PAUL VAN DYK "For An Angel"

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Kelly78 ...Oooh... My Little Pretty One... When Would You Give Me Some Times?

The Knack-My Sharona

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Gioca Sending Moments of Love to @ll to close my tonight session. Thanks for listening and ..... God bless you. Peace

Art Of Noise "Moments In Love" "Love Beat" 12" Remix Old School Dance

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CynDyn thoughts upon thoughts...clarity descends. Thank you, @bendrix. (reblip)
RunswithCizers Well then very happy you enjoy. I'll have to grab a couple more... @harmony60: "hi,your the only on that plays SG for me. tyvm =]" (reblip)
RunswithCizers @teajeans Thank you for the props. I hope you enjoy. Cheers!
teajeans woahhhh i remember this one! great to hear again. thx/rb @RunswithCizers and @harmony60 (reblip)
Mysterymix Rosalia De Souza – "Carolina Carol Bela"
RunswithCizers @teajeans Thank you for the props Ms. Hope you enjoy. Unwritten Law - Seein' Red Cheers!

Unwritten Law "Seein' Red"

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teajeans "sing it back" [Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness] @RunswithCizers yes great! :)
teajeans loooving this mix! [Kaskade – Everything (Kaskade's Big Room Mix)] as often, inspired by a friend.
DesertLily My father used to say that only those who have forgotten how to love "give in to sin". "True sinners are those slow to compassion" He'd say ;)rb@GR8FL (reblip)
Atomik pet shop boys-One and One Make Five.

pet shop boys-One and One Make Five.

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teajeans wooooo think i'll listen to this one again!! thank you rb@StonyTunes: "~ ALL NIGHT ~ Nicco ~" (reblip)
djilo More breaks...


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jeff Excuse the weird intro, but it's a groovy little tune

KlaxonsGolden Skans

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teajeans just heard for the first time. really cool. wanted to share. [Passion Pit – The Reeling]
Hypnotica Depeche mode – Fragile Tension (Kris Menace Love On Laserdisc Remix). This is AWESOME!! Thank you for finding @Nymph (reblip)
ladypn Don't know yet, @creativeness, your blip wouldn't play for me, I'm hoping it will on rb! : "how about this tune. like it?@ladypn" (reblip)
Atomik Pet Shop Boys – The Way It Used to Be
motherslittlehelper b-e-s-t ! thx! @alvinthethird: "@rockthetropics, my favorite Phoenix song | Phoenix If I ever feel better" (reblip)

If I Ever Feel Better

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teajeans [The Killers - When You Were Young] @riseandroar one more for you from the game. just depends how good you want to be at it!! :)

The Killers-When You Were Young

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mrrodd @teajeans @rosecryst ~~~ Blue Bounce


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teajeans [Spyro Gyra – Havana Moonlight] @SpyroKeet love your personalized blips ~ very cute :)
teajeans more Hed Kandi for you guys! so glad you liked it ~ @SuperSpaceAngel @Air_rapupo @DJ_DanceMix


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Schoork wow, nice Pick and wow i´m inspiration again!Wow@Angie74: "Inspired by my guru @Schoork My fav VR" (reblip)
ChicagosFinest :hellooooo@teajeans...Im baaack...@patita Shout out of THX :D @Angie74 and tyvm @NikkisNightclub...
Atomik very curious @Pizzy's props are showing up on mine... #huh?
teajeans [Hinder – Lips Of An Angel] sighhh
teajeans [INXS – What You Need] @TropicsZ4 oh i LOVE them!! and hello @Anna_N !
LikeAnAngel reblip, thx! @katost: "Flunk – Blue Monday..... new order cover ....." (reblip)

FlunkBlue Monday

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TrainWreckRadio @DJLifesGood a rare & sweet *gem* from Marching To Mars

Sammy HagarKama

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CynDyn nice stuff as always, @ShiaoMei: "dZihan + Kamien = Stiff JazZ............................" (reblip)
teajeans [Ne-Yo – Part of the List] you like Ne-Yo @1980s ? i used to listen to this album often....

