Donnie44 Alan Jackson ((How Great Thou Art)) Happy Easter Everyone!!!
sweetlilmZmia May you have much sunshine in your life!

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
sweetlilmZmia *giggle*....@aplusk (who??) - M going to need to give this back to its true owner----> (Mmmmmmmm. @johncmayer - catch this...) *smile giggle sigh*
sweetlilmZmia @jennmich97 (done) Garth Brooks ~ Friends in Low Places ~ (I forgot I loved this song).
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You) ~The be all end all ~
Jalapeno At Last... the girl could sing..

James, EttaAt Last

| play
sweetlilmZmia BB King and Van Morrison – If you Love Me
sweetlilmZmia Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night
daihard Hit the Done button too quickly! Such a beautiful day in Seattle! Hi all!
sweetlilmZmia Jennifer Hudson – And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
sweetlilmZmia Our very own @JohnCMayer – Nails Wheel ~ beautiful song~

John MayerWheel

| play
freshair3 I am ready for the weekend! (reblip)

Blind MelonNo Rain

| play
paisley Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil (Neptunes Mix)
sweetlilmZmia T.I. – Dead and Gone (feat. Justin Timberlake)
sweetlilmZmia justin_timberlake_love_stoned_justice_remix


| play
De_Ann pretty heavy...for a scorpion track...but cool as always


| play
sweetlilmZmia Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
cjh The Fugees - Killing me Softly with his Song
sweetlilmZmia Jerry Lee Lewis – Trouble in Mind (with Eric Clapton)
sweetlilmZmia Goodnight_Sweetheart! :)


| play
Gypsylyn @Gypsylyn, dancing with the devils today? I'm the one with the blue dress on!@Edainsmom..Join us..LOL (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Lisa Loeb – The Wake Up song
Diordan Saudades @FernandaW I want to be evil!!! ; ^)
sweetlilmZmia The Beach Boys – (wishing everyone....) Good Vibrations
mistygirlph Suede – Beautiful Ones

SuedeBeautiful Ones

| play
melodyofurlife This one has been stuck on repeat in my brain for about a week. I hate when that happens.
sweetlilmZmia Pointer Sisters - (wish it was.....) Raining Men!

Pointer Sisters - Its raining men

| play
mellomatic @knarf74 so.... you want me to sing this at your next gig? krazee.
melodyofurlife @TheTLady @girlpiper Just to clarify myself. Can't say I'm one of the Ladies just by my Pop-Art Avatar! :-)

AC/DCBig Balls

| play
crowjane @cynfulred shares~Ella_Fitzgerald_-_Fever~~please forgive me sis if I am too forward~that child on your photo is a living doll~made me smile 4 sure (reblip)


| play
cjh Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love @Oldprog - hello
sweetlilmZmia They Might Be Giants - Full, Theme From Malcolm In The Middle
syymza Mi ci vedo, nel Texas, su una vecchia jeep verso il West Virginia...
iadiedee Blackmore's Night – Ghost Of A Rose (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Richie Valens – La Bamba
sweetlilmZmia From the world to me....Levon And The Hawks - (@JohnCMayer),,,,He Don't Love You!!

Levon And The Hawks - He Don't Love You

| play
sweetlilmZmia To @JohnCMayer you have made me a...(Beyoncé) – Broken-Hearted Girl
sweetlilmZmia The Silence Within – Supernatural
sweetlilmZmia Kathy Reid-Naiman – Hush Little Baby
sweetlilmZmia Beatles - Twist and Shout

Beatles - Twist and Shout

| play
sweetlilmZmia once again (i think?) for @theellenshow (#followfriday) -Lady Gaga – Just Dance

