tardisgrl My current "message" ring tone, and always worth hearing


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tardisgrl Featured in the Doctor Who ep "Love and Monsters"
tardisgrl Dreaming of last year's vacation.
tardisgrl half-way to the gutter and the stars--with feeling!
JJDJ @tardisgrl In honor of your quote. Oscar Wilde. :)
tardisgrl Nope. Sorry. Never been there. I don't get it.
tardisgrl ain't no sunshine in MA either, these days
tardisgrl this one's for my dad, scratchy needle and all ^_^
tardisgrl Thanks for sharing the funk @shortygal (reblip)


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tardisgrl one of the best for night time listening
tardisgrl I know I'm jumping the gun, but it's gorgeous outside and winter is literally melting away (for now)
tardisgrl summer is only 105 days away--but who's counting?
tardisgrl can't believe how long it's been since I've heard this one. Greetings to @Jalapeno @Kittysafe @rrhobbs and @dswancanada
tardisgrl oh so quotable--especially when I was in high school

Love & Rockets - No New Tale To Tell

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tardisgrl Enough with the April Fools--this is pretty, and I thought they only had the one song RB @Bluespanther (reblip)
RockItRadio Well..I'm just hanging by a moment here with you
Ello @tardisgrl - here's another classic for you - just like the white winged dove...
tardisgrl I'll sign it!---RB @Eileenonline rb @crowjane: There should be a mandate that states whenever this song comes on everyone must get up and dance!!!- (reblip)
tardisgrl I like Blur. I like Madison Avenue. Let's see how this works.....
De_Ann Mahhhvin....is it really his B-day today???? Anyone?? :-) (reblip)
tardisgrl I like this--it's put me in a good mood. RB@ladystyx (reblip)
tardisgrl mornin' @KushiQ--thanks for the props :)
Joleesa just slip out the back jack make a new plan stan you dont need to be coy roy just get yourself free... (reblip)
tardisgrl @unfinishedperson I didn't mind the dig. Remember--librarian--I like to search :) And I liked what I found
JJDJ Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It ? Thanks for props and love to @TheLenzyme @unfinishedperson @Lesmom @Mary_Jane @adbert
tardisgrl I got to boogie on the disco round--I love the Night Life RB @crowjane (reblip)

Alicia Bridges - I Love The Nightlife

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tardisgrl I take that back--totally made of props! But now I'm all out :( RB @vidabatine (again) (reblip)
rayven Matchbox Twenty – Cold////// Good evening @tardisgrl
tardisgrl I don't think Country's ready for me yet--you make me LOL @vidabatine.
GR8FL @Atomik Saturday night - back from out, now in... it could start to get hot in here :)
tardisgrl good morning! a few happy blips to open what looks to be a gorgeous day
tardisgrl a bit hippy dippy here, but it feels like that kind of day. Good morning @Bluespanther :)
tardisgrl (lets get the name right this time :P) for @Bluespanther who is spinning one of my faves--Jamiroquai
DJFrankie Self re-blip. From the same time period. Boy the 70s were weird. In the best possible way. (reblip)
anjRulz Hello! I'd never heard this version...it is good... rb@DOCSTIMULAS (reblip)
tardisgrl Oh @Punched--I needed this--thank :) (reblip)

