DJC2 Awesome summer music. If you haven't heard this, give it a try.
syn44 classic

Frank Zappa Dinah-Moe Humm

| play
syn44 surprised they had this

Joe Tex "Skinny Legs And All"

| play

"Government Cheese" by the Rainmakers (audio only)

| play
syn44 ahhB.O.C.

Blue Oyster Cult: E.T.I. (Extra Terraestrial Intelligence)

| play

Blue Oyster Cult: Dominance and Submission

| play

Blue Oyster Cult: Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

| play
syn44 read jim's books if you get a chance

The Doors: The Soft parade

| play
syn44 Back in 77 saw Uriah Heep open for Blue Oyster Cult What a show

Uriah HeepStealin'

| play
syn44 "!"

Firefly Uriah Heep

| play

The Feelies - Away

| play

Crack The Sky-Surf City

| play
syn44 God Bless Country Dick Montana

BEAT FARMERS Hollywood Hills

| play
syn44 "those men inside my brain"


| play
syn44 GO Grandpa!

Grandpa Jones Old Rattler

| play
syn44 Lynard Skynard was my first concert back in 76.
syn44 "something to make us all happy"
syn44 my older brother listened to this constantly

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs -Little Red Riding Hood

| play
syn44 Duuudes.

jan and dean -surf city

| play
syn44 From the Dean Martin show

Jan & Dean Little Old Lady From Pasadena

| play
syn44 Randy Newman

Let's Drop the Big One Now

| play
syn44 I 've seen Ted in concert more than any other band.
syn44 they once stole the show on the4th of July on the National Mall


| play

The Four Tops-I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

| play
syn44 admit it you like it


| play
syn44 with all the deaths in the last month or so the lead singer of the seeds was kind of overlooked

Root Boy Slim DARE TO BE FAT

| play
syn44 oops listen to this one not the other
syn44 another old hfs"hit"

Chris ReaTexas

| play
syn44 "Big Joe's the name"

Red Sovine : Phantom 309

| play
syn44 sex and drugs and rock and roll


| play
syn44 Mr. Mercury and the boys

Queen- Stone Cold Crazy

| play
syn44 music can be fun

Screaming Blue Messiahs 'I Wanna Be A Flintstone'

| play
syn44 As kids we found this in dad's records,side splitting but Spike Jones actually had a great orchestra.

Spike Jones Der Fuehrer's Face

| play
syn44 another of my brothers faves back in the day
syn44 "come on down and drink with me"
syn44 "I knew she came from there"
syn44 Pride and chills

SSgt Barry Sadler, Ballad of the green beret

| play
syn44 the only voice that comes close to Roy's

Chris Isaak-Wicked Game

| play

Chris Isaak performing "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" Soundstage

| play
syn44 gene vincent is an interesting story
syn44 Go Danny!

Danny Gatton Red Neck Jazz

| play
syn44 time for a change of pace!!


| play
syn44 for #6

alice cooper ballad of dwight fry

| play
syn44 gonna make you burn gonna make you sting
syn44 who remembers this?

Saturday Morning Confusion/Bobby Russell

| play
syn44 "what's all these crazy questions you're asking me"
syn44 "look out baby cause here I come" Thanks for the props people.

Get Ready-Rare Earth-1970

| play
syn44 a great band up until rock me like a hurricane than it was all downhill
syn44 their best album

Scorpions "Virgin Killer"

| play
syn44 and finally the one most people remember
syn44 "I choose to steal what you choose to show"

Blue Oyster Cult: Career of Evil

| play
syn44 "! "Lou Albano best Wrestling manager of all time

NRBQCaptain Lou

| play
syn44 "everythings gonna be alright"
syn44 Lowell George another one who left us too soon.

Little FeatWillin'

| play
syn44 great version of some classic Sabbath
syn44 " it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it"
syn44 how bout a little Montrose
syn44 saw them outside in 100degree weather, what a show!
syn44 "gonna get me a piece of the sky"
syn44 Yeah so?!


| play
syn44 The big man jams!