Lady GagaJust Dance

| play
sweetlilmZmia also dedicated to @theellenshow <--- #followfriday (Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl)
sweetlilmZmia The Commitments - Mustang Sally/ #followfriday -> @frankiemuniz @rmilana @luisafranklin @MissWall @thecalvenigroup @claudiamm37 @amoskeeto @TLWH ....
PedanticBohemian Classic Tina Turner, "What's Love Got to Do With It?"
sweetlilmZmia They Might Be Giants - MalcomInTheMiddleTheme/ #followfriday-> @FRANKIEMUNIZ @frontofmonitor @cynfulred @denisefarabee @RoseHwang @cherryjanessa....
sweetlilmZmia JoanJettDoYouWannaTouchMe-just askin'...#followfriday-@johncmayer @aplusk @jason_pollock @MarkHoppus @petewentz @samantharonson @ben_mayer @nerdist...
sweetlilmZmia The Cheetah Girls – Girl Power - #followfriday -> @ashsimpsonwentz @mrskutcher @samantharonson @moonfrye @rainnwilson @Java4Two @paulapoundstone

Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You

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sweetlilmZmia Naughty by Nature - O.P.P (I'm not down with O.P.P that's why I will pretend Jensen and Jared are both single! I mean...I hardly a threat!!!)
sweetlilmZmia To all my girls...The Temptations - My Girl ~
sweetlilmZmia Prince - Cream

Prince - Cream

| play
HuMBush ... WHaT?! ... aWeSoMe!!!!! Uhm watch Ur ears cuz uhm yeah just watch em... =P
sweetlilmZmia Bob Marley and the Wailers -Go Tell It on the Mountain
sweetlilmZmia @LuisaFranklin - For when you return to your tweeps....Iuv you!!!!!( Dance With Someboday - Mando Diao) ~
sweetlilmZmia To all my tweeps you are hot and addicting!! ~ Joe Cocker – With a Little Help From My Friends ~
sweetlilmZmia ~ God forgive me I might touch Jensen's shoulder, but I'd marry this man! Why do I love him so? WHY??? My...MY... @JohnCMayer "nails" Wheel ~ (reblip)

John MayerWheel

| play
sweetlilmZmia Jay-Z – My President is Black (Still don't believe it even though I can see it! God bless the USA!)
sweetlilmZmia Top 10 American Idols – God Bless the USA (Proud to be an American)
sweetlilmZmia Bee Gees – I've got me some....(Saturday) Night Fever!

Bee GeesNight Fever

| play
sweetlilmZmia Why did this song not occur to me until now.....2 Live Crew....Me So Horny!!
sweetlilmZmia Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

| play
sweetlilmZmia John Lennon - Imagine


| play
sweetlilmZmia ~ Twitter's Own @SolangeKnowles – Hush Little Baby ~
sweetlilmZmia Little Richard,Jerry Lee Lewis,Fats Domino – Good Golly Miss Molly (Little Richard)
sweetlilmZmia @johncmayer - I admit sometimes you can be jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjUUUUUsTTTTT(!!!!) a Ball of Confusion (The Temptations)
GR8FL rb@MissA0324: "Whatever will be...will be." thank you! (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Bloodhound Gang – The Roof Is On Fire!
sweetlilmZmia @johncmayer - say a prayer for patrick swayze? God hears our prayers in the blowing of the winds.....
sweetlilmZmia Dedicated to Twitter's @JohnCMayer ! Boy, do I have lots of ~ Picture's Of You!! ~ (Oddly for me YOU are) ~ The Cure ~ (For almost all things). ~
mulderina o meglio moz é still ill. does the body rule the mind/or does the mind rule the body?

SmithsStill Ill

| play
harisalisic Don't let the spammers steal your name! Register your domain and get web site for less then 20$ -10% of through Friday (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia T-Pain Ft. Justin Timberlake – Can't Believe It l Remix
sweetlilmZmia Public Enemy – Fight the Power
sweetlilmZmia Trisha Yearwood – She's In Love With The Boy
sweetlilmZmia The Bastard Fairies – The Boy Next Door (saved me from certain death once....)
sweetlilmZmia Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love you
Diordan I can't resist this song @tubilino: "Paper Planes" (reblip)

MIAPaper Planes

| play
Jalapeno Time for this channel to experience The Sound of Silence.. wonder if you can get to 2500 listeners before i return? peace blipstars :)
sweetlilmZmia Greese Soundtrack - Greased Lightning

Greese Soundtrack - Greased Lightning

| play

SurvivorHigh On You

| play
sweetlilmZmia MIA – Paper Planes ~ I guess today I've really been in the mood for re-blipping!