austin powers - theme song

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JJDJ Sam & Dave – I Thank You ||You didn't have to love me like you did and I thank you!!
crowjane Ella Fitzgerald. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe. vi @T_DeBarros sez: crowjane ooohhh~this is fillin' me up sweetlythx4the blip~thx 4 indulging me boo (reblip)
DJFrankie rb@photogurrl. Can't resist reblipping this. Shows the frailty of Gibbard's voice. And also his irresistable appeal! (reblip)
JJDJ jamie cullum – wind cries mary ||Jamie covers Jimmy|| Thanks for props to @BadGegga @MissParanoia @tardisgrl @BlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman
reesesmonkey rb @sl0wburn good one, don't remember if I've blipped this one before, too lazy to check. (reblip)
Jalapeno Love Will Keep Us Together... this is my karaoke song :) @tardisgrl (reblip)
ladypn Love this @Veronique! & special Thank you, @ScotWilder! Hope you have a great Easter as well! (reblip)
tardisgrl I'm always a sucker for trains :) all those years on the railway RB @crowjane (reblip)
MyklRoventine Alanis covering Seal. Not bad. Not ironic either.
tardisgrl good night blippers--got an early drive to CT tomorrow--thanks for all the props and new listeners--Cheers!
RockItRadio Now I've worked up an appetite...You hungry? I am.... Do You Like Waffles?

Do You Like Waffles The CD

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soundmangroupie On that note, this is my lullaby for tonight. Duran Duran's Tel Aviv circa 1981. Good night my beautiful blippers. xx

211 Tel Aviv

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bakinrapscallion learn to fly

Beatles - Blackbird

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GR8FL today is my 5th month celebration of being on blip & not obsessed or anything like that though.. have it all under control & can stop anytime I want.
soundmangroupie Hi@613mike....I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will gooooooooo.
tardisgrl RB @crowjane, who's got more songs than a Bible's got Psalms (reblip)
tardisgrl @rerkaizen--less of a lonely highway than the road to nowhere :)
tardisgrl I'm with you on this one--rb @unfinishedperson--another great cover by Mr. Yoakam, outdoing Cheap Trick's cheap version, (reblip)
tardisgrl whatever happened to these guys? confined to an AOR graveyard? I liked them....morning to @cheesy80s @melodyofyourlife @PatrickPrejusa
tardisgrl counting down the hours to a long weekend :) RB @SoulfulToaster (reblip)
tardisgrl He's a might, mighty good man! RB @Mcbella (reblip)

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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shortygal Basement Jaxx – Where's Your Head At
DrDebs @tardisgrl. Night, my sweet. Here's some Bonnie Raitt/The Chieftains to send you to sleep.
CherryBlossom Is it hot enough for you today?
tardisgrl "say hey to.........such great blippers" that's a compliment coming from you @cdub! (reblip)
tardisgrl just noticed that blip has been tweaked
tardisgrl Been looking for this one for ages! Just in time for Earth Day
tardisgrl thanks @rerkaizen @GR8FL @DJJazzyJacq @nzstars and @philkirby for sharing a peaceful half hour with me--have a great day--Cheers!
philkirby half decent cover for a sunny afternoon.
kencasey Where are the bees going? Voice of the Beehive tells us "I Walk the Earth". #earthday
tardisgrl a brief intermission--NMD's bedtime :)
tardisgrl @cdub--I do my best! Thanks for listening :)
tardisgrl what a find @lissame73! I've been looking for this since I started blipping--fantastic! XXX (reblip)
tardisgrl good morning blippers--it's time for Thursday
philkirby me too @tardisgrl; Blip been tired and emotional all morning.
philkirby was looking for the Japan/David Sylvian version of that song @tardisgrl; when @DJJazzyJacq is back I'll see if she has it - great cover.
tardisgrl am able to leave blip happy, now that I've beat the system. Fab day wished 2 @ladystyx @philkirby @GR8FL @rerkaizen @purplesime & @Gaz50--Cheers!
anjRulz I'm outta props for you tonight. I like this song! rb@sOak (reblip)
tardisgrl @Captain8Track says "The Nation takes on the Evil Empire tonight. Go you Sox." I will be there 2nite, my friend :) (reblip)
philkirby one for @tardisgrl when she gets back; I'm judging nobody.
tardisgrl hee! Thank @philkirby! Guess it's easier to just read the books if you want some of Joyce's mojo :) (reblip)
poochiesan24 maybe the sun will stay out for a while today. At least for a red sox sweep @tardisgrl
philkirby a must listen to tune @tardisgrl; one of the most amazing albums of the 80's.
2fast4u I wanna know what you're feelin, tell me what's on your mind

Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

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crowjane @MasterWolf Time to turn in 4:30 AM gets here mighty fast. So thank you all for fun~more tomorrow :o) Good Night ~sorry I missed U luv~sleep well~ (reblip)
tardisgrl I like this--keeps with the wolf theme, and it's literary. Kind of pervy, too.
tardisgrl and now, moving on to nursery rhymes and fairy tales--don't know how far this will get me.....
tardisgrl LOL! I think they plagarised the Spice Girls here :)
tardisgrl hee! I'd given up on the nursery rhymes. You are a good resource @Betterlucky. Please come to my storytime next week. Bring your turntable. (reblip)
tardisgrl @RyanWilliams--eyebrows raised for the "thrill place" ;)Feel it, my friend!
ladypn Patience now frustrations in the air&people who don't care Well it's gonna get u down&you'll fall,Yes u will hit a wall Get back up on your feet
DarrylRMSG Black Box – Everybody Everybody
tardisgrl Not what I was looking for, but I quite like this anyway
tardisgrl another song I've been seeking for ages--many thanks to whoever added it! A song with a special place in my...well...heart
tardisgrl morning blippers--lurking at work again
sandraew @KimWood Agreed! James Taylor is sooo soothing.
JJDJ Nina Persson – Black Winged Bird\ Night @tardisgrl!
philkirby mornin' @tardisgrl; yeah, isn't Blip a full-time job. Look at what it's doing to me!
tardisgrl Golden! Michael Jackson Twofer Thursday--Rock With You
tardisgrl RB @philkirby "love what they do to the song. Morrissey wouldn't mind, would he?" It would be churlish of him if he did! (reblip)
tardisgrl @philkirby--nah, he's definitely the better half. He does the cooking! I merely do the adoring :)Those Derbyshire boys...
tardisgrl hey--been looking for this one! nice find @schau :) (reblip)
schau [Blur – Charmless Man] :) @tardisgrl
davidwatts1978 its the music that we choose its the music that we choose its the music that we choose its the music that we choose its the music that we choose
ICEGIRL152 Who can forget the Banana Splits!!!---good one @hotnote!! (reblip)

tv themes - the banana splits

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DJFrankie Loving these guys... U Dub. Woot!
tardisgrl Have a sinking suspision this is only a partial blip, but I like it so much that I am willing to settle-Silver Convention: Get up and Boogie


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philkirby part tune to end party tunes @tardisgrl and @Edainsmom. And I love Billy McKenzie!
tardisgrl RB @FOGGIELOANER "TRIED TO BLIP NEW ENGLAND AND IT IS GONE. IT WAS THERE 2 DAYS AGO" blip can b annoying that way. Weird game but Sox prevail :D (reblip)
tardisgrl @JJDJ for your bread--it will listen to me and the boys from XTC ;)
JJDJ Yael Naim – New soul\ I won't be here much longer either @tardisgrl!
tardisgrl this one goes out to @noisecontrol who sent me 43 replies (!!) That's impressive.....
LaBelladiva_ @tardisgrl . . . thanks for the awesome tunes, props, RBs . . . sweet dreams!!
philkirby spent many happy times in Hull @tardisgrl; was in the same year at college as Tracey and Ben from ETBG. Know the Beta Band? Thought you might like.
secretagentmama You know how I feel. It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life. For me. And I'm feeling good.....
little_steph Because I wish I was still on holiday..
tardisgrl my biggest problem--always wishing I was somewhere else....
philkirby yeah @tardisgrl, we all need a bit of cataloging now and again
tardisgrl time to put NMD to bed RB @bakinrapscallion (reblip)