Part of the ListNe-Yo

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Vertical Horizon Save Me From Myself Album Version 2009

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Coffeenuts Moby - Pale Horses

Moby 'Pale Horses'

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bthecat till another ✈@Mysterymix

Pan's labyrinth lullaby

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Tropicsz4 TY, This is one of my favs i don't blip much @lilLADYT8845: "sweetheart?I can't st0p thinkin' ab0ut Y0U,y0u'll ALWAYZ be in my dreams~winks(0)(~) " (reblip)

RockellIn A Dream

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CynDyn @amphore: "Veiga & Salazar – Férias (Deeper & Pacific Remix)" (reblip)

It's time to go (Original)

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ladypn But other than there? NO! :) LOL!!!@Dr_Wes: "Maybe:) rb @ladypn: "Is there anywhere better than here?" (reblip)
teajeans great fleetwood mac song rb@AustinCarrie: ""tell me lies tell me sweet little lies."" (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac-Little Lies

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ladypn All out of props for you too @RocketmanUSA! When you figure out what it is, will you let me know? ;) : "Foreigner-I Want to Know What Love Is" (reblip)

Foreigner-I Want to Know What Love Is

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ladypn I can't figure out how much air I will need to breathe when your tide rushes over me...
GiantPimpslapper Jack Johnson - Wasting Time : On And On (2003)
teajeans ooh this is good :) ty rb@SpyroKeet: "I can never get enough of this one!" (reblip)
muso thanks for listening and for your support!!! It's really great that you have such a passion for music!! I hope you will enjoy this song @teajeans (reblip)
Schoork Metallica – Fade to Black
Mysterymix Bajofondo Tango Club – El Anden (Con Mala Rodriguez)
MrsASoprano one more ~@lukesharp: "*Mwhuaaa*@MrsASoprano: "For sure! r/b@lukesharp: "No drama just great music!""" (reblip)

Chris Isaak Wicked Game

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ChicagosFinest i owe you a *Mwhuaaa* & "big hug" :) @teajeans sweet dreams thank you for every thing :D
DjRustik This is the last of my blips for the day, and another hot track remix by my friend Lazy Rich!!! Hope you all enjoyed todays #musicmonday
mrrodd A true master :) @teajeans ~ It all starts with Inner Changes
rosecryst Each PH inspires + fills the senses to music-wonderlands~ TYVM♥ beautiful @mrrodd: "Yes it does @DJMaina enjoy this PH fave!" (reblip)

Paul Hardcastle Desire

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ladypn Just then on time, she walks in like everything's fine, don't fall in love with a lonely girl cause you'll never be alone with her ;) @BLUESBOOGIE...

Freedy Johnston--Don't Fall In Love With A Lonely Girl

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teajeans [Gotan Project – Santa Maria] wish i was better at dance...
teajeans [Bitter:Sweet – Bittersweet Faith (Thievery Corporation remix)] just listen to this. i promise, it's awesome.
evolvingblue Chris Cornell covering Billie Jean by Michael Jackson with only an acoustic guitar is a hands down fav for me. So good. #cover #wrdsfail
teajeans [Third Eye Blind – Faster] ... O:-)

Third Eye BlindFaster

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ChicagosFinest :D don't want more than what my best friends have...thats just not in my heart :)))
SDUBB "d-_-b"Nice rb@Kingsofdabeatz: "Bola – Vespers ... @teajeans @SDUBB" (reblip)


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rocket1206 xx@PinkPrism: "RB@Vikinggirl: ":) I Wanna Kiss You All over, you know I do!!!" "Exile - I Wanna Kiss You All Over"" (reblip)
Bubbly3 u made me lose my count!!! now I gotta start over! ROFL :) @Sylak: "RAWR (reblip)
evolvingblue I'll send you all to bed with a nice chill cover of Tear Drop, originally by Massive Attack. José González more than does it justice. #wrdsfail #cover
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ A fav! Yay! RB@VonD: "Love and Rockets" ~ So Alive... "Great song" (reblip)
Jalapeno You are too sweet to me ;) @Loud_Dog: Hot and spicy, @Jalapeno? Here are your boys again. (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik

