "sweet little song rb@innoutwindows: "Or...Daytime Playtime!!@nobuko6: "One Hit Wonders - Afternoon Delight (reblip)

One Hit Wonders - Afternoon Delight - The Starland Vocal Band

| play
innoutwindows Is now too soon?@GGDANCE: "@GGDANCE: "@hankyit: "@innoutwindows: "I’ve been cheated, been mistreated When will I be loved"""" (reblip)

Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved.MP3

| play
katterfelto @NightWitch2: "These days mother Nature cant make up her mind. Hot-cold-hot-cold......! "The Zombies – Time of the Season""" (reblip)
impossiblewmn Excellent choice! RB@gabilas: "Fala pra eles, Frank." (reblip)
impossiblewmn No one sings it like Bobby Darin.

Bobby Darin-Beyond The Sea

| play
Germany rb @iLOVEYOUGABRiELLA: "@michy666: "@BBandit: "(((((((Simple Minds – Don't You Forget About Me))))))""" (reblip)
mark_till CU later on; The Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends
Koshka hey cuppy cake @nrayala *smoochies*

Cuppy Cake Song- LYRICS

| play
MikeattheMike @ChristyL: "If I cud give u a penny 4 u'r thoughts...@DirtyUrine: "Hmmmm!! RB @ChristyL: "and ride the captn! Te He Hee!!!" (reblip)
TricksRadio John Fogerty, Keith Urban ~ Centerfield (live) (reblip)
TricksRadio Thx 2 @S75: "Sid's Big Band Radio: - Chet Atkins & Don Gibson - Oh Lonesome Me" (reblip)
MamaEsme @Santosbaby: "I'm a million miles from you. But if we hold on. Gotta hold on. But if we stay strong. I know we'll make it through."Great song! (reblip)
stormy Your neighbor in OK!@TricksRadio53: "Understand Your Man ~ Johnny Cash ** @stormy U from TX?@TricksRadio53 ** Yes, mam, I am ;-) And you? @stormy" (reblip)
avard ""The Honeydrippers ~.~ Sea Of Love" (reblip)
stormy You and several others were on my list of DJ's but now show you aren't..have added again!@avard: """The Time - Jungle Love""""@Dancer12" (reblip)
hippiechick Bob Segar – Old Time Rock N' Roll
stormy Contemplating!RB@Cairnmont:LOL... of course!@stormy:Innocent?Men?RB@Cairnmont Innocent!;-)@CocoPancakes:ohhh@roberlan @Cairnmont:Yes,yes... of course. (reblip)
stormy GOOD TUNE RB@BeyondSound: "Berlin – Take My Breath Away" (reblip)
Dancer12 MVPlayer!HUGS RB@JonathanDune@Dancer12 [Doris Day ~ A Very Precious Love] TYSM 4 allYourSongs2night,U'veOutdoneYourself,AGAIN! HUGS@JonathanDune (reblip)

Doris Day ~ A Very Precious Love

| play

Shirley Bassey's Yesterday When I Was Young

| play
stormy RB@dANGELofLOVE{[#FF Video]}[[CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT]][[LOVE]] Makes The{[Sunshine]}Brighter And The {[Sunset]}Peaceful. #Love #Quote By Bella" (reblip)

FF4 can you feel the love tonight (Elton John).

| play
sunnflowergardens Mandrill "Mandrill" 1971

Mandrill "Mandrill" 1971

| play
sunnflowergardens The Twilight Saga: New Moon--Soundtrack - Band Of Skulls

move it -- cliff richard

| play
innoutwindows m glad i have 1 fan ;) Alway so nice to me J!! Thx-->@Flying_Roundhouse: "Shakin' All Over – Billy Idol ~ Hiya Hot Stuff @innoutwindows ;-)" (reblip)
jimmytheP hi carol ! 800! woo hoo !@akacarol: "RB Hi YOU TWO, wonderful to see YOU>TY>@me: "@FatDaddy2 it's way too early for a congo"" (reblip)
innoutwindows funny--->@doctorfetal: "G/M beauty&the beast:-)@innoutwindows: "g'd nite gilf! @ellendiane: "good nite handsome beasty!@innoutwindows:"" (reblip)
sunnflowergardens Get Well Soon Video Card (with song...[sorry to hear this. Been n ur shoes. Pain!! Think, pray 4 u. back n shoes, music helps. here 4 u @fluffyboots