Popa Chubby plays Stoop down baby

| play
syn44 Maynard my mother loves you!
syn44 Thanks to Pat my friend since chidhood that turned me on to Maynard
syn44 I remember seeing my grandparents dance to this and it always stuck with me
syn44 "action is,his reward"


| play
syn44 How bout a little Kate Bush

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

| play
syn44 why not.


| play
syn44 "they would'nt listen to the fact I was a genius"
syn44 "all her buddies called her Spike"
syn44 "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good"

Animals Please Don't let me be Misunderstood.

| play
syn44 "was it good for you"

Shank 456 Life Sentence

| play

Fabulous Poodles Roll Your Own

| play
syn44 "can you understand"

Fabulous Poodles-Bionic Man

| play
syn44 One of my favorite musicians singing about one of my favorite fighters.
syn44 time for some country comedy

Jim Stafford "Wildwood Weed"

| play
syn44 "swamp is alive with 1000 eyes"
syn44 "I love it when you scream out my name"
syn44 "42-39-56 you could say she's got it all"
syn44 Saw AC/DC and UFO at the old Cap. Centre in 77 for $4.99

AC/DC Let there be rock (1977, Unedited video version)

| play
syn44 "come singing songs of love"

Hurdy Gurdy

| play
syn44 "do you remember when"

Sunshine Superman- Donovan

| play
syn44 "you never do nothin to save your doggone soul"
syn44 "how could I leave this behind"

Spinal Tap-Big Bottoms

| play

Static-X "Stingray (Official)

| play

Disturbed Stupify

| play
syn44 A staple of the old HFS

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
syn44 "believe me I'd know what to do"
syn44 "that basketball was like a basketball to me"


| play
syn44 "come on down to the hotel baby"
syn44 "they're still watching me"

The Atomic Bitchwax -"So Come On" 2007

| play

The Atomic Bitchwax: Gettin' Old

| play
RNRSteve The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
syn44 "you're giving me no leeway"

PJ HarveyEasy

| play
frangianni Rasputina – Sign of the Zodiac
syn44 "I'm the root of all evil but you can call me cookie"

Bloodhound Gang- Fire Water Burn

| play
syn44 "the light turns red,you have no breaks"
syn44 "your my heart's desire"
syn44 "quit playing cards and shooting dice"


| play
syn44 my favorite version of an american classic
syn44 "I quickly smoked him down"


| play
syn44 "put a rose on your pillow where you lay your pretty head"
syn44 "gonna teach myself to understand"
syn44 "If I had a mind to"

Alan Parsons Project-I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You

| play
syn44 "making a living the old hard way"

Porno For Pyros "Pets"

| play

Pink Floyd Careful With that axe Eugene (Live at Pompeii)

| play
syn44 Get him Snoopy!

The Royal Guardsmen-Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron

| play
syn44 Oh no the Baron's back!

The Royal Guardsmen-The Return of the Red Baron (CD Quality)

| play
syn44 My favorite Christmas song. lol

Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy & The Red Baron Christmas

| play
syn44 Liberty Valence,a good song, a great movie.
syn44 On Todd Rundgren's latest tour he is doing the whole album- A wizard a true star.I would love to see that.

Todd Rundgren Zen Archer

| play
syn44 "Trapped in a world that I never Made" Classic Todd (I think it's actually Utopia)?

Todd Rundgren "Trapped"

| play
syn44 I think i'm in he mood for "War Pigs"

Black Sabbath-War Pigs

| play
syn44 "she called herself Lil but everyone knew her as Nancy"

The Beatles- Rocky Racoon

| play
syn44 "so much younger then today"

Help! Beatles

| play
syn44 "Here come old flat top"
syn44 "we all want to change the world"

Eight Days a Week- The Beatles

| play

The Beatles- Can't Buy Me Love with lyrics

| play
syn44 Hey,@rockinsam,thanks for the kind words.
syn44 "I got some money cause I just got payed"
syn44 "twistin twistin everyone's feeling great"
syn44 "gonna be a big star one day"

"Shooting Star" by Bad Company

| play
syn44 "my baby's gone with trhe wind"

Tuesday's Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd

| play
syn44 a little Ram Jam

Black Betty- Ram Jam

| play
syn44 Did you know Sparks was in the movie Rollercoaster.
syn44 "and this song will fade out"
syn44 this song blew me away when it came out
syn44 "be my lovin woman I'll be your loving man"

