sweetromance Sound familiar? Sounds like a lifestyle. lol
Jeffie Savage Garden - "I Knew I Loved You" ...before I met you; I think I dreamed you into life...
SgtMac Sawyer Brown - "Six Days On The Road"

Sawyer Brown Six Days On The Road With Lyrics

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janis joplin me and bobby mc gee

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Dancer12 And if you tweet on Twitter, there I'm Dancer 30815!
Dancer12 A nickel?? see some of you are awake!" (reblip)

(Put Another Nickel In) Music! Music! Music! by Teresa Brewer

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sweetromance February is Valentines Month, here is a special love song my husband dedicated to me, to start you off
sweetromance Sounds like the perfect date for a warm romantic Florida night filled with passion and fantasy

KokomoBeach Boys

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sweetromance Need more ideas fellas? Check out Michael Jacksons pick up lines
sweetromance A Little Sophie B Hawkins love notes comin' your way
sweetromance Southern nite return with the Sugar Bear Trio
sweetromance Does any body else like a little three dog night?

Three Dog NightOne

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sweetromance I don't know about you, but I still love silly love songs
sweetromance Thankyou for being my followers and listening

Dido06 Thank You

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sweetromance Hey Guys you wanna be romantic? Just whisper this in her ear

Lionel RichieHello

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JeannieCJ @dANGELofLOVE thanks for the prop...I'm new and don't know how everything works yet
sweetromance Maybe we should be one

Bee Gee's-One

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sweetromance I hate these kind of situations

Susanne Vega-Luka

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sweetromance Just after midnite perfect time for a little soft love song. If only you believe
sweetromance Give me love give me heart and soul

T'pau ♫ Heart And Soul ♫ ►HD16:9◄

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sweetromance I I I I I I NEED I NEED I Need You !

Stacey Q Two Of Hearts

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sweetromance No matter what else happens...you'll be in my heart
DJJuxtaposedJunkie % The 'Definitive Of'...Yes! % -> "Roundabout"


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sweetromance Close your eyes, make a wish....make this your night
sweetromance sometimes it's more fun to walk like an Egyptian
sweetromance Rock Me Gently

Rock Me Gently Andy Kim

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sweetromance Do any of us really know why we argue?
sweetromance Hey everybody, it's time to jump on the Love Train
sweetromance Oh please just one more night

Phil Collins-One More Night

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sweetromance We Must Believe In Magic

★ Crystal Gayle ★ We Must Believe In Magic ★ [1977] ★ "We Must Believe In Magic" ★

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sweetromance Your the only one who really knew me


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sweetromance You don't know how you met me, you don't know why...
sweetromance Let's slow things down a little with Kenny G and Forever In Love.
sweetromance Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Tropicsz4 Good Morning , Happy Friday, Getting Ready to Walk 5 at 5
evablue Support Doctors Without Borders. Valentine's Day songs for @blipathon www.blipathon.com ][ haha! #superduper #cheeze :D
Awannabeangel rb >>@gustavogus Come Together Tina Turner (reblip)

Come Together Tina Turner

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sweetromance Off to a bad start? just say Please Forgive Me
sweetromance Call her on the telephone and tell her I want you back.
sweetromance You're just a heartbreaker

Pat Benetar- Heartbreaker

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sweetromance Some people just never win in the game of love
sweetromance Here is a good question. Where do broken hearts go?
sweetromance Ah yes Who could forget Loves Theme
sweetromance You don't know how much I love you, I love you like the sun
sweetromance When you think of Laura, laugh don't cry...I know she'd want it that way
sweetromance Every rose has it's thorns

poisen every rose has its thorns

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sweetromance Oooh Baby I wanna dance with somebody (reblip)

i wanna dance with somebody whitney Houston

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sweetromance You make me feel just like a virgin

like a virginMadonna

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sweetromance I love you because I can see your true colors
sweetromance Before you decide how to handle your wayward teen maybe you should hear this...lol

Parents Just Don't Understand

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DirtyUrine No! What about whips and chains? \m/ @DeAnn: "yeah, all the chains 'n stuff. Ever been in a real one in an old castle? LOL@DirtyUrine@Dale_Haddick (reblip)
sweetromance Time for some fun with the Sultans of Swing
sweetromance Come together right now over me

The Beatles Come Together Lyrics

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sweetromance You better think about whatcha tryin' to do to me!

Aretha FranklinThink

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sweetromance Sometimes you just end up being a Solitary Man
sweetromance Remember those carefree days when all you had to do is find yourself some Shang-A-Lang?
sweetromance Would you love to love her?

