TheDiva I've been really tryin baby...trying to hold back this feelin for so long..
JiggasaurusBrooks J5--We can work it out baby :) Love me some sunshine
JSherm In honor of my roomie completing another amazing painting!

After 7Can't stop

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J2ad rb @Atomik: "instareblip - thanks! @RnBE:" This is one of the only songs that actually makes me tear up. Thanks for blipping! :*) (reblip)
everythingispop @badtemperedzombie: "I thought that you blipped this one @MonkeysMommy instead of Dracula's Lament" (reblip)

Colin Meloy O Valencia / Dracula's Daughter

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SugarBoobs Rb: @Pamslove: "CHRISTOPHER CROSS – SAILING" (reblip)
lolaselenis sisi.. otra vez.. pero es muy bueno para los viernes... ♪♫ (reblip)
nastysurprise art school. played this tape so much i think i had to buy two.

New OrderRegret

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ProperLofi Sings "You should feel how I feel..."
chameleonpixie @squidbrain I've run out of props for you. :( So you get space lumberjack life props.

The OrbSecrets

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mlane Broken Social Scene – Swimmers ... ty 4 props! @Marilumusic
adversary1 Hi! I'm doing well. Yourself? @Franimal: "Hiya @adversary1 how are you?" (reblip)

Porno For Pyros "Pets"

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jasongt fiesta en calzones yeahhhhhhhhh
meljones77 All alone in my area of the office today...crankin' it up! No headphones today!
Apple_chic It's the best! @Gregdtc. I've sort of helped them out there for the last ten years. Beautiful cider selection! ;)

Box Car Racer "I Feel So"

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karolgalvao @duo: "@deedes: "@duo c curtiu?" // ÇIN! essa banda é jóia! eu sempre tocava ela na R3.. =D" (reblip)

Kings of Leon-On Call

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IceStormIS @LikeAnAngel: Thanks for reminding me of how awesome Massive Attack is. Love 'em. (reblip)

Massive AttackThree

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LikeAnAngel Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul let's have a ball.


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paulastudio @pmpnorton- estou visitar a minha prima em Maui- e la- tudo bem? :)
klitoria of my all time favs....

White NoiseFirebird

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DownLow where, oh, where is @formalhaut:? ... on such a "manic Monday …" ... (reblip)

End Title (The Shawshank Redemption Soundtrack)

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Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees

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ChicagosFinest fine spin!:@Mysterymix: "#7mix The Bamboos – Pussy Footin'" (reblip)
tuatara Honestly! Repainting! @nastysurprise72: "@tuatara: "Ok, the bathroom will not paint itself. That is the strangest euphemism I've ever heard." (reblip)


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ta23n #NowPlaying ♬ : Black Eyed Peas Feat. Jack Johnson - Gone Going (2005) : Hip Hop
nastysurprise @MoFoDRE "@snugglebunny ha yes it's been like 4 days since I've heard this I hope @nastysurprise72 is all over this too" Oh, I'm all over it for sure. (reblip)
bstretch I was just about to blip this 4 #2010 @MissM773: "happy new year @all blippers!! just one look at you and i know its gonna be... a lovely day :) " (reblip)
terez07 "Take A Picture" - Filter

Filter - Take a Picture

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The Edge(U2), Sinéad O'Connor & Larry Mullen : Heroine (1986)

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OhYouPrettyThings Love gomez too here is my fave song Gomez - Tijuana Lady @georgiaface

GomezTijuana Lady

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allformat and this. haven't heard them in a while. thx@Entergan (reblip)

Hot ChipTake It In

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cacildanc Mais uma p/a jukebox - Tears for Fears – Advice for the Young at Heart (& not so young too) #botequimtuitajoaquim
LikeAnAngel i used to think elton john did this song. haha
toomey prefer a vanilla sky...
DJrythaman ღ Bob Marley ▬ Three Little Birds ✈ ✈ ✈

gotan project / my funny valentine

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DJrythaman G' night ▶ ▷ The Dirty Heads ft. Rome ✌ Lay Me Down (reblip)

Sugar Ray"Fly feat.Super Cat"

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LikeAnAngel ok time to get [moderately] serious.


