missglamourpuss Dingo - 'Autiotalo' This song used to rock my little socks off a long, LONG time ago!


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plotek evening -experimental & local- to all blipers around the -conected & rich- globe
leaferi Glad to be of service =) @doublethumb: "I had forgotten about this wonderful track by the Cocteaus! How could I? thank God somebody reminded me :-)" (reblip)

Cocteau TwinsUps

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leaferi Nice. And I have to run. rb@Ddraig: "RB vi@DJ_Princess_Airoyea_Aurolora: Iz a good track! Classic now really." (reblip)


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FunkShoi @anothercraze some people are just cruisin for a bruisin'. Like my people, and my father before me. Just can't get enuff of the stuff.
threebears for some reason my machine has been on a go-slow & refusing to blip ...
leaferi Miss Kittin is going on my short list (whatever that means...) Liking pretty much all I've heard thus far. rb@lagartija76: "Again and again and again" (reblip)


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Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk / surreal adaptation

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lalunajade Packing and listening at the same time.. 24 mins past midnight :D @emajik: "the hands that threaten DOOOOOOM! Sup @lalunajade ? :)" (reblip)

Iron Maiden-2 Minutes To Midnight

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Fangbaby every now and then I fuckin' have to hear this tune.
DarkMuse and now to bring it down beneath the current ~X~
DarkMuse and continuing into vast tonal tomorrows ~X~

Blood Box: Paradise

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DarkMuse time for a little Voice of Eye in yer Earhole ~X~

Voice of Eye

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leaferi Whole album is so good. Need to buy another copy at some point. Okay, really am off now. Cheerio.


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leaferi This is from Biopsy --a great EBM/industrial group who apparently slipped off the edge of this earth's face some time ago.


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perditus Behold the lovely *bowed* piano!

Stephen Scott: "Entrada" for piano.

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LikeAnAngel I am CRANKING this up. I suggest you do the same, should you choose to accept the challenge of listening to my blip.
plotek @avivamagnolia: "Horaţiu Rădulescu / Astray / Romanian-French composer known for 'spectral technique;' late piano sotanas inspired by Tao te Ching (reblip)


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lalunajade Haha! 4Sure.. count me in! "_@ilklovn: "@me @Darkangelkas @DamianaSkye @ardelin @iCloud so we would meet at a tool concert! or puscifer! hehehehehe" (reblip)

apartment 26 Hallucinating

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LikeAnAngel wha???? a flight of the conchords song i've never heard? impossible? (reblip)
doomyflo @vix_rock : i'm a fan so i'm deeply touched by their melodies! same style: this one i try to play => Novembers Doom – Twilight Innocence
vortexsurfer @elland666: "SWEDISH CHEF - HEAVY METAL 3..................CAN WE ALL PLAY" Bork bork! Haha! :-D= (reblip)

Swedish Chef Heavy Metal 3

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leaferi @TheDon13 Very cool, thanks. Another one for my must buy list -----(someday, no new CDs for now). Been a while since I got excited about new Sasha...
Dysn0m1a Ahh more sweetness for my ears :) Are you still Imma dunno?..Oh..*bong* 18:59pm rb@rxrx1776: "hello @ Darkangelkas" (reblip)

JERUSALEM frustration 1972

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LikeAnAngel haha you rock. @DependableSkeleton I listen and obey. Now that's the @LikeAnAngel I know and love! RB
LikeAnAngel could he really not think of a title? what a great song. @DependableSkeleton: " in case Babs gets out of control, here's Robert Smith to save us all." (reblip)

The CureUntitled

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DarkMuse Dark Tribal Bass Wave... Alison's Vocals are lower then previous Crane Tracks. This is Beautiful! ~X~

Ian Anderson Little Flower Girl

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DarkMuse Something New/Old I stumbled onto... I likey ~X~


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asterion im also of the opinion that this comes into play, so...
asterion ...

Franz Ferdinand Ulysses (Remix) by Mister Takahashi

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sarahcarina Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade
asterion ...

FRONT 242 D2 Punish Your Machine

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TweakerRay Live performance of my favorite "Future Noir" Track - Untouchable - Video by H. B. Leesch
lalunajade There is no mistaking Mark Lanegan's voice <3
Faddic ..And Hello to you @Mysterymix: "Marcus Miller : best bassist ?" (reblip)

Marcus Miller Blast, in ARTE One Shot Not January 2009

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Dysn0m1a Used to love this..rb@mizhelena: "there is some kind of darkness" (reblip)

CurveFait Accompli

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Faddic What a battle!! rb@kiddo84: "Godsmack~Drum Battle~ Sully Erna vs Shannon Larkin" (reblip)
leaferi Sleep well. rb@thepetshopboy: "time for bed..."moving right along" with KERMIT THE FROG & FOZZIE BEAR...nite tweeps & blippers ;)" (reblip)
TweakerRay LISTEN LOUD !!! THIS IS A MONITOR-TESTER ;-D Buy The album of Andrea Parker !!! Its great !
vortexsurfer Tenhi – Varpuspäivä || Funny how a blip sets my mood straight away, sounds like #doom for tonight, or what @terrene?