RhiannonFleetwood Mac

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sweetromance It's too late Baby...It's too late
sweetromance I'm in an odd 70's mood this mornin' movin' on back to the night Chicago Died

The Night Chicago Died

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sweetromance Starten off cruisin' thru the night with Eddie and the Cruisers
FeliciaJane Patti Smith Group - Because the Night
sweetromance Country Lovers get your cloggin shoes and Thank God I'm A Country Boy
sweetromance As we journey on towards the 11o'clock hour "I'll Be Alright Without You"
sweetromance Oooh Sweetromance2 is losin' all self control

Laura Brannigan Self Control 1980s dance music

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sweetromance Shoot Sugar, it's not nice to go breakin' my heart
sweetromance What can I say, I guess she's in love with the boy
sweetromance This kiss this kiss, unstoppable from Faith Hill
sweetromance Country Music Lovers "must hear" Hank Grant

Hank Grant Sounds of Freedom Music Video

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sweetromance Hey, I finally found out where it's happening
sweetromance I believe I can fly...I believe I can touch the sky...
sweetromance You and I in a little toy shop...99 red balloons go by
sweetromance Now would I say something that wasn't true??
sweetromance This is my favorite Robert Plant Song

Robert PlantBig Log

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sweetromance How I wish that you could see the way you kiss, oooh I love watching you Baby...
sweetromance I keep forgetting we're not in love anymore...
sweetromance If you don't know me by now...you will never, never, never know me...
sweetromance slight of hand, a twist of fate, on a bed of nails she makes me wait...
sweetromance Won't you please come back and unbreak my heart??
sweetromance Take your cap and leave my sweater...we've got nothing left to weather...
sweetromance Since you been gone I've been hangin' around
sweetromance Take my breath away...Take my breath away
sweetromance Ow! Mama...I can't help it...He's a Magic Man Mama...

HeartMagic man 1976

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sweetromance Shot thru the heart and you're to blame...You give love a bad name...
sweetromance You never know what might happen when Boy meets Girl
sweetromance Remember when you were young and wild and free? Baby you're all that I want...

Bryan AdamsHeaven

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sweetromance You know our love was meant to be...the kind of love that lasts forever

You're the Inspiration Lyrics

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sweetromance There is freedom within...there is freedom without...

Don't Dream It's Over

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sweetromance I just died in your arms tonight...It must have been something I ate...
sweetromance Do you want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?
sweetromance It's getting warmer...here come the boys of summer....
sweetromance It's no sacrifice...it's two hearts Baby...
sweetromance I've been waiting for a girl like you...
sweetromance Come on it's time to go Dancin' In The Moonlight
sweetromance I got my mind set on you but, it's gonna take money...to do it right child...
sweetromance Everytime I think of you...I always catch my breath...
sweetromance So much for your promises...caught up in a web of lies...it was just to late to know...
sweetromance I'm walkin on sunshine wooah...And don't it feel good!?
sweetromance Sendin' out a little Bette Davis Eyes
sweetromance You take my self...you take my self control...
sweetromance Just eat it! Eat it... open up your mouth and feed it
sweetromance Can you hear me? Can you hear me runnin? Can you hear me callin you?
sweetromance You'll never guess what happened one night in Bangkok
sweetromance I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you...What a wicked game you play to make me feel this way...

WICKED GAME [HD] Chris Isaak

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sweetromance Do you believe in Heaven above? Do you believe in love?
sweetromance Valerie Call on me...I'm the same boy I used to be...
sweetromance Wanna dance a little jitterbug? Wake me up before you go go

Wake me up Before you Go Go- lyrics

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sweetromance Owner of a lonely heart, owner of a broken heart...
sweetromance It's been 7 hours and 15 days since you took your love away...
sweetromance I know I just need one more chance, to prove my love to you...

I'm Down On Bended Knees Boyz 11 Men

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sweetromance I'm just a frustrated Rockstar


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sweetromance I met a strange lady, she made me nervous...

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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sweetromance Oooh, I'm only Human, of flesh and blood I'm made.

human leaguehuman

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sweetromance I've been thinkin about the time you walked out on me...I'll be alright without you...
sweetromance Who's gonna tell you when it's too late, who's gonna tell you things aren't so great...

The CarsDrive

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sweetromance Sorry about that...this is a much better version...Sheena Easton
sweetromance He said, "Baby, what's wrong with you? Why don't you use your imagination...

Sheena EastonStrut

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sweetromance I remember it all very well lookin back it was the summer i turned 18...

Reba McEntireFancy

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sweetromance Sign your name across my heart I want you to be my baby Sign your name across my heart I want you to be my lady...
sweetromance The world was on fire No one could save me but you. Strange what desire will make foolish people do...

WICKED GAME [HD] Chris Isaak

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LYRIC ~ and beneath the *starlit* blanket ~ Dreams are made of solid gold.... I just wanna be the one to hold u there when you're cold....


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sweetromance @lostndanet: "Do you think You & Me can make this song the most bliped song in a week? LOL that would be great, like us ;) @Dragon2Hawk" (reblip)

LifehouseYou & Me

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sweetromance Just in time for lunch Eat It – Weird Al Yankovic #comedy #music #playlist
sweetromance TYSM @lilbratsie: "The Cars – You Might Think" (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @Laoni ""Keith Urban – You'll Think of Me""" (never over-played) (reblip)
sweetromance @Awannabeangel: "LOL !! Way to go M that's the way to remember...heehee ! @rocket1206: "Bette Midler – From a Distance (reblip)
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