olumi_day congrats on entering a new chapter in your life. umi says it best @wurst well, i'm gettin married this weekend. life couldn't be better... (reblip)

Mos DefUMI Says

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tuck Hot song. The original Crooklyn Dodgers and Crooklyn Dodgers 2 are still better, but that may be because I'm a little ol' school.
tuck in the house-pete rock and cl smooth
tuck get your kangols and suede pumas out
tuck they kinda feel off after this...one hit wonders. of course little c, little kim and biggie did their thing
tuck one of, if not the dopest female mc's ever!
DonnyShell G'wan and ride that rhythm, gurl!
olumi_day g'night @chiIQ. thanks for keeping an ear to the streets /// Everything Is Borrowed – The Streets (reblip)
tuck i wish more rappers now would actually talk about something other than money, cars, girls, drugs and clubbin'
tuck where would music be if sam cooke, otis redding, donny hathaway, marvin gaye, jimmy hendrixs and others were still around?
tuck gotta love the little touch of go-go in this song

ll cool j - rock the bells

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tuck looking for go-go music, but i ran across this house mix with chuck brown.
tuck OH YEAH! Being a Va boy who grew up listening to go-go there's no way I couldn't add this one.

E.U.Da Butt

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tuck The godfather of go-go!!!!! One of the funkiest songs ever in my opinion.
origin05 My favorite song by the group.
origin05 summertime. bbq. sunshine on my shoulders. grass on my feet.
origin05 We don't love each other like we used to do.
origin05 Why do we love, love when love seems to hate us?
origin05 Standing next to a mountain...
origin05 Roc Boyz in the building tonight..

Jay-ZRoc Boys

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origin05 Makes me wonder how they're going to pain today's canvases (reblip)
origin05 damn baby.. you look good in the summertime.
origin05 when love is tainted love is always free
origin05 Any questions on how to do this shit?

NasThe Message

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origin05 We fixin' to blow like Parliament in V For Vendetta
origin05 Vinia is enchanting.. sounds good singing that Minnie.. Kweli spitting.. lovely.
origin05 Puts you in that zone. Musically elevating, lyrically stimulating.. dopeness personified.

The RootsThe 'Notic

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origin05 Yes. Nothing better than a good man
origin05 A grown woman knows how to tell you NO and a grown woman knows when to let you go.. AMEN.
origin05 what we seek in life.

Musiq SoulchildLove

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origin05 The man that knows something, knows that he knows nothing at all.

eryka baduon & on

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origin05 Dedicated to Phil the Groundhog.. you will not crush my hopes of spring and summer.
origin05 Great cover.. love the bluesy sound.. did justice to the incomparable Ms. Badu.
origin05 Dedicated to a beautiful day.
origin05 Cannot deny the funk in this one.
origin05 This song will make you dance the past away...and prepare for a funky future! @yselasand (reblip)

David BowieFame

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origin05 Don't get caught up on appearance..


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origin05 Just my interpretation of the SITYEATION that is.. lol
tuck the first time this was played it became a classic.
tuck go-go flavor...you gotta love it!!! feel free to do the kid n' play kick step! :)
tuck ahhhh! '86 maybe. this used to be one of my jams.
tuck had to smooth it out! this song plays atleast once a night during "quiet storms" on radio stations everywhere
tuck my dad would play the hell out of this song growing up and everytime he played it he would bust out with the robot! :D
tuck oh yeah....cuz i'm so smooth!

Big Daddy Kane - Smooth Ope

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tuck one of the hottest kane songs!!!!
tuck i remember when he did this song on the arsenio hall show
tuck i love this song by heav. i think it's because monifa helped set off
tuck black coffee-heavy d

Heavy DBlack Coffee

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tuck t-pain and ron browz can't touch this! roger troutman used to hold it down!

Zapp and Roger - More Bounce to the Ounce

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tuck gotta love epmd. one of my all-time favorite rap groups ever.

EPMDDa Joint

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tuck headbanger-definitely an early 90's feel, especially with the "buy the cassette at sam goody" line...LOL!
tuck man, this song was hot!! souls of mischief is one of many cassettes that i blow the dust off and still rock every now and again.
tuck they did a good job with this classic hip-hop beat. souls of mischief still did it better though.
tuck i used to love this song. ahmad was a brave man to grab up a teddy p. track. still makes you think about "back in the day".
tuck this is the first song i ever heard from the pharcyde...funny

The PharcydeYa Mama

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tuck what?! i know if you're not jumping around you're atleast bobbing your head.
tuck this remix was hot! remember when def comedy jam would end with kid capri playing.
tuck big fan of floetry. i was looking for supastar by grouphome and stumbled on this so i couldn't pass it by.