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harmony60 Love it. tysvm. your awesome! :-))) @ShiaoMei: "Harmony #2 ~~ FoR : @harmony60 @--)-" Forward to @chickenkatsu @hawaiibuzz , Enjoy. (reblip)
harmony60 Hi R. sorry about the Suns. Wish i could help. I am good today. Rainy! ty@chickenkatsu: "Hi M! The Suns are faltering. At least the Cavs are winning! (reblip)
toocooltofool why is this stuck in my head.
ChicagosFinest I really miss her :)))))))))))))))))))


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DownLow you are very welcome! another one for @teajeans
1001queen LEMONGRASS - Habla Mi Corazon (Kevin Yosts Otherside Of The World Remix)
cheesy80s @gypsybug was alive &@StefNania waited @joesmithreally was alive &@teajeans waited 4this Right here right now there's no other place@bpick wants to be
the24seven Hot Chip – Shake a Fist (Diplo's Noise of Art Remix)
teajeans omg how awesome are those outfits!! damn! wish i was in that show! :D

Dokken-The Hunter (Official Music Video)

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Veronique Have to leave. Thank you @all. See You :) (with thoughts to @GR8FL)
muso Empire of the Sun – Standing On The Shore (reblip)
Schoork so how it goes my Rocket Queen today?@Angie74
BluJulius just blipped this to someone else but u sound like u need some borrowed arms@crowjane

12 Stones Hey Love

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Coffeenuts Lyle Lovett – Flyin' Shoes (Townes Van Zandt Tribute)
DDPlay think alike!! AGREE! @agogab: "great minds :)@donnadontplay: "LOL! Exactly! @agogab: "!!!! done! on to the next one!""" (reblip)
DDPlay Hinder for you! @Angie74

Hinder, Thing for You

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Lollyblop Michael Bolton – Can I Touch You There
DJLOPZ @teajeans I HIGHLY recommend Mushroom Jazz vol's 1-6. Some of the chillest instrumental I've ever come across
YTX last call at theTower afterdark...time for bed kids...
teajeans alright i stole this song from a friend. makes me want to dance so badly..
MarcusDeSouza @GLRIDA:Consequence feat. Kanye West, Common, Kid Cudi, & Big Sean – Whatever You Want (reblip)
Schoork Sixx:AM Tomorrow #Playlist (reblip)

Sixx:AM Tomorrow

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axefield #throwback #electrofunk #synth-funk | YAY! you totally where my #6900 prop + you love what I posted, you rock @teajeans
DesertLily Márta Sebestyén ~ Szerelem, Szerelem ~ Lovely. I could really use Hungarian in my work. My next Language to study, perhaps... Good luck :) @teajeans
KayceeDee Thanks hon! xx Happy Friday, have a super weekend! :0) @bluedreamz Funky Monkey – Soul Funky House @Mysterymix @DJ_DanceMix @GR8FL @Atomik @chiron08 (reblip)
djaces29 Just got my 1K bdg,I ain't ben gr8 at kping up with my thx 2all who gave support & apprec. I'll take this opp to say thx 2all- A Thousand Kisses Deep
Tropicsz4 Hi, You are in Central Florida ?@bshendr: "Just started raining here. RB @DeAnn and @TropicsZ4: "The Rain Song" Led Zeppelin" (reblip)
teajeans lots of remixes of this song out there, it seems. trying one out.
mrrodd @teajeans @queenzgoddess ~~ Time 2 Run The Show

Kat Deluna live run the show and whine up

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Mysterymix _____@luciash: "Feeling Good (Troublemaker Remix) by Nina Simone ▶" (reblip)
Quepasa buongiorno mondo blip! (piano che @elenadoria dorme :-))


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mrrodd TY @trinaunz: "loved it so much i had to blip it again for the india.arie fans @nbztunes @djpuggie @cipytweet @msregiann70 @evetheone @tormento23" (reblip)
DJ_Darkstar I can NOT get this version of "Paint It Black" by VNV Nation out of my head.