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tardisgrl OOP for @TheLenzyme so will reblip this with pleasure :) (reblip)
tardisgrl I do too! Morning blippers. Lurking from....the library :) RB @philkirby (reblip)
philkirby The reason we don't play more tunes about libraries is that they are pretty much rubbish; this is a C+ @tardisgrl.
tardisgrl @heavenlyhands I have been looking for this song for AGES! Thanks for finding it--I'm still painting A's on the underpass! (reblip)
Fluter I really enjoyed listening to this...........1st time to hear it...love the music
tardisgrl a big hello to new listener @SphynxAll and all the others that blip doesn't tell me about--thanks for listning
tardisgrl RB@DJFrankie: been looking for this for a long time now--is this an Imeem addition? (reblip)

R.E.M.Driver 8

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JJDJ Hello. How are you? I think I remember your name.

rempop song 89

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tardisgrl @lovemusic I'm everywhere, virtually and terrestrially!
tardisgrl useless trivia: the video 4 this song was directed by Adrian Edmondson of The Young Ones and Bottom
tardisgrl I hope Sinead gets the "more songs available" treatment soon--still gaps in the collection here :p
tardisgrl not heard this version before--any version of it is great: one of my favorite Seal tunes
JJDJ Atlanta Rhythm Section – Spooky\ Was looking for something else and found this. SOOO good...
tardisgrl I don't like the stuff, but I love this song
tardisgrl @jilliansaint we all have our comfort zones :)
tardisgrl I like the authentic seagull calls at the start of this. Hope there's no swearing......
lipsync The Next Time We Meet...@NicoleVSanchez c u later XXX....also@tardisgrl@Flying_Roundhouse@Edainsmom... "you'll be impressed with how I take nonsense"
tardisgrl for @LYRIC who is playing some classic Duran Duran 2nite :D
tardisgrl mourning a serious lack of clubs in suburbia
tardisgrl Library--here I come! Gonna Fly Now--have a great day everyone--Cheers :)
tardisgrl was finding a pound on the Underground
tardisgrl And-and-and-and-and-and-and
Flying_Roundhouse Toni Childs – Walk and Talk Like Angels ~ If you don't know this check it out! @tardigrl (thx!) @DrDebs @Rella @dberianh @Lina_Lin @ocliao @broadwayg
JJDJ Straight No Chaser – Africa (Bonus Track)\for @tardisgrl, see if this link will work 4 you
tardisgrl @jilliansaint I think it has something 2 do w/imeem songs being abridged for non-us listeners. But I could be wrong (some1 correct me if I am)
tardisgrl My fave 'Fred' song. Cause I'm too Dippy ^_^
tardisgrl It's all or nothing at the Garden 2nite--go Bruins! Hello @vidabatine @ladypn @NicoleVSanchez @anjRulz @ladystyx
tardisgrl Big Papi's homeruns--please come back! Red Sox Nation is waiting :P RB@sudaca70 (reblip)
tardisgrl afternoon blippers--just a few blips while I lurk at work and catch up on stuff
tardisgrl singing about a girl 80's
FOGGIELOANER @tardisgrl a guilty pleasure...hope you have 1000 listeners by the time you check again
AnitaBreakSoon Always a pleasure to reblip @rerkaizen's ... this just makes me want to sit back n put my feet up...darn but I have a few more rblips 2 do..LOL thanx! (reblip)
tardisgrl OOP for ya @existentialgardner--happy to RB this one :) (reblip)
Fluter "This is how we do it. Its Friday night, and I feel all right The party is here on the west side So I reach for my 40 and I turn it up"
tardisgrl @jilliansaint ROFLMAO! The only clip missing was Jon Pertwee escaping from UNIT in a wheelchair! Night!
tardisgrl OOP for you too @lovemusic so will RB, even though this always makes me think of "Yoda" (reblip)

The KinksLola

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JJDJ The Sundays – She\ Another great album/band @tardisgrl.

