tuatara love the fuzzy guitar
tuatara it's like a cascade of yearning
tuatara totally fits my life- i'm getting crotchety in my old age
tuatara overwrought but totally addictive
tuatara the title alone is worth a blip
tuatara the queen of insane

Bjork -Unravel-

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tuatara asking myself this question everyday
tuatara Joy Division – Shadowplay- like a shark slicing through the water
tuatara la, la, la, la, la, la, la....

Red Death At 6:14- B-Side Collection 1- The White Stripes

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Go Slowly- Radiohead

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tuatara longing and sweetness

Alison Krauss + Yo Yo Ma Slumber my darling

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tuatara breathy and poetic

Arcade FireHaiti

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tuatara laid back with feedback


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tuatara matt bellamy- aka guitar god

MusePlug In Baby

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tuatara Phil, baby, where have you gone?
tuatara even better than the real thing


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tuatara god holds you liable for what you've done

Hands on the bible ( Local H )

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tuatara danced myself right out the womb
tuatara minding my own business
tuatara does a guy- or a song- get any more heavenly than this?
tuatara ...illuminate the No's on their Vacancy signs..."
tuatara the video makes me smile


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tuatara reminds me of an old boyfriend
tuatara such a GUY song


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tuatara Spanish version- funny as h*ll- oh, the melodrama!
rachidkas Many thanks @SunsetMom: "RB@mrrodd: RB@QUEENRO Santana – Into The Night (Ft. Chad Kroeger) "Thanks @shelly_76: ;-)" (reblip)
tuatara can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being
tuatara pretty heavy for Wednesday morning
tuatara you cannot teach this kind of love
tuatara listen for the donkey :)


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tuatara what a slow burn and a laid-open heart
tuatara a cascade of gorgeous
ramacharaka The Police - Does Everyone Stare
tuatara appliances have gone beserk
tuatara this Gloria chick sure gets around
tuatara he saves what others throw away

Cake- Frank Sinatra

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MeeJong @DownLow 's blips from last night got me in the mood for some Al Green. ^__^
tuatara I'm a fool for crunchy guitars
palacios Natalie & Nat King Cole – Unforgettable (1992 The Unforgettable Concert )
tuatara Devo – Gut Feeling- getting my nerd on
tuatara can't label this one- freak folk, maybe?
tuatara gimme gimme old skool punk
tuatara my son gets his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow- OUCH!
tuatara somedays, can't you just relate?


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tuatara Spoon- acoustic version- love his voice
tuatara had a big crush on Neil Finn's hair once upon a time
RunnerDJC @teaganmeararose - One way or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha!
tuatara remember these cute kids? perfect summer song/sounds like fruit sherbet
tuatara dumb lyrics, but it sounds freaking awesome anyway
matanich Ladytron's father/mother.
tuatara My son gets his wisdom teeth removed this morning :(
tuatara back from the oral surgeon- my son's wisdom teeth are now out and he is acquainting himself with codeine
jokkel was soll man twittern, lieber blip ich was "Jackson 5 vs Kid Rock" das passt gut find ich
VoxAZ Heather Nova – I Am Sam Soundtrack - "We Can Work It Out"
sellout_cred I tried it once, just for kicks....
tuatara makes cannibalism sound strangely appealing
tuatara happier than you and me


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tuatara i'm looking for the joke

Iggy PopRepo Man

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tuatara quavery lead and intricate sounds


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theoptiemm Cause Rosie asked. I think she just likes the bod of the lead singer and the hair!*Chuckles*The low pantsline gets her everytime!!
tuatara Gaz Coombes, you are the cutest
tuatara I can feel myself smiling
tuatara girls would turn the color of an avocado
tuatara All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me!
tuatara that it is..... @modifiedbear1: "great song to fall asleep to..." (reblip)
RedRhia The Black Ghosts – Full Moon
tuatara @Totengrber - and how are your eardrums?