Get Well Soon Video Card (with song)

| play
sunnflowergardens Taylor Hicks--You're So Beautiful.............TY 4 the blips..A WARM WELCOME TO A NEW LISTENER@DjJeffymille,@musicalmind,@The101HiWay,@renaud_favier
sunnflowergardens Stone Poneys Featuring Linda R--Different Drum......TY 4 R,P.RB,..,@lulutwi,@joanalamas,@WithOutMakeUp,@StreamingMimi[still catching up]
sunnflowergardens Donna Fargo--Happiest Girl In The Whole USA......TY 4 ur support, rough med day 4 me, Donna will make me 'Happy'...,@jetcloud,@gpharley,@mitrovix
sunnflowergardens Through the Looking Glass---Runaway..........TY 4 ur props.....@Sheribaby_SPH,@SteelyJan,@mitrovix,@Dakeen,@akacarol,@busylizzy,@avard 2
sunnflowergardens Bee Gees--My Destiny............TY 4 props.........@stormy, [how is ur friend],@Unaturalsoul 8

Bee GeesMy Destiny

| play
sunnflowergardens Don't Cry Out Loud- TY 4 perfect song,@christy_of_beaumetz..[crying was what I was doing (due 2 medical issues ,pain) ur song/music sidetracked me]

Melissa Manchester -- Don't Cry Out Loud

| play

Poets of the Fall -Where Do We Draw The Line

| play
Hamach rb thanks @Totengrber: "rb@ Gr8tune: "ty ! @ SeanMurphy "Morrisey - There is a Light...""" (reblip)
sunnflowergardens Sammy Hagar--Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy (HQ)
innoutwindows Oh! i thought ur BMW tires were squealin'! lol @Hotyoungmom: "Not not! I am singing-he he he.. TY-Big hugs!@innoutwindows: "now your talkin'! ;) (reblip)
innoutwindows Yvw! Yup! wanna play w/me?@Hotyoungmom: "Absolutely- Ty for al the props and Rb's..still awake? @innoutwindows: "like laws family! (reblip)

Ronnie LawsYou

| play

07 - This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart

| play
devlps Miles Davis – Time After Time
angelheart2003 @dANGELofLOVE Thank you Bella 4 finding that 4 me. I needed 2 hear that & wanted them 2 hear it too (reblip)
russasis rb @GimmeSomeJohn: "Cher – All I Really Want To Do (Shindig! 1965)" (reblip)
sunnflowergardens Kenny G-The Joy of Life..TY all 4 the Ps u have shared. Lets all think of Joy thats in our life. Hard -can be done. I know 1st hand 2day is Joy day
sunnflowergardens Chris Rice--Smellin Coffee...............[All Blippers lets sit and have a cup of coffee and think of the up and coming holiday....@me
innoutwindows nope...parents are to blame! @Hotyoungmom: "Not my fault is it? @innoutwindows: "Oh! U caught me starin'!@Hotyoungmom:@innoutwindows: "a B.A.B.E.!!@H (reblip)
innoutwindows primo blip! @vnss549: "Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team" (reblip)
innoutwindows wherever I take ya from! @Hotyoungmom: "go back where?@innoutwindows: "if i do u may nvr go bac! ;o)~ @Hotyoungmom: "Here I am~@innoutwindows: "really (reblip)