The SundaysShe

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ladypn Babylon may be falling but Blip isn't! Thanks again@Yan@jeff @fuzzygroove for ALL you do to create, maintain & improve this experience known as Blip!
philkirby we're getting plenty of vids @tardisgrl . . . just some of them don't seem to work.

Some Might Say

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tardisgrl @vidabatine well I can't think of a better way to spend my props :)
JJDJ one for DJBen The Chemical Brothers vs. John Williams – Galvanize the Empire [Party Ben] (reblip)
tardisgrl Look out 4 the issue of "Ay-Up" magazine :) See ya friends @Betterlucky @philkirby @heavenlyhands @nzstars (zzzzzzz) Cheers!
philkirby elevenses @heavenlyhands . . . biscuit? You'll like this one @tardisgrl. I love HMHB!
FullaEnergy Jesse Cook- Fall at Your Feet (reblip)

Jesse Cook- Fall at Your Feet

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tardisgrl and my favorite of the two @Corts because it's about Rose :) or should that be :( Poor Rose..... (reblip)
tardisgrl @unfinishedperson for your playlist. Bobby Brown counts, right?

Bobby Brown-Two Can Play That Game(Music Video)

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tardisgrl who's nastier? Janet or Britney?

Janet Jackson Nasty 12 inch Extended Mix

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Janet Jackson Love will Never Do Without You U.K Funky Mix

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tardisgrl Gonna wind down with some girl power--All Saints
tardisgrl had to settle for the video version--the late, great Kirsty MacColl

Kirsty MacColl: Walking Down Madison (Official Video) 4 of 5

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tardisgrl still in the 90's: Arrested Development-Tennessee. Hello @vidbatine
doomengine Wish I could find the album version since it's much better, but I love this TMBG cover.

Common Rotation- Don't Lets Start

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JJDJ Capital Lights – Worth as Much as a Counterfeit Dollar @tardisgrl @vidabatine How far do you think we'd get?
tardisgrl OOP for @vidabatine, but this song is made of AWESOME, so I will reblip :D (reblip)

Slade- Run Runaway

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philkirby I can barely spell my own name this morning @tardisgrl . . . good luck with the blog!
kencasey Here's one for @tardisgrl. Now you get to hear it twice today. "Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Aerosmith. ;-)
Joleesa your listening to the boy from the big city... (reblip)
tardisgrl totally off my theme this evening but--LOL!--haven't heard this in AGES. Nice one @rrhobbs (reblip)
tardisgrl The most ridiculously happy song EVER :D......7 Seconds of Love--Twister

Twister by 7 Seconds Of Love

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Gorillaz 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)

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tardisgrl Well here's a surprise--OOP for @anjRulz @2fast4u and @morebrains ;) You guys are just too good!
tardisgrl a few more before I slink away--should have been zzzz ages ago :p
tardisgrl We're pretty proud of him @cdub :) He did some work for these guys too, as you can see from this "video"
tardisgrl How awesome is this?! Space AND a Buffy fanvid
philkirby wish my printer sounded this merry . . . it's doing a John Cage number right now . . . bum!
tardisgrl love the early morning blipping in peace, but it always mean a short set--got to start the week now--have a great day everyone--Cheers!
tardisgrl not sure what to make of this one. Morrissey, please forgive me! rb @xyzzytwit (reblip)
tardisgrl calling it a night my friends--sweet dreams--thanks to all for props and hiya's--cheers!
tardisgrl I've just discovered another Crowded House cover :) Do you know this one @JJDJ and @jsholman? Sheesh, I remember her from Neighbours.....
Gaz50 Buggles- Video Killed The Radio Star
tardisgrl night @Corts--sweet dreams :)

Rose's Theme

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tardisgrl feeling a bit shippy now

Doctor/Rose: All I Ever Wanted

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tardisgrl goodbye Suburbia! ;)

