UPriedMyEyesOpen i guess you finally stopped believing, that any hope would ever find you. i knew that story, i was sitting right behind you.
vandaleyes I second that. @pulsar: "What a great song!" (reblip)
UPriedMyEyesOpen cos theres another way that id rather be. if i could only get u alone. its an inside joke that ill never get. and im dying inside but im not dead yet.
UPriedMyEyesOpen you are just a dreamer, and i am just a dream. you could have been anyone to me.
UPriedMyEyesOpen don't let your mind get weary and confused. your will be still, don't try. don't let your heart get heavy child. inside u there's a strength that lies

Karl Jenkins & Adiemus-Benedictus

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vandaleyes Our Band Could Be Your Life #7.

Consolidated : 'Music Has No Meaning'

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sheryonstone I would rather steo on the gas :D thanks to @GR8FL for one more of many uploads
alemanuel electric feel

MGMT "electric feel" video

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JeffreyMarsh one more rain theme song before i head out into it... (and 4 the record i didn't break the theme w/ roy orbison...def a line in it about rain :-p)
OKnightmare @nemesisurchin Hey neighbor, I definitely enjoyed the tease (especially since it was on the weekend, I hate leaving work and it's already dark...)

500 Days Of Summer (2009) Soundtrack 02- Us

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bruss and she was lying in the grass. and she could here the highway breathing
vincentico Arab Strap – The First Big Weekend

Arab Strap The First Big Weekend

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ofstoneandice Magnetic Fields - I Wish I Had An Evil Twin


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soularchitect Death is there to keep us honest and constantly remind us we are free..
MrsASoprano The no 7 Train? :P @TheNewYorkChimes: "For @SnailKid and @TheNewYorkChimes. Hope you get to eat brunch & have Mimosa's at some point this weekend. " (reblip)
Dancer12 Sweet!!@Radidio: "Saying prayers <3: Playing this for my rose bush! Name is Moondance, dedicating her to blipworld and all of you! Pray she grows! " (reblip)

Etta JamesAt Last

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loopaznavour redneck jazz funk with a guest appearance from a dried donkey merkin.
aebar Hi @Faddic :) So many good blips on your playlist today! (reblip)
OKnightmare Time for me to hit the hay, goodnight everybody!
CucumberMouse Does this belong in the Halloween genre? You be the judge
GR8FL inspired by @Betterlucky and let's hope we always have the child in us... keeps us pure (oh sure!)

Trentemøller: Moan

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brainboy @LikeAnAngel: "A dreaded sunny day, so i'll meet you at the cemetary gates...Keates and Yates are on your side. Wilde is on mine." (reblip)

The Smiths-Cemetery Gates

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500 Days Of Summer (2009) Soundtrack 02- Us

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lillembutt probably blip'd this a while back. sorry

Crowded House- Something So Strong

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Heavenztrash is listening to Arovane - Pink Lillies. #MusicMonday
funkydiva rb'd @JDS442 nice nice nice :) (reblip)

Kiss-Plaster caster (Original+Lyrics)

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hiabowman LOVE LCD Soundsystem! LOVE this track! LOVE this video! Hurrah LOVE all round! :)

ROBOCOP VS. Alec Empire

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CMFlinn and you .... ------------> Can't do a thing stop me - Chris Isaak
amphore :)) enchanting rb@Tubabo beautiful video from the Café del Mar Sunset Bar - music is "Gymnopedie Nº 1" by Erik Satie (reblip)

Café del Mar Classic: Gymnopedie by Erik Satie

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FOGGIELOANER rb@LeParadis: "Rest in peace Edward Woodward...x" (reblip)

the wicker man ost-gently johnny

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lildanzig fu-manchuin' cuz i'm doin' stuff that needs to be done

Fu-Schnickens feat Phife Dawg-La Schmoove

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Chi-Lites Are You My Woman

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lilyetc american analog set ~ the green green grass @sandyriverside.. happy turkey day... burp, sending you a virtual piece of my pumpkin pie kiddo
chameleonpixie Sowwy for the Liz Phair kick. I can't help it. //@LikeAnAngel And there's the satisfying sound effects that come with it!
Tropicsz4 Fleetwood Mac – Say You Love Me
Buzzz Só pra entrar no embalo...rs @Lothlorien

Supertramp- Take The Long Way Home

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HellenKellersIpod These guys are awesome. Just wish I could find their CD to upload it :/

Hat Madder at Michigan Homegrown Music

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aaronllewis relaxing, easy to play and still concentrate on work. sounds like country+celtic (reblip)
gnatisarat der vorleser anyone? or maybe star trek visions of your best friends....
Yan First batch of Blip.fm stickers are here!! I'm gonna plaster the town http://bit.ly/5hPVgY
Unaturalsoul @djLop: "flat boy' " (reblip)


