Maridol34 I'm dedicating this to someone special in my heart right now...

06 - Amy Adams - You Make Me Feel Brand New

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FlamingoPalmz New Orleans....singing the blues with the King & Mary.
dante Probably the worst singer I've ever heard in my life. But, my God, he didn't care. For that, he's my #1 soul singer.
MarceloHenrique Uma música para semana santa - Edson Cordeiro – Ave Maria (Thievery Corporation Remix)
htakano Donny Hathaway – This Christmas
lurgee Afrika Bambaataa – Afrika Bambaataa Zulu Nation Soul Sonic Force "Planet Rock"
cArtPhotography The Mamas and the Papas feat. Tupac – California Dreaming- This is a kind of cool remix (reblip)
Diordan Listen here dear b-l-i-p-s-t-e-r-s
tometty Great for singing along in the rain room: The Animals - House of the Rising Sun
tometty [Jose Feliciano / California Dreaming] >> Jamiroquai picked this for his Another Late Night compilation. Great version of this great song.
tometty Only version I could find. This one is for the 70s disco/funk lovers! >> Sparkle / Handsome Man (Cosmic Boogie Edit)
OShesOnly i know i know. over played . who doesnt love it though.

GHETTO BOYS - Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta

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DoubleUdB i love Elis. She's up there with Billie H, Jacques Brel and the other great ones @avivamagnolia (reblip)
DoubleUdB doet een beetje denken aan Zuco of is het andersom?

Tom & JoyceQueixume

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mcthom Bust a Move - 5 to10 Years

Young MCBust a Move

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Deesound (::)

patti drew - fever - Goldmine CD Hipshaker

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monocultured Are you formerly known as the one who is down with Prince? (reblip)
GetYourBritsOut Althia and Donna – Uptown Top Ranking
Loesje @ClassicRockRadio en wat dat woord betreft, maybe next time..:)
smrtmnky i'm in that 90s dance mood today, my friends. shall we dance?
karebear006 I'm burning up! "I don't wanna go back to the police station. Ya'll try to send Dirt on a long vacation"
organicsue Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher..........
Newmaidumosa DITC: KILLER TUNE! @nuffced | [Tough Guys OST 1974] <<Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me>><<Scarface - Mind Playing Tricks 94>> (reblip)
Newmaidumosa DITC: @nuffced ... ali shaheed muhammed really knows how to pick them | [Two-Headed Freap 1993]<ATCQ - Electric Relaxation> (reblip)
Newmaidumosa DITC sorry bad taggin and typos fixed @steno @Jacidbazz @nuffced @tometty @dj_kwame |[You've Got It Bad Girl 1973]<The Pharcyde - Passin Me By>
Newmaidumosa DITC @steno @Jacidbazz @nuffced @tometty |[It's Me Again 1983]<Dr.Dre - Ain't Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang (ft. Snoop)>
crowjane the dirty dozen passed it down; I pray dispersed Lower 9th ward kids now spread all over the land don't miss out on the heritage (reblip)
Newmaidumosa DITC: @ZOEBOE @bendrix @TechPatience @Thnikkaman @Ashakur ... for @djvaan 's nice blip | [Two-Headed Freap 1993]<ATCQ - Electric Relaxation> (reblip)
tometty [Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt] Classic movie with one of the greatest scores ever, thanks to Lalo Schifrin. He also did the score for Dirty Harry.
danindxb I've freespun this on (nearly) every radio station i've been on.
MRL Bad Company – Ready For Love - @LittleChinaGirl, good weekend! :) [from @digitpt] (reblip)
nuffced I'm in such a mellow mood today... I luv the ol' sound of this 70s beat box... Anybody knows what it's called?
nuffced (@Lady_S Hey & thx 4 da funky Butter). I've upped dis version 4 U blippaz to uplift your saturday...