Paint it Black Techno Remix

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teajeans hello, this is FANTASTIC ~@Orchidhunter: "Massive Attack – Safe From Harm | Not so much #Early90sDanceMusic, but steal a timeless groove from the era" (reblip)
eraser The Bahama Soul Club - a bout de souffle feat isabelle antena (reblip)
LikeAnAngel good evening @chameleonpixie, I never (vampire quote) "How did I not know about this one rb @Shukitty" (reblip)

SohodollsMy Vampire

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DjRustik #musicmonday here are the tracks I played this weekend @ Juicy!

ShazamPool Party 2008

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makinloverite TrenteMoller ~ Wicked Dub
au2845 @DChain -- alles klar! Bei Dir auch? Bin aber noch in Vienna bis Ende der Woche ...
djilo Radio Utopia feat. Bajka – Human Loss And Gain (Club Des Belugas Remix)
DJLOPZ I think I kinda am @djilo: "In a house mood tonight? (reblip)
Gen22 rb@foxy_kida: "[Goldrapp - Ooh La La] nice- thx:) " (reblip)

GoldfrappOoh La La

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SDUBB The black kitty is between a young lady crossed legs, if you look closely.@creativeness@LindyLuv (reblip)
bthecat nice one.....mellow :)@MRHYPERPCS: "@bthecat add this one to that list of yours will ya?" (reblip)
BabiMartins The sky cracked a million ways making me blind.


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Gen22 first blip ever lol [Air - All I Need]
whatevertunes Rick James – Give It To Me Baby #arf
ladypn Jeff Beck, who else? :) Great track! Thx & rb@GlobalJammerz: "vi@BLUESBOOGIE (reblip)

04 Blast from the East -Jeff Beck - Who Else

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badbabygirl2 RB It's 3:22AM here bedtime>@hawaiibuzz: "it's 10:20pm here, feels more like 2am vi@macroshift: "Angels and Airwaves – Breathe"" (reblip)
smoothjazzy1 g'nite all "Enjoy" Yourself...inspired by @Apples305 :-)

The Jacksons Variety Show 1977 "Enjoy Yourself"

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BluJulius wot duz it say? @SGMan: "Tried to sign up, but it don't like me [error mssg]<the tears begin to roll>@droolius: "my bad i thought u joined ;)" (reblip)
FatDaddy2 This knocked me out TY both>>>@jimmytheP: "@BrasilPlural ty yee haw more guitar !" (reblip)
DDPlay Aww, sorry about that! Have been with mom at hospital all wknd! She is okay! Good to see u! @WritersBlock1: "John Mayer - In Your @donnadontplay (reblip)
DDPlay ~ Better Than Ezra - Breathless ~
gypsybug Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision
dANGELofLOVE How I Love This Song~! Supermassive ♥Hugs♥ @donnadontplay: "Supermassive hugs! @dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)
DDPlay OOPs sweetie! HUGS! ok @dANGELofLOVE: "Friend Is Using My Phone! I'll Check Message Later! A Must RB @donnadontplay: (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE ♠♠♥♥♠♠ [[Body And Soul]] ♠♠♥♥♠♠ (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary My sweet little Son went last Monday for his 1st year at Cornell. Missing is not even strong enough @TropicsZ4

Long Ago And Far Away by Johnny Mathis

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creativeness right on @RACERJJJ !!! KEEP IT CRANKED and have an awesome F R I D A Y !! THX!
muzicmajic [The Temper Trap ~ Fader]
Schoork Yo Bro!@RACERJJJ: "RB @Schoork Great White – Once Bitten Twice Shy #BHT" (reblip)
teajeans omg this is hot. @Atomik: "Destiny´s Child Vs. Booka Shade – Lose Cha Breath" (reblip)
GiantPimpslapper Days of the New - What's Left For Me : Days of the New II [aka Green Album] (1999) {*just added to blip*}

Whats Left For Me {@GiantPimpslapper}

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bendrix this track kinda snuck up on me, tapped me on the shoulder & said.. "excuse me sir, do U mind if I sing U something" - thanx for this=> rb@LacedRadio (reblip)
teajeans yo! I liked this song in the first 5 seconds :D @TropicsZ4: " Hinder ~ Hey Ho" (reblip)

HinderHey Ho

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