Jinxie_G Tonight's Stalker song, since stalkers/stalking was the topic last night. Sorry, full length version. Couldn't find shorter one.
gonequiet I always felt like there should have been commas in this song title, because as is, it reads like one-thousand, two-hundred and thirty-four (reblip)


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sonnik Free – All Right Now (Rock: 1970)
fizzygood This song is quite hypnotic I think.
DJam_Z Just passin' through, won't be stayin' long 2nite, but wanted to thank you all once again for the props, replies, and adds! I owe ya1 :) CU all soon.
Ozarksagent You say you got the BLUES? Good song for present times thanks @fizzedmusic (reblip)


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rubikoO Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World
igorfaria "Sex bomb, sex bomb... You're my sex bomb... And baby you can turn me on!" ;) [Tom Jones & Mousse T. - Sex Bomb]
De_Ann right now I'm in 'wilde' mode, LOL @damien my one and only karoke number (reblip)
grassyknollgrl @aud3tte "word on the street" i haven't heard that phrase since 1975. this is for you

Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music White Boy

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De_Ann @lrntoswim Bang a gong...cuz you're dirty sweet...but not my girl...cuz I don't wanna girl...fo sho (reblip)
Mr_Steve @Ramona_W I had a whole playlist in mind for tonight, but I'm going to wait to start it because I haven't heard this song in years!*sniff!* nostalgia! (reblip)
JJDJ Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat
J_D Roy Orbison - "Crying" (1961) Hola, @miguesme, buenas tardes :P (reblip)

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love

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Jeffie Ted Nugent - "Cat Scratch Fever" (1977)
dalegrow peaked at # 15 in teh top 100 in 1983. The video recived heavy rotation on MTV back in the day
Amusings Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter on Mars...
Velkyria *sigh* I wish he'd kiss me... Give me a kiss to build a dream on please?
dalegrow The Doors - "Riders On The Storm" (1971)Thanks to Jeffie for this one. The songs was inspired by the song,"(Ghost)Riders in the Sky:A Cowboy Legend" (reblip)
WordyMouth Run, run, a runaway! From Del Shannon to Tom Petty.

Tom Petty - Running Down a Dream

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HmB ☛Have Y♂u Ever L ❦ved a W♀man☚ Listen Clapton r☠x this... dr❀p the w❀rds/❀r d❀n't~ L☯Lz!
Figgywithit something mellow to combat Spongebob ten feet away. (reblip)
VtownLee R/B @bwmson Your right my brother 1978 was the best of times! (reblip)
imusicmash It's the edge of the world... And all of western civilization...
MajorBedhead I guess it's Lyle Lovett night. My favourite by him - If I Had Boat.
Barkhamn Good night, now is time to go home... (reblip)
GeryDiMarco I'm goin' where the water tastes like wine RB@taxibob Canned Heat~~Going Up The Country (reblip)


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MasterWolf It don't get no better then Satchmo and Miss Ella OHHHHHH Yeahh !!!!
70sgirl WOODSTOCK!!!! Someone had to be there?
Jeffie The Doobie Brothers - "China Grove" (1973)
MichaelE This is from a great live album called Rock n Roll Animal, the guitars are fantastic! I have no Idea what the XSEER remix is all about. (reblip)
Geurtie One of the most American songs ever for me... LOVE it!!!
DJUngelvraal Frankie rocking the 6/8 signature.


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LBJackson one of the best songs to hear on the car radio at one o' clock in the morning :D
Cerise always loved this one. went through quite the Stevie Ray Vaughn phase in high school. that man could play it!
ICEGIRL152 thx for the insight, @rogue_fm, your boys are too good for CHI tonite! (reblip)


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TheMusicPimp clapton, baker, bruce.


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De_Ann @jimmybradley woot woot @AnnieLicious DeAnn This is actually my favorite version too. I LOVE Tom Petty! Tom Petty – Learning To Fly (reblip)
djfcarvalho Quincy!