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wilsoke sat down here less intentions, nothing said, nothing lied, a bit of peace, a bit of love, a bit of something left inside. [the keeper, by bonobo]

Bonobo'The Keeper'

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janetsplanet Every Morning – Sugar Ray
melloajello Fuck yeah its Friday! Welcome to #funkfriday @entropic: ""Fuck You"'s Friday, what can I say?" (reblip)
UliWickert Rhythmisch. Irgendwie eckig. Und gut.
sangawa Dex Romweber Duo & Jack White - Last Kind Word Blues
dANGELofLOVE ♥//=\\♥ [[Beautiful Video]] ♥ [[We Own The Sky]] ♥//=\\♥ Thanks To The ♥DJ's♥ And ♥New Listeners♥ For Your ♥Music♥ And ♥Messages♥ (((♥Bella♥))) (reblip)
whatevertunes IKR! @dixie2123: "LOL :) @whatevertunes: ""She's bringing it in again..." ;) @dixie2123: "~~I'm On Fire (1984)~~""" (reblip)
Figgywithit is it your legs in the boots?@LikeAnAngel:i showed a coworker a picture of the boots im' getting and now there they are on the blip ad creepy. (reblip)
rocket1206 ~~ The End ~~ Opening Track "Come Around Sundown"
rocket1206 ~~ Mi Amigo ~~ "Come Around Sundown"
pike360 rb'd from>>>@GeorgeSand: "rb@eraser: "en fin, ... sólo nos quedan los ...★ Even In The Quietest Moments Supertramp"" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel HI @Crabcakes, it was WONDERful. I will go to hell for that joke though. We had a great time. Clowns eh? YIKES! I like your pirate profile though!

Adam AntWonderful

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aprildax I am no superman@nitologic: tyrb :) @aprildax:Are you lookin'for answers to questions under the stars?@DJ_Danielle:Where you go is where I want to be (reblip)

Where Are You Going- Dave Mathews Band

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Frank Sinatra-Same Old Saturday Night Capitol Records

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evablue not enough hours in a day. not enough time off. need a real vacation. :/

Old School Reading Rainbow Theme

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LeRoi Video

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nicavieira "Whenever I run, wherever I run to you,'s never done, just hanging on. Your picture out of time left aching in my mind shadows kept alive"
nicavieira @tiagosr Sempre "invisível" por lá,querido :} @musicamilete "Another day...just believe, just breathe" (f)

Chicane Andromeda

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TheDaybreaker Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk 1959 :´/ nice masterpiece in my opinion

Freshly Ground I'd Like

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Our Lady Peace, "Are You Sad?"

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DJrythaman ty friend! @salriggione: "nycewerk, props2bothmyfrienz! @Sandra_R_: ":))) xo @DJrythaman Best Wishes girl ~~> xo @Sandra_R_ U2 @DJrythaman @Sandra_R_ (reblip)

Korn- Kill You

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nicavieira @indiorubber Lembrast instantaneamente d mim,foi?Pois p vc q N assist a novela,dxa eu t falar q ela é conhecida como "A mulher de bigodes". #fail

Death Cab For Cutie- Stay Young, Go Dancing

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Led Zeppelin-Bron-Yr-Aur

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Gotye- Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)- official film clip (HD)

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wilsoke listen up, by fab samperi

Fab SamperiListen Up

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wilsoke I stand in front of you, I'll take the force of the blow [protection, by massive attack]

SWV-Right Here (Human Nature Mix)

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wilsoke RB w/thx @Bob_ [the suburbs (arcade fire cover), by mr. little jeans] (reblip)
wilsoke the narrowest path, is always the holiest...? [judas, by depeche mode]

JudasDepeche Mode

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wilsoke eyesdown (f/andreya triana), by bonobo

I Think Ur A Contra

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