brandyleedotnet Really feeling the Marilyn love lately!
drubloomfield Some days seem like they are "All Work and No Play"
karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 8 to 26
karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 9 to 26 Super! très très bon! merci mon ami @randyhate pour la chanson (reblip)
drubloomfield I'm gonna make it a point to Walk Happy today :-)
KathysArt @yamamiya @KathysArt @LoucaVida ~_~ ....lovely Jason Mraz Feat. Colbie Caillat – Lucky (reblip) (reblip)
KathysArt @yamamiya @mammara The Low Anthem – Cage The Song Bird (reblip) (reblip)
KathysArt @yamamiya Death Cab For Cutie - Love Song Death Cab For Cutie – Love Song (reblip)
drubloomfield More baseball - love March - need to take a few afternoons off.
karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 10 to 26 Java est supercool!
karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 11 to 26 Java est supercool!

JavaCe s'ra tout

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brandyleedotnet I adore this song. This one goes out to Bodhi!
Lnell nice enough to be heard twice

Stan GetzDoralice

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karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 12 to 26. @randyhate, If you like Java you should search for a song called Bzzz... is the best one!
karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 13 to 26.
karencunha 26 french songs till 12th march. 14 to 26. @suuuck
LizGilbert Singing to the Birds ( that means y'all in TwitterVille...happy SUNday) what if ...?
LizGilbert @nilerodgers Deeply honored. <3 You !! & also We Are Family. Yours in music.
karencunha 26 french songs till march 12th. 16 to 26 c'est super! merci @randyhate (reblip)

KazeroThai na na

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ErikaTapalla i fucking love this song...awwwwww snap! (reblip)
toosweet4rnr hey @sheryonstone thanks :) you know I love bringing them to you! (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Billie Holiday – I'll Be Seeing You] daylight savings time is kicking my ass. Goodnight -)
rachelbaker This song always reminds me of the movie Beetlejuice (reblip)
Lnell ...see you ...want to be with you
jub2609 Just saw a pic of McCartney, which instantly put this theme in my mind...
threebears bizarre style, or at least nothing like I'm used to... but I think I really like it .. quoting agreeing and re-blipping @CalebBooker ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
dickadcock If Chrissy put any more feeling into this, you wouldn't be able to listen. RB thx to @Jalire Kid - The Pretenders (reblip)

kidthe pretenders

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MrThompsonR Good evening Blip (F)a(M)!! Just "Look For Me (I'll Be Around)"
threebears for those celebrating purim ... supposed to have quantity of alcohol so that you can't tell the difference between orrr er.. um ... no try that again
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eva cassidy - fields of gold

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HunterBM really wishing i had made it down to see phish. tampolines, fluffhead, loving cup encore, epic. still partial to non jam good lyric phish songs though


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dickadcock You've made a LOT of great picks todayI Thx to @Jalire have to play this now or I'll be singing it all day tomorrow (reblip)

Night and Day (Cole Porter)

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crispast ..No one knows how to say.. That they're sorry and don't worry.. I'm not telling lies..
crispast ..come se non bastasse l’ aver rinunciato a me stessa.. come se non bastasse.. tutta la forza del mio amore..
420thoughts a Bob Dylan song, best covered by Hendrix, who (naturally) mastered it as easily as his own, as he did all covers.
dickadcock I like Ringo's version because I can sing it better, & so can you. A late good morn'g to all blippers, ships at sea, & endangered species w. computers
dickadcock Never hear this anymore, and that's a shame. But [title] (reblip)
adbert [Hilotrons – Emergency Street] Glad to hear that @ErikaTapalla!!! Have a nice day!!! :-) (reblip)
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Satie Trois Poèmes d'Amour (1914)

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les_the_mess gotta call the telephone man...
groovydj More beyond the valley of the dolls with the coolest all-girl group that never was
dickadcock "Me, I want to live with my feet in Dixie, and my head in the cool, blue North" Yep. check, and check.
dickadcock RB from earlier today during hyper-scroll: N E W ADD ☁☂ If you like this,1 of Jesse's best, 1/2 as much as I, you will love it. (reblip)
Uselysses Sam Cooke at 19 with the Soul Stirrers. Unbelievable. To my mind, a perfect song.
dickadcock Harris, Ronstadt, and a girl they call Dolly. Get your tissue out first.
dickadcock A tribute to the late Eddy Arnold, who died in 2008. And to the cross-town girls of Texarkana!
dickadcock From myPod to yourPod. Just sounds better every time I hear it.
dickadcock Another iPod favorite of mine. Resets the world's speed for me.
dickadcock Who does not like rockin' sitar?! thx @RadioRider Stones did it. Mr. Shankar took it to another place. You either like or not. I like. (reblip)
dickadcock I could be reblipping myself, but I won't squeal. "oughta be a law against 'nothin' but twigs & seeds' " (reblip)
dickadcock New character 2 Blip. OK if 1 doesn't care to interact, sample, listen —can't b fun. :(@AbsinthEve to all the blips I miss .. you keep on blippin by (reblip)
dickadcock She is good, dau. of a rocker. Learned of her last summer on MPR & Indiefeed. thx @ladypn Interesting voice, @dickadcock do you know of her? (reblip)
LizGilbert to all #artsevo (evolvers of the EVO genre...arts-based research):Keep it Light Enough To Travel. (reblip)
LizGilbert #artsevo Twitter artists of all denominations:Queen of the are,dontcha know ? Elevate,Illuminate.
jeff OK time for a bit of a chill out sesh here...

Bon IverSkinny Love

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CherryBlossom same title, different song
karencunha 26 french songs till march 12th. 18 to 26.


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karencunha 26 french songs till march 12th. 19 to 26.
soundmangroupie This ain't no place to be if ya planned on being a star.