LonestarNo News

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sandraew She's Got Her Ticket - Tracy Chapman
tardisgrl there's what's said, what you know, and then that gray area in the middle RB @2fast4u (reblip)
tardisgrl morning!--NOT lovely here, but thinking positive. Plus I love this TOTP2 performance :) Remember seeing it on TV and thinking worst. lipsyncer. ever.
tardisgrl evening blippers--it's the first inning at Fenway and A-Rod has already been drilled.
tardisgrl my dad spent nearly 20 years in wedding bands @vidabatine--I have a real soft spot in my heart for this film :)
tardisgrl seriously energetic--perfect for a victory dance! vi@anjRulz rb@everythingispop" (reblip)
tardisgrl did you know that Mrs Lydon is a librarian? I bet she wears combat boots, too :) RB @JJDJ (reblip)
tardisgrl would it be tacky of me to say I want this played at my funeral? A song of few words but a fab beat.

BlueboyRemember Me

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tardisgrl @Corts Catherine Tate is definitely confirmed for Tennant send-off. I've heard plenty of other rumors but.....spoilers!

Doctor Who Doomsday Music

| play
tardisgrl calling it a night sweet blippers. Final shoutouts to @Corts, @jilliansaint @ladystyx and @vidabatine--have a great night--cheers!
FOGGIELOANER ciao!@GroovyMonster: "Hugo Montenegro - Lady in Cement (1968) ...groove to the young beat of Rome in the '60s!" getting on my vespa... (reblip)
rosenbloom some people they have everything, and other people don't. But everything don't mean a thing if it ain't-tha-thing-ya WANT@albertsdad
tardisgrl well I'm not sure how that's happened, but I'm already OOP for ya @2fast4u so must RB (reblip)
tardisgrl bowing out here blippers. Final shoutouts @poochiesan24 @2fast4u @DJDolceVita @cg_2001 @ocliao and @vidabatine (evening!) sweet dreams all--cheers!
tardisgrl I owe about a million props and replies--bear with me. But hiya to @ladystyx b4 she retires for the night
tardisgrl @2fast4u caused by the bell bottom blues, no doubt...
tardisgrl saved by the double play! It's gonna be a long night in Red Sox Nation. Happy tunes anyone?

ann leetwo times

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BlacDahlia RB and Ty @PeaceDiva: "Gwen Stefani...The Sweet Escape (Feat. Akon)" (reblip)
tardisgrl she was definitely the spice with the most. Ta @vidabatine :) (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER american blippers may recognize rula lenska @MrsASoprano @crowjane @tardisgrl jennyleepenny @scotlandlover @bluebrummie

ROCK FOLLIES the band who wouldnt die

| play
tardisgrl I actually own this on 33 1/3. Thanks for reminding me @vidabatine :)
anjRulz Hey @Edainsmom ..doing better now that I am Blippin" :) How are you doing? I hope well.... :)
tardisgrl @Edainsmom @vidabatine (OOP already)I've got the vinyl. Who's got the turntable?
anjRulz for my favorite "Bostonian" @tardisgrl
tardisgrl @anjRulz may I add this to your TV Theme playlist? When I was 12, this was the funniest show on television :D
tardisgrl Haven't heard this in a long time, surprisingly. RB vi@gracieriots (reblip)
tardisgrl By request of NMD (the Lego is for my amusement!)

We Will Rock You (in Lego!!!!)

| play
tardisgrl you got me feeling all sentimental and clubby @NicoleVSanchez -- this was one of my pump up songs--I always played it when getting ready :D
tardisgrl I'm afraid my mode of escape these days is generally vicarious.....
tardisgrl Here's another @NicoleVSanchez -- can I come too? Pretty please?! I'll just get me gladrags on....
threebears catchy ...partquote'n'rb @briangreene ^(^ thanks! Thanks for the congrats. Well done & congrats to you 24k!! achieved with hardly any blips - amazing! (reblip)
tardisgrl Short but sweet tonight. Final shoutouts to @2fast4u @DJFrankie @DJDolceVita and @NicoleVSanchez. Peace out. Cheers!


| play
tardisgrl time for bed my friends--sweet dreams @JJDJ @2fast4u @anjRulz @FOGGIELOANER and @vidabatine -- thanks to all 4 props and replies--cheers!