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Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum

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treakiepop Cheers :@Unaturalsoul I love this one:) (reblip)

Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum

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Unaturalsoul @Yakabladi: "Choosen by my daugther" (reblip)

america playing horse with no name

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Tropicsz4 Happy Friday ,playing :) rb(@dawnie22 It's you & me baby.. Head Games -Foreigner-
SlipperyDistortion rb @riseandroar: "all my daydreams are disasters / she's the one i think i love / rivers burn and run backwards / and for her, that's enough" (reblip)
tannyt Yo!@DaHilster check you out blippin' mighty fine tunes on a friday night. (reblip)

Ride-Chelsea Girl

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DaHilster at the orbit :-)


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Steeleye Span BlackLeg Miner

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Deep forest & peter gabriel- while the earth sleeps

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amphore Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music
amphore Kleingeldprinzessin – Zimmer

Norman Greenbaum / Petaluma

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EFR56 Nice live blip TY VM RB@domomaster: "Venus by Shocking Blue - Thx @Shanti46 @EFR56 @doyler29 @BluesdaddyD " (reblip)

Venus by Shocking Blue

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Tim Blake Crystal Machine Lighthouse

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Marnie Stern "Transformer"

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CmodulBaresi Paul Hardcastle – 19...

Paul Hardcastle19

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CmodulBaresi Telepopmusik ( Dont Look Back ) + Lyrics

Telepopmusik ( Dont Look Back ) + Lyrics

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misterdavenport We still miss you!

Watching The Wheels (acoustic)

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Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues-(Long Extended Version)

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Mysterymix great #80s vi@dubstarr: "'she's got cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin'" (reblip)
doyler29 Hawkwind - The Awakening


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GorgoMcGuirk RB@FunkShoi "I burnt my mouth -can't taste a thang" (don't use that as an excuse to go licking thangs @jennyleepenny @Vacuum_Boots@smilecin@mammara (reblip)
tuatara Any thoughts? @versatilevampire: "Still thinking" (reblip)

philip glass: metamorphosis 1

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Chopin Nocturn

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amphore The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home feat Patrick Watson

[Alkaline Trio: Keep 'Em Coming. Track 1]

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Animal Collective My Girls (unofficial video)

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tuatara Ahh, I love this. @GorgoMcGuirk: "RB@daretoeatapeach, I usually stick closely to one musical corner each day (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer ok how about one more! ;-)

Evile 'Thrasher' Music Video

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EFR56 Sweet sound TY again RB@kaoruo / Christian Kleine – Crystal (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Paradise City

Guns N' Roses-Paradise City

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DaHilster now then @Arth crap southern snow has gone already


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tannyt Mooooooooorning blipdom. Today I will be brave and battle the streets of london to finish my christmas shopping. Feel my pain.
leaferi Logged into Last.fm for the first time in quite some time --site is better than I remember it. Found this there & rather like it.
treakiepop @redredbeard: "RB @Arth Nice! Have a great time fella. The new Chapter is very swanky, I hardly recognised it." (reblip)


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Takesu2heaven === "Keane's Crystal Ball." ===" (reblip)
doyler29 King Curtis - Ridin' Thumb

"Ridin' Thumb" King Curtis & The Kingpins (live)

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Panor @busylizzy: @Panor how are you my friend ? :-) I'm enjoying a cold Sunday afternoon in the warmth of my living room, so great. (reblip)
doyler29 The Flying Burrito Brothers - Wheels
General Hot damn! Lots of Dag Nasty goodness today.

Dag NastyMatt

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TheMorbidSlayer hey @brucefraser I just got this album thanks to your blip awhile back! Amazing stuff! \m/
quasinebulae Good analysis@backtoback: "Q they couldn't beat Little Flower (all girl) Catholic HS @quasinebulae" (reblip)
4C3C If you like Ulrich you should def check out this... @DJMORI
bumble_b I remember @monikavincent: "it's time." (reblip)

Patti Smith ~ Because The Night (Live Rockpalast 1979) HQ

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muzicmajic time for me to hit the trail. thanks for the props, replies, rbs, and amazing tunes! see you later...
Aussiemandias @middleclassgirl It is within the realm of possibility that you might like this track.

