turbolax "no, not tying... no, not tying"
turbolax I know I'm headed for the bottom... but I'm riding you all the way!!!
turbolax ahhh high school...

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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turbolax I know it's gay, but lots of memories lol!!


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turbolax dude? why not? Can you say guilty pleasure? lol!
turbolax OHH HELL YAH!! Vintage System before they got "Fluffy"
turbolax We're all "Beautiful People"... Muahahahahahawww!!!
turbolax Please don't ask... I actually think this kid is kinda cool.
turbolax Please don't ask... I actually think this kid is kinda cool. (reblip)
turbolax just in one of those moods that can only cleared by the screaming of Mr. Chris Cornell

Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike

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turbolax Here's another CC screamer. As much as I dig the guitar and such, sometimes I just want to FFWD to Chris' screaming.
turbolax Here's another CC screamer. As much as I dig the guitar and such, sometimes I just want to FFWD to Chris' screaming. (reblip)
turbolax OH YAH!! "Show me the power child..."
turbolax ...Then the Rosary Beads count them 1 - 2 - 3 fell apart as they hit the floor!!
turbolax WOW-- why does Flogging Molly make me want to have a pint of me dear'ole stout?
turbolax I think this is every guys theme song when "power-drinking" is involved... muahahahahaaaaw!!

Flogging Molly Drink And Fight

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turbolax Alright ya'll this one is for the inauggy that everyone is watchin'! Rrrraise a pint to tha leadarrrh of the FREEEEE worldaaah!
turbolax ok ok... get to drinkin peeps!! here's some mood music fer yah!!
turbolax watch out! i'm in depeche... mode. i love the the bass in the beginning!
nancetron @bobcatrock if you happen to be in the gym this one is especially good
kdfa démandé par sister kdfa!, elle veut bouger son boule avant le déjeuner.... ^^
LaBelladiva_ ♥♥♥♥♥LOVE THIS SONG♥♥♥♥♥
MrThompsonR !@Veronique "Smile" because sunny warm days are ahead... ;o)
DonnyShell A friend says Bon Iver is the new Gordon Lightfoot. This song makes me believe it.
fullmetallotus it's like a disease that plagues their character...
CreativeSoul @CAG: "Powerful! Love this." I'm a fan of The Great Tito Puente & now Tito Jr :) (reblip)
adbert [Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out] Hola blippers!
julianlacey Lady Gaga began her career as a songwriter for artists, including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block, as well as Akon.
DJMees @crowjane: "Ya'll have got to see this video~~Awesome~~" (reblip)

Jamie Foxx and Fantasia!!!

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DJMonaLisa @Scott_N4JN: "Another idea shamelessly stolen from @DJMonaLisa, now with video! Your hair was that big 25 years ago?? ;-)" Yes, at LEAST that big. (reblip)
SGMan Thanks for the props everyone =)
rodrigomendes Classic. Good. Listen to it. Nothing else... (reblip)
rodrigomendes Hey @Turbolax.. another pearl jam tune ..

Pearl Jam-Black

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swilson Adam And The Ants - Goody Two Shoes
JosephRanseth You're calling to me, i can't hear what you've said... @JaimieH :)
luv_cami this song was blip-able, this is my song of the day.
DHS your Neko blip inspired me to play my favorite RK song @DJDOOMSTER (reblip)
turbolax very very cool!! this guy is bad ass, turning a simple pop song into one of the "classics"... check it!!

Buy You A Drank

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Straight To Hell The Clash

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DJSassyMonkey It's S. Florida. It's the afternoon. You know what that means. (The Cap'n is racing to mow the lawn before the rain).
turbolax such an amazing song... and yes this is the song Caitlin Kinney and Anna Dunn danced to on SYTYCD.
PriscilaFreitas Bebel Gilberto!

Bebel Gilberto. So Nice.