Michael Jackson-P.Y.T

| play
Zubenelgenubi Oh man, we did this one in, like, tenth grade. Hooray for high school plays!
flyingscot_54 Just saw her do a live number on the UK Glastonbury coverage, impressed yes.
tardisgrl hope this isn't a serious loss of cred, but I love this version of this song :)
tardisgrl work has been limiting my blippage too @cdub--sneaking on tonight cause I've earned it! (reblip)
crowjane @ShiaoMei: ":)~ luv it! @broadwayg:"My Favorite Things"MJ made an appearance on the Simpsons.#16 on my list~thanx sis~gotta put it with my Mikie stuff (reblip)
crowjane LQQk out boy~~I'm gonna make U ~love me~~
tardisgrl I don't normally play country, but CBS played this over the Boston Pops fireworks, and I liked it. :)

It's America, Rodney Atkins

| play

Morrissey Performs "Something is Squeezing My Skull" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

| play
tardisgrl I'll be your belly dancer and you can be my shiek
tardisgrl I saw them do this live and I thought I'd never come back to Earth. Pet Shop Boys: Somewhere
tardisgrl for @jilliansaint when her speakers are up and running again :)
tardisgrl Thanks for the kind words @desanuviar! What can I say--I'm a musician's daughter and he raised me well :)

25. Hanging On The Tablaphone (Doctor Who Series 4 OST)

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philkirby here's one for @tardisgrl. Great tune, and the vids filmed in a library . . . shhhhh!
tardisgrl haven't heard this in ages and then thought of it today. Funny how the mind works.....
tardisgrl Haven't heard this in far too long vi@ssinfa (reblip)

UB40Here I Am Baby

| play
tardisgrl "Smells Like Booty" ?!?! Sounds like something NMD would compose. Cause we're at that stage where booties are highly amusing :p vi@JJDJ: (reblip)
JJDJ the bird and the bee – Polite Dance Song\PSST! This EP is on amazon today for 99 cents today.
tardisgrl I found a Hindi version of the BA Song that was even worse! @FOGGIELOANER: "@tardisgrl i'll forgive you Bryan Adams on the basis of heatstroke :)" (reblip)
cdub special hey to @tardisgrl @GR8FL @pavolo @DownLow @Flower and @jennyleepenny - y'all's favorites of mine
JJDJ Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Style\TOO FUNNY! Thanks @jilliansaint @JeniG (Welcome!) @BBlanca @ThaRocker @anjRulz @number1musiclady @tardisgrl

Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Style

| play
JJDJ Matt Hawkins – Everybody in the TARDIS (Type 40 Mix)\ FOr @tardisgrl and @jilliansaint. Looking up something and TARDIS jumped out at me. Catchy!
tardisgrl When you kissed me

M People One night in heaven

| play

Moloko Sing It Back

| play
tardisgrl a lovely version for @Edainsmom who I know will appreciate this

Seal Kiss from a rose (Prince's Trust 2004)

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tardisgrl I'll let you know when I get there
cdub @SevenTenths - loved the dark water hymnal you blipped - here's another in the vein whom i've come to enjoy - and hey secret @tardisgrl
tardisgrl for @Corts who kindly sent me birthday greetings :) I'm a little late in getting back to you, but I did notice! (reblip)

Doctor Who Love Don't Roam

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tardisgrl I'm no headbanger @unfinishedperson but I always kind of liked these guys. Think of me when you get to T.
tardisgrl Off to sleep. Sweet dreams sweet blippers, esp @Edainsmom and @unfinishedperson1 (didn't 4get the 1 this time) Night--cheers!
tardisgrl Hiya blippers--a rare afternoon session while I wait for our company to arrive

Little BootsREMEDY

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GR8FL do those dancing legs go to the sea also @tubilino?
tardisgrl Hiya @Corts--I'm behind in my DW gossip: Do tell!