Here I Am (Come and Take Me)

| play
innoutwindows what can i say? YW! @itott61: "UR the champion of the world: U succeeded in giving me 20 props in a day! :))) TY <3 @innoutwindows" (reblip)
innoutwindows B careful U may b come a bear skin rug!@itott61: "My apologies 4 having broke the promise 2 be back soon, often, should I go into hibernation? ;)" (reblip)

mink deville- i broke that promise

| play

songs about me -trace adkins

| play
Hamach rb thanks @opruimfee: "rb@ faasheezy @ MannvomBalkon "Frage an den Mann im Spiegel."" (reblip)
GGDANCE @dANGELofLOVE: "Hi! :) Wishing You The Same!! Thanks For RB @kmaria187: "have a great weekend girl---> @dANGELofLOVE: "Hi! :) Mine Too!! Thanks 4 RB" (reblip)

I ain't missing you with lyrics [original by John Waite]

| play
ellendiane this goes to all the fb peeps&others who disss-approve of my politics etc. listen to the lyrics-Edie Brickell&New Bohemians-WHAT I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandalicious it's beyond gorgeous =) @DJKatalina: "Happy Sunday ! Ahhhh...amazing weather~~Hugs! :) @Sandalicious: "Alhoevera - Tan Cani @DJKatalina"" (reblip)
GGDANCE @L_Salome: "1 of my faves, thx! @Eclecticist: "rb @autismtymz2: "Dolly Parton – Jolene (live in London) #goDrama""" (reblip)

Dolly PartonJolene

| play
Tropicsz4 Neil Young – Sign of Love
GGDANCE @DelightfulMiles: "@gpharley Herb Reed & The Platters - Singing In The Rain @jchernandezjazz @DelightfulMiles @alexparr @jet333" (reblip)

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN -A great song in an original version by Herb Reed of The Platters

| play
tokool4u Really nice to see you this Sunday:)@wamylove: "@Totengrber: "rb@Surreality:" (reblip)

Richard Hell and the Voidoids: Blank Generation

| play
tokool4u Good morning my friend:):):)@AmyisImaginary: "Enigma – Silent Warrior" (reblip)
MONIKKA RB vi@autismtymz2: "creed...with arms wide open :)" Good morning & thanks !! :) (reblip)
tokool4u @Matericia: "Today's the day to buy a Golf Novel! @golfnovels: "@nothreeputt @fxp123 - CCR - Down on the Corner - #10_10_10 TODAY (reblip)
GGDANCE @Dancer12: "ROFL,shhh ? shall remain a Mystery!!♥Rb@Shaman777 In my bed"@Dancer12 OH,NO, You tell first!! Ty♥@Shaman7 (reblip)
midnightbeadery @NewOrleansKat: "Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon~~~~~~~~~flying by on my Raven...." (reblip)
jimmytheP Robert Johnson – Dust My Broom
jojatk winding down from a Monday workday followed by a Monday help the kid with homework and studying! rb -> @Chow322 (reblip)
jimmytheP brook benton is just great ty rb vi>@StreamingMimi: "Love this! ~ Brook Benton – Endlessly" (reblip)
jojatk Oooh, haven't heard this one from Shalamar in what seems like forever... rb -> @SomChicsIs_SonnyDeLite (whew, that was tiring just to type ;) ) (reblip)
jojatk I probably bleep this too often, but it's such a fantastic song! rb -> @NewClassicShredder: "@Durante: "trying not to nap yet, thanks @divadonna5" (reblip)
jojatk Always the right time for INXS!!!!!! rb -> @LailaZuch: "INXS ~ Need you tonight" (reblip)
jojatk Welcome going out to my listener @Sly_dog! TYSM for listening ;)
jojatk Oh gosh... TBS Night Flight flashback! rb -> @djwolfie: "Go West – We Close Our Eyes" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Red Sun ~ Praise Him ♥ NA Hip Hop For you sweet girl! You have email! Inspired by@stormy! Also fwd2@AdamOfDallas (obviously it's werkin again! lol!)