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BinaryAudio Our single, "Black Shine" remixed by Charlie Clouser from nin. Cheers Charlie! (reblip)


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dancingrae @AutumnPerception Thank you for your weekend wish. Knowing there is someone in the world with a kind musical heart gives me hope.
Inge_FS this is one of the best things i've heard (and seen) in a long time...
threebears "I wish my washing machine was haunted by a cute little ghostie..." ..quote'n'rb @scarletwords ^(^ Hi and thanks! (reblip)

Lisa Mitchell Coin Laundry

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lalunajade This is cool! TY:Dx @Darkangelkas: ":) Thought I may aswell make this your brekkie since I'm here.. @ lalunajade" (reblip)
Faddic Love the feelings in that song! One of my Fav..
leaferi Songs to get dressed by...
katarinax I think that this tune is one of the finished types of JUDY AND MARY. rb @TidyCat: "@katarinax the first Judy & Mary i heard - still love it! =^..^= (reblip)

JUDY AND MARY 「Brand New Wave Upper Ground」

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LikeAnAngel i want to buy you flowers. such a shame you're a boy. because when you're not a girl, no one buys you flowers. (reblip)
oboreruhito I mean can you believe this shit actually happened. THIS. Does this happen anymore? Anywhere? It's a relic of its time.
ad_infinitum not "secret" really, he just made you compile the multitracks yourself...

Ghosts 38: Secret Track

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lalunajade I stumbled on this a while back and the last track made me think of it for some reason. Anyhoo.. enjoy :)
ad_infinitum @lalunajade For you. :) Glad to see someone else likes his Mondo Cane project.

mike patton and the metropole orchestra 2008 3 live 06. URLO NEGRO

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doomyflo love the violon on this one! @Frikidelinfierno: "Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Pohanska --> <Incredible band coming from the Czech Republic." (reblip)
nzstars Hello Hello Pearl Sorry I have been soo soooo long away from you. I love and miss you all. Hearts you know x
adversary1 depeche mode - nothing's impossible
leaferi Thanks for this one. Hadn't listened for while after over-listening ---but only because it is SO GOOD!! Love it. rb@DJ_DanceMix: "*DAnce*" (reblip)
DarkMuse GeEkity GeeK gUys pLayiNg EleCtrO pOpity pOp pOP ~X~

ROBOCOP VS. Alec Empire

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asterion i would get killed by one if anyone, how could i do that to her???
spacespencer to feel most every feeling...

Gay Witch Abortion 'Curses'

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Mr. Bungle Desert Search For Techno Allah

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leaferi Sweet --first time lately I've actually found something here I couldn't find before rather than the reverse.

TUBEWAY ARMY jo the waiter 1978

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caryseen vi@TandemFailures awesome...thx! ; ) the muffs - kids in america (kim wilde) (reblip)
leaferi @Totengrber Generally think they are mid-rate but love this one from them.
BinaryAudio Great footage: NIN - Reptile (Soundcheck - Santa Barbara) NINJA Tour 09

Yello Vicious Games

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asterion hmmm, it will be morning soon, & i must slumber, before...

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds- Hiding All Away

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fallentoad saw these guys play twice when they came through town - very awesome


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devobrain Heard this remix the other day drivin in LA...definitely helped out with the god awful traffic here.
leaferi I'm in this mood because of scorn; I'm in a mood for total war.

stargate VNV nation darkangel

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LikeAnAngel yeah word. i LOVE this. die. die. die....i can't. @TriggerHappyJack: "Had to hear this again @LikeAnAngel <3" (reblip)

Jason Segel's "Dracula's Lament"

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caryseen prettier than you'd think the do vs ac/dc lullaby ToTom - hell's on my bells
LikeAnAngel hahhah WHOA! NICE! reblip @caryseen you always find the coolest mashups. (reblip)

"White Piggy" NIN VS Billy Idol DJ Tripp & Bass211

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DerekFME Ooh this is good. rb@sanaponic @naomi_u: "This one is for my favorite blippers ♥♥♥ @twentyfour @fabuleuxfab @sanaponic @dito @pulplion ♥♥♥"" (reblip)
pieohpah Cover of a classic swedish progressive/psychedelic tune. Originally Kebnekajse.
nofrills #freemusic #CCmusic from 'Tribute to John Peel - Session #1'. Download the album for free: http://www.archive.org/details/jpt001 (CC BY-NC-ND)
lalunajade Wow. Thank You! I did not know this :D @Drikyz: "@lalunajade Great band! Clutch singer and Fu Manchu bassist!" (reblip)
TweakerRay Can't get enough of this Version ! Great ReMix by @Binary_Audio - check his channel here... This guy ROCKS !!!!!! (Wow i got a Promoter-badge :-D thx)
TweakerRay Hanin Elias - War / Extreme V4 - Music by SPITE - produced by TweakerRay - Download the instrumental for FREE here http://bit.ly/cO7rk1

Hanin Elias war (extreme v4)

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Shadowcat83 Autechre – ilanders


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mark_till @bobbyMAX Ministry Space Truckin (Deep Purple)

Ministry Space Truckin

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StBarlow Thank you so much & RB @progman You must really like me blipping, cooking and drinking champagne! :-) (reblip)
terrene woah! now if they were to play this tomorrow (they're opening for green day), i'd actually pay 65€ to see it. @Betterlucky: "Nice one vi@TarinnAdaria" (reblip)
leaferi Back to the FRE (evidence). Fun. Cheerio.
Shadowcat83 @crowjane: "@EFR56: "Sounds nice ~~~~an absolute classic~I may cry~~Pearl~my blueyed dawg~~sincere thnks" (reblip)
TweakerRay My ReMix of HTDA - A Drowning (TweakerRay ReMix) - More Remixes ALL FOR FREE at http://remix.nin.com/member/tweakerray
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