toxiferous The most tender place in my heart is for strangers
toxiferous This is my brain right now. :/

Zola JesusRester

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toxiferous It's time to start my day. It begins with one long-assed sigh. See you later!
toxiferous Time for sleep. See you later!

Bella KoshkaFiction

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toxiferous Becoming one of my favourites (and it's pretty perfect for tonight).
toxiferous Wow, great song. Thanks for blipping this, @solid! (reblip)
toxiferous Curious moon, shine tonight
toxiferous We're gonna walk 'em off the plank into the wishing well
toxiferous @J2ad Nobody in particular but I'm happy to see you! How are you today?
toxiferous Two shots to the head, now you're runnin' runnin' fast...
toxiferous @J2ad Hiya! I'm doing pretty decent. How are you?
toxiferous One of my favorites from uhh quite a while ago. "And I wonder where you are... curious."

Sandbox "Curious"

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toxiferous @Fazzle Thanks for the heads up! I don't know what I'd do without my lucky snorkel. I also don't know what the hell I'd do in Albuquerque... :)
toxiferous I was born to wait here patiently, Be dragged on by the black star

Page FranceJunkyard

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toxiferous @J2ad Hi there, nice to see you tonight! Hope you're having a great night too!

Michelle McAdorey, Crash Vegas: On and On (Lodestar)

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The Fender Four (margaya)

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The Black Angels-Better off Alone

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toxiferous @jennyleepenny I'll catch some for you next time! Lots of love to you today blueberry sis. <3
toxiferous RB @StationAlpha Great song (and I'm out of props for you). With that I'm heading out, later all! Have a good day. (reblip)
toxiferous @jong Good luck! Hope you have a great afternoon and enjoy that fresh air. :) "out to do some work. laters @toxiferous...."
toxiferous @OKnightmare It sure is! ;) "It's the time of the year for some Spider Cider! Thanks!"
toxiferous Steal Away (Gotta go for now. See you later!)
toxiferous RB @czybulski: Excellent song, thank you very much! :) "Soft Pack – More Or Less" (reblip)
toxiferous That Is All

James T & The Workers-That Is All

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toxiferous I'm out for now. Later all! :)

Crash VegasInside Out

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toxiferous Time for me to go! Was a pleasure blipping with you all. :)
toxiferous @sub_plutonic Hi there, hope you're having a good night. :)
toxiferous Turn Black

The Silents 05 Turn Black

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toxiferous Treason

Naked Raygun- Treason

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toxiferous I'm out for now. Later all! :)
toxiferous RB @Lunaladee: Thank you! Great song. :) Hope you're having a great weekend so far. "beauty & sadness, entwined... thank you for listening & sharing" (reblip)


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toxiferous Bedtime for me. 'Night all!


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toxiferous @Faddic How are you doing? Having a good day so far?
toxiferous Tired now. Off to bed! Bye @jennyleepenny @Faddic @Cod and all others.


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toxiferous RB @star45: Love The Dead Weather. Thanks! "The Dead Weather – Hang You from the Heavens" (reblip)
toxiferous Aww, shucks! You are just too sweet. <3 You're awesome. :) @jennyleepenny "It is you, my Dear, who is the (phenomena)...@toxiferous!"

Cat PowerMoonshiner

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toxiferous RB @Faddic: See you later! I'm coming in just as you're going out. Take care! "My last blip for today, i'm outta here even if Mr. Gilmour say "No" (reblip)

David Gilmour-There's no way out of here

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toxiferous Gotta get going. Have good day all!
toxiferous Gotta go for now. See you later!

Dead MoonIt's O.K.

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toxiferous Last one before I wander off. Have a good day!
toxiferous I should go for now. @jennyleepenny Have a good evening!


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toxiferous @jennyleepenny *mutant heart hugs!* How are you? Sorry I've been absent today. Still trying to beat the rip van winkle syndrome. :/
toxiferous RB @solid Beautiful! Thanks for blipping this. (reblip)
toxiferous @deadwood4 Thanks! I'm pretty ready for the weekend too. Hope yours will be a great one! " more day of drudgery to hammer thru first."

Mia RiddleCity Song

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toxiferous @jennyleepenny It's not february but this train is full of lucky charms!
toxiferous Diabolical Streak

Jill Tracy Diabolical Streak

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toxiferous Colorblind

Daughter Darling "Colorblind"

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toxiferous Come A Little Closer Baby

Joey Castle-Come A Little Closer Baby 1958

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toxiferous RB @naapstermaan This is fantastic. :) Hope you're having a good weekend over there! (reblip)
toxiferous RB @solid This is exactly what my weekend needed. :) Hope yours is going well! (reblip)

Morphine All Your Way

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toxiferous @Yastrzemski Yikes, yeah, no. :) I really dread that. "...I hate feeling obligated to talk to them. It's a drag."
toxiferous That Certain Kind Of Woman

The Denver Gentlemen-That Certain Kind Of Woman

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toxiferous Up All Night

Best Coast - Up All Night

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toxiferous Sleep Talk

Shannon and the Clams "Sleep Talk"

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toxiferous @jennyleepenny Of course we can! :) "+ Can we also do ice cream shots, @toxiferous?"

Young PrismsSugar

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toxiferous RB @p4trick: You earned them :) "thx for props!!! :) @toxiferous" (reblip)

New OrderCeremony

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toxiferous RB @dresnapolis: Wow, this is awesome. Thanks! "Sweep the leg johnny – Bloodines" (reblip)
toxiferous Space Mover

The Surfites "Space Mover"

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toxiferous @barrypartington All is well here! How are you doing? I hope you're having a great weekend. :) "hope all is aces for @toxiferous"
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