MIAPaper Planes

| play
sweetlilmZmia Pointer Sisters ~ It's Raining Men (Hot Men!)

Pointer Sisters - Its raining men

| play
sweetlilmZmia #MAFIAMIA – Paper Planes (THIS will be my theme song!)

M.I.A.Paper Planes

| play
sweetlilmZmia Sonic X – Gotta Go Fast! (English Opening) (I sing along to this song and know all the words....#SUPERGEEK!!!
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – I Don't Trust Myself
sweetlilmZmia one more for giggles "#followfriday ~ Gotta Go Fast! @GeriSomething @_supernatural_ @android tomoato @RachaelB17 @RoseHwang @thebettersexdoc "" (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer Trio – Gravity
sweetlilmZmia MC Hammer - You can't touch this #supernatural night!!!
sweetlilmZmia #MIAMAFIA – Paper Airplanes (I've decided this is my theme song)!!

MIAPaper Airplanes

| play
sweetlilmZmia Alice in Chains – Man In the Box (this link should work for you....)
sweetlilmZmia Godsmack – I F**King Hate You
sweetlilmZmia Violent Femmes – Why cant i get just one kiss
sweetlilmZmia Destiny's Child – Lose My Breath you remember what has come after this song...every time I play it?.....
sweetlilmZmia Justin Timberlake – SexyBack (did you remember?) #blipporn?
sweetlilmZmia .....someone to handle the - Vultures (John Mayer)...ahhhhhhh....I feel better already!!

John MayerVultures

| play
sweetlilmZmia Violent Femmes - Why Can't I Get Just One Kiss?
sweetlilmZmia Lily Allen – F*** You! I Can Say That Now.....FEELS OH SO GOOOOOOOOOOD!

Lily AllenFuck You

| play
sweetlilmZmia Meredith Brooks – Bitch(s) - Let's Just Admit HOW Could You BeThe Boss of ME? Couldn't Kill, I'll Die Someday.
sweetlilmZmia 2 live crew – Me So Horny
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – Slow Dancing in a Burning Room ....Sweet Dreams To My John - (Go Lakers, Do It For "My" Baby)
sweetlilmZmia There are two songs that always remind me of a very, very, very special friend from my is the first. Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me(a)
sweetlilmZmia T-Pain Ft. Justin Timberlake – Can't Believe It l Remix (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Justin Timberlake – LoveStoned I Think She Knows Interlude
sweetlilmZmia For Brandon - Beyonce called she says you make her.....Lose (her)....Breath! jjjjzzzzbbbbbb? (Always)
sweetlilmZmia ...Fuck You! Lily Allen ~

Lily AllenFuck You

| play
sweetlilmZmia #followfriday @FrankieMuniz (Malcolm In The Middle - Theme)
PauloStudio2002 Frankie Valli – Grease ★★★★★★★ Grease - Nos tempos da brilhantina @PriscilaFreitas #soundtrack
sweetlilmZmia Triple Hotness!! @falloutboy – Beat It feat. @JohnCMayer @PeteWentz *biteslip* ....damn now I'm bleeding...and happy about it!
sweetlilmZmia #followfriday @ashsimpsonwentz ~ (oh, gee - how 'bout @petewentz and say, maybe, I dunno....@johncmayer, too?) (reblip)

Ashlee SimpsonLa La

| play
420thoughts obviously, Redemption Song was a duet with Joe Strummer. (didn't have enough room to add that.) {Johnny Cash - Bridge Over Troubled Water}
sweetlilmZmia Help me @androidtomato you're my only hope! Where are you? I need your reply! ~ Star wars – Theme ~