Gene HarrisAs

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khryslys Elis Regina – Corrida de Jangada (reblip)
LadyLynne if not, I'm going to start my day with this and imagine that I am as coordinated to work with my hands like in the video

Cassius - Feelings for you (Les Rythmes Digitales mix)

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bduubz @studiojm same year or the year after - not as good as you are my high, but i still like :)

Crazy PDisc Odyssey

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tometty [Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Feeling Free]
tometty [Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You (remix)] Some unknown remix (sounds like an edit, though) of an awesome song. She almost makes me believe in God.
Newmaidumosa thanks for this and goodnight @kzythm => Love Unlimited Orchestra – Midnight Groove....good night! @nuffced,@hijklmn,Newmaidumosa,@Gregdtc,@macell (reblip)
kzythm Funky lovely.....The Sylvers – I'm Truly Happy
tometty [Slave - Just A Touch Of Love] I've probably blipped this already. I can't keep track of everything! ;)
crowjane Ellie's theme is tribute to dj Leigh. She played it to segway to other stuff~The penthouse was a lot like that be don't realize stuff~
crowjane baby~~ You're killing me ~~~oh so softly
Newmaidumosa @nuffced @studiojm @Deesound @120hippos1girl .. you just know that blip HAS to be followed up with the original :P see you nuffced have fun
DeepWatersCoach @LynnSerafinn a song for you, my fellow fan of trashy disco!
nuffced ATT! VERY RARE TRK! I won't tell U what I had to do to get it. You gon' luuuuv dis one! @Deenice (perfect timing;) @steno @Newmaidumosa @bendrix
tometty [Pete Philly & Perquisite - Cocksure (Laidback Luke Remix)] Thanks!! @Newmaidumosa Couldn't find this here at first. G'nite! (reblip)
kzythm Brazilian mellow Groooove....Tim Maia – Bom senso

Tim MaiaBom senso

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tometty [Sharon Redd - Can You Handle It (Shep's Master Mix)] vi@kooi Thanks!! I was looking for this! Wicked! (reblip)
BrownBaby I love the Hendrix.

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

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Iphtjes Vind Major Lazer erg tof! Diplo en Switch zijn baas. Waar blijft de release van Pon Di Floor?
tometty [D'Angelo – Really Love (Triple J Questlove Promo)] Pretty groovy stuff.
tometty [Stacy Lattisaw – Jump To The Beat] @studiojm AWESOME! Thanks! (took me a while to look at my replies, sry) (reblip)
tometty [Creative Source - Can't Hide Love] This one's new to me. I blipped Earth, Wind & Fire's version earlier today.
tometty [D'Angelo - Can't Hide Love] @nuffced No man, thanks! Sounds wicked. And in Philly, no less =) (reblip)
tometty [Destination - Move On Up (1979)] Curtis Mayfield's song goes Disco? LOL
tometty [Statik, Jahsonic & Stylus - Phonte Reception @ The Loft (Part 4)] Blip to self.
tometty [Statik, Jahsonic & Stylus - Phonte Reception @ The Loft (Part 3)] Blip to self.
tometty [Statik, Jahsonic & Stylus - Phonte Reception @ The Loft (Part 2)] Blip to self.
tometty [Statik, Jahsonic & Stylus - Phonte Reception @ The Loft (Part 1)] Blip to self.
tometty [DJ Rahaan - Birthday Mix] His technique is rough, but his sets are always filled with groovy goodness. He's guided me towards a lot of great records.


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Loesje if silence doesn't appeal to you, how about some body language?
tometty [Empress - Dyin' To Be Dancin' (Shep's Master Mix)] Love the urgency in her voice... Starting the hunt for the original mix... now.
THX3 haunting, Argentinian moody tango that sets the mood... (reblip)
PJCarousel Has she got control of me? - I turn to her and say....
Goodgrooves Makes my heart skip a beat !!!
kzythm Grooove Jazz....Rodney Franklin - The groove