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Manuel_M Das Wetter macht mich leicht aggresiv, darum mal anderer Sound - Pendulum brauch ich jetzt ;)
tuatara @Totengrber - this piece is so stately & mournful; somehow I just knew you'd get the The Hunger reference :)

The Hunger-Trio in E Flat _Franz Shubert

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tuatara what's a little s&m between friends?
tuatara Trent Reznor still looks pretty hot in leather pants
tuatara bonus video of Kate Bush doing her weird/beautiful thing

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

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tuatara it's sad & fab@SylentSyd: ".thinking of watching Control tonight..I've only had the DVD for three months now and still haven't watched it!...duh..." (reblip)


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tuatara This song made my teenage self swoon every time.
tuatara the guitars slay me

FugaziWaiting Room

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tuatara try doing that head thrash thing without passing out
tuatara an ode to independence on the 4th of July
tuatara Saw him last year in Houston with the Police- the audience looked like Geezerpalooza.
tuatara so much good life advice, especially for ultra honkies like me :)

Class Of 99; Wear Sunscreen

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khakigent Happy Fourth of July ~ The Pledge of Allegiance #fb
tuatara gotta give props to the name, and the song doesn't even suck
tuatara i think people r reading this in utah@Totengrber: "@tuatara i don't want to sound like a queer or nuphin, but I think DM's a really sweet band!" (reblip)

Dave in Orgazmo

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tuatara @Totengrber- that mariachi/Ramones tribute band is the weirdest thing I've heard all day
tuatara drought + fireworks + drunken rednecks = fires- plenty of them
tuatara any trick in the book...

Donovan "Sunshine Superman"

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tuatara ...I'm in love with this malicious intent...:)

MINISTRY New World Order

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tuatara an ode to every woman- makes me feel like that dusky jewel
tuatara cute accordion remake...in French!

L'anarchie pour le UK

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tuatara @Theme Best videos...Bjork has bunches of them
tuatara LOL! @BryanMouat That's just the effect you have! ;O))
tuatara @ZombieBoy Something tasty for ya :)

The VinesBraindead

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tuatara love the groove and screaming
tuatara like two songs in one
tuatara I nicknamed my Boston Terrier this- it fit her so well
tuatara so over the top- and totally chilling
tuatara <grins> you and your dirty mind! @Totengrber- oh man 1983 skinamax smut
tuatara hey- hit me up w/ some stories... :) @Totengrber oh you probably don't want to know what crosses my mind..
tuatara I love, love, love guitars!
tuatara @Totengrber freaking funny! perfectly describes my students
tuatara this song gets my butt moving
tuatara @Totengrber uhm, erm...very nice work- she looks- uhm- lovely. :)))
tuatara LOL @Spasky well, I do not have angelic face but we'll manage to find beer belly... :))
tuatara i love new order! @BryanMouat: "New Order (live, Glastonbury 2005) 'Love Vigilantes' @tuatara :)" (reblip)

New Order live, Glastonbury 2005, 'Love Vigilantes'

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tuatara umm, I should say not! :) @BryanMouat: "Space with Cerys / "The Ballad of Tom Jones" @tuatara "I've never thrown my knickers at you!" " (reblip)
tuatara Sweety, I'll keep that great advice in mind. @Totengrber


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tuatara Very sweet w/ a dark Ian Curtis sound. @BryanMouat: "Interpol / Leif Erikson. "My love's subliminal" @tuatara Viking blood..." (reblip)
SylentSyd Finally watched Control last night...couldn't get it out of my head at work today @tuatara ...very sad, as you said...:(
tuatara @squidbrain @ZombieBoy A little death and destruction for breakfast
tuatara intense...@CooperHarris: "Been thinking about you And there's no rest Should I still love you Still see you in bed But I'm playing with myself" (reblip)
tuatara Control leveled me - just listening to this actor brings it all back @SilentSyd @AlyG
tuatara Bwahhahahah! @zombiecommand: "I'z on ur Blip.fm, playing mah choons." (reblip)
squidbrain @MissDiggity now that you mention it certain songs cause Safari to crash repeatedly, specifically YouTube links. Not sure why.
tuatara Is crashing really that bad? It encourages me to give up and actually work. @MissDiggity: "@squidbrain@tuatara maybe blip suffers from mood swings? (reblip)