Praise Him.m4v

| play
midnightbeadery @impossiblewmn: "This song has been stuck in my head since yesterday, so here goes..." (reblip)

Hall & Oates You Make My Dreams Come True

| play
midnightbeadery @bradysbeau: "The best message I can think of..." (reblip)

Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is A Season)

| play
midnightbeadery @avard: """They're Coming To Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV. THIS IS A FUN SONG. :O)""" (reblip)

Napoleon XIV: 'They're coming to take me away'

| play
jimmytheP A Summer Song – Chad and Jeremy
jewlyann ""If I could be where you are" by Enya" (reblip)

"If I could be where you are" by Enya

| play
Koshka @funkyBP: "Anyone up for some treadmill dancin?"~always!!!! (reblip)
ZONE You are all propped out again.... energy enough...this one....thank you : ))rb@DrCocker (reblip)
diamondgal sending a soft summer breeze to you :):) Seals and Croft – Summer Breeze
DJRosaNava I'd love you to want me

LOBO I'd Love You To Want Me

| play
DJMicShelly Good one! Ty!RB@lilbratsie: "Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight" (reblip)
jewlyann and on this note, I bid you all sweet dreams and a Beautiful Morning~~ "Dion And The Belmonts ~ Dream Lover"" (reblip)
katterfelto You should need nothing to increase your self 'steam' :) @MC_Ro: "To increase our self-steam" (reblip)
katterfelto @Tarayssa: "gm ~ Summer Breeze" (reblip)

Summer Breeze Seals & Crofts 1972

| play
FatDaddy2 ty for being 1 of my top proppers AGAIN last week@AtheDJ: "Hello there Luis!Have a great day!:D rb@djLop: "g'afternoon@AtheDJ: "The Toys (reblip)
Sheribaby_SPH Hello @gyr8 forwarding this to @Brooklynborn123 cause he's a special kinda guy! Song Via @StreamingMimi: Barbara Lewis – Baby I'm Yours (reblip)
FatDaddy2 Nite @Dancer12 this'll help you drift off

Bill Pursell Our Winter Love

| play
kimme23 g'nite!!RB"@goodlife: "is gonna' free fall to bed... good night all. Enjoy the full moon." (reblip)
DJRosaNava @Chow322: "kissing you love dream of peace & love and good things @edsession: "ur a sweetie! ;) g'nite for me :) @Chow322:" (reblip)
MikeattheMike @MikeattheMike: ""James Taylor-Fire and Rain "Most of us have seen them both, I guess it's part of being human." "" (reblip)
CountryCowboy You know, that's sorta what I was a thinkin', but this here computer says I ought to blip out Ring of Fire and tell everyone, so I guess I will. (reblip)
WieYu @biapfreitas: "Me too! Love ya, boo! @nrayala: "I AM OUT PEEPS!!! ...but you all...keep on rockin!!! =)"" (reblip)
wdlands42 this is great..."Wild, wild horses, couldn't drag me away" -- Alicia Keys + Adam Levine (Maroon5) -- unplugged -- HQ
WieYu @Sheribaby_SPH: "You can never go wrong spinning any thing by Phil Collins Thanks DJ @JerryKidd: I've been waiting for this moment all my life" (reblip)
greentrees saving the last dance for new listeners. THANK YOU @DJVee @Icametumbling @gyr8 @lidermanrony @motorcityguvnor @aprildax @SergeStray C U soon!

The Drifters-Save the Last Dance for Me

| play
ellendiane @MikeattheMike: "@midnightbeadery:@stormy"""lovin spoonful- I believe in the magicof the universe& within each of us- we have to be aware to use it!:) (reblip)
crazydv Hey C Nice ta have ya along for the ride@Carolanninwv: "Tom burns the cardigans down!!" (reblip)
HorseShitWally Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells – Im yours, you're mine @TkBeeatch: "RB TY! @FatDaddy2: "right on girl!!@Sheribaby_SPH: "for my guy @FatDaddy2""" (reblip)
innoutwindows Great Barret-Jackson Car Auction in The OC Today! Giddy Up 409!