Rodney Franklin - The groove

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aoi_zero Status IV – You Ain't Really Down (Jazzanova Hey Baby Remix) (reblip)
aoi_zero Troglodyte (Cave Man) – Jimmy Castor Bunch
aoi_zero It's Just Begun – Jimmy Castor Bunch
tometty [The Love Unlimited Orchestra Presents Mr Webster Lewis – Welcome Aboard] Heh. Odd track. Another newbie for me.
crowjane @powerlevel sez just in case she thought otherwise ~sounds like lil' Milton~U kno I love U baby!~or grits ain't groceries~eggs ain't poultry~such luv' (reblip)
Lemon Crazy Dutch hip hop crew. Gotta love them!
Newmaidumosa @Deesound LLS is even better live. he always finishes with expansions and it is kickass
nuffced As I was sayin' my dear @Deesound @120hippos1girl @ZOEBOE @studiojm : I got so much funky sh*t inside my Brain...
tometty [Marlena Shaw - California Soul] G'nite everyone. Sleep well or have a nice evening! RB@Lemon (reblip)
ZOEBOE @nuffced yay for days off! I'm going to be hung over tomorrow :) (reblip)

Mark RonsonTomorrow

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bduubz used to love this one, thanks @ScottJ / @haizee remember this? (reblip)
haizee modern re-interpretation of a classic tune...
Apple_chic Go to sleep. With closed eyes. Personally I don't think it's actually possible to over-blip this. Sorry if you disagree...
SANOMAJ lookin for "spit these bars" by drag on. cant find it jus instrumental. help@SANOMI this my 'get myself together' song Enjoy (reblip)

Salt N Peppa - Supersonic

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nuffced @tometty I've added dat Tower of Power to the Database few weeks ago ;) Do you know dat one? - Hey @ZOEBOE gangsta lean, huh...
ZOEBOE @Karuna I found this interesting track and thought you may enjoy (includes sexay brit accent ) (reblip)
tometty [Booka Shade – Night Falls (Larry Gold's 'Night Falls Over Philly' String Version)] Strings are wonderful things. @studiojm@Newmaidumosa@THX3@nuffce
tyrelassie Sam Sparro >><<Black And Gold
tyrelassie Rocky Orchestra – Gonna Fly Now - from the sly stallone movies. !
Superfly why? a deeper love

a deeper love (radio version) - Clivilles & Cole

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tyrelassie Visage >>><<<Fade To Grey

VisageFade To Grey

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tometty [Kid Koala - Skanky Panky] @nuffced@studiojm@Newmaidumosa @ZOEBOE@THX3 You guys might like this as well
Superfly what would i do without music?


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thebajangirl This was the jam back in the day...

Rose RoyceCar Wash

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tometty [Art Blakey - Cubano Chant] Tiny segway from the disco stuff. One needs to give in to chance once in a while, no?
THX3 cool tune@tometty,you might dig this smooth @djilo,though you cats probaly heard it, Gilberto's daughter...

Celia Cruz and Tito Puente - Quimbara

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thebajangirl I will survive...RIP Celia...

Celia CruzYo vivire

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tometty [Ashford & Simpson - Bourgié Bourgié (Joe Claussell's Classic Remix)] Love how he takes his time building this track up. Major props @ Joe Claussell
tometty [Domu pres. Pete Simpson – Coming Back Around] It's 1:23 AM =)
tometty [Deniece Williams - Free] RB@studiojm HOLY HELL! I've been looking for this for YEARS. Heard a version of it in a mix a decade ago. THANK YOU! (reblip)
tometty [Ultra Nate - Free] Classic! Hoping for a modern version with better bass & drums *fingers crossed*

Ultra NateFree

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thebajangirl Still can't believe this was a guy singing...hehe...
tometty [Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (Edwards & Rodgers Remix)] Ain't that the truth! should come with a warning label.
LYRIC not 2 worry I will give U 2 tonight :) #LYRIC<--@bendrix, I gave it a propinsteadofa rb; it's a coolsong, notsomuch a lullaby. It's OK! Iget2tonight! (reblip)
tometty [Linda Clifford - Runaway Love] There's also a great MAW mix out there.