The Grass Roots Let's Live For Today

| play
syn44 "It's just a matter of time"

The Grass Roots- Sooner or Later

| play
syn44 "She's no ones lover tonight"

"Temptation Eyes" by The Grass Roots

| play

The Electric Prunes-Ain`t it Hard

| play
syn44 "ain't that what you said"
syn44 "smoke' em smoke 'em smoke 'em if you got 'em"
syn44 "some of us is wise and some of us is suckers"
syn44 "she even caught me on camera"
syn44 "want a hit record"

The Raspberries-Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) 1974

| play

The Raspberries-Cruisin Music 1975

| play
syn44 "gitty up, gitty up"

409-the Beach Boys

| play
syn44 One of my favorite voices
syn44 "in your head"

The Cranberries- Zombie

| play
syn44 A local radio station once sponsered a free Cranberries concert on the National Mall,it was canceled after2songs when way too many people showed up
syn44 "please don't stand in my way"
syn44 My favorite Richard Pryor album,I suggest everyone blip this a true comedy classic.I hope the whole thing is here haven't listened all the way through
syn44 Never thought I'd like any version of this then Mr. Cash"s I was wrong.

Social Distortion- Ring of Fire

| play
syn44 "I dreamed all day of a rock n roll weekend"
syn44 It's been to long since I listened to some Leon Russell

Leon Russell / A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

| play
syn44 "but we're alone now and I'm singing this song to you"
syn44 "to the preachers I'm a sinner, Lord I'm not the only one"
syn44 Time for some Primus

Primus Wynona's Big B.B David Letterman Show Good Quality

| play
syn44 "in one ear and out the other"
syn44 "gonna teach ya to play the game"
syn44 Time for some LOU!!

A Walk On The Wild Side

| play
syn44 "going down on the dirty boulevard"
syn44 "keep him from the poison of the crowd"
syn44 "I guess that I just don't know"
syn44 "! " "the engine felt good between my thighs"
syn44 It's been a while how bout some Veruca Salt.
syn44 "leave me lying here cause I don't want to go"
syn44 "why can't you be like Endicott?"
syn44 "you are what you are and you ain't what you ain't"
syn44 Mr. Loaf

Paradise by the dashboard light

| play
syn44 "she backed her bags and turned right away"
syn44 "I bet you say that to all the boys"

meatloaf-you took the words right out of my mouth

| play
syn44 this one's complete,sorry.

Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell

| play
syn44 Time for Jeff Beck-Scatterbrain

Jeff Beck Drown in my own tears

| play
syn44 "dogs begin to bark all over my neighborhood"
syn44 "rock me all night long"

ROCK MY PLlMSOUL (1968) by the Jeff Beck Group

| play
syn44 The song title may be wrong but it's still classic E L P.

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Welcome Back My Friends

| play
syn44 what more can you say---"C'est La Vie"
syn44 How bout some Bad Livers

Death Trip by Bad Livers

| play
syn44 "Why should I care"

The Who-5:15

| play
syn44 "I really want to know"

Who are You

| play
syn44 "The exodus is here"

Baba O'riley

| play
syn44 "I look pretty tall but my heals are high"
syn44 "take a vow for the new revolution"
syn44 "squeeze me, come on and squeeze me"
syn44 "thank you driver for getting me here"
syn44 For Brian aka Bonehead,we always laughed that this was about you man. R.I.P.
syn44 "will she trick or treat?"

Type O Negative- Black No 1

| play
syn44 It's the Guess Who

The guess who no time #12

| play
syn44 "find a corner where I can hide"

The Guess Who No sugar tonight / new mother nature

| play
syn44 "these arms long to hold you again"
syn44 "strolling slowly towards the sun"
syn44 " listen what I say"

The Guess Who - American Woman

| play
syn44 "I'll have to pack my things and go"
syn44 "you want to f---ing judge me?"
syn44 "We're all dead if you don't ,we're all dead if you do"

Billy Joe Royal-Yo-Yo 1967

| play
syn44 "Mary Hill was such a thrill after dark"
syn44 "only jazz musicians was smoking marijuana"
syn44 "but I know it's my own damn fault"
syn44 One of the all time silly songs---but I like it
syn44 "I don't know where I'm a gonna go"
syn44 "some son of a bitch would pay"