The Greatest Story Never Told

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tardisgrl @Corts--well that was a bit of a tease--it didn't say anything!
tardisgrl Morning blippers. It's a sick-day edition. This one comes from my old stomping grounds, the Derby Guildhall
tardisgrl still in shock, my friend RB @FOGGIELOANER: "well that was embarrassing @tardisgrl painful to watch" (reblip)
tardisgrl sorry, I couldn't resist! Ike Reilly Assassination: Kara Dean

Kara Dean

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rsmac [Santana & Michelle Branch - The Game Of Love] hi @tardisgrl @bradysbeau


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tardisgrl Johnny's in the mood for Mode too! He was a bit of a black celebration himself ;) via@Betterlucky (reblip)
Faddic Dwnld "Dropbox"SW,rip 1st (MP3formatOnly) copyFrom Lib.Past in Db,when it turns green,R8clk,copy URL,go blip settings/music/pastURL&Save @tardisgrl :) (reblip)

levellers boatman

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Faddic 2 add ur name: MusicLib/Album/track/File Location/Properties/ make sure u change the name from ‘Dtails’not‘General’..if u face prob..rp @tardisgrl :)
DJTIMMY @DJTIMMY: ":)" This one very corny You dont see this video very often:) (reblip)

Duran Duran "Someone else not me"

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tardisgrl oh phooey @vidabatine--already OOP for you. I wanted to prop Erasure

Moloko Sing It Back

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tardisgrl nice find! I've been looking for this one vi@ManaJunkie (reblip)
tardisgrl a bit of lunch time blippage. Happy Veteran's Day. This one's for my dad xxx
tardisgrl didn't realize this song had an "official" video. I kind of like it though!
tardisgrl Brace yourself.......vi@Corts (reblip)

here come the drums music vidieo

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tardisgrl night, @cdub--nice to run into you tonight (reblip)
tardisgrl Hee! vi@Betterlucky. Am wondering if @jilliansaint, @Corts and @FOGGIELOANER have heard this (reblip)

Bill Bailey Dr Qui

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playalongjon That is probably the best thing to do !
TrainWreckRadio @PhDstudent I bet you get more than you hand out........RE-BLIP! (reblip)

Foo Fighters "Tired of you"

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tardisgrl One final blip. This one is for my dad, who would have been 67 today. Cheers all.
tardisgrl TY @rsmac :-) "[Tanita Tikaram – I Love You] inspired by @tardisgrl" (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq a new dawn a new day an I'm feelin good

Muse Feelin Good

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tardisgrl going out to @FOGGIELOANER, @vidabatine and @unfinishedperson1, who I'm guessing enjoyed Soul Train as much as I did
tardisgrl I was trying to find the Solid Gold dancers, but I'll settle for this
tardisgrl by request of NMD and going out to @Corts and @jilliansaint

Kung Fu Doctor

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tardisgrl Enjoy the B-day party! RB@Samanthai: "@Literati @unfinishedrambler @Andres_Amador @JJLaBarbera @<me> a quick drop by with a baseball-free blip :)" (reblip)
tardisgrl RB @jiggakilla666 That's a heck of a handle to retype! Hope I got it right (reblip)
tardisgrl for @Tropicando who's "listening" on twitter ;)
tardisgrl carnivale in a three piece suit?
tardisgrl will you be able to see the game @FOGGIELOANER?

New England Patriots Anthem (Produced by Willie Evans Jr.)

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tardisgrl Night all. This one is for @jilliansaint, if she still watches. Cheers.

Piano version of The Eleventh Hour (The Doctor's Theme from Series 5)

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