409-the Beach Boys

| play
JesseNewhart When Can I See You Again - Babyface AKA my jam .. Listen..


| play
ellendiane @FreakinFrog: "Thanks Fran... vi@Franimal ...happy hump, enjoy the rest of the week"-Stevie Nicks-Leather& Lace :) (reblip)
ellendiane @katterfelto: "@SabineWe: "Miles Davis - Misty. So great version...""misty (reblip)

Miles Davis - Misty

| play
ellendiane @SliverMoon: "Summertime ...lets dance all night ~*~" Joe coker -summer in the City (reblip)
LynnSunshine Im HAPPY...Im A SWISS@Wes_H: "Thats what they said:):) rb (reblip)
MC_Ro rb @apm35: "For new good friend @DebbieD0: House of The Rising Sun – The Animals Vinyl" (reblip)
LynnSunshine Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves – welcome to my world @Cribbs66
JonathanDune really good... rb @EllenaG @Dancer12 (Don Henley cover) "All She Wants To Do Is Dance..." (reblip)

Could I have this dance by Anne Murray

| play
katterfelto @DjHM_L: "Said could you get us some pop. @backtoback: "huh? got up to wan then lost me scooby"" (reblip)
katterfelto @LeeSGreenberg: "and now a perfect pop song. a gift for you on a Tuesday. The Hollies – On A Carousel (Live 1968)" (reblip)
katterfelto I do, with pleasant thoughts. @btbcsfou: "@katterfelto: "@DJ_jrf: "Remember Herman's Hermits?""" (reblip)
LynnSunshine Jim Reeves – The Hawaiian Wedding Song @Wes_H
LynnSunshine Thank you Bella Darling I love you too@dANGELofLOVE: "Good My Sweet BFF! Wshing You A Day As Wonderful As You! Love You Because You R U!@LynnSunshine (reblip)
ellendiane @hajoni: "one of the very-best songs IMHO...on Free Nelson Mandela concert (saw on TV only) before things changed down in South Africa"Tracy chapman (reblip)
ellendiane @apm35: "@ZONE: "Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In.......what´s yours? @HorseShitWally shitty&you? (reblip)
diva42 @kimme23: "Roxette – "Joyride"" I forgot about this one :D (reblip)
creativeness aww thx.@ladypn: "You rb'd you because you're the one... :) rb@creativeness: "rb ME cuz I love this one so much @creativeness: "DANZIG RUN""" (reblip)

DanzigI'm The one

| play

Suddenly Last Summer/stereo version/The Motels

| play
stormy Dancin' all night@auticomics: "@DChain: "You can can dahaaaaaaaaance ---> @spacespencer ;)"" (reblip)
apm35 For Dear Friend @Hazel143: FLEETWOOD MAC HOLD ME (reblip)


| play
stormy @FatDaddy2: "ty I luv this one@tokool4u: "@FatDaddy2: "@jimmytheP@Sheribaby_SPH The Spaniels, I'm headin to the barn. CYA blippers sleep well""" (reblip)

Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

| play
innoutwindows Great Barret-Jackson Car Auction in The OC Today! Well I'm not braggin' so don't put me down, but I got the hottest wheels in town!

"Little Deuce Coupe" by The Beach Boys

| play
WieYu @PembsDave: """if you know any of the original backing singers... DM me ;) """ (reblip)

Queen-The Great Pretender

| play
dANGELofLOVE [{{Angel Video}] ~_~ [[YOU CAN'T FOOL YOUR HEART]] Your [[Souls]] Inner Sparks [[Lights]] The Way...Just Follow Your [[Dreams]] (reblip)
Dancer12 [Bachman Turner Overdrive – You ain't seen nothing yet 1974] thank U for RBs, p's, all, this is for @stormy
ellendiane The Turtles. Happy together- I want chocloate turtles-ooh I am dying for --sugah!
ellendiane @never_nude: "rb@MissWilde: B52's- love shack- was about to call it a nite when I decided to rereblip! why are u never nude? au naturel? no? (reblip)
stormy And with this, I will bid you good night! Have a Happy 4th Of July. RB@MrsASoprano:@divadonna5: "TY@TricksRadio53: @hippiechick The Pointer Sisters ~ (reblip)
Dancer12 hands off . . . . . . . . .xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo . . . . . . . . .. . . nite . . . . xo
iReignMusic g'nite Cat :)@TidyCat ....too tired 2 chase u 2nite!

Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

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innoutwindows You were the girl that changed my world...
stormy Sure do-they turn a pretty green when I am "stormin". LOL@innoutwindows: "Thx 4 da rb! Got Pretty Little Stormy Eyes?@stormy: "RB@innoutwindows (reblip)
stormy Watch out for the bomb RB@innoutwindows: "You were the girl that changed my world..." (reblip)
stormy Nite blippers. It's past my bedtime.. 3 AM. Enjoy the 4th and thx to all! RB@iReignMusic: "g'nite Cat :)@TidyCat ....too tired 2 chase u 2nite!" (reblip)

Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

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Dancer12 @tokool4u@77ozzie - strumming my pain with his fingers...""" (reblip)
MamaEsme @pacha17: "this music make me cry...ahh..beautiful.." Yes..very sad! (reblip)
rose_rambo "You, you make loving fun, and I don't have to tell you that you're the only one..."
MrsASoprano Nice reblip DD@divadonna5: "TY@TricksRadio53: "Hmmm RB TY 2@hippiechick The Pointer Sisters ~ Slow Hand ** is Clapton in the house?"" (reblip)
innoutwindows ot oh!@stormy: "Sure do-they turn a pretty green when I am "stormin". LOL@innoutwindows: "Thx 4 da rb! Got Pretty Little Stormy Eyes?@stormy: "RB (reblip)
innoutwindows Precious and few are the moments we too can share.
innoutwindows Girl, you're a hot-blooded woman-child And it's warm where you're touchin' me But I can tell by your tremblin' smile You're seein' way too much in me
creativeness rotfl....probably. I actually blip fast cuz i'm a bit hyper. @TkBeeatch: "Prob a good thing 4 the both of us lol (reblip)

BlondieCall Me

| play
innoutwindows Hello, yeah, it's been a while. Not much, how 'bout you? I'm not sure why I called, I guess I really just wanted to talk to you.
harmony60 UB40 & Robert Palmer – I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
innoutwindows I, I who have nothing I, I who have no one Adore you and want you so I'm just a no one with nothing to give you but, oh I love you...
innoutwindows Baby, I'd love you to want me The way that I want you The way that it should be...

LOBO I'd Love You To Want Me

| play
stormy Different artist...have heard it sung country style.RB@harmony60: "UB40 & Robert Palmer – I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (reblip)
creativeness lol..whatcha touchin'?@DebbieD0: "Ouch! Fire! ouch!@creativeness: "if ya wanna find hell with me, I can show you what it's like....@EllenaG@DebbieD0 (reblip)


| play
creativeness I can feel the heat comin' off the blacktop and it makes me want it more..........
innoutwindows I don't have plans and schemes And I don't have hopes and dreams Baby, I just don't have anything Since I don't have you
innoutwindows My love must be a kind of blind love I can't see anyone but you.
DJRosaNava You and I by Scorpions

scorpionsyou and i

| play
De_Ann <Janis Joplin – Rollerskate Song> NOT a Janis song, but Melanie is cool too ;)
creativeness FLASHBACK! asked to a prom inthe next townby a 6'4 blonde hottie...this wasthe song thatshe mentioned her taller ex was the jealous type
BBWolfey ty;))@daytonacharger: "@BBWolfey,@DebbieD0,@sooze27,@Vaiva,--THE DOORS---a really Fantastic song from JM & the Doors!!! BLOODY BRILLANT!!" (reblip)
diamondgal tyhugss@Dancer12:"TY RB@poppyseedism@Dancer12@diamondgal@AnnieEclectic "Kentucky rain keeps falling down...searching for you in the cold Kentucky rain (reblip)
scotlandlover agreed! rb @goodlife: "sometimes it's just better that way." (reblip)