Star warsStar wars

| play
sweetlilmZmia All of my hotties are simple going to have to....Come Together....."over me" - Joe Cock (er) *wink* (I know...even for me!!....)
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – I Don't Trust Myself (Yes. They are the antidote for each other, I can't explain at all. Don't understand myself).
Choonks It's all about D Kick-A$$ Breast Cancer Survivor Crew- We in da house!! &...This Is The Way We Roll... (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Garth Brooks – (Time to Let Everybody Come To ) - The Dance...(prop 8)
sweetlilmZmia Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
sweetlilmZmia Nirvana – Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
sweetlilmZmia Rockmaster Scott – The Roof Is on Fire
Stay19 N.A.S.A. Featuring Sizzla, Amanda Blank & Lovefoxxx – A Volta (Database Remix)<><>
sweetlilmZmia Barenaked Ladies – Big Bang Theory Theme
sweetlilmZmia DeanW_124 ~ You Drive Me Crazy (Quiet Riot)♠
Kimmehkins Gotta finish the video I workin' on, catch ya all later!
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @TawnyMarie: "good for reblip @QUEENRO @SizzlinShara: "kissing like a bandit, stealing time....." (reblip) " (reblip)
melodyofurlife Hey, Snow White. Why White anyway? you sleep with 7 men!
Ellabella79 LMAO!!! South Park – Come Sail Away - Eric Cartman (reblip)
thaisypecsen Só ouço feist quando estou triste ou ansiosa.


| play
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – Daughters (will be first and only time I blip this song)...

John MayerDaughters

| play
AnitaBreakSoon Doo dee doo ... I see my prop n reply email is backlogged again. THANKS 4 the LUV! Still need to get some stuff cleared....
sweetlilmZmia Huey Lewis And The News – If This Is It (2006 Digital Remaster)
sweetlilmZmia Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy
sweetlilmZmia But I never get to play it and I'm going bed now.... Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
RNRSteve @QUEENRO: "@patita: "@Heartfelt_Strings.... so put another dime in the jukebox babe!!!! :D"" (reblip)
RNRSteve Good One @crowjane: "blind love baby~can't see anyone but U~!~" (reblip)
organicsue Neil Young & Crazy Horse – We Never Danced
FranciscoIV Smooth Sunday @MerlottesBar Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me (reblip)
tynie626 Kings Of Leon – Arizona
powerhealths Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart..."Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."~ Winston Churchill
sheryonstone rb@BigPayLess: "Green Day - Know Your Enemy" saw them perform this on late nite couple nites ago. [non imeem] (reblip)
ambit PSST.......There is absolutely NO PARKING ON THE DANCEFLOOR....SO get with it! MIDNIGHT STAR!
sweetlilmZmia Never mess with....MIA (PaperPlanes)
sweetlilmZmia Click, click, blip...RT: @Jennmich97 @JennEJenn: "Shwwwwwwwwinnnnnnnnnnnnng!!!!"" - _Savage_Feat_Soulja_Boy-Swing_(Brian_B_Remix).mp3 (reblip)


| play
sweetlilmZmia Snoop Dogg – Snoop D.O. Double G
sweetlilmZmia Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally (My list would be 5000 songs long!!)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * The Semi-Next-To-Slightly-Or-Moreover-The-Barely-Marginal-Best Of Weird Al! * - "Pretty Fly For A Rabbi"
sweetlilmZmia Oh, maybe cuz I haven't done my @JohnCMayer (Trio) triple blip – Out of My Mind ~
Stay19 love the boom . boom boom. you know! <><>DJ Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye. – Shake It To The Ground (Claude VonStroke Remix)
Stay19 Theophilus London – Cold Pillow<><>
ambit @toosweet4rnr How U don't take wrong...but....WHAT'S UR FANTASY? LUDA!
Stay19 Manix – Perfect Sin<><>