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tuck i used to press rewind on this all the time.

Grand Puba - I Like It

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tuck i used to sweat it out on the dance floor with this. ol' school go-go!
tuck i got it made

Special Ed - I Got It Made

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tuck eric sermon and epmd should get more spins on the radio than they do

Erick Sermon Music (feat Marvin Gay)

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tuck my name is d nice...my name, my name is d nice...taking out you suckas and you don't know how i did it...
tuck everyone should have this one!!!!!!
tuck ...cool, 'cause i don't get upset, i kick a hole in the speaker, pull the the plug, then i jet...

Eric B, & Rakim Microphone Fiend

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tuck Juice!

Know the Ledge

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tuck eric b is my all-time favorite mc!


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tuck i still bang their first album. it never gets old.
tuck this is hot sh*t!! royce is a tight mc.

Royce Da 5'9"Boom

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tuck l.a.- murs....i don't know why i like this song, but i do.


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tuck part of pro-black phase in hip-hop. i definitely used to play this...loud! never did the african medalion though...LOL
tuck intelligent hoodlum did grand groove over this beat. my grandmother passed away in '89 and it bothered me for a while, so this song kinda helped.
tuck before pharoah monche was thin and solo, he was "big boned" and in organized konfusion. couldn't find fudge pudge, so if any can hook me up...
tuck mos def!!!!


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tuck a little lil vicious. what ever happened to that joker anyway?
tuck this is so classic i don't even have to say anything
tuck don't disturb this groove - the system

Don't Disturb This Groove

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tuck these cats came out with this my first and only year at virginia state. their old stompin' grounds
tuck everyone should know the words to this one.

gangstarr dwyck

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tuck fat song! stet should be mentioned more often when talking about influential hip hop groups.
tuck HAHA!! Dee-lite! I found this looking for something else. Dee-lite was the sh**.
tuck kool moe dee. what else can i say? i love how mc's back in the day would make party jams, but could also make song that had a message too.
tuck these bruhs were pretty damn smooth

CAMP LOLuchini

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tuck boot camp. one of the fattest over/underground crews!
tuck i gotcha open (remix)-black moon
tuck two turntables and a mic-black moon
djstef415 I remember buying this 45 at a department store.


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tuck i had this on many home made cassette tapes.


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tuck ah yeah!! this song will have you bouncing when you're 80.
tuck gang starr has got to be the sure shot, nice and smooth has got to be the sure shot....

gangstarr dwyck

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tuck more classic lords.


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tuck zeekers, zeekers...it's the sound of the zeekers!
tuck i know you and you know me, it's a sobb story...
tuck vanglorious!!!! what happened to beads and red, black and green african medallions?


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tuck girl i'll house you, girl i'll house you...
tuck why you buggin'?

Run Dmc Mary Mary

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tuck this one of my all-time favorite hiphop songs and beats!!

Run DMCPeter Piper

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ladypn everything I can't remember as f'd up as it may seem, the consequences that I've rendered I've gone & f'd things up again. Why must I feel this way?
tuck old school born jamerican
tuck this is still bangin'!

Channel LiveMad Izm

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tuck too many suckers and not enough time...
tuck i just found this one. i'm a big camp lo fan and kidz in the hall are doing their thing.
tuck ya shook, cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks...
tuck this used to get everybody jumping!!!
tuck if you're talking naughty by nature, you can't leave this out!
tuck damn right i took it back with this one. the whole roxanne saga got old though, but this was hot.
tuck kardinal is look over a lot, but he's pretty dope!
tuck ok, this is funny!

Snoop Dogg - Gin And Juice (white version)

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tuck snoop. he knows how to make hits.
tuck a little old school ice t for ya
tuck gotta show some love to krs one

KRS OneOutta Here

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tuck whoop! whoop! that's the sound of the police!
tuck if i weren't afraid to pull a muscle, i would be breakdancing right now...LOL!
tuck lil kim is a little crazy, but she's still ill

Lil KimNo Time

| play
tuck a rapper actually saying something!