Quincy jones - they call me mister tibbs

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ssinfa I hope the BEST IS YET TO COME...Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Ain't See Nothing Yet
MagicalMusic One last shot before the U.S. April's Fool's Day ends -- What A Fool Believes - The Doobie Brothers (reblip)
dsb1218 yes indeed, @loriiselectric - "anything off of Mermaid Ave." (reblip)
sheryonstone silliest thing ever wasn't it ? I believe it was too simple for genius minds like ours. @BLUESBOOGIE. but working now. I will check w/ @Nettys too
JJDJ Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia via @loilyn I Love this song! (reblip)
ChristineMarie You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you.
GrizzlyGroundswell You give it all and you give it Grizzly!
hometracker Only song with my name in it

Sweet Melissa-Allman Brothers

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daihard It's great to be able to appreciate art @MaddMatt. Been to SAM (Seattle Art Museum)? (reblip)
okcomputer27 I'm in one of my glam rock moods. I should go to my room and watch Velvet goldmine before I start impersonating Marc Bolan or something, annoying mom
MarieTucker Nickelback ---- doesn't this just make you wanna??
stevetuf And meantime there were some other folk doin some drivin...
rednightrecords Steve Miller Band – "The Joker", one of my all time favorites


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MasterWolf One of my faves too... Great group great song (reblip)
allicette Miles Davis – Blue in Green
GuitarMAN Janis Joplin – Get It While You Can
StuckintheSeventies OHIO -I was very young however remember watching the entire thing on CBC TV. Music captures the moment!
allgoodthings It's turned into a James Taylor kind of night, I think. Don't ask me why.
MusicForLife I loves me some MoonShine!! #kah

03 Moonshine

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TerrySimpson For those who think they know you -- They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
toddtyrtle And what's next? Who knows what the future will hold... (reblip)
nilsm111 @CarolannB,*Wednesday Music Hour* "In the Air Tonight" ~ Phil Collins (reblip)
taxman300 GREAT BLIPAGE!!! RB via> @tomperanteau ~ Ten Years After – I'm Going Home DO NOT CHECK THIS IF YOU DON'T LIKE GUITAR (reblip)
Bonana09 romeo take me somewhere we can be alone i'll be waiting all theres left to do is run you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess its a love story
sedederede Romantic is a forever mood III

Lynard Skynard - Freebird

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HeathersJukebox The Moody Blues, "Tuesday Afternoon"
AnnieMac Another old one - Jim Croce – Time In A Bottle
edumacation This is my last blip of the night, I think. Send your camel to bed.


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MissMarian @tomperanteau.. thanks for the clasical music!! in fact i love all.. this one is for your good taste and martinies!!
MrsASoprano reblip@bldrnr Don't ever listen to this while drinking alone... (reblip)
tardisgrl @unfinishedperson--I would like to contribute to your rock block, but I'm just so pop!
AnnieMac His guitar speaks, I swear it does - BB King – The Thrill is Gone
showbizgirl BEYOND "wired" - can you say ultimate fightin' machine duo?
VAStateParks @alyankovic (Weird Al) has a way of even putting the #swineflu in perspective
OmeRoon Ozzy Osbourne – "Crazy Train" - Friday's theme: the original & the cover
toosweet4rnr [Big Joe Turner – Shake, Rattle And Roll]
larsengarrett we had a tornado warning here in idaho...unheard of....@GR8FL misspelled you last time,sorry.
GravyFloid Just EAAAT IT! EAAAT IT!

Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It

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pjredd Aerosmith – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing @RnBE hey : ) u know what i'm talkin bout friend.
RustyB @pinkpolkadots: "how about nutters? lol@RustyB: "@pinkpolkadots = Patsy Cline – Crazy"" Sorry, typo! (reblip)
STonyJack smoked a lot of grass. Oh lord I popped a lot of pills.
LUVkillZ @2fast4u: "heartache to heartache we stand" (reblip)

Pat Benatar-Love Is a Battlefield

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CosmoHavanese sing along with me and Joan Baez... We shall overcome, someday... We shall live in peace... somedaaaaaaay

Joan Baez- We Shall Overcome (Woodstock 1969)

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kalluxe this is so cliche but this is my wedding song. i love etta more than u do!

Etta JamesAt Last

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