ManixPerfect Sin

| play
Flow anybody remember Live in the Den with Big Tigger? loved that shit. Busta Buss murks this! off the new album: Back On My B.S.
sweetlilmZmia Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
sweetlilmZmia @Mia322 - I'm sure you'll be feelin' like a 'Diva' soon! ~(#MafiaMia) (Beyonce)


| play
sweetlilmZmia Pixies – Wave of Mutilation
77ozzie rock - I can actually sing this...well Karaoke...and my moves...well...forgetable...but I looove it!
Evelyn is it hot in here or is it just me?
sweetlilmZmia It's not just you ! ;) RT @Evelyn: "is it hot in here or is it just me?" Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back (Drastik REMIX) (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia @ReidAdair: Guns N' Roses – Coma (OMG! I have never been able to find this on BLIP!! I love this song!!!!) (reblip)

Guns N' RosesComa

| play
Spare_Ribs Step up time.. you on your own

INIStep Up

| play
sweetlilmZmia dedicated to @SuprnaturlShana -Adam Lambert at Upright Cabaret's New Year's Eve celebration: Crazy

Adam Lambert at Upright Cabaret's New Year's Eve celebration: Crazy

| play
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – Covered in rain (Original) - feeling particularly starry eyed tonight.
GR8FL rb @secretsquirrel with thanks :) (reblip)

Rachel Yamagata - Be Be your Love

| play
cjh Muse - Can't take my eyes off you
sweetlilmZmia C & C Music Factory Freedom Williams- Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

C & C Music Factory Freedom Williams- Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

| play
sweetlilmZmia #FollowFriday the SUPER --->@_supernatural_ @androidtomato @mandahoofs @buffywoo @deanfrickinw @rina_spn @DeanW_124 @CandyMaize @minauderie ~

Sonic X theme song

| play
sweetlilmZmia Peter Pan OST – I Do Believe in Fairies
lilwldchld It's over now, I bet you still think about me....
sweetlilmZmia #followfriday @TLWH @rmilana @sparkle1980 @Snedwan @gerisomething @wayway8 @writinginrain @tullymaq (Anyone Else But You)
sweetlilmZmia To all of our soldiers killed in any of our battles during any of our wars - THANK YOU! God Bless You and God Bless The USA!!

Lee Greenwood: God Bless The USA (Lyrics)

| play
j0ei goodnight everyone! RT @aplusk this song is on my new flick Spread (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Frank Sinatra, My Way

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

| play
sweetlilmZmia Grease Megamix

grease megamix

| play
sweetlilmZmia Muse - Can't Take My Eyes Off You ~

Muse- Can't take my eyes off you

| play
sweetlilmZmia Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out
sweetlilmZmia Beyonce - Diva (#mafiamia ------> hit that last song would ya?)
sweetlilmZmia To my sweet @luisafranklin and @jennmich97 sleep well wherever you may be tonight....Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Norah Jones~
sweetlilmZmia Just cuz its on the TV and I like to sing it....Sonic X Theme Song.

sonic x theme song

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # BEST OF GUNS N' ROSES # - "My Michelle"
sweetlilmZmia Laura Branigan – Power of love
sweetlilmZmia pj harvey down by the water

pj harvey down by the water

| play
organicsue We Are the World – Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, Jackson etc.
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @kareliz: "@ocliao: "who are the lions here? and are you gonna get some sleep tonight? / QUEENRO NEVER SLEEPS. ESPECIALLY IF I'M OUT OF PILLS. LOL (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Beyonce – Proud to be an American " Tribute to Barack Obama "
sweetlilmZmia "JadedMzMia" is dedicating this -(one of my favorite songs) - to #@JOHNCMAYER! Why did he (#johnmayer) leave me?...Why can't I get....
sweetlilmZmia (Wynonna Judd) Yes, @johncmayer is probably...."My Strongest Weakness".... #johnmayer.


| play
sweetlilmZmia David Banner Ft Chris Brown -- Get Like Me

David Banner & Chris Brown Get Like Me

| play
sweetlilmZmia Papa Roach – Hollywood Whore
sweetlilmZmia Cat's – Memory *sigh* (Another song I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!)