Kenny Chesney -- Better As A Memory

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Dancer12 TY, RB@nbztunes: "reblipping @hawaiibuzz (reblip)

Smokey Robinson & Miracles - Ooh, Baby Baby

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btbcsfou @Dancer12: "GM, mary, Good 2CU! Hugs, RB@harmony60: "The Carpenters – (They Long To Be) Close To You"" (reblip)
Sheribaby_SPH "damn straight! @Sandalicious: "@Lonravalex noticin' you / noticin' me ~ similar to watching u watchin me :-)"" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE HI! RB @angiece: "RB @Dancer12: RB@BBandit :)@dANGELofLOVE Yep dANGELofLOVE@Dancer12 GROUP CUDDLE?OK!@alexparr CUDDLES day! LOLKiltweaver@BBandit""" (reblip)
Hotyoungmom Eli Young Band – Always The Love Songs (Live)
Hotyoungmom Chris LeDoux – Tougher Than The Rest
DjLerica tyrb,g'morning@ladypower: "@stedo85: "Eagles ~ Love will keep us alive"" (reblip)
DJNickPapag Good afternoon! How is your day so far?! :))@JanetSEyre
DJKatalina Wanted to hear Neil this morning.......
silentval From the movie How to train you dragon, soundtrack by John Powell. One of my favorities ost ever!
DJNickPapag Love the "Bed Rock" reference! Thank you! @MrsRobinsome: "Evenin to you mr flinstone! Luv the song!@DJNickPapag: "Evenin sweet lady! :))@MrsRobinsome (reblip)
Neruda65 The Ventures – "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer"
Tuneaholic I don't know what I am gonna do ~tonight~can't even-hear-the music~U~or I~send~@ladycatlady~an-Uprising,move, do something else, buzy Hotel,miss U : )
Sly_dog Jukebox Hero

Jukebox Hero with lyrics

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TheJan @Sly_dog: "good morning! :) rb @patrickvanelk: "Nickelback – Someday"" (reblip)
itott61 rbTY!@Gidyean: "☀Jethro Tull – Cross-Eyed Mary☀ A beggerman a thief - she signs no contracts but she always plays the game" (reblip)
SpinalTap Hey Adam!!:)@Just_Adam: "GM girl @KWright: "GM sweet GG!thx4 all the RB luv!@GGDANCE: "Goodmorning K.@KWright:@Chow322: (reblip)
sadercnr Flip me a Blip RSVP

Billy Joel Say Goodbye To Hollywood Live 1977

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itott61 rb @KarlekGroda: "Snow Patrol *.* Chocolate ♫♫♫" (reblip)
SpinalTap Needs 3 more listeners for next badege~~~>@twoturntables<~~~Plz add!! (reblip)
sadercnr Nice and Mellow!

Behind Closed Doors (Charlie Rich)

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itott61 TY!@AtheDJ: "Hi&TY! rb@ladypower: "@opruimfee: "rb@Doctorfetal "Urgent Rb is needed-Love foreigner-" Thx*@Oculuris @opruimfee rb@itott61" (reblip)


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RuesTunes LoL...My God he is really good..he he
ChristienGB Lenny Kravitz ~Can't get you of my mind~
ChristienGB Lenny Kravitz ~Come On And Love Me~
RoughMac @WithOutMakeUp: "RB @innoutwindows: "rb@JackieYunTweets: "Hello!! & TYrb!! ~rb@RoughMac: "The Doors – Hello, I Love You"""" (reblip)
SpinalTap LOVE doesn't stink....I just dig tha song...hehe
DaveL 1965 We were speaking of Rolling another context, of course. Thnx to @storylet for providing this CEL classic!