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crowjane Allrighty then ~takN my sexually frustrated ass to bed~I could move to the city but Eureka has only 1 stop light~do U realize how delightful dat' is~
AnitaBreakSoon Hey (RB)@Nikapalooza: This is the complete version of Blip labelled as the EBTG vers - thanks 4 Blipping...hello also @ChAnDel, @Innit @paola1311 (reblip)

karen ramirez looking for love

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ZOEBOE Don't think we never mastered the Kid n Play steps


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Newmaidumosa fela lives on RB@steno: "Track 25 - Buddha Bar – Femi Kuti - Do Your Best (Faze Action Remix)" (reblip)
kzythm Brazilian Grooove...."Caetano Veloso – A Cor Amarela" hi!@nuffced,@Newmaidumosa
ZOEBOE So here we go now, holla if ya hear me though, come and feel me @Flow and @DJTalent too :)
lub a little bit of res......
lub mr big stuff...... who do you think you are??
barrypitts oooh, the cheesey goodness

N/AStar Wars Disco

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steno Thx @saabir love it! => "palabras significan mucho" ,-) (reblip)
kooi arrrghh, the last blip was only a snippet!!! sorry @Atomik
120hippos1girl Crazy 'bout Ya – Milez Benjiman
120hippos1girl #boycottimeem .Through the silence show your displeasure with Imeem's increasing domination of Blip. More info: . PEACE! (reblip)
tometty [Crown Heights Affair – Galaxy of Love] I gladly hop on this flight on this dreary Saturday afternoon...
tometty [José Feliciano – I Wanna Be Where You Are] Only ever heard Michael Jackson's version. Don't know how I feel about this one yet...
lub was this a 60's song??? with the isley brothers & their 50 years of songs......... i neva know ;) anyway, i love this track!!!!!!!
tometty [Joe Bataan – Sadie (She Smokes) Feat. Jocelyn Brown (12" Mix)] RB@pyroboyee AWESOME!!! I was looking for this =) THANK YOU (reblip)
trepanado this is special. Gloria Ann Taylor's Deep Inside of You is one of the most rare sought-after disco records, you can't get much deeper than this
ffluxx Atjazz – Harmony (Dixon's late night mix) => Thank you! RB@KushiQ (reblip)
ffluxx Château Flight – Prism => @KushiQ : ) Well so do I. You probably know this one as well... (reblip)
kzythm Brazilian hard Groooove!...."Novos Baianos – na banguela"...hi! @nakatake,@hijklmn,@tometty,@superflux,@avivamagnolia
ffluxx Audio Lotion – Lagoa => RB@lub: "100% brazilian softness ;)" <= Thanks! (reblip)

audio lotionlagoa

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ffluxx Ian Pooley – What's Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber) => Jazzanova next week in Petrol Antwerp Belgium, Don't miss it ; ) @120hippos1girl
ZOEBOE wow, perfect for today. Thanks :) rb@lub (reblip)
MsButterzworth @tequilakitty Hope yours is going good as well! @pinkpolkadots haha nah I got this! I'm a certified office chair dancer haha ~Sing A Song-E.W.F.~
MsButterzworth @tometty it didn't play...thanks for the shout out! ~Ooh Child-The Five Stairsteps~ Makes me want to go watch "Boyz N The Hood" LOL
KushiQ OH WOW.. here it is,one of my favorite DUBS ever....."night an day I pray"...worth to blip for all the Dub Freaks....
MsButterzworth "Every super hero needs theme music" haha ~Jack of Spades-Boogie Down Productions~
KushiQ THIS is a track from BEESIDE, produced by Material in 1984..
ffluxx Kenny Dope – Mr. Dope

Kenny DopeMr. Dope

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ffluxx Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Full Version)

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Full Version)

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Z80GameCoder How are y'all doin'? Great I hope. Found some Four80East. I have all their stuff, love it.


| play
crowjane git' off da street girl~U gon' be old before its time~~~
Z80GameCoder Eurovision was a blast, watched live stream along with twitter, great combo. Iceland deserved 1st got 2nd. They can't afford to host anyway. Kudos.