Cats MusicalMemory

| play
sweetlilmZmia Aladdin (Disney) – A Whole New World
sweetlilmZmia Colors Of The Wind (Vanessa Williams)

Colors Of The Wind (Vanessa Williams)

| play
powerhealths Taylor Swift- You Belong with me official music video...Increase Your Energy 150% by Banishing Your Snoring Problem (reblip)

Taylor Swift- You Belong with me official music video

| play
sweetlilmZmia Overkill – Fuck You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OverkillFuck You

| play
powerhealths Philadelphia – Neil Young Reiki can heal mental health, find out at (reblip)
JennEJenn @sweetlilmizmia ... I am particulary fond of this song ...add it to your aresenal of "Fucked" songs LOL

Anna DavidFuck You

| play
sweetlilmZmia Holla! RT:@MetalRocks Hollywood Undead – Undead. Hey @Buckmeister & @wreckchords...doing fine as always! Loving playing the tunes! (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * HONORABLE MENTIONS ~ Other Great Debuts Of 2009 * : The Welcome Wagon 'Welcome To The Welcome Wagon' - "I Am A Stranger"
sweetlilmZmia Fuck You – Lily Allen Official Music Video
bizzybee A little shocked that I found this on here. Hard to find. Beautiful.

Amy LeeYou

| play
sweetlilmZmia My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

John Travolta-Sandy

| play
sweetlilmZmia Josh Groban with the Children's Choir From Africa---You Raise Me Up (American Idol Performance)
sweetlilmZmia Pimpin' my To John Mayer With Love blog -- -- Covered In Rain~
sweetlilmZmia *shakes-head* I love him, I love him, I love him!!!!


| play
sweetlilmZmia No!!! I am not worried someone will attack #sweetlilmzmia before...

Carrie Underwood: Before he Cheats with lyrics!

| play
sweetlilmZmia Fast like Grease--------------------------------------Lightning!!~~>

Grease Lightning

| play
sweetlilmZmia @alliedwayfilms------------------------------------better go FAST!!--------------->

Sonic X Theme Song

| play
sweetlilmZmia Follow "Malcolm" ----- @frankiemuniz ----->

Malcolm In The Middle Theme Song(Full Version)

| play
sweetlilmZmia The Supremes-Stop! In The Name Of Love!!! Oh, golly gee..oh me a Mia!!!

The Supremes-Stop! In The Name Of Love

| play
sweetlilmZmia But thank you for a lame excuse to play another of my favorite "comfort songs".....I-I-I'm c-curious f-for you!!

Katy Perry- I kissed a girl (OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO)

| play
sweetlilmZmia Never need an excuse to shut up and Just......

Lady GagaJust Dance

| play
sweetlilmZmia for @RoseHwang the only exception to this rule-----Every Rose Has Its Thorn~

Poison-Every Rose Has Its Thorn

| play
sweetlilmZmia for @jennmich97 --- Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia For my sweet @Leabella because she's an angel ;D (Annie Lennox: There Must Be An Angel...)
sweetlilmZmia Queensryche – Silent Lucidity
Stay19 Hundred Year Storm – Pilot''s Last Broadcast<><> post-rock daily fix in session.
sweetlilmZmia Cheap Trick – The Flame

Cheap TrickThe Flame

| play
sweetlilmZmia ray charles, jerry lee lewis, fats domino – boogie live - classic!!!
sweetlilmZmia #followfriday ----> @ladymac2005 - Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Lil' Kim – Lady Marmalade
cjh Crosby Stills & Nash - Teach your Children well
sweetlilmZmia Mötley Crüe-Smokin' in the Boys Room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mötley Crüe-Smokin' in the Boys Room

| play
sweetlilmZmia Please check out the 3 hot new "Girl Crush" pics posted on my blog!! --- Girls Girls Girls!!!!!!
sweetlilmZmia Eminem – We Made You (Official Music Video)HD
sweetlilmZmia n-no-body got robeeto roboto...don't nobody...don't nobody (forget to #followfriday @androidtomato!!)

