Slewth T'Moor, with Whippet, Cloudy like.
Monet_bags The 3rd of september is a national holiday in Zambia
Monet_bags I love the antiques roadshow, but I wish the wore gloves when handling metal
princesspants I think there's one glaring issue in the way of these two falling in love. I'm just sayin'!
princesspants Jon Spencer pre-Blues Explosion

02 - Pussy Galore - Damaged II

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thejzone Black & Heavy


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thejzone Doing It


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thejzone Amen

GHETTO BOYS - Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta

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thejzone whistle while you work.. actually dont its annoying!
JamesJoyes23 all 80`s stuff advent just for the bats......hahaha
DrMohab Dr. Mohab shouted at the Devil once, now he won't return my calls.
DrMohab Dr. Mohab's DYNAMITE!


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DrMohab what would they do if they knew it was Michael?

Grease2 Cool Rider

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DrMohab Is she really going out with him? - We'll never know....

The DamnedNew Rose

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kezman ...

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

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kezman i move the seeds,they call me the pigeon mane im classically trained nobody do it better mane i do ma thing me n ma pigdeys mane you want that bird..
DrMohab What's bondage ever done to you?
thejzone your never gunna get ahead giving head to "the man"!
thejzone £££


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thejzone Ultra-Gay but Good!

Elton John - Are You Ready For Love

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thejzone Better you than me!

Body Count - Cop Killer

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DrMohab fire and glowing boobs, what more could you want from a video? (reblip)
Trudi I'm still in my dressing gown. Rock and Roll.
thejzone Quivers

01_Johnny Kidd and Pirates - Shakin All Over

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dojodub I'm in the market for a new phone, will blip work on any thing out there at the moment?
Trudi Winnie the Pooh had a Honey Bucket, so I'm told.
Trudi Keef Flint once got caught short outside my Nan's house and asked to use her loo.
Trudi wowa wowa wacka wowa wowa wackawackawacka (reblip)
Trudi Mama also said be home in time for tea. (reblip)
TheUnwelcomeGuest More old skool irish shit...


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JamesJoyes23 morning blippers ,-) have a good day.....
JamesJoyes23 there u are again, already missed you, ....°m°
DrMohab @MrPaul- You JUST beat me to it! Litterally. (reblip)
quakkaz Because we are your friends, you will never be alone again

Spandau BalletGold

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ten masked men sweet like chocolate

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dubstarr if u smoke like I smoke, then yr high, like every day!

Warren GRegulate

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dubstarr smoke we-ed every day

410082-Next Episode Dr Dre Snoop Dogg

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dubstarr something quite peculiar .. ... . . . . ....... . . ..
Trudi There's never as much rebellion in the village.
Slewth Abject misery on a sunny day.

Dawn PennNo No No

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CWray Ahhhh reminds me of riding in shopping carts

CKY - Quite Bitter Beings

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Blowfly_Seasme Street

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thejzone Start a pit

16 Reign in Blood (Slayer)

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thejzone Don't look back into your bum. (@drmohab i ain't no yellabelly!!).
thejzone Your much to young girl!


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thejzone @Slewth Quality track, i was thinking of putting on some old manics but you beat me to the punch, mucho props! (reblip)
MCThreepio Because I'd like to be set on fire, even if just a little, right now:
carly spray paint the vegetables


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Marvin Gaye Got To Give It Up

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thejzone His Just An Excitable Boy!!
thejzone Don't Know Where, Don't Know When...
thejzone I want to blip "Come Together by Diana Ross but blip hasn't even got The Beatles version, what's up with that!
thejzone this should be - I Never Got To Tell You What I Wanted To
thejzone this should be - Love You Till It Hurts
thejzone What a Bore, Blip dosen't seem to have the songs i want!

Iggy PopI'm Bored

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DrMohab *Does an air-punch*!!

Simple Minds Don't You Forget About Me

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thejzone The Damned gig last night was fun! @BernieF Props!

The DamnedLove Song

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thejzone I like chilling to lounge music at xmas!
dojodub reminds me of P-Rock TV


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BernieF Lady!


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dojodub reminds me of the after hours club (1989) in the DRC / Well fed cafe on crow street temple bar before tourists came to temple bar (reblip)
thejzone This is a powerful song about the death of my brother..
thejzone The Moses Of Rap


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TheUnwelcomeGuest @CooperHarris... How bout my girlfriend's girlfriend... Nevermind my best friend... ;)

Type O Negative 07 My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

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Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - 15 - Strok

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Average White Band - School Boy Crush

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01 a fistful of dollars

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dojodub Misinformation is a weapon of mass destruction You could be Caucasian or a poor Asian Racism is a weapon of mass destruction
trendkiller7x You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating Froot Loops on your front porch.


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bj5s Im having a break for a while.....c u later!:) @marilovisky


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Perfect World - Rohan Theatre Band

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thejzone What the world needs now is..

Mr, Bungle (live) - 24,000 Baci (Adriano Celentano)

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thejzone Kill Them With Love

The SlitsFM

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thejzone @MrPaul Have A Funky Workout!

Rhythm Heritage - Gonna Fly Now

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Gash65 One of my favourite Beat tracks. Love the bass.
thejzone I wish blip had more stuff that i search for constantly!!
ZachsMind P:"Do you like the way this day is turning out?" R:"I like it... You couldn't plan a day like this." P:"You can. It just takes an awful lot of work." (reblip)


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thejzone @Slewth @MrPaul @DrMohab i made it! 3rd place? has it worked out in age order?

11 The Bitch Is Back

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