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tuatara Well, dang it- reality intrudes. Bye, blippers! Blip your day away. :)@MissDiggity: "@tuatara good point! lol" (reblip)
Shallmillens Glasvegas / It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry. @tuatara: "Sounds like the voice of experience!" @BryanMouat" (reblip)
Shallmillens RB @tuatara - Radiohead / Hunting Bears. @gerrybhoy @BarryH2k Well, it's that time of year again! ;o)) (reblip)
tuatara I just love the name of the group.
tuatara @BryanMouat - reminds of summer in Texas, which is pretty much year round
tuatara cute :P@BryanMouat: "We Are Scientists / Impatience & Let's See It. "All I can ask is that you muster the faith." @tuatara" (reblip)
tuatara @ZombieBoy It's not about hamsters, but this was the closest thing I could think of...
tuatara @BryanMouat -seeing these guys in October- whoo hoo!
tuatara @BryanMouat - to be this "gorgeous" and talented...:)
tuatara Awfully awful...just kidding :) @ZombieBoy: "Haven't thought of this song in ages. Blame @cynical_redhead." (reblip)
tuatara Maybe, but Pam's shoes rule!!!!! @DreadedRafifi: "@tuatara Bill is okay but Eric is the f@#king man! lol." (reblip)
tuatara Thank you :) @DreadedRafifi: "@tuatara okay, Pam's shoes rock! " (reblip)

Arctic Monkeys "Dancing Shoes"

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tuatara @DreadedRafifi - Slayer, sure, or maybe these guys...
tuatara Supernatural- I'm totally there, DUDE! @DeansGroupie: "For @deanschick hehe ;) ~ Nickelback – S.E.X." (reblip)
tuatara @BryanMouat- off to the gym- talk later :)

Muse Bliss

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tuatara @TheSurlyTMM - a little Sanford & Son groove (reblip)


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tuatara In the pines, in the pines...@Fluidity: ":~) Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night (ledbetter cover)" (reblip)
tuatara She's a bit masculine. :)@tubilino: "Lola" (reblip)

The KinksLola

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tuatara ...is total cool @jessmarie1224: "love's what I got, don't start a riot" (reblip)
tuatara great song @bit2bit: "Die Nacht's noch immer jung ..." (reblip)


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tuatara but still pretty darn good @NotAsPunkAsYou: "Sorry not the misfits..." (reblip)
tuatara At school, being a good girl :).@BryanMouat: "Oasis / Champagne Supernova @tuatara "Where were you when we were getting high?"" (reblip)

Champagne Supernova

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tuatara No, hon, just wait 'til you have kids. @squidbrain: "I think it was about the time I hit 22 or 23 that I could just feel my brain stop working." (reblip)


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tuatara Just some rotten fruit. @TimbrePitch: ""Backdrifts" by Radiohead - "....what the hell we've got nothing more to lose...."" (reblip)
tuatara @HellenKellersIpod- For me it's not the MSG. It's Diet Mt. Dew. Do the Dew. :) (reblip)
tuatara @The45King I don't listen for my doorbell- I listen for the IM ding. (reblip)
tuatara Hey, KID, I'm sure I've got a few years on you. :) @HellenKellersIpod: "@tuatara diet. psh. You kids." (reblip)
tuatara That honor should really go to Gwar. @Lochetic: "prettiest boy band i've ever seen" (reblip)
tuatara I'll keep that in mind. @gretton: "I learned never try Jack White at karaoke night. Exhausting XD" (reblip)
tuatara @helenkellersipod Ok, you get the hipster title. BTW, what IS on your ipod?
tuatara Pretty happy. @leavitt9: "How does it feel to treat me like you do?" (reblip)
tuatara All the fun things we shouldn't do. @BryanMouat: "Pet Shop Boys / It's A Sin. " (reblip)
tuatara This must be my day for hearing bands I never knew existed. @BryanMouat: Ya gotta love the GLC crew! @tuatara" (reblip)

goldie lookin chain- "by any means necessary"