Four80EastThe Drop

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Z80GameCoder Quick bit of blipping before I have to cook dinner. Mowed and weedwhacked today. And translated an Icelandic email. Pleased with myself for that.
ZOEBOE Ha that was me! :) rb@Tranquil: if this person is YOU, then just reblip and I will pay it back to you afterwards." <:) no worries :) (reblip)
bduubz wish it was the ashley beedle mix, but this will do :) @brigidhaywood @brunapp @djilo @kooi @haizee @tcha_tcha @crispast

BentMagic Love

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ffluxx Feist – One Evening (VW Remix) <= I'm in luv with this girl .... Sigh!
ffluxx Janko Nilovic – Trois Pas Sur Le Sable <--- Wow! RB@DubFreakz Thank you kindly! (reblip)
WIGSTA @pianzi: Finally past your tests hey! Well done dude well done, I shall drink some Vodka as a toast to you (reblip)
ffluxx Erykah Badu - Honey <----- HOLLAA!!!

HoneyErykah Badu

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Z80GameCoder Feeling really good about the future, and the present ain't so bad either.
ffluxx Jazzanova – I Can See (The Official Music Video) <---- Nice video. Would like to have a house like that : )
tometty [Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else´s Guy (DMC Remix)] How freakin' big is this woman's Discography? Seriously. She's sort of a constant from 70s to now.
tometty [First Choice - The Player] I've never heard this mix. Sounds like some 80's re-edit, my assumption based only on the sound of the snare.

The First Choice- The Player

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THX3 @tometty,@thebajangirl,@Superflux,@adbert,@sheryonstone, dont know how I remembered this one.. for all the vintage disco, soul lovers..

Galaxy of love by Crown Heights Affair

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ffluxx Skyy – First Time Around (Kenny Dope Remix) <--- I'm diggin this remix THX! ---> RB@tometty (reblip)
DoubleUdB great dutch singer doing a cover of kermit the frog

Debbie Jacobs "Don't You Want My Love"

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crowjane THis a hip group and hipper song
crowjane some are suprised this is kool & the gang~I don't know if its their only instrumental~but with this~who needs another
MsButterzworth Original. Song was TOUGH, you hear me?!? Different, but very likable. ENJOY! Bout to do lunhc, will return. ~War of the Gods-Billy Paul~
tometty [Chicago Gangsters – Feel Like Making Love] Great for dancing with that special someone. Eyes closed, all hot and damp from dancing, swaying together.
tometty [Kenlou – The Bounce] @superfluxx: "Remember this ? @tometty @bduubz @kooi @djilo @THX3" Damn near blew up my speakers!! =D Thanks! (reblip)

KenlouThe Bounce

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tometty @THX3 Nice, thanks! Unfortunately I wasn't alive at the time. TK,Prelude,West End&Salsoul were the premier disco labels far as I know =) (reblip)
tometty [Bob Sinclar & Sugarhill Gang – LaLa Song] Wicked stuff! Thanks guys =) RBvi@djilo@AnitaBreakSoon (reblip)
THX3 youre right!, where are those cool soul train videos w people w funky afros?!..... more classic stuff fo ya...@djilo,@tometty,@theincredibleamoeba
tometty [Deodato - Whistle Bump] I'm digging this! Pretty sweet stuff.

Eumir Deodato-Whistle bump.

| play
THX3 ok, this was huuuge back in the "54" days..,@tometty,@GR8RL
spinnisdisco Another amazing tune from the mighty Danny Byrd
ffluxx Crazy Penis – Starwar ---> Love this! @tometty @bduubz @BohemianChick @THX3

Crazy PenisStarwar

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THX3 @tometty,@Manotaur,@superfluxx,ok, just got a brain fart and remmbrd this hustle jam. love the the verse "Let's all do tha freak at Plato's Retreat!"
THX3 @Tomertty,@superfluxx, one of my cherished, recrds of my mobile dj days when i was a kid, the huge hit on the record of course was "In the Bush"
THX3 @tometty, another big one for me, always loved the groove of this..
THX3 @tometty, was lookin for a faster version of this song, cant think of the name, beleive it was on the "Fantasy" label
THX3 @tometty, not sure if you ever got into Boris Midney, Iused to buy evrything he produced Him and Alec Costandinos were my faves.
BohemianChick "Sister girl, I know you don't understand..."