StyxMr. Roboto (1983)

| play
sweetlilmZmia Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion

Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion

| play
sweetlilmZmia Oh. That was brought on because THIS is who I would hit on if I was John....Joss Stone – Son of a Preacher Man
SpinningDiscs John Mayer – Gravity ...~wonders if this will "help" @girlpiper ? ~grin

John MayerGravity

| play
sweetlilmZmia For @alliewayfilms...hahahahahahahaha!!! Jenny / 867-5309
sweetlilmZmia Piano Man with Lyrics

Piano Man with Lyrics

| play
Jalapeno Hangin Tough

New Kids On The Block Hangin Tough Video High Quality

| play
sweetlilmZmia @Jensenfan Have I told you lately that I love you? (Eddie Cochran)
sweetlilmZmia RT: @FranciscoIV: "Friday Night @MerlottesBar LAST BLIP! Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama" (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia rt: @Diordan: "some queen!" Queen – Under Pressure (reblip)

QueenUnder Pressure

| play
sweetlilmZmia <-------------I Will Follow Him!! Wherever ever...ever....ever...he may go!!!
sweetlilmZmia Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer
sweetlilmZmia Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch (HQ)
sweetlilmZmia Beyonce – Diva (Official Full Music Video) HQ
sweetlilmZmia Can't get that @johncmayer out of my head - Waiting On The World To Change ~ (GOD!!!!)
sweetlilmZmia Not surprisingly @johncmayer's tweet went over my head, but, reminded me of this song....good morning, night or afternoon my lovely tweeps!

Black Eyed Peas-My Humps-Music Video

| play
sweetlilmZmia @johncmayer----------------------------------------->H-h-h-h-hit me like a bomb!!!!

Def Lepard- Pour Some Sugar On Me

| play
sweetlilmZmia @johncmayer------------------------------------------Why can't I get just one kiss?
sweetlilmZmia @JohnCMayer---------------------------------------->You Are My Sunshine!!
sweetlilmZmia What you NEVER want to say to @ben_mayer....EVER!! -----> "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"---frankly I'm a lil scared to send this!

Pat Benatar-Hit Me With Your Best Shot

| play
cjh Police - Every Breath you Take

Every Breath You Take-The Police w/lyrics

| play
sweetlilmZmia AAAAAAAAALL RIGHT!!! Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch (HQ)
sweetlilmZmia Cheap Trick – The Flame

Cheap TrickThe Flame

| play
sweetlilmZmia Moulin Rouge(OST):Christina Aguillera, Missy Eliot, Pink, Maya

Moulin Rouge(OST):Christina Aguillera, Missy Eliot, Pink, Ma

| play
sweetlilmZmia Missy Eliott Feat Nelly Furtado – Get Ur Freak On (remix)
sweetlilmZmia Madonna "Borderline" Original Album Version