Rose RoyceCar Wash

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karencunha 26 french songs till march 12th. 20 to 26.
opomegranate oh yeah. i'm secretly in love with this song.

BeegeesNight Fever

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karencunha 26 french songs till march 12th. 21 to 26.
Phuket2 Frank Sinatra – My Way ( Good afternoon all, off to the bars and get "Too Drunk too F**K, like my fav song :p )

Frank SinatraMy Way

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klitoria @bangang...if we replay the tunes of other blippers it is tradition to name them....i am sure you didnt know this...bye (reblip)

Bill WithersUse Me

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loshermanos Um samba novo velho, mas atualmente diferente...
LizGilbert Everything is Broken....ain't no jivin/ So,let's fix some things & mend some hearts...
adbert HAPPY B-DAY TO LIZA MINELLI (03-12-???? ha ha) [Liza Minelli – Two Ladies]
foresighted Great gleegirlrock! I love this song! Forgot all about it. Thanks!!!! (reblip)
spencersokol wants to burst all of your balloons and burn all of your cities to the ground.

Blues TravelerHook

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rogue_fm Thanks for this one too @microskomp 'Lights on, nobody home...' (Nothing personal...lyrics, dontcha know...)

Talking HeadsSwamp

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KathysArt @CinemaRay I need a pick me of my top 5 fave songs of all time. Ronnie Spector & The Ronettes with the Wall of Sound, Be My Baby. (reblip)
ababelado @tati_almeida eu adoro tantas! esta aqui é uma delas... mas stuck in the middle é a minha favorita...
toosweet4rnr Hi there @DeAnn :) I've always loved this song. I think that it sounds sultry and dangerous... (reblip)
rogue_fm @microskomp Wanted to counter your Mann/Blinded w/SB's but it was NFG even tho' I've blipped it a few times. ARGH! So you get this instead.
calamari Thanks to @adbert for reminding me!! Today is the anniversary of Charlie Parker's death. The influential jazz saxophonist died on this day in 1955.
LoucaVida ~_~ - ... to the many couples who got married today in the church across the street ...
GladHearts @troistetons @daihard @lenchen @Iasnara Thank you all for the reblips. It means a lot to us as band when people give us a shot. Have a great day, all (reblip)
gleegirlrock Bonnie Raitt - True Love Is Hard to Find

Beatles - Obla Di Obla Da(E)

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04 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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drewmaniac Relaxing with some Billie Holiday, sweet tea, and writing...
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5 The Very Thought Of You

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meandme Love this song!!!!! And Jeff does it the best!
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Nicole Reynolds - The Very Thought of You

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sudaca70 @Luckige what a great movie it is...

CreationMaking Time

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TorridLuna Bei meinem Hund klappt das... (reblip)

-Mr Sandman Glenn Miller + Andrew Sisters

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spideralex oh alain ha muerto, demasiado pronto, el tio era muy grande , un pensamiento para mister bashung


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The KinksStrangers

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Blippo Screaming Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You ... his voice, his laughter, his screams ... intense :)
SensuousWife Achingly gorgeous music. I sang my DC to sleep with this song tonight.
sugarberrysupply /////////@SensuousWife....Achingly gorgeous music. I sang my DC to sleep with this song tonight. (reblip)
Funklove This makes about as much sense as Tang, powdered donuts and 2 tickets to the Isleys.. (reblip)
sugarberrysupply ///////////// the dance of love
HmB @RadioRider =} Thanks... LoLz!! I deleted my blip account on accident earlier *sigh* Whatta bummer!!
HmB ♫ Oooooh yeahhhhhh yeahyeahyeahhhhh~ Ooooooh yeahhhhh... Phoebe Snow ~ Poetry Man
JulieK You've been tellin me you were a genius since you were 17, n all the time I've known you I still donno what you mean
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andreakremer Currently in the lead for best musical discovery of '09: Slow Runner. For @andrewnewby, with gratitude.

Slow RunnerDeep End

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DareToEatAPeach According to this Minneapolis band is touring Europe this Spring.
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7. I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Tony Bennett

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brandyleedotnet I so love this song. From the Blackpool soundtrack!


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pjhalla ///////////////////////////////////
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Manha De Carnaval Take 1

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Dexter Gordon - Our Love is Here to Stay

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DareToEatAPeach @Mirrorshades Did you know Ben Folds released a university a capella album? No-no-no-no? Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes he did.
LizGilbert One last before pushing off....Let's Do It...let's ALL fall in love. Ready set Go &(Lithuanians that means you too) & the divine Ella:YAY Spring !
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OscarShaw Some of the most beautiful music ever created. Period.
Nalora Chet Atkins – Dizzy Strings
MilwGonzo I ain't lookin to fight with you, frighten you, or uptighten you (thanks @Jnichole) (reblip)
juliananegri Alternative.... avohai to you all!

Zé RamalhoAvohai

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OscarShaw Haven't been able to blip much today. But here is an excellent work by Brahms to enjoy.
teelanovela open all your vows, open a new year
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-Mr Sandman Glenn Miller + Andrew Sisters

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MilwGonzo (1966) - the perfect merging of pop and motown "... give it time No matter how long it takes"
MrTLovesMusic Ahhh - makes me think of ravenous times when I was young, free, and alive......
mastercelo @outlawgirl @luiz_com_z Essa eu blipei no aniversário da minha irmã Cecilia ;) (reblip)
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They can't take that away from me

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Diordan Mo' and Mo Cake...... is never enough .....after that we skip to Morphine : ^)
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Shade37777 To my mother I leave my hat, to my dad I leave my favorite fishing rod, My wife I leave my bills! My kids I leave you your crazy mother! Good Luck!
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