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tuatara Especially when it sounds it sounds like this. @Monkeyboykelly (reblip)
tuatara sweet @evilinside2020: "( -^-) - @tuatara Fear Factory + Static-X = Awesome Cover! Don't give up on your mom, she'll love fear factory one day~" (reblip)

Burning Inside Demo- Static X feat. Burton Bell 2004 Rare

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tuatara Just a condolence card @paintedword (reblip)

Buzzcocks- Lipstick

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tuatara Time to serve... @zx10r07: "This ones for you my friend << Martin Streek, R. I. P. >> You will be missed! (reblip)
tuatara I feel kind of mean listening to this.
leaferi Nice one. rb@tuatara: "I feel kind of mean listening to this." (reblip)
tuatara Sounds pretty modern despite its early '70's birthdate.
tuatara You weren't the first to court me, mister. :) @NotAsPunkAsYou (reblip)
tuatara All my lovers were there with me.
tuatara sounds like a track out of an 80's new wave love story
tuatara Wish...that Trent Reznor would strip off those leather togs :). @NotAsPunkAsYou (reblip)
tuatara I was obsessed w/ this film! Loved it. @flinndc: "The Doors – People Are Strange + thinking the move "The Lost Boys" ^5 ^5 " (reblip)
tuatara ! Flying on your motorcycle- could this be about Hagrid? @leaferi (reblip)
tuatara @BryanMouat Just seems like a good day for something weird.
tuatara helps me face the day :) @evilinside2020: "( -^-) - @tuatara Another Static Cover 4 Ya" (reblip)
tuatara persuaded, paraded, inebriated @BrainSaw: "the crown has been cracked.. hopefully somebody knows what that means." (reblip)

Comfort Eagle

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tuatara Just WTH does "how does lemur skin reflect the sea" mean !?! @bluetyson (reblip)


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tuatara I've got some records on. @doyler29 (reblip)


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tuatara 'I think you're nervous/Prove me wrong.' @BryanMouat
tuatara 'diversion and aversion...' imagine ice cream flavors with these names @JackJach (reblip)
tuatara you wrung me out, too, too, too many times
tuatara pinheads & monkey men- never heard this in acoustic! @scottcoz: "Love this version! Not that there's anything wrong with the original :-)" (reblip)

DevoJocko Homo

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tuatara Heard this today during a preview for "Where the Wild Things Are." @BryanMouat
tuatara on a punk kick tonight
tuatara And I luv, luv, luv guitars. @gretton: "I'm skinny as a rail." (reblip)
tuatara cracked eggs, dead birds- so cheery :) @PhillipeFollop: "radiohead ~ street spirit" (reblip)

radiohead street spirit

| play
tuatara urgent, stripped-down sound - me likes

The Flaws You And I

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tuatara Not my usual taste, but I need something peppy this morning.
tuatara Cool song, and the video looks like something out of Second Life

Tv on the Radio New Health Rock

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tuatara Marilyn always adds that special something to the day.
tuatara pretty much everything they do sounds good


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tuatara Morrissey could probably use one (oh, hell- several) of those pills I mentioned. @doyler29: "The Smiths - Rubber Ring " (reblip)
tuatara I envy his make up. @ruderamone2: "ah robert smith" (reblip)

The Cure A Forest

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tuatara not quite as far, but sooooo pretty @gretton
tuatara I saw them play this live last summer with a bunch of other old geezers. @LeandroAzevedo (reblip)
tuatara dreamy even with the drums

Working For A Nuclear Free City 'Rocket'

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tuatara whiney voice, but it all works somehow
tuatara Me this weekend at an upcoming teachers' convention- waaahhhh!
tuatara The word 'explicit' is there for a good reason- such a guy song!
tuatara A little early Billy Idol for early in the day
duch_S "following the footsteps of a rag doll dance, we are entranced.. spellbound!" @tuatara
tuatara This song just kicks it (I know, bad pun)


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tuatara Power is out here, and I'm blipping from my phone.
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