Pale Saints- Blue Flower

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tannyt ello! @treakiepop how be you? How weird was the other night? Small world innit.
chelseagirl19 PEDAL STEEL! Thanks. Love this, of course. @melodyofyourlife: "@chelseagirl19 @melodyofyourlife @TarinnAdaria Jason Molina has such a superb voice. " (reblip)

Hold on Magnolia — Songs: Ohia

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New Order Thieves Like Us Extended Version

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trailofmonkeys Oneohtrix Point Never - lovely, cheers to The Wire for making it #2 album of the year

The Feelies/It's only life

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unpopular psychedelic pop and found footage? yeah, i'm way into it...
unpopular psych-poppy! just heard these guys for the first time recently, but i guess they're from SF, so i'm looking forward to seeing them soon
Hypnotica Slowdive – Crazy for You. Gr8
tannyt Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune
redredbeard @Shanti46 @apothegm @EnterChaos Okay, I take responsibility for that kiss of death... pissing down now.

dont bogart me~the fraternity of man

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nastysurprise @Shukitty: "@nastysurprise72 joys of working for yourself huh?" I know. I need to hire some kid fresh out of school who I can make stay up all night. (reblip)
tannyt know that feeling well @treakiepop but am currently having to ration my tea intake due to having another bun in the oven ;-)
DownLow yup, the white stuff is accumulating. it looks like 6 inches so far in my area @GR8FL // don't know if I'll make it out later in the day. depends.. (reblip)

Bernard Cribbins "Right said Fred"

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Greenfields47 TY@sapam: "nice song @Firecracker16: "YW!! and thank you! 'Bread' another of my top 10 favorite groups! rb @D_Doyle: "Bread – Baby I'm A Want You (reblip)
ciu99 "The Mamas And The Papas – Monday Monday But whenever Monday comes, you can find me cryin' all of the time" (reblip)
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping!
clareeewolf omg i know. so jealous!!!!! @DependableSkeleton: "If only my family was that cool." (reblip)
leffi333 a great pick vi@JezebelTheGreat: "Pixies - Motorway To Roswell" (reblip)
EFR56 Brian Eno – Julie With... / Thx for the props, RBs & slew of replies. Its been lots of fun! Goodnight and good day world blippers.
redredbeard @jspace3: "she a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow who is she?" Maureen Boyle, I believe... what do I win? ;) (reblip)

DON GIBSON: Sea Of Heartbreak

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Hypnotica Riceboy Sleeps – Daníell In the Sea. An almost religious experience...
FifiDingDang we need to find the vocal version! RB @redredbeard: "@sandyriverside Love it, thanks. Prodding casually towards @FifiDingDang @Arth @PunkBroc" (reblip)
EFR56 Its builds and builds TY RB@SnailKid: "Love the odd intervals resulting from the overlapping vocal lines. Thanks!+RB@ginhollow. Over to @EFR56." (reblip)
BluJulius DagNasty was the ashes of MinorThreat and Bloody Mannequin Orchestra and Shawn Brown went on 2 this@treakiepop #nailz
tannyt ello @treakiepop I know you will remember this - have a good 'un
tannyt was off here now but had to re-blip this @adelle888 this is way cool (reblip)

watching cars go by- Felix Da Housecat [ HD ]

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chelseagirl19 When they ask who's the fool in the corner cryin'. I say, little ole wine drinker me. @PalpitatingDeadBeat ... Missing you, little Mama.
chelseagirl19 One of my favorite performances in recent memory...
doyler29 Mouse & the Traps - A Public Execution


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THE EX + THURSTON MOORE gentlemen 1989

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Will_the_bloke Thx @CHaDmAn: ""Fate! Up against your will! Through the thick and thin. He will wait until, you give yourself to him!"" (reblip)
tannyt this song is so bloody good I have had to stop, start again and send to my mate @DaHilster (ello :-) (reblip)
AksiraM better to hear it without seeing the clip...
tuatara can't get enough of this

Neutral Milk Hotel- In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.

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blackkites rb@CreepyGirl: "darjeeling is excellent and some perfect physical comedy as usual. Two thumbs up." gonna steal that thing right away to give it a look (reblip)
gimmetinnitus blipping @TheOrangesBand re this here blog post :: http://bit.ly/9kr4i1

The Oranges Band "OK Apartment"

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DeadCabbage johnny cash send a picture of mother

johnny cash send a picture of mother

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john foxx / glimmer (1980)

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7On_y_va hope you like it @mgill @dnya @kattegat, wellcome and thx for this @FernandaW: "kisses and hugs@bthecat,@nonchalant,@Diordan ;-)" (reblip)
blackkites enablers came to be the best soundtrack to read chuck palahniuk
PunkBroc Raspberries for breakfast. I could eat these til I get sick (wouldn't be the first time).
unpopular when i remake the universe, this will be a massive hit...so perfectly awkward and ungainly

Medicine " Never Click"

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bumble_b soul sonic force

Planet Rock 12" vinyl (instrumental) & bonus beats 1

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EFR56 Nino Nardini & Roger Roger – Bagheera / Thx DJs. Time to rest. Salude...
toxiferous @jennyleepenny: There's not a person in the world that I would rather go to concerts with. :)
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