Mos DefMathematics

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tuck tribe, jb's, de la soul, mos def, common, talieb kweli...that's hip hop!
tuck pass the peas like they used to say...
tuck a little classic common

CommonThe Light

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tuck damn good come back after electric circus!!
tuck we need another black star album
tuck knowledge of self, determination...with that what?
tuck kweli needs more radio airplay
tuck from the nati to ny


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tuck nice line up on this one. jean grae and papoose are very good lyricists, but they don't get mainstream airplay.
tuck always comes out with party jams, club bangers, head nodders.....
tuck i think every frat and sorority stepped to this back in the day...lol!
tuck oh! oh! oh! oh! (you gotta say it on beat...LOL)

DmxWe Right Here

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tuck back in the day ed o.g. and the bulldogs
tuck kanye with one of the best dj's ever!
tuck oh yeah! gotta know where it comes from. more curtis later.
tuck kick, push....and coast...
tuck the beat definitely carries this song. the lyrics suck, but the beat is hot!

Shawty LoThey Know

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tuck memph bleek! he's good,but he's always been overshadowed by jay z, but who wouldn't be?
tuck little brother is nice! 9th wonder = DOPE
tuck 2 mc's i think are underrated
tuck i played this until my tape popped
tuck engine engine number 9...
tuck la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaa!!!
tuck this song is still nice!

Grand Puba - I Like It

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tuck got a little sidetracked, but this is a nice beat
tuck i loved this video. i wish i were in it. ;)
bluebrummie @dswancanada My pleasure - Chesney Hawkes – The One And Only :-)
tuck you are welcome @Karuna

fugies - fugees - ready or not

| play
tuck more big

NOTORIOUS BIG - Thing done changed

| play
tuck father mc.

Father MC - I'll Do 4 You

| play
tuck yarbrough and peoples...ol' school
tuck i used to be in love with evelyn "champagne" king
tuck some more ohio players
tuck morris day. a little more funk for ya.
tuck the mighty ojays


| play
tuck one of the best bands ever! the elements.
tuck oh yeah. everyone thinks they can sing this song including me...lOl. anyway, more hip hop next time.
tuck this cat is dope. he did a good job with one of my favorite songs.
tuck okay this cat mixed in the price is right theme song...too dope!
tuck the beat has a 9th wonder sound to it
tuck and this beat almost has a pete rock feel
tuck oh yeah! had to blip this again! TOO DOPE!
tuck not hip hop, but i've always loved this song so i had to blip it
tuck mos def did a song to this same beat and did a better job lyrically, but the beat is definitely gza
tuck definitely better lyrically than rza's "u can't stop me now"

Mos DefUndeniable

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tuck i love this song. another hi tek/talib (correction) collaboration (reblip)


| play
tuck didn't know budden and saigon were beefin'. go to see some hip hop competition. just hope it stays on wax. thanks @Jacidbazz
tuck this was the party jam a few years back. still bangin' though
tuck while talking about ghost town djs you can't leave out quad city...lol!
tuck this was a fun song too.

Freak NastyDa Dip

| play
tuck tight!!! thanks for the prop on quad city dj's @Sunshineblonde :-)
tuck a little ol' school common
tuck big common fan!!! one of my favorite songs


| play
tuck one of my new favorites off of his more recent albums
tuck black milk is a nice detroit mc. he should get more national airplay

Black MilkHell Yeah

| play
tuck hot song by busta, one of the best party mc's ever! features one of my all time favorite mc's krs one.
olumi_day holy crap!! whoever uploaded this to blip is my hero ==> Al Green – Stong As Death, Sweet As Love
olumi_day I really like this baby charles sound @RonnieBebop @Deesound >Thanks for the intro... pass >@Jacidbazz @SatinLegsSmith (reblip)
tuck don't touch me to touch it...
tuck when this came out i think every frat and sorority would step to this...lol
tuck big daddy kane. one of my top 5 mc's of all time...featuring busta
tuck i used to love this song. it would kind of smooth out a party back in the day.
tuck i think i already blipped this, but it's one of my favorite blacstar tracks.
tuck going back with some black moon
tuck oh yeah! my favorite black moon track


| play
tuck finally some diamond d. i've been looking for this for a while. thanks @Jacidbazz
tuck ras kass and canibus...2 dope mc's. heltah skeltah...bcc (boot camp clik)
tuck you can't sit still to this one
tuck i thought that this was on raekwon's album not nas...
tuck take it back with epmd
tuck it's the joint!