Jill Scott "Gettin' In The Way"

| play
tometty [Fever - Standing In The Shadows] @THX3 There ya go! Might not play now, cuz YT is in maintenance mode.

Fever-Standing In The Shadows (1979)

| play
THX3 @Blippo,@redta,@djilo,@tometty,@moloko75,@Tranquill,@arti360 monster jam for me in my undrgrnd warehouse party days..

Cotton ClubNu Jack

| play
ffluxx Bob McGilpin – Sexy Thing ----> Something from 1979 : ) @tometty @THX3
ffluxx Chocolat's - Kings Of Clubs ----> Another goodness @tometty @THX3

Chocolat's Kings Of Club Th Kings Of Clubs

| play
THX3 @tometty@superfluxx,had this in the back of my mind, just found it on a list, killer groove/soulful vocals.. last one for now,.. thnx for listenin..
djilo Have you heard this one from them? @DJ_JaMn // @penfabulous turned me on to it. Thanks again luv!

basement jaxx: my turn (with lyrics)

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djilo I don't know if this is ur sound, but this one makes me real happy! =) @stena
djilo Yeah, this a great one! Thanks =) @burro: "my fav" (reblip)
Deesound (::) ....Yw @djilo ....Their album is a fine one ...(::)
KushiQ wow....

Donald Byrd "You And The Music"

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djilo Another awesome choon! =) @Deesound: "(::) ..." (reblip)
djilo I think you were the one that turned me on to this remix =) @Deesound
BohemianChick Kerri Chandler ft. E-Man - Brooklyn (Where I Live)
tometty [Jill Scott - Golden (Kenny Dope Official Remix)]


| play
tometty [Damon Harris - It's Music (Original 12" Mix)] Isn't he a Temptation alum?
tometty [Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Vocal Version - A Shep Pettibone Mix)] Special one. For disco lovers only! @djilo For sure! Good for new moves ;)
tometty [First Choice – Double Cross] I've never heard this version! Definitely not the Original 12" Mix, maybe Bobby Guttadaro's remix? Sounds nice =)
Manotaur @THX3 Nice! This is one of my fave Terje edits. There are many.
crowjane Will accept a young trainie~blip seems more stable now~We'll see~ Post Time at the races is noon~I am not a gamer~but a pal is running his first horse
crowjane Will everyone please rise

Court of LoveUnifics

| play
spiraldelight @Maigo こんばんわ!まだ会社です、今日はタクシー。。

The O'Jays Darlin' Darlin' Baby

| play
crowjane Talkin' bout Nawlins ya'll~~~
crowjane This Southern Girl has got to run~Love Ya'll like play cousins~ Suga Sach opening early tomorrow~But then again~considering the partying~maybe not~
THX3 good day blippas....thnx,@tometty,for always bringin refreshing soulful disco vibes....@ffluxx,@DJ_Marcus,@moloko75,@Tranquil,great music all around.
steno Milosh - In These Arms

In Your Arms _FINAL 1_

| play
Arti360 She's so Lovely!! (❤_❤ )* . Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Off And On (Calvin Harris Remix)
Arti360 Spiller – Cry Baby (Röyksopp Remix)
djilo Waddup? Great tune! =) @arti360: "I Need a Change too... | Stereo Lies – We Need a Change" (reblip)
djilo You're playin' some silky smooth soulful house man. Major props! =) @masterkid4u: "..... @nuria29 Extraordinaria cancion" (reblip)
DubFreakz William Powell † may 26,1977... was a soul/R&B tenor singer and founding member of The O'Jays

