sufferin_jukebox another wonderful cover.. R.I.P. miss carpenter

The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma

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tgaughran All things go, all things go
sufferin_jukebox That last version blows ass....
sufferin_jukebox there's always room for more elvis... ; )
sufferin_jukebox it wasn't me @paeix...i was the blonde one
sufferin_jukebox i know this gets played alot, but i can't help myself...haunting
sufferin_jukebox shitlist...lemmie take a #


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Jayhawks Eyes of Sarahjane

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sufferin_jukebox love David Bazan...wish he was more prolific though.
sufferin_jukebox california dreaming...on such a winters...

Ben Gibbard405

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sufferin_jukebox what i meant to say is...Yardbirds shoulda done rollin and tumblin

Hayden - Home by Saturday

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purplesime Got to walk up the hill to the Post Office to get a form from a Government Dept. Haven't they heard of the Web, ffs? Hehe, oh well, walk will be good.
sufferin_jukebox bugger all...lemmie try again

NirvanaRape me

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Antenaweb thx fo RB me @gregsteen !! : have a nice day! (reblip)
sufferin_jukebox good day all..catch you all on the flipper
GR8FL Nico did this nice Dylan cover....
sufferin_jukebox great pop song

Lightning Seeds_Pure

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Everclear - Father of Mine

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sufferin_jukebox back when Ronnie had real chops...
sufferin_jukebox NYC Punk in the 70's was the shit!
sufferin_jukebox byrdesque...i love jinglejangle guitars...
sufferin_jukebox real deal

Crowded House - Better Be Home Soon

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sufferin_jukebox what a songwriter ryan adams is...
sufferin_jukebox Tnx @GR8FL.. Leo Sayer reminded me of another 70's pop star.

Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City

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sufferin_jukebox ok enough of that androgenous bullshit....
sufferin_jukebox R.I.P SRV


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sufferin_jukebox loves me some Liz


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sufferin_jukebox god damn right... read the MFin' paper..

The Church - Under The Milky Way Tonight

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sufferin_jukebox for my Canadian neighbors to the north..

Lush - 500 - Shake Baby Shake

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sufferin_jukebox there goes the neighborhood...