EPMDDa Joint

| play
tuck me and you...yo' momma and yo' cousin too, rollin' down the strips on vogues, comin' up slammin' cadillac dohs.
tuck finish up on some smooth outkast
tuck 9th wonder and pete rock. i can listen to these brothas forever.
tuck hot song. from pete's soul survivor cd. diamond d used a bit for his new song.
ladypn I am transported back to Ashland, NC, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, ethereal mornings & mystical twilight at dusk.
tuck pretty sure i've blipped this, but it's too smooth not to blip it again
tuck some ol' school cats..

Walk In Gutta Ft Erick Sermon,Keith Murray & Biz Markie

| play
tuck this is the only version i could find for this classic bahamadia song
LaKarune Wind it down music - I'm gonna take a piece of sunshine and paint it all over my sky
voxefx You say you like Marvin Gaye? Lewis Taylor? Maxwell? Then you need no introduction to Leon Ware.
tuck ol' school main source

Main Source-Fakin Da Funk

| play
tuck i'll leave you guys with some black sheep. goodnight


| play
ShannonBlalock This is my favorite song of all time. Perfect for a Saturday night. Goodnight all!
tuck a brief break from hip hop. i was thinking of my grandmother today and this song is perfect. one of my favorites.
DownLow shake it like a polaroid, shake it like a ... oops, wrong song!

Otis ReddingShake

| play
tuck has a little bit of a little brother beat in this song
tuck thanks to the stylistics...this song is a banger!
tuck already blipped this but had to bring it back

Grand Puba - I Like It

| play
tuck i remember when this came out...still dope

The PharcydeYa Mama

| play
tuck makes your head bob
tuck i know you're jumpin' now

Kris KrossJump

| play
tuck guru and premier

Gang StarrWork

| play
tuck gang starr...discipline
tuck scoop gets paid to scream over phat beats. i need his job..
tuck this song is soo phat. big l ripped it!

Big LEbonics

| play
tuck had to take it back a little more
tuck wow!! haven't heard this in whiiiillle!
tuck one the hottest ol' school ll songs
toosweet4rnr May 3 birthdays - James Brown, American singer and dancer (d. 2006) [I Got The Feelin'] Soul Brother #1 ends today's bdays... :)
tuck kam! haven't heard this since high school

KamPeace Treaty

| play
tuck hay in the middle of the barn...

Crucial Conflict - Hay

| play
tuck i don't know why i like this song, but i do.

JT MoneyWho Dat

| play
tuck just heard this one...sounds like dwele


| play
tuck these brothas should have gotten more airplay
tuck joell ortiz is nice!!! you're right about puff @mistamariob

Joell OrtizMemories

| play
tuck i have a few carl thomas albums, but he takes a long time between albums. he'd probably be better off signing with someone else @mistamariob
tuck my jaw hit the floor the first time i heard this, but it would get a party jumpin'
tuck signing off with a little jill scott. goodnight all.
krystynchong "Rumors" video Timex Social Club [thx @darkhairedgirl] (reblip)

Timex Social Club Rumors

| play
krystynchong I said a hip hop a hippet hop hop hep hop...The Sugarhill Gang's in the house! [thx @shiner] (reblip)
krystynchong Run-DMC ♫ Hard Times ♫ @DJFREAKYFREAKYFRESH @scotch77 come back & spit some more jams. you may not rock RB but you rock blip.fm! :)

Run DMCHard times

| play
tuck glocks down...heather b.
tuck classic 90's hip hop video...

EPMD ft. Method Man, Redman

| play
tuck wow...i forgot about this one


| play
tuck classic epmd banger

EPMDCheck 1, 2

| play

Jay-Z featuring Foxy Brown- Ain't No Nigga (Music Video)

| play
calamari Listening to -- Rob Swift "Dope on Plastic"
tuck this totally got me off of my train of thought, but it a hot song.
tuck WHOA!!!!!

Jay Z ft. Nas- Success (UNOFFICIAL VIDEO)

| play
tuck oh the go-go! some md, va, dc flav...
tuck WOW!!! some classic go-go!!!
tuck another classic go-go jam!! sardines..hey and pork and beans...don't know where they got the lyrics for this, but it was the jam in the 80's.

Backyard Band

| play
tuck one more classic go-go track.
tuck 4 of my top 10 mc's of all-time: Nas, O.C., Biggie and Big L