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zenbitch Totally reblipping @SpinningDiscs: "Joss Stone – Put Your Hands On Me" How's your afternoon, Twitterverse? Yee-haw! :slaps ass: (reblip)
angiece RB @fernorton "Improviso em Bossa Nova" (reblip)

Improviso Em Bossa Nova

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turbolax holy holy@! this beat is actually really sick! where did you find this? @snowho148: "((Lady Gaga - Love Game - Remix w/ MM vocals))" (reblip)

Love Game feat. Marilyn Manson || Remix (HQ)

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turbolax I agree but can't get Boogie Nights out of my head... @lovelylily_86: "This song always does it! Woohoo!" (reblip)
PeaceDiva I just can't stop!...Ne-Yo...Closer (reblip)


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turbolax here comes the INXS rock block!!!
turbolax @DJSCW " do the dog catcher, do the dog catcher, do the daaawwwwwwg catcher..." (reblip)
atkillacashpa fuck ... stop doing remixes that suck .. especially of tight songs.. i hate that shit... p.s. playing 2 songs @ the same time does not = mixing...
turbolax ONE OF MY FAVS IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!Niooooce choice!! @AJLaDiva: "Love this one!!!@sweetlilmzmia: "RT @PaddyH: "Prince - The Beautiful Ones""" (reblip)

Beautiful Ones Prince

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Lil_Wing Oh good ! email me when u can- I gotta tell you s-thing fabulous!xoxoYou sure are playing some good stuff Mom >@lonnieto: "feelin betta thnx @Dottily" (reblip)
turbolax no prob and no worries!! cool song RB@Stellicious: "@Turbolax, thanks for props :)" (reblip)
LauStar irrresistible, thx@AgentSpymonkey: moooornig bliper's (reblip)

Crazy Bitch

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LauStar I'll Be There Acapella

I'll Be There Acapella

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LauStar Soul II Soul – Back to Life acapella intro
turbolax niooce rb @h0neyb: ""Don't you want to? Bang bang bang bang bang..."" (reblip)
turbolax love lily!! rb@charmstep: "@hermajesty: "@charmstep ill get to alfie now. =] thanks!!" And thanks to you @swilson & @Turbolax" (reblip)

Lily AllenAlfie

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MammaSteph Reminiscing about "club days" this evening & this song came up: Daft Punk - Around The World
turbolax nioce!! i immediately thought of that movie PCU where the hippies are playin frisbee lol BIG RB@RonisWeigh: "It's a music day... Let's "Pump it Up"" (reblip)
turbolax totally dig the percussion... "Don't say that you love me!!!! Just tell me that you want me!!!!"
RoniNoone I listened to this TAPE so much in High School and College I wore it out. Yikes I'm getting OLD! "Your will to speak clearly Exposed too much"


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turbolax shes definitely the icon@Zarabeth: "You're right @Turbolax, I have a green avatar on Twitter as well. I watched Neda's clip this morning and cried." (reblip)

David BowieHeroes

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turbolax don't know many peeps that have both... RB@honeygirl: "i blip so much, i neglect my facebook and myspace..." (reblip)
PigFluPanic If i am lost for a day try to find me...
turbolax my goodness!! that was pretty bad-ass and i'm a led purist!! @altheatremaine (reblip)
turbolax nioce choice! i luv vintage gwen and i miss her big but lol RB@carissaz (reblip)
turbolax oh mah gawd! i luv this cover version better!! RB@tangersoto: Say it, play it how you wanna, but no way I'm ever gonna fall for you, never you, baby (reblip)
katarinax マキシマム ザ ホルモン(Maximum the Hormone) 「絶望ビリー」 thanks for props and rb! @dariuswhiteplume @LeeTonSao @Turbolax @yanoz @Junchai

マキシマムザホルモン 「絶望ビリー」

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turbolax i got the "Y" props & RB@ivonne73: "YMCA" (reblip)

YMCAVillage People

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LeandroAzevedo Eu gosto e grande banda mesmo =) @AninhAForster: "Mas um polêmico video e não tem medo de tocar em assuntos q a maioria hipócrita finge não gostar! (reblip)

Rammstein Pussy Censored NEW VIDEO

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