Madonna "Borderline" Original Album Version

| play
sweetlilmZmia rt: @organicsue: "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes..." Troggs – "Love Is All Around" (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Ray Charles – Ring of Fire on the Johnny Cash Show
sweetlilmZmia Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, #JohnMayer <---, Hubert Sumlin, Jimmie Vaughan & Johnny Winter – Sweet Home Chicago
CanadianClassic yeah game 4 is at home and thx hopefully we can get back in the series but we gotta play better defensively tonight if we dont we got no chance @Ad_C
Jensenfan No, you haven't but thank you so much. I like yours too. @sweetlilmzmia: "Ray Charles – Ring of Fire on the Johnny Cash Show" (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Cypress Hill – Insane In The Membrane
sweetlilmZmia The Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star..uh, love and MUSIC should rule EARTH? Go to & vote for John!!!
sweetlilmZmia Smooth Criminal....Who killed my Twitter?
sweetlilmZmia Twitter-----------Is There Anybody Out There?
Aluciel @J2ad Yeah! It was an amazing show last night, and the reply sent my heart atwitter (hehehe...punny!). I have a huge celeb crush on Colin Meloy. <3
sweetlilmZmia Percy Sledge – When A Man Loves A Woman
sweetlilmZmia Ice T Snoop Dogg Original Gangster (live) HOLY FRICKIN---> #supernatural ( I have to talk about John to...#johnmayer..oops!!)

Ice T Snoop Dogg Original Gangster live

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sweetlilmZmia Dr.Dre feat.Ice Cube,Mc Ren,Lil Eazy-E,The Game,2Pac & Eazy-E – The Next Episode Remix
sweetlilmZmia Public Enemy – Fight The Power
sweetlilmZmia I want a gay black woman to marry john mayer and live in the ghetto playing country music while eating dinner with Metallica. - Sign Of The Times
sweetlilmZmia This some dope shit YO!!! Word to your mama!! Barry Manilow – Copacabana
sweetlilmZmia Time to get my priorities straight I'm missing Justin Timberlake (rerun) on SNL - Lady GaGa – Poker Face

Lady GaGaPoker Face

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sweetlilmZmia @jennmich97...just another #supernatural ly Crazy Biatch!!!!!
sweetlilmZmia Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, #JohnMayer <---, Hubert Sumlin, Jimmie Vaughan & Johnny Winter – Sweet Home Chicago" (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia christina aguilera, mya, pink, lil kim, missy elliot ft patti labelle – lady marmalade grammys 2002 ~ go sister, soul sister....
sweetlilmZmia Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera/Madonna/Missy Elliott – MTV VMA's 2003 - Like A Virgin/Hollywood
sweetlilmZmia Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone – Janis Joplin Tribute
sweetlilmZmia Slayer & Ice-T – Disorder
sweetlilmZmia Jane's Addiction – Don't Call Me... - Lollapalooza 91
sweetlilmZmia Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Norah Jones
sweetlilmZmia #JohnMayer Slow Dancing In A Burning Room...Shi...NOT AGAIN!!---------->

John Mayer Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

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sweetlilmZmia Frick!! the ROOF the ROOF the ROOF is on FIRE...I told #JohnMayer this would happen!!!
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer- I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)

John Mayer- I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)

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sweetlilmZmia John Mayer Trio – Who did you think i was Live on Letterman (Watch #JohnMayer on Conan Thursday June 4!!) *quiver* ;D
sweetlilmZmia MIA – Paper Planes ("Slumdog Millionaire" Movie Music Video) #MiaMafia (#johnmayer 's mia lives here!!)
sweetlilmZmia I Want Candy....and only @JohncMayer candy will do!! (Good Charlotte)

I want Candy-Good Charlotte

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sweetlilmZmia 1, 2 Milkshakes Lose Control – Missy Elliott, Kelis & Ciara
sweetlilmZmia Britney Spears feat Madonna – Me Against The Music
sweetlilmZmia Joss Stone "Music" feat Lauryn Hill

Joss Stone "Music" feat Lauryn Hill

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sweetlilmZmia Enter Sandman – Metallica
sweetlilmZmia Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole
sweetlilmZmia Alice In Chains-Rooster

Alice In Chains-Rooster

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sweetlilmZmia @JOHNCMAYER @TAYLORSWIFT13 DUET!!!! Your Body Is A Wonderland!!! ROCKS!!! #JohnMayer ROCKS ME!!! lol

JOHN MAYER & TAYLOR SWIFT DUET! Your Body Is A Wonderland!

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DaveDoyle M,A,R,R,S – Pump Up the Volume ....thanks for RB@mrrodd (reblip)