OJay's Back Stabbers 1972 HQ

| play
ffluxx Thievery Corporation – Sea Groove /// Good Day my fellow Blipstars : )
tometty [Munich Machine - Get On The Funk Train] Very nice! Keep funkin' now =) RB@Maigo (reblip)
spiraldelight @G_r_e_g wow Japanese! :0 nice- Bonjour :))

DuotequeDrug Queen

| play
kzythm "Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces".... hi!@Maigo,@ishibutsu,@tometty,@ffluxx
THX3 @tometty, quality release from Marlin/TK records..

AmantIf there's love

| play
kzythm "Elbow Bones enThe Racketeers – A night in New York".... @nuffced Is it enjoyed NY?
SoulfulToaster Brenda & The Tabulations - When You're Gone


| play
crowjane This is the one featuring Dizzy~~~
ffluxx Greyboy feat. Karl Denson – Unwind Your Mind --- Just a quick one .Keep on groovin' @tometty @THX3 @kzythm !
tometty [Breakwater - Feel Your Way] Ok, just one last blip cuz this stuff is just too damn good! WOOT! I should get an iPhone for road blips. Bye! RB@kzythm (reblip)
crowjane Take a good lQQk dude~got a sista lQQking like Tammie Faye Baker up in here~~U know U wrong~~
ZOEBOE As a huge Fugees fan I feel it is my duty to throw this remix at you @1muzikman & @DJTalent @DJTerribleTee @Tranquil @Deesound
Deesound (::) ...this is a good friend of mine ..i think the best dj ever and makes great mashups and remixes . .check it out (::)
ZOEBOE Love this song..which you know. :}rb@DJTalent: "Nina Simone Vs Kanye West-Sinnerman Diamonds Remix" (reblip)
ffluxx Mary Jane Hooper--Don't Change Nothin' ---- Love this : ) Thanks! @djilo : D (reblip)

Mary Jane Hooper--Don't Change Nothin' (Funk 45)

| play
trepanado you are an important person, a rare individual, an unique creature, there has never been anyone just like you, and never will be.
Atomik Wahoo – Make Em Shake It
spiraldelight @tometty thanks funky & soulfull house.Sounds Of Blackness,for you:)
THX3 @bduubz,@tometty,@thebajangirl,@djilo,, just heard this recenlty in someones mix

Jungle DJ by Kikrokos Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

| play
THX3 1978 @thebajangirl,@tometty,@bduubz,djilo, B side of Kikrokos jungle dj record,love the groove of this, so ahead of its time...

Kikrokos - Life is a Jungle

| play
kooi woah, this is kinda nutz! thanks RB vi@zombieFredrik: "I'm a hustler, baby :D" (reblip)
tometty [Jafrosax ft. Yukimi Nagano - Drawn 2 U] RB@KushiQ One of my faves! Tx! (reblip)
tometty [Dazz Band - Let It Whip] RB@ffluxx WIKKIT! Love it =) Reminds me of something... Can't put my finger on it yet. @THX3 You might like htis as well. (reblip)

Andy Williams with Vic Damone and Juliet Prowse

| play
moloko_sp Thanks @tometty :0) Have a nice day too!
KushiQ @nuffced before Tower of Power we have fun with Bluey and Incognito.. this two acts at one evening, we funked along with some caipirinhas lol


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tometty [Lost 'n' Alive – Everything I Play (Studio 45 Mix)] Original: GQ - Disco Night. RB@ffluxx Thanks! (reblip)

Nujabes-Minmi-song of seasons

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tometty [The Universal Robot Band – Dance and Shake Your Tamborine] Dope! RB@kzythm: "Recent favorite disco tune! @tometty" (reblip)

Soul Designer : The Power of The City

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The One- Parov Stelar feat Miss Anita Riegler

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Apple_chic Thanks @Blippo. Today might have been a [song title] without you! :)